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LEE© §. 







■ ivGtio'^Ie 







Letters on Various Subjects, 


Okiginal Poems, Moral and Facetious. 


ESSAY on the ART of ACTING. 

Printei for the Benefit of the Famiiv. 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 


£piLOGUE, writ for Mrs^ Pritchard, 
in the Play, calVd the Maffacre of 

I O O R, once fem'd Jt-^f, when \\t 
compos'd this Play, 
Bifuniick, and touched, oti Bedlam's 
borders layj 
And 'twas no ibonder-^-iov, in {ohcr Jhdnejs, 
Church Majfacres wou'd fcare even faints to 

O, Ladies ! heaven forbid fuch ferious frights ! 

Such ftrange dead dotngt—on youf weddiTig nights / 

Vol. IV. B Kill 


2 Original Poems, 

Kill us, with kindnejs^ let 'cm — if tiiey dare : - 
But downright dying — ah I — - ■»*<« bridff 
could bear ? 

These are tby trophies, France t — no Briton 

"With tame, cold murder^ ftaln the crofs he bears. 
In day's broad facf , o'er feven French mounda 

he clamhersj 
But Jlabs not, in the dark, in Hxx^'sfiill chambers : 
No bafe ajjajjm plots defame thefe nations, 
Ovri are more open^ boneAy tjfociatims. 
Generous, in anger, with reluSiant glow. 
Our brave, blunt feddier beats, yet [para, his 

Weeps, while he wounds, with confcious/iB«, to ice 
Kings, call'd Moji Cbrijiiant more like TarAj 

than HE ! 
Well ! 'tis no matter — ftill let France deceive us— 
Sound ftrengtb, and EvgUJb kmcksy can foon 

relieve us. 

Yet, while th\& faitblefs Prince^ on all fides, 
plies UB, 
ijQt us not teach his tradefmen to defpifc us : 


■ ivGtiDt^Ie 

Original Poems. 3 

Cover'd with guile^ let arfs low tricks be theirs. 
Ours to repel their arms, and fpura their ain j 
May that miftaken tafie be ftarv'd to reafon^ 

That does not think French fajhiom Engli^ 

Sotije their ceoi's talent — - and cut fliort th-iir 

Wear your own lace — eat heef^ like Vernon's 

Or good round Muttwfs oiaoly juke delight in, 
Your Chicken's i la daub^s no food fot^bting. 
Seem we tiQtJkrueSy while to tbeir lai^uoge 

We teach our Cqfi'% jirfi wenii to Ufp FrtmA 

meaning ? 
War, on their modes, — or howy beneath their 

feettber 5 
Sweep out French tongues, tails, fops, and £uth, 

Laugh at their Jargon,- bid difdainful Satire 
Blot from your ftilc, tapj and reeognoiire : 
GoUty and efcort — to tajie and guard, — reftore, 
And aS, and taii, plain Englijht evermore, 

B 2 Nor 


^ Original Poems.' 

Nor let tfae yotitbt who means for Jpoil fa 

Trip, like pitch'd, petite maitre's puny amble ! 

[imitfitiag the modijb effeminate tread] 
Step out, hlnff Britons — not difgrstecgooti eating : 
Light pumpiy and fhort, minc'd Jieps,. half bode 

Man, on his mien, ihould carry firm defiaiue: 
Yet — let his modeft heart figh foft compliance. 
So, fliall his miffrefs grafp her fame's defender. 
And wafte no ivijhes^ on a falfe pretender, 
Fix'd, as her oaks, fhall Britain's freedom flourifli j 
And France and Spa,in, chimeric tempests 


Fir'd, with xKisforetafle of-my country's a^tf/, 

Verfe is {alone) too faint, for what I feel! 

Help me, ye fouls of Musigk come --- and 


Tune my touch 'd heart's plain prayer — God 
Javetbe King. 

[ffavirtg her handkerebitf, as aftgnalfar 
Mr. Bcard» and other fingers to enter. \ 




IN^thU;/amt age, wherj Britijb growth is 
'"i0»gy ■■■■:■ 

Atjd dapper beaux want fiHts to cfimb to ii^g ) 
III dares ^ authr hope your.part/on granted. 
Who gives a man, oto« womafij th^an. he wanted. - 
But I, to comfort him, have been declaring. 
You Qsa\. forgive all fins, you take your Jhare in. 
Let me look round — aye —- - 'tis my firm ptr* 

Your calls, that way, outgo your beft occafon. 

Twa. wives!, what then — fuppofe 'em tw0 

- ■ ; . _ J and twenty ^ 

Spendthrifts ihou'd never frown, on other's plenty. 

And pray, what rtgftt have you, to riw'/ at chang- 

Who ftill, quit ' ei/, for new — and live, for 

ranging ? 
Jiifk warm one's hopes, toglowng expeStation, 
Then, baulk one -— in the nick^ oi provocation: 

B 3 Here!* 


£ OVtGiNAL P6em«, 

Here's, jWitpfi fpouTc, good reverend, Mrs, 

Drury f 
By turris, the o^Je^ ofyour Jmles, and,/Wy, 
Has, for an age, been yours, in ftatn, and fafhioft, 
.L«lrd every care, to^cf^footh'd every paffiatt j 
Yet, ^moft in her view, you quite renounce Ii6r, 
For a huge, rampant, Covent-GerJen hamcet f 
Fie, fie, 'tis "English policy — it favours 
Of want of Wit, not to iiiviJe yont £ivcnti. 
Now berr, now /£fr^, might hilf SJ^Je Aft 

Or, a w//f wife wou'd wink — who foMtiijkA 

But, to forget entirely, while you *wander^ 
Who claims, at bome^ the rr^te, you loofely 

O'erturns a matron's peace, hoilvever ftable. 
And proves, (if not ungenerous J you're unable. 

'Wz-L'L ! after all, when we no Xon^et fleafe ye^ 
'Tife want ofyi-fl/f, znA policy, to teiie ye. 
7ime may befriend our hopes - — and, tUl tJiat 

Comes> m its tuni* once more, to our poflefling j^ 


n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

Originax Pobhs. J 

Grant us one modeft fri^(r — and, from dut 

If e'er vre »ittr««r, fey, — the Womam's-iii itr 
Give us your evenings only, when we dam jFe, 
jL/V, wherf you pleafe, all night — wc 'U never 

ilatne ye. 

Prologue, intended to have been fpoken^ 
at Lady Jane Grey. 

AL L danger paft, in Greece^ I'm Wthef come, 
Poft haftc, to have one timely ftroke, at 
Tapirs ! have at yC —Jla'oes of fuperftition \ 
I'll rack the rackers — in my Inquifitton. 

When (in rcttirn for tricks, ypur priefs have 
fhow'd us) 
^burn th' all-burning Po/^, forballance ow*d us, 
J?e]w, fays wc persecute — Oh ! front amazing f 
She — that fo oft, fet SmithfieUfires a-falazing ! 
We -^ roaft a Pe^ offirtrw — for recreation ; — 
She — LUMPS us to the Devil— and roafts 
the Nation. 

B4 Dark, 


9 Original Po^ms. 

Dark, fowre, proud, bloody, — turbulent ancj 

njain ! ' 

BadieSt and Souls, muft burn -^ or bear her 


Preaching, or^/flW/ffg- ^-Rome's true plan 

is Power : 
Blejfingy fhe robs ! — and •wtsrjhips — to devour ! 
Blood is her ti^e — Religion — her disguise; 
Her fons are murd'rers — and her Saints — ■ arc 

Faith's alcbymijl! renown'd for tr ansmut at iqn. 
She finds rank HERpsy — iij reformation^. _. 

Oh ! Tvhat obfeqmeus babes imbibe her ledurce ! 
No hu{y /earcfjers, thcy.! no ho\d.fuJpeBQrs ! 
Pliant believers! they, by wbolefale, fwallow : 
Apd, likp tame geefe—QxQ'pXi^it cacklers i) follow. 
Thought, truth, fenfe, Scripture — all — are 
guides, that stray. • t , 

■Nothings forfpoth's infallible — but they !- 

Ask this Cburcb Cjc^^^/rw, what rig^.t^ , j^t 
crows by? 
pARKNEss, you'll find, is all the ligbtj it goes by. 


Origi nal Poems. 9 

^dodwink'd, at wbooper's bide, to hunt Jalvatiofty 
They guard their" back-held nofe from demon- 


Vfixki force reJ^Ufs, fdth's difputcsthey handle. 
And cut ftiort wrangling — by hell^ book, and candle. 
Meeknefs their cant — ■ humility their _/^i?fB/ff|f — ? 
Pride their true deity— mA^ Fire — their meaning. 
Brimfhne zM fames, choak Heaven's high road 

to glory, ■ 

AnA^ariroil pilgrim's tails — 'm purgatory. 

■ 'Sins a poor G i rl ? — (feve mth fome crown- 

cropf hrofber) 
DowH goes ihe, unabfolv'd — 'midfl: fmoke and 

fmother : 
Spite of her borfe-bairf mocks, and ftraps of leather. 
Hot, ' baif-may faes muft-)5)^e *— ' the lord knows 

whither. - "" 

Heavens l—r- how. .«v flayeYs fttcluld f(Saft'fiieir 

well-fed y»ry — 
If Purgatory's hundreds reach'd — to Drury ! 

' Oh, Britons! 'tis no joke— repeli, ^ afjaul- 

Let no prig popery e'er Ire-farce yom altars ; 



Bravely difdaining Ikv'iy e'en to Pr mcESt 
VreedonCi fierce h<Hfe, at a Pope r%4er winces, 
Proud of the manag'J hit •— when iaw directs itj 
Butjkaifs it froof b^s teeth — when^<r« iojeds it 

, Biess'd be our King.y forever ble&'d onr 

cburcb ! 
Pure church ! that lov*ft no /«f^, and &ars 

no fearcb ! 
Long,hy contem^tbfRem^s proud mutmaery, fir'd, 
Be thy piain truths, and bone^ zeal, admir'd : 
Long U-ue thc/aiih — that holds not rf^n deaf ! 
But favcs by virtue — and dij/e£ls belief 1 
Builds, on fltong, nOTro/ Rock — loves decent 

Preaches inttrnai peace " oad^iik each stoim, 
TrtjAi heavea — with atv^id hope — and holds it 


By jwb'j dark p^m — ■ io 4ecypber Gol>. 


■ ivGtio'^If 

OaiolNAL Poems. 4j 

PaoLOGUE, for Mr, Gibber, in the Fa- 
tal Bribeiy. 

DEBTfA and CitEDiTok th' account ^^m. 
But then, comes py — 'mife — mfery — 
death'— uid/fn. 
While, A-om elide varying il^to, fierce jSns wtt 

"Lend but attention^ and your ^f<7rj Iball praife. 

PooK ^af Ikft ojftenntg-^feemS the/A^f » mediuTe^ 
But no felt indigence unfir'd the mvfe : 
Infohoif pris'ner bears fio flwcfulyduW; 
Yol, hope jlh>% baildingd> irom ^t lEwn^ 

grDUfid. > 
Few, are the public^inm, that tinge thftjfiiflw. 
Of this btittc, tich, good-nM^r^d, nation^ name. 
Yet, one there ;j— from time's long licenfc grown. 
That WotS'WXtpity, and tumaflefh xajhne^ 

*Tis ^xfdeej ra^t, Aat, w^er6hapiiwd«A«p- 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

ta , Original Poems-. 

Stung by this isafp, pall friendjhipi lofc their 

■ (veight ; , ■ ■ , -^ 

Warp'd ^^/Waow wears a face. like i6fl;#/ 
Suspended mercy bids afiiSiiimJtnarti 
And, iA a^a& afjUm; immures her htari. 
^elff yet uarcach'd by woe — made proud by gain^ 
Blind to difafter, and.infulting^/n,{ 
Short-lGghted e^fe hugs hf r, oiara \tii.fecitre, ■ ■ -. 
And marks no diff rente, "twixt the bafe, and 

^wr/ ^ 

Flings from caknaty, turns fliort on grief. 
And to the prifon, (live grave!) refers I^el i^r. 

So, fcf a while — triunjphantjy, j&i>fr«, 
Tow'rs.-the % /)jfi(/if -r^ ^ndldifdains to heas j. 
At laft, comes difappointment . fome — Then, 

,-■ ;ftffts ■ r J , ■ ■. ■ ■ ; :, ~. 

Touch'd fftifi —■.ia4:imderst:^t men's cri(el 
, . hearts! ' ._, ■ . , -r 

Then, (felf.Jlill, upm/l) the rows' d Jke/xr 

fliakes — 
.And,. infciently, hopes — cpmpaflion wakes!' ■ 
BMfcorn (clofe waiter !) kicks \hc /corner's heel. 
And he, that fliun'd to he ar, vouchfalbs to feei,, 


' ^Cocylc 

Or 1 GI K AE- Fo£M^. I J 

_ ^00-laie^ he feelsi — thcfjtf, that wakes fix* 

. ■ ALL, 

Foredoomed his anguifli, and enjff^s his fall ; 
Points, to his trembling viiew,- that Wifemarti 

thzt God-gtvm laia th' all-temp'ring Golden- 
Rule ! 
Bids him thank bUternefs — for due dejpair,. 
And — fince he could not pity — learn to iear. 

From our la/i age's Play's exemplar aim, 
Frefentj indpaji (we 6nd) too much, thefame :' 
Stern, unrelenting, intereji's partial •will 
R^ign'd, tben^ refiftlefs : — and it reigns fo, ftill. 
How happy were th' ejfeSiy could miseries (here) 
From pride's correSiton j mourn'd by pity's teart 
Teach the^i'ry rock to melt, in pain-touch 'djSbw/ 
And eafe th' unhoping crowds — that figh, in woi! 



14 OsiozkAL Pdsm»4 

Epilogue, to the fame PJay^ ffoke hj 
the Perfofti who reprejented Amelia. 

I'V E 'fcap'd, to-night, two tcrriWe difafters, ' 
My bonour's indignation — and my mafter's : 
And betrven beft know9, what hapleis, hole ^m 

bide me. 
If {to crown all my woes) your help's (kny'd me. 

Ladies I — you fee, how much expos' d q\xt 
fex U : • 
Skeping or wrfifK^— fome fad chance p^plexea. 
Xi/kn's a more vnly Skake, than niother Bw'i 

In his vwn flupc — and others to -^ deceives ms : 
Hungry devaurer I never tir'd, with fmpping j -— 
Shun him* with open eyes^ he'll catcb us napping. 
Rife, fell — run, ftay — ftanding upright, or 

One way, or t'other, he's forever trying — 
And, how to 'fcapc him, if I know — ne'er let 

Break thro' th' entangling nets^ that thus befet me* 



Now, Gentlemen! — to your own thoughtt, 
{Fitter^ I doubt, for making wounds, — than 
beaSng I) 

— What would you have have poor teoman do 

with H(»iePK ? 
When Danger heaps fuch mon^rota kadt upon 
her! • 

— ITye think, in confdcnce now — half-wak'd, 

With frights fore- gone — for oiie's departed 

Jeary — — ■ 
T' had hctn Jb firange a crime ? — or worth fuch 

folber t 
—In darkmfi — to miftake me*i huf% for f other t 
Pray think on't — put yourfelvM behind the 

curtain : 
What can't be c wrV muft be en^ur'J — dial's 

'Tis 3 fair queftion ; — and 'tis plainly a^*(i ye : 
jinjwer it — or confefs, I've o^ertajk'd ye. 
Suppofe me, bounds mjleeph foft filfcen fetter^ 
And one of your dearfehet the dark bejctter. 


=^-h, Google 

i6 Original Poems, 

Sight has no eyes, at midnight — and for tmcbesj 

Joan (fays the proverb) inthe darA's^ — aDuT- 

For my part — I can't find, we've anyfer^s. 
Can furniih Jitik attach, with fit defence% : 
If Wedlock's towns lie open, (foes too nigh 'em) 
E'en, let the Liege Lord Husband FORTiFY'em, 
— Not Jafe in one's own bed, without concluding. 
That one of \ov€%Jiray gnats will be intruding. 
Let truftyj^oa/^jwhen bus'nefs fends him packings 
(Safe bind^jafejind) — leave no due caution lacking. 
Let him place round, left fome night infect eat us. 
Nettings ofivyre — to keep of Man-mujketa^ s. 
Bold muft befiegers be, who, then, dare venture. 
Where they muft ftorm two forts, before they 

I SEE ioTotjudge-like eyes, that look ioofprightly. 
To mifs a She' law-point, put to 'em rightly. 
Is mine the courfs decree ?— I humbly move ity 
That, if your hearts afiirm -^ your hands ap- 
prove it. 



An Entertainmenty fy Way of Epilogue, 
in the CharaBers of Wifdom, and 

Lovfe- : . . ■ • ^ 

I ■, , £PALLAS defending with Helmet^ and 
Spear, te an Overture of warlike It^^k."] 

-TyA'ti LASi i^cguar^un^f^'^K flighted j^^ifi?', 
' Sfibgsa compkint^ ^l Sra \^&:'mto rap :■ 
€turig^t& theyfiu/, ihe,pmnt)t— ■vi^.tioi^'bear k^ 
But'fw-'tHeT^x'jhonbbimuftdcdAro it. 

• ^A'!.^ ■ - :.■..-■■ - -■■■,■ 

Ov fifty powder'd beaux, here, va^gi^ behind, 
Not one fafi friend can fading woman find ! 
They rail — thcyyafe'-^n^r their diftsfte conceal\ 
Vne^iotts of your fewer , from bead, to heel '. 

Cup I D ! thou airy ^od of empty dreamt t 


Wiy weighs thc^fx, too light, in love's own fcale ? 

And why, 'd\\x%jaint^,AfX% thy power prevail ? , 

£Gupid defcends, •with bis bow, and his 

■ guiver, to a change of foft mufici. 

Vol. IV. C Cupid 

ft OlICIH AI. PbEMI,' 


OoddeTs! ilfarJibee—Ay npKachMfUJt 
I, tJms i^fy — and Jhade thy tovxrj fide I 

I, too, dwe fttutt ! 

[ttiy cnfs SpakfuH}] 


: ~'Fraid fly I im iu^thi tftoti^'- 
But his blunt <maii, tXi, bare ^.their baiiii I ' 
Go, helplefi, tiAelefs,thQBghtle(i,I>owt>'Ws>Ci</. 
Thou ;&^ of paffioh ! and thooy^ of witi 
Whtri are thy ^0^;, of touching man with /<»» ? 
And, w-hat is Woman, neip P —^ ' > 

CtwrA. - ' •.,-, ■,..!.■■■. 

Pallas.. ^ " - -■ 

Tis thence love languifliis-^' 


— »n/z^ complaint. . 
Love languijbest becauie defire giovs Jaint : 


rij, - i,,Gl.HH^IlJ 

And that, prond /comer f I muft charge on thee. 
ITbine are their miaJs. -r,ik(^ beauties hufy nr. 
Of late, e'en there, Toy power has been unknovm \ 
All their neif}. modes of charming arc — f^eir ojca. 
I teught tVc fex tjicir art, of wcasJirfg Jwe^ 
But they tkemfehes have taught the arts bicurji. 
Each amorous fcene, that fills tHs a^^iv j^urr. 
Sees a. light loM^h, difarm fome aogei ^ce : . 
Noji&r/ow founds can their ti^ht hearts engage, 
Sv/cctjeplrate A^ors! they de^ife the ftaige ! 
^//m//«7 js pcneath zfieauty's carcj 
Her whirlwind j^/V/V. fcatt^rs fenfe in tf/r. 
Mfentt inprefitice, tJiey unliflening fit, 
Too gay for meaning !, ,aod teojfo^ for wit ! 
Or, when they gr/fTJf,theybringtheiro««<ri6(7gn», 
Nor feel thcjoreign forrows oFthc fiene. 
Impatient, five, kng^ oBs^ tj^ey htt, reclin'd: 
And figh for Plays of a more winning kind. 
All, of one 0ndj of late, agreed — they fall, 
Viffims, to one gallant. 

Pallas. ' . ■ 
— Eutofli'ifor All ? 
Sure \^he muft be fome farhy ! 

C X Cupid 


20 Oriqihai. Fo£MS. 


— No dpuitj 
I'll draw his picture ^ and you'll ^*«/ him 6ut. 
A painted, thin, fmooth, palc-fec'd, tottering beau ! 
Deaf, dumb, blind, lame — too weak to Jland, 

or go ! 
From hand to hand, kind fouls / they ftoop to 

Jbifi himi 
For he can't y?;> a /fw^, biit as tb^ lift, him ! 
Yet, more than Aw? , or wit, their hearts ^e pioves/. 
And changes oft'ner, than tbey cbange'tietr Wj/* 

'Pallas. ■ ■ ■'■ ■ ^' ■ 
And do they like this monfter ? 


Aye: — and.tcwj/. 







. n,<j,-.=^-,h,Google 

Okiginai. FoiMt. 

What is his name 1 



It has been faid, that love zni folly, fit : 
But^'oaVe a Joker, Cupid I and a W i T s 
Let us, each, Hngly, — o\xx perfwafm try : 
Talce you me half the houfe — the other I. 

Alas I 'twill never do — "thfrmtlifs zeal: 
Tajjimi, that move that fex, muft make 'cmjeei 
All —you can say, they laugh at -> 



Yours, let the Ladie> hear _ the men my will. 

\Advancei to the front of thejlage} 
If , Gentlemen I you difregard the fijj'f r. 
Or hear him, coldly, and -mth-hold your care ; 

C 3 Foe 

For your own Jakes, fupport his powcrfiil A»T, 
That lets in iove, znAfit^ to the heart. ' 

HEKEtJrJiy impnnKd fghs mi tutfiSAC Had}. . 
And the foul opening, leaves difguife, behind. . 
To feel twfk^^sjfff, zxi^Jhare his ittQe j 
Your fair adopts z^f^fuff'ring lover's view, 
And by the worth of beroe^^ mcafures Yotr; 

But if,' rcgardleftj of ^foa/- caufe, andotfw, . 
You jean the fn^my's triumphant powers ; 

— Sly Matadores wiH each man's boj^ betray. 
And melt hit miflrefs down, the quite wrong way. 

— Now Cupidt to the Ladies {filing back^ 


— — — E*ft:'I go, 
I'm "fore, my labour"^ h/l — ^— 
— ^ Dcfpair not,y3. 

[Cupid comesjbrward] 


Ladi^ t your mvah In gay climes, dompiai. 

That winds zn^frofts, affail your charms, in vain; 
"Ywcvt glorious emy ! could they, alfofay. 
That, while fi&«> taftequ5t3AKwand?£^,fdrpEAV» 
. 'Twerc 

-OrIQINAX PoVttS. 83 

Tou, noblicr-mindcd, and o£/ert/e more tru^t 
Scorn to be bveliefl^ anfl not leifefi^^ too f 
Thzttform'dy like them, to be the themes of toit^ 
You «(tf, like thtmy Jhrfake — but fj^w^ it. 
Think of yoMX gbry^ Ladies! 

{Pallas tomti ftrvaari^ tf<niit-] 


— — Gentlemen ! 
Think of your infreji — and forfakc the fcene^ 
At yo^ aumperil-i'Wvns, who, from ^aadrilkf 
Return, with ru0eJ£acc, and fighting wiH / 
Would, at the Jbenes ibft fire, newptnt thrfr 

charms ; 
And bring r^ouhkd trdnjport, to your arms. 

Enough — The prudent urge no wifli, too high. 

E'en Liovt caacMtiftiiitellvrhea Wifdom'shj f 
TOVj Goddefs bdaft your power in man's 
ftrong breaft ; 
But I know woman's weaker bofom, ie^. 
Still what they v!ifi, fhey will - — - — ■ ' 

C 4 Pallas. 


Ojiioikal PoEMs, 


Then, be it oursy 
Perfwafion failing, to exert new powers. 
IjCtboth henceforth, bur difF rent influence ^'om. 
And fee reluftant beauty forc'd to Ihine. 

, Great Pallas f I embrace thee : — Be it fo — 

Goddefs of arts, and arpi? \ receive my kow : 

* ' {s'^^' ^^ ^*v 

Take, and new-pointy Love's every blunted dart : 

l^givts the errew 

And tipt with reajon, wourfd, and beal, the heart* 


Ciipid! — Taffociatc God, oi f miles y andjdy ! 
Take, in exchange, tbisjpear — nofeath'ry tiyf ! 
And now, where'er thou fec'fl: a fair one's breaft 
Flutter, too lightly ^ — touch — and give it rejl. 
But, vrherejome folid virtue fighs, in vain, . . 
Wound, with my lance : and digntjy the pain. '■ 


■ OaiqisAv Poems. 25 

Novff woman's empire's fix'd ! 


Confirm it, ^^ve / 

Cop ID. 
Love f^tfas WHdcMn — 


— Wifdom Jirengtbens love. 


Adies and Gentlemen, Unce all tranf- 

Is ^vomi&'^ pardon^ when it makes confejjum : 
JCnow, that our PIay-ra_^tf/"of foreignj/fii^«'«^, 
Dreads, to be damn' J, for its exceji of meaning. ■ 
What tho', to court kind JuJgeSt- our tranjlator : 
Has let Icofe Scandal^ and unbridled Satire t 
Vain are his arts — that play was built for faking, _ 
, Where none can laugb — but at th' expence of 
tbinkirtg. In 

In z^free nation, 'tis too ]JkKftdyeBiony ^ 

To payt for mirths boti} jameyy and refieSlkn. 

Wife poet i are coat^twithj^^M/l^ugbter^ 
And leave the reafonfor't — to rife hereafter. 

Our aathor'sniure, importing wiV,tochannye, 
Would, with a Frencbman's boafted wildfire 

warm ye ; 
Gives ye a Play, which, e'cr it wander'd httbei*. 
Brought Parti feventy crowded nights, together. 
What it may do, in Lo/tihtt — you'll inform us : 
Prench batt'ries guard in vain — if Britons ftonn 

'T'i s no gay Of era -— bat there's much, that's 
fmart in't, 
*The God of W/ vouchfafa to aU apart in't/ 
I play the afs, in't — that, you'll fay's no whmkr, 
"Tis a difguife^ mcft men art a^en under. 
1 grant it — affet in men't fliapc, are conman ; 
But fH^mr^ affei have been heard by no man. '■ 
Yet, fince he needs muft change me — . woUld 

he had run it 
Up to &izfaJbion's height, not underdone it ! 


■ ivGtio^le 

ORieiKAL PtfEMI. *«7 

Had my lon^fars^ and im/s 'fcap'd trsmfcrmatiottt 
And one gay daitcehcen learnt '— I'd cbarm'Jihe 

Thefc empty Frencbmm trfthariiwf may rapour, 
But> what's a nimble tongugy without a caper ! 

That's me defed — amtber ten times greater. 
Is, that his ZrfiiA'fi tafie is out of nature ; 
She doatsb-i ruined merit y — loving honey ! 
And weds her Titrntty 'caufe he 'd loji his money : 
Did men want lohesy and fer /i&<3/ caufe' vrovAA 

take 'em. 
What choice of blefGngs kind ^adrille would 

make *em ! ^ 

The reft I '11 not anticipate — fit quiety 
And, if your tajie delights in change of diet. 
You'll meet U, in the plenteous feafiy you came 

Dtefs'd in a foreign fonst we have no name 



■ ii,Gi:H)(^Ie 

j8 . Origin^ac Poems. 

Prologue, to The Cure for Jealoufy; 
fpeken by a Woman^ in Man's Cloaths. 

'TT^ O cure man's jealoufly, that fpieeriy too cotti- 

. -^ mon. 

Our author chofe me, a firm friend to Woman t 
A willing doSlor — But the downright fail is, . 
In this new way, I'm but ill turn'd Soxpra£Iice. 

Yet, hang it — in an age unform'd for darings 
What is there in the breeches, but the wearing ! 
My outiide's man, and I've feen many a true one 
Look — full as"ttle likely — to undo one ! 

Mark, Ladies! and from this night's /cct^ 

What art's I'll teach ye all, to hunt a lover; 
Wind him, thro* fear to hope, thro'' rage to 

Till he diftrufts his truth, by my beguiling : 
Cruel, with kind intent, I'll firft inflame him ; 
Then, when he's quite horn-mad^ look kind, and 

tame him. 



Original Poems. 29 

Gall him with pain^ to make him vf ottixy pleajure^ . 
And teadi him, by bis Trips, wy Truth 

. meaAire. 
This done — I'll wed — for, then fhoutd love's 

' .ambition 
Start fome dim caufe^ that might dcietvefujpidont 
Senfe oipaji ^/uHt/eri ftrikes his recoUeaion, 
And fear^ of new etiesy fhames him from sn^e^ion. 

Oh ! 'tis a glorious thing, when foets write | 
Thus, ttfefully -^ that we can profit by't ! 
They taXkoi leJfotUy drawn from tragic{<:crit&, ' 
Where tyrant lovers RabJufiieBed queens j' 
Where one 'imperious' ranting, ^rce, ' OtheUo 
Roars Lord/hip, into every tiny fellow. ' 
But, give me Gomedv, the world's true piftnre ; 
Tbere^ wheii "the jealous Ji»tii/«- thinks, he's nit^d 

her, - 

Up ftarts "the iex'sW/, to aid our nature, ' 
And then, poor fpoufe, himfelf, is prov'd the 

Ah Ladies/ — If you dread the fide-long eye^ 
The kw-Broib'd/guint, of ]oy\ti% jealoufyi - 



30 OtiS^lHA^t. PoE^fl. 

I^ in the^of!^^ ofinmceace^ opfwds'd. 

You c'cc iuve £gh'd, uatrulled and unbleTs'd : 

Smle on this friendly bandy that l«rv«s your 

And crown his favour'd^mff, with juft typlaufe. 

Epilogue, to the Jkme ¥lay. 

IF only novelty cpn gjve delight ^ 
I fear, we've /g/? that fevouritc//« to night :■ 
What me^t the ^aet^ when he bop'4y«>f <^^» 
From maikiiig ZMn aa&nutjler change their dreji ?. 
'Tis now fo long, .fioce this vf^s thought a 'wonder. 
That none but men of. tfi/le know 'em ofundcr. 
Fam'd, for aflbciatc ain, the rival8.fiwrr?/. 
Which flail trip ti^bt^ in itf ney^ ,fl^<ir<-/. 
Improving, each by each, fo iaft, that neither 
Excells — but all afo charm'4, alike, with ei^ber^ 

Well I 'tis an humble age, when pride and 
Give i^> am^tfOfit for lengjlicks zaAJiraitn^s : . 
When cqnfcious, none were gentry by creadon« 
f^Wi drive out pon^y and level ^\ the nation j 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

And irtp-fot'i^ki^i infttuA the hemld (wsctn; 
Tm and Sir Tluimt* are tkt>;IiMnf . by nature, 
^(^f^o the^a^tatr— now, thece Deeds no rmUn^ 
At vanitteSr o'er ^&radl ot ^^, prevailing : 
Declaiming iainp would iaJidKirlatire lofo, 
Whocmce poeacb'd Arir, from- the lady*s,_/£«i. , 
'l^ni^ld make ^hlufii c^tbt^ good aacn^/a;^ 
To fee fff)r Zrft^ budded, likft her Mtfr^, . 
And, friee from mincing mod^y^ w^ Aroinffi - 
jlW &ank, tuid«/W iervoafiy along. 

. Afttodje P^rW praifo it; if I couldj 
Buto'cn'thft'^»jf&,prov*!s»fe)?f»B't,be^iW.' . 
A Cwrf^ jft»&^ / --. 'tis dfclefe qaite, 
'Till c&rtTKJ.grwy ^vngt o\ur pa^A to excite s . 
6utguardiati.,;^/M, now, So models /r^$ 
It coeds, i^^r abid^kecps doiwe love'c A«r^ v 

Pkt)Lo6thE, Jpoke fy Mr. Johnfoii/ 

A S pjuntejs minglc^/EKwfc to fet oSJigk, 

r *■. So ci?ntraf ies are iwixV, when poets wn*-- 

^Jhadyw ;Would be darhtefi — Too much blaze 

Woitld dazzle— eachy by each, new force difpU^s, 


32 Original Po-'BMft. 

Form'd, on this frimifki to night, we ^x>w, " 
An unbred Imtte^ tigaihft a wrcaig-bred heau : - 
Our fprightly^, tojhafb and Frtmce inclin'd> .^ 
Fills his^y vactttim, v/\^ Parifian wind. : 
Hea\^y by nature, volatile by artf 
Be-duU'd tohrisintfit and mif-callM ajwart^ 'V/ 
Oppoe'dto this etitfime, our h<ntie-grtmrh jISm^^ ' 
Whofe_/Jw/f Wants ir#^(i*a^, ftW«ij himfelf to ^afi: 
Wifc without pit^ .— without temper plain'^ ' ■ '\ 
His friendihip^^wf — and his love gives p^*i\^ 
Hxs lough^cerity, ill-drcfs'd, uncouth, 
OiFends by cearfetiefsyvriioin k chaFilis^by tt-uA : 
All virtues, ifxir^mA'^i fomc^j^'blights ji J:..I 
The rugged kindnejl, wanting Jweetne^, irigbts*': 
Andj^tgodii-nat.ureic(>xCxtitih'd6'tv, withj4«n^. 
Provokes, tik^ i^ftknieiitad fKngSj like-yl&tfise; ■ 
Betwixt,thefe /Hw, &ur author Jiaddefign'd ■ '^ 
A tbirdj fix'd, ftedfeft, Englijh medium mind : 
Fram'd, like his country, with juit hand to iway 
Th'iinrefting balance -~- byafs'd neither wayr 
But here deficient — htjubmits his caufe, ' 
An hUmble^rrf«^<?r to die wtJrftS, he draws :/\ 
Had fome of yaraccomplifli'd minds fupplie^ 
His failing skill — he had riot err'd, fo wide, ' ■ 


■ ivGtio'^If 

Orioii4al P0EM6. • 33 

judge but His aim — and, if bis random tbr<»jo 
Falls ihott, condemn not the unreacbing blow. - 
Should his imperfeSi fcheme yonr f^levt provoke. 
Be kindy or all his balance will be brDke^ 


Spole hy a young Gentkman^ 'who- playd 
the Part o/'Castalio in the Orphan, 
for the Benefit of his Friend, who play d 


J N, for one night, receive a volunteer , 

■• At a friend's cftll — Who would not, arm'd; 

appear ? 
Danger looks lovely, where the Cauje invites. 
And the nczr pro^eff rather charms, rha.nJHgbts. 
Yet, fince the tajk is arduous, and requires 
hfeaxii paffions, and ^ijiorm of fires ; ' 
For firength, a borrower to your Jhres I come. 
And EVERY bounteous b^md (hall lendnie ibme: 

Teach me, ye Fair, how love ?nd pi/y charmj 

Tiur eyes can light me, and your influence warm : 

Vol. IV. D Triumphs 


Ojugisai. Poemc,.' 

Triunifdis, and joy«, year ^mJacanlxAfyffyi 
Batfromyeur kva-s^J waiA lean), toJ!v. 

Next — witb jmr f^rk, Sn, h7 brc^ 
Lend me your eloquence, your air, your fire. 
Teach me your Softness, when in love I^/Str, 
And, to encre^e it, if I cpT^t^., too. 
But yuur incrniftancy and |ightne& — thefe 
Keep to yburfclres, I want 'em not— Heaven 


Thos far, felfnnov'd, and heedlefe of my 
1^ gu^diao Uke, ferv'd my own intereft, firft ^ 
Now, I your tonics for Polydore exa£i:. 
Should I not speak for b'tm^ for whom I act f 
jfiw* to all craft in love, yo\iifpleen ezpre&. 
And fuAly bate him, for his darkfuccefs : 
To-night, forgive him — he but aSs a part. 
Far from his wijhf and foreign to his heart : 
He wears the i>/ujb of virtue on his^^wY* 
And rather would be wretched^ than be ifofe. 


On I G tUAL tofeMSi . J5 

It, in thejage's gathering nighty we ilray. 
And (all its guides, nenv hfi,) miftake ow way j 
Be THIS my Polydore's, and my defence j 
Indulge us •- 'tis o\3iJirJi, and L^ offence. 


7h the fame : fpo^ by Monimia. 

IW A S yaSi plotting, as the curtain frll. 
To hit ^li general taJ}e^^eycweHx 
Twere a Jitre way, thought I, their 'frvwns to 

Men, ' 
Should I, oft kilCdy and hrougbt to Ufe, as often, 
iVow, in good eamefl, draw' ehtivtoh o'er irtc. 
And die — as Tragedy has done, bejhre me. 
Troth 1 it were no tmtimefy refolutiehy 
Had one a heart difpos'd for '^ execution ; 
Since there's a mode in minds, as well as d^f/f, 
*Tis too vldfe^on'd now to pwt dtjirefs. 
When you're refolv'd to laugh, and to be eajy. 
Why fhould unfunwnon'd fenfe break in, to 

teize ye ? 

D a Once 

1$ Pll.|GIN,AI. PoEI^ia. 

Oncey we had tunelefs times — fo oijt of meafure^ 

That wit was bufinefs, here — and thought was 

Naked of/on^-, dance ^farce^—ox Harlecujining ! 

A plain, dry Piay^ then^charm'J, good heaven ! — 
by meaning, ^ 

Well ! fincc it comes afHrm'd — wc mu/l re- 
ceive it J 

But, 'twas fo long ago, 1 fcarce believe it. , 

This age, thank heaven, isvrifcr — Pit and 

Tjcat their goo4, grave, _^^/i&£rf t^ifte, with 
. : raillery t 

What ! fit three hours, to hear dull ASiors') 

prating, .■_■■■. ; | 

No Entertainmemt, after all that waiting— ^ 
I'd ^ve a (&>z£n fuqh Plays ^- for one Bear- i 

halting ? j 

Your humble aSfors, Jlowly ftretch ambition^ 
To top thefe m-ts of Play-houje erudition : 
How e'er unapt by time, and yotf conduced. 
We ^00,-ihall mend, grow wifet inJirttSied: 
Would I ■vftKjix yards taller tbo* — to charm ye \ 
Or PETITE Mademoiselle, EN. GHiENNE t' 

alarm ye. .-, Something- 


Origikal Poems.' 37 

■ Something, I foon, muft kam above plain fpeak- 
Teach me, fome pig oftajie, thy art oSfquiaki^i^ 
No Patentee, novf, holds us worth contraiSing,; 
'Till we have learnt more ways than one,^faSiHgy 
Whai tbinkiag face will zny praife ordain us, , r 
Whofe climting eyes have /card — MvNuiEit, 
Cajanus ! , '1) 

Give place Great jikxander ! — 'Go, retire — 
We have enroU'd a Hero — Three foot higher ! 
From Cje,%avl'% deatbifno futttre grief ihaWi^Bm, 
Sinccfwry joyful //iS^reftoresPiERRol \ 

While poor ^oni&ii^'bzxti C^aHo's die,.; ■ V 
Aye, kt 'cat go — ^^ the i/ppro-^^^ators etj ; '■ t 
, JM/W whatra citani/^feik/sa — Habxeqjiim. is ! C 
Andv/hstit^artaingphtiaervetyJcetKis : - '. 
Well ! in our turns, we yet may erttertaiM ye ; 
We fliall be foon ftnicfc dtmh — and, then we 
gain ye, 

D3 P RQi 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 


WR'E) V ■ Mi/V tau ^t ' JafTgert anlniitc - the 

Lot the ^'fifi Jcenes your hearts, ye fajr\ engage : 
Let each teight /^nw-'-maifc the wm!?j, we fhoWi 
Arid catch' -dumb -cautmn, from the pifhal*'^ iwk", 
Guiltlefs oifarce^ to nighty the meaning player 
Courts hcJt yoar laughter^ but alarms your care, 

;Mau, the ^ceiver, v^Us his erutl atr*,. - ' 
And ij&r^fVi himfelf witlun f|^' atfiemfte^l^^afit^i '■ 
There, tg£-ungcn'rofl&flw^"«,'climbs, eVletig, 
Hdp'dtby^the Ain^iirxce he mtans to wm;!^-.- 
iraistodtfteia%.\(reaiI?hisy^^*ft«/o'tr, ' 
And thc'iMf^ Imown, ^;S(r>vnaraorer 

, , jS UC H, thfi^^/Z bufimf^. ^tlie qaaw'if gi^fe. : 
iovf hasa thoufand/^«j toinfufe,:' , :,-, 
Not always ligbtnefs ftiould ungrace the fcene j^ 
To laugh at ^//j", but indulges j^/iff« : 
Coxcombs and Fops, in barmkji error, ftray, 
And^triQ, undangeroust Qtft of padon's way : 
Misers and Sots, lefs mirth than pity move, 
And dulnejs brings an anti^te^ for /pvr. 


But there's a Traitor, arm'd iaamorous maHj 
Som to att^pt,, and fa^ioa'd.tQ^reyail : 
Difguis'd in toftheis, by deep arts endcar'd. 
And alw(^i dangerous; hecxaie never fear* J i 
■JitM in our^^y^_^,ttf night wej^^i ,\ - 
Norftoopthecondefcendihgffecoe, too low.- 

Hence, if too ^ave^ for Comedy, vrcjeent, ' 
Thii^ tis kvt/uited to-pxurferiimstbemi - ■ ' 
'Tis. no Ugbt hfsf v/hsn charming iimmm '£dls, ' 
^ ova defa^^^ kx'& merit call&j 
WcjVfh^t^&fi^ur^sxifa.'Ji^orUim^oitf . 
_Negk0n^y. what coaccTi^& its Jaire^fiart-^; 
All danger to that Jex, thus frankly Jlmt/n, 
At ^ £iime tkiu^ does hanmr to our M(w. ■ 
"NorlctftegleSf of laughter move thc^V, 
To dread, in confequence^ a dearth of wit : 
XJifiw*^^ mrthtoAy live, , in'^«^-»«y£. 
But folid converfe fwells our fofier joys. 
Offf£^,iii>aQ>ag«of TUM^nui, dance, andsoNO, 
.SapigeSit>a»fimJkt)rtJtoifriiiffenfey.toeIong: . .^ 
Not e'en \ktfaJhion, change of /^* denies ; 
.Ok fflRBnp]fihaDe,.l9t us bo, ^oiaetiines, mfi. 

© 4 . , E P J- 

40 Okjoin'M; Poems, 

E f I ]L O G U E, 

To the faim, 

BAUtK'D, as^ I am, my heart's htft hope. 
-mUcarry'd, ' 
Try'd, caft, and fcntenc'd, to be ban^d — thaf^ 

-marry'd! ' ■• -■- 

E'er I'm iurn'd off — Ith'ink it but my lArfy, 
To awrw, in my jSj/^j^wfA, faft-falling beauty. 
Firft, Maidens, — Let my fad example teach yc. 
To put m trufi in Man^ till he can't Teach ye j 
For, if you" ftrive, im near^ his ftrengtBs fo' 

That down you come at once — and then, good vtgbt 

Next, O ye Wives, truft not in beauty's 
But, to your Bodfs influence, add ybur ^rit : 
With your eye's Ugbfmng, nax a tongue, that 
■ thunders j '. - - -- ■ - 

Believ6 nie, love, fo doubk-arm'd, Works vam^ri'. 
Vet, if nor charms, nor eloquence can Jirve ye, 
But yd-ir good man wj/l break the fekh, he gav« 

y«» - -^ 

1 Okigimai: Pokms.' -4! 

I ]^ yon 6^^ hand vfiih him -^ tiktt r^>hm^ 
Will make him owne -r there's fftiU- itiitoo light 

As for you. Widows, —you're too w^, for 

But Jifff^ring t/miefa0ors muft hepreac^g : 
So, take o*e -word of aHjfr^ia'yow ca&iagi ' 
Though you'fe too fo*i*Wi--I krtow/ ib fear a 

fallings -'-•■ 

V^omyoxa^Hd yoke it\.ff€& — admit no nevyorit, 
Unlefs, with folne, poor, briik, young, kipd; and 

true one : 
The confci&us'^/i^ilong mindful of yariir Javour, 
Will make iip iali defe£is'^ -^t^goodbibmiiour: 
XiOth, that his ivants, his gratitude (hou' A Jimthfr, 
What he can't givcyoawf w^i hc^ give 


_ And noWi good, peoplfe, what^I've more t» 

iay t'ye, ■ ''■•^- 
Shouldbc a doleful tune ^ zxiAJighy zvApray t'ye: 
But — dolefiil times of late, are grown^S comamt 
They move, moreyernw, than a (/(Wff^-WMiBiin-.- - 

, ::; ,;..:,. V ■- ^ And, 



i42 .Oxnl'iifAE >P.<nl^8. 

Ao4<t)gtit. vti p«»:«, «&;*(«j>'J»**H\i8«le in 

As you fl// know — who- have .g«io4\ends, to 
drive at. 

What fliall I ioHtsn} ~-^'&a!liuhhatig iai 

■.■^.a^, ■ • j;;:. ,- . '■''■■":[.■ ■' 

jiTiSL iiti wajrv ^4/77 But I've at once Mxtigft 

.Offafweet /^^, dearrtf^^'K^fjba^itimgbt me^; 
J'U ^y,:aBd lew Sini^izrry ki ius^ajfj, 
Nor be fo rude to swing, before my -Metiers : 

AiaAbuJ>i>ii.'Jmy:liaiig!>iaiij^Hgetif, i:.; 

; ■ li'j,! . ■ r^ — ;— — ■' ■ . v.; . ■ r ' 


for -Mr, JoHNSiQM, is /j6£ Chaffer, of 

E^E'R I prcfnme, to try to." oigBt's fam^d 
part, ■ /' 
.Kipd to the mdejl', chear idoubifuihtiil : 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

No vain «|ff(3/^-,too rajb.aj^'d:cx9axt j . ' , ^ . 
lh^^jfdl£(^iQusc£ a Cato's wcigjht j; -:-.■-. / 

I view the e^fi^t goal,, wth patient ^es : . . 
Fond of the ^^age^ where life's ilrong ]paffion8 

B^t^jun ihff,che^7Veeds;^ that o'«r it^o^. 
Unpufli'd hy pride, climb flow ftfr^'^d^' degrees. 
Humbly aj^riffg ■ — and -^ but iMg — to pheSf* 

.Wi^hi.cvxtxijf.wn'ry ^tomy^/^i^H-ieftpre 
Whose jff^nJi I tf cad ia t^who was /Kr^-r*- iejfhre. 
Him have yc«a, seen —A Cato, -awpfiS jpuf 

praife ! 
FiU'd with Rome's fue^and form'd, to^ce her 

111, to fuppfe^ ^h.a^fs»^ ^p^, knt * — 
Rfcei>£ me — in the light — His luftrc lent. 
Jhdge mt^notVfl/n,- while lengths, urrwijb'd, I 

run ; * 
See,t3Kf^t>to*»— Mdj^iiii^^ — tbe^. ' 

^' "* 
Such, I w(^' h^-^^lg^—^^iitime's-^tirt ddff 
Frowns «^t,jch hopes too 'bold — * p6rfwf% — I 


v. .; ^ ' ~ Try. 


^ - Ori'^oinal Poems'.' 
Try, with kind confidence, -what pra/Je cin do : ■ 
Think it, but, p6^le — and make it -^ true j ^ 
Stoop, 'When 1 fall — fupport me, where Ifiandi' 
•Weaknefi grows ftrm%th — in Fitf% goardian* 

NOf at one Jiept fer diftant heights wc . 
' cKmb : 

Jli&r// and ^^nw»r —are the gifts — oi Time. 
Gradual in growth, and kindling at your flame. 
So, might you teach my tajie to mc'et^'oar aim : 
Rais'd by ycMrJmileSf to touch the point in view, 
y<m.make your CaTo — and he dies — tot you. 


To ^^e Fatal Extravagance : j^r^ ^ 
Mr. Ryan. " ' 

WA R M 'P by a kindred fenfe ofEnglofid'j 
A Cakdmfin mufe, with pity glows : 
From ruia'd hopes zjaving mwal takes, ^ 

And paints th* unhapjl^i for the ki^'sbke : 
. '" Seotkn^s 

Original Poems. ^ 45 
Scotland's new tafte our meaning fccnc Aipplie9> 
And ^Jirji fight, on tragic- pinions^ tries,. 
Brave and long-fam'd in arms, her •warlike race 
Have trod xki&felds of death with dauntle/s ^tf«/ 
' Fierce and imtir'd in bloody have nobly dar'd^ 
And every toil and every danger ihar'd : , 
Now, fir'd by rifing arts^ flic grafps the Bays, 
And her old cant, Xikt falling Jiocks, decays : . 
Her long-Ioft muse new-Ugbti her antiexa fiame^ 
Andour fcenciijzfj with recover'dj^f.. 

We teach to-night — ah ! would '^erc not 
/«) hUe^ 
How ra(h' believing trvarice galls a fate! 
What private forroivSy from -wild hazards flow ! 
And, hawfalfe hope produces certain ivoe. 

THIS, iHc moft natural bufinefs of the 

Will all your generous hearts, 'tis hop'd, engage c 
None cto their //fy for thofc wofj conceal. 
Which moft, who hear, perhaps, too deeply, j9f/. 
Th«r«rfj of ruin' d kings yoS mighty name^ 
For pompous mifery <— fmall compajim claim : 

■ ivGtio'^Ie 

■46 OxiGlNAl, POBM?. 

Empim o'ertara'd, and A?wfi, held in cbainsj ' 
jilarm the mind, but ^e the heart no pains. 
To itis remote frota our iotnefiic fears, 
We lend our ivonder^ but with-hold our tears. ' 

Not ■ fb, when, from Jutb paffion, as our 

Some favourite ^^V dreadful fate is (hown ; 
There the foul Wefdi for what it feek, nrnthitij 
And cmfciouspity fliakes, ^fufferingjm. 

01 give attention to Ae moving Jhene : 
And ihun, what yet may be, by what has been. 

E P I L O G U E, 

To thfifame^Jpole by Mrs Seymour. 

n^O XJ 'vc feen the Play — and I'U unfoid the 

^ , Poet, ■ 

To whom (ftra/d flwep of a fare jhckj we 

owe it, - . ' ■'■ 

He's a diohce hkjpng— Comtwhatjirorigefy iniiig 

us! . . ■ _ ■"" 

Dropt, from the chtuls of innocence, among us ! 


OitiGiHAz. Poems; 47 

Stipt through the Kirks loofe pale> we'gavehitn 

qmrtcr j 
Poor foul ! he had like to've be«i the mice's 

Martyr : 
\^\itvi Jiage-plays ! and abominatiom f to(A him, 
Gracej and the Jh^berdi of thte SAiNts foribofe 

'Twas given thenceforth, to Satan's power, 

to win him j 
— The root of ^tjiaruf matter was not in him. 
Yet, tho' rebuUdy full fcwe — he's no bugejinmr.— 
You'll fcarce fctoneof his. piire hretbrefty thinner., 
MoQifanSiiJied oiface ! troth — I'm afriid» 
If hlsJo«;bHc not — die poor ttmx'&zmatJf 

The Bard, not cemaUmindedt (fay the corions, 
How come th'unfleflily folks, to be (o furious ? 
Judge you the quarrel,^ right -^ we'll briefiy 

- — GW Piays give good tnjiruSHmt faid the 

Poet : 
Vfijuty I cry'd the hreibren — grofs defikment ! 
And, ioi the war iM^ke out, paft reconcilement, 

■• Y6us„ 



YovNG B/zyj, provok'd, here drew.liis wrath-' 
ful pin i. 
Shine forth, faid he, my mufe, on thefe (iark - 

■ men : 
An3 prove, by dint of fair exampky whether 
J^cbgoodnefs is not leamt,hy coming Afififcr. 

But what i6f teaches, be tp i<m <iA«^ ; 
7*//.teacha^fr^^leffon, of my ow». 

. , 5 ^ I^.th^, of Playst that men karn notbitjg 

by "em ? 
I ftand tkcjlage's champion^ and defy *em : 
Z(^ that has feen, to night, how /, a TOz/f, ' 
Gave coimfel, fit to've fav'd my Jpouf^''s U/e, 
Learns not this ffjffriz/, pall all contradiiSion, 
That 'difobedient husbands — meet affliftion ? 
That he's m(^ hap^, who his fetters ya^j, 
And lets his -wifer mfe — do — what .flie pleafes. 

This, for our fes's fame, his Play produces, 
Y6u fee, all doSirims have their bidtkn ufes ': 
To this — if the bluff brethren preach re/t/iancey 
Let.'cm, as they loveTa/t'/j', keep their dijiance; 



Fbr, fliould we catch *em^in our wrong'd domi- 
Stiffs as th^ arci we'll make 'em change opinion. 

Writ on a Window^ in the Highlands 
of Scotland, 

■ t^COthANDf thy header's like i modijk 

•wife ! • 
Thy wirdi and riinSi fcitever, are itftrife : 
60, TERMAGANT, a wHilc, facf IhinJer ttits. 
And, when flie can no \oDger JcoU — flie cries: ■ 

O R R A M O O R; 

^" S O N G, alter d; 


C T A Y, ftay, 6 Sun ! . whofe chearful Raff 
"^ Has drawn my Orra&_ feet aftray : 
O ! chafe the Fogs — O ! clear the Skiet ! 
And guide my Orra, to my eyes: 

Ybi. IV; E ^! wert 


O I were I fure my Dear to view, 
I'd ciimb the tap ai that tall Yew ! 
Aloft, in iwr, I'd quhtring ftandy 
And round, andround, explore the land'^ 


Where, OrraMoor! w.hcreartthoi^^<iy'</? • 
What 'wood conceals my ileeping Jtfsid? 
Torn by the thorni, eryag'd I-U tear 
The trees, that hide vc^, filentjWr. 

Oh ! I could ride thofe clouded /^/w,. 
Or, on that Raven's pinions rife 1 
Ye Storh ! ye Swam ! — a moinent,y%„ 
And waft a Lover , on his way. 

Far ! far ! from me,, my Oxra flies. 
While, here, forfaken Summr dies : 
Come, Winter, come ! no frojl I fear ; 
Her ice/ heart has bound me, here. 


Original Poems, ji 


No, no — ni hurficiiAi wint'ry ^ar. 
Thy chain, O hve t is ftrongeft far I 
By fieel may bodies be confin'"d. 
But Mj^-, my Okra, chains the ffliW. 


Ceafe, ceafe thy pain^ O throbbing hrmft t 
• When thoughts are woes — r^cjirfl are heft : 
'Tis Death to go — 'Tis worfe — to ftay : 
Til die with Orra — hafte away. 

Verses made for Mr. S— v — ge ; and 
fent to my Latfy M ' ■■ ls ■ d, his 

HOPELESS, abandoned, aimlefs, and op- 
L^y to delight^ and, every way, difttefs'd': 
Crofs his cold bed, in wild diforder, thrown, 
Thuffigh'd, AiexiSf friendlef», and alone. 
Ea Wnr 

52 Original Poems. 

Why do I breath ? -what Joy can Being give, 
When _/&f, who gave me //^.forgets I live / 
Feels not thefe wintry dla^s — nor h.Ceds my 

fmart : 
But Jhuis -me, from the Jhelter of her heart ? 
Saw me expos' ii, to -want ! to Jhame ! io /corn I 
To ills ! — which make itmi/^ry to be kirn ' 
Ca^. me, jegardlefs, on ihtf iporld's bjeajk wiij : 
.And bad mc be a imretch^ while yet z.chUdl 

WHE R E can be hope for fity,, peace, or refiy 
Who moves no JoftneJ's — in a mother's breaft ? 
Cuftom, law, reaTon, all! n^ caufe fbriake .- 
And nature Jleeps to keep my "woes awake ! 
Cr^«r, which'thc cruH', fcar'ce believe cani^, 
Thq(iiW«fe:guilty <^£d ruin'wif"/.'. s' -. 
Even Jhe, who bore me, blafts me wlthihfcr^Aji'?, 
And, m^ant. my fortune^ makes, herfcl/ njy j^^f I 

,Yet, has this {yvect.fieg/e^er.of m^'woes 
The fqfteft, ^end'rcft^w^, that^'/yi knows ! 
Her eyes ihed mercy, wherefo'c'er they_/&/>,c. 
And her foul melts, at every woe — but mine. 
-■ .,' Sure, 


Original Poems. 53 

Sure, then ! fome fecret fate, for guilt umoiltJ, 
Some Jkntence prc-ordain'd to hzfi^ltd ! 
Phtng'd mc, thus deep^ in forrow's fearching_/W> 
And ivajh'd me, from the meniry of her blood.. 

But, oh ! 'whatever cauje has mov'd her hate, ■ 
Let mc but Jigh^ in filcnce, at my fate j 
The God, witinn, perhaps, may touch her breaft. 
And, when Jhepitiei — who can be difirefs'd? 

On Lady Mary Wortley Montagues 
bringing with her out of Turkey, 
the Art of Inoculating the Small- 

WHEN Greece, reviving, into fhort delight^ 
Felt pride, and comfort, at our mufe's 
The rival'd nine no fooner faw her face, 
'But e'en their envy gave their wonder place 1 
Qharm'd, into love, of what cclig^'d their fame,. 
They wak'd JpoHo, with her powerful name^ * 

E 3 6»» 


54 OriginaI' Poems. 

Se^ 1 <— God of Greeian wk ! XJrama cries^ 
How fweet a Mute th« Weftern World fuppUesl 
Say; (hould fhcr atj^ iamt favtatr from your 

What could you bid her take^ that's not her ovmf 
Spartding in charms^ the htxverAy Jiranger view. 
So graced / — ihcfcarce can 6we a beam toyou I 
Beauty f with love, ber power to your's prefers : 
And ivit, and learnings are, already, hers t 

RoDS*D, at her «tf)»«— receding, from her! gwj,_ 
The gaaiog God rofe flow, in £oft furfrize I 
Fair mirackt he iaid, — and paus'd, a while : 
Then, tho8 — Sveet gbry di yom envy'd ^ / 
Cbann'd, and oblig'd, left we ungrateful fMm, 
Bear, bence^ at Ie»ft, one mark of our ejieem, 
' One of my three great cl^ums, your wifli may fit ; 
WhoTc voice is mu/ick^ and whoTe thoughts are 

wit ! 
Fby^t alone, remains, to grant you, here — 
A ikill ! your godlike pity will endear. 
Form'd, to give wounds^ which muft no 'eafe pro- . 

Moru your influ'ncc, by itew arts, to ewe. 


L,;, ^ I.,Gi.HI^Il' 

Original Poems. 55 

Beauty's chief yor, a fear'd and fierce Ji/eaje ! 
Bows at my beck ; and knows its Gocts decrees. 
Breath'd, in this hjiy take power, to tame its 

And, from its rancour, Jhf the refcued age : 
High o'er each lex, in i^ii&le empire, fit : 
PjotcAing ieautyt and in(piriag wit. 

^ Clelia, in the Country. On the ptd- 
Ung dawn St. Martin's Church. 

WHILE, from the nO{^ croud, you lean, 
In filcnt JhadeSt by love xjf thought infpir'd j 
I, vex'd by various caret, to bulinefs chdn'd, 
Meurtt'dyouT h^ convert, and in to-wn remained : 
Dark, as tlic mdmgbt world, yaw funjkine gone, 
Gtddekfst in fullcn gloom, I wander'd on : 
PaJJion's wild influence ebb'd, and jhw^d, my 

A» JeM drive diff'renf, with the changing wind: 
fiut to vtYoA point foe'cr> my toiU was bound, 
la vain, 1 turn'd th 'unrellmg compafi xound : 

£4 Doubt- 


|6. Qrioinax. Pqbms, 

Doubtful, a while, the wav'ring needle hung-, 
Then, tremblings backward to your image fpruna. , 

Pensive, I view'd z facred pile, of late, 
Which falls, like ^(Jk, to rife, in nobler ftate. 
The Doers thrown wide, it feem'd unveil' d tp 

lie, . . 

And reverend ruin ftruck my Jlartlede^e. 
Ent'ring, amidft the bufy hammer's found, 
I faw time's diiHy trophies fcatter'd round : 
Each violated pillar ftood, bedew' d ; 
And ivept'in iohmn grief, a fate fo rude. 
From tombs by force disjoin 'd, reluftant fones 
RoU'd, mix'd with clouds of duf, and human 

bones : 
From fiiithkfs walls, V^<:W infcriptions fled, 
And, to long nighty confign'd the namelefs dead : 
The pews pale f^uares, in their whole lengthened 

Gave way, and open' d ■a fad icene, be'o^v! 
Beauty, youth, wealth, and power, reduc'd, to 

Larded with bones, yet moift, unfheltcr'd lay ; 
Remnants of eyelefs Skulls, with hoUow^ar^, 
Mock'd the proud looks, which livinj;' charmers 
■ wear: 



Coffins rofe broke^ un&ithful to their truji / 
And flejh%!f^ round me, in unjointed dufi. 
Scarce a fliort Jpan^ beneath that ppening^yZwr, 
Where kneeling charmers prafd, t^e week be- 
fore J 
Where formsy like yours \ rejoic'd th.' admirtng 

Forms, onfe, like yours I in naked attms^ lip, 
O ! fate of failing life ! O ! flatt'ring dream / 
What wint'ry funfliine is thyjftia/iTwy gleam/ 

Thus, while I musi'd, thy fotd approach*d my 
Thy foft-wing'd foul ! that, always, hovers near. 
See'ft thou, it figh'd — How thefc fad relich lie ! 
And-do'ft thou fear, that Clelia, thus, can i/;V? 
No — She's all mind-y and her immortal namef 
Eluding death's fhort reach, (hall tread on fame. 
7on^s, yetunthought off, Clelia (hall adorn. 
And charm adoring Twft'cni — yet unborn. 
Heroes, at whofe refohes, the world will Jbake, 
Shall treat t^ fcx with reverence,(6r tbt feke ; 
And each fair tyrant, who would Emprefs be, 
form but one wiih — to tbinkt and look, like thee. 


]8 OkigiMAl PbXMt. 

7i a Lady, win lovd Angling,- fnm a 
Him, out ef Dr. Donne. 

SO ME, by the bending mis flow aid, 
Mijr hajl th' unwary jjft betray'd : 
■ Otbtri may finny Jhoab befet, 
And fweep 'em, with the treach'rous net. 


But, why fhou'd Sylti a tife dtcwV, 
Who is, berfelf, her own ^ ^di> ? 
Step but, undrefs'df within the brook. 
And iinile at every needkfs hook. 


Each witting fijh will, round thee, fivim, 
Kiladder to catch I'-S^^, than thou &w. 
Or, if <5«f fiflij uncmgbtt goes by 
'iT^fl? filh, is motjer^ far^ than 7/ 



OltlQIHAt PoEMt. 


To a Lady-t who bad a very fine Shape, 
and fine Complexion, 

CA N forms^ like yowi, want Ornainent of 

Beauty, like trutb^ Jhincs moA in Nakednefs. 
Dreffing may fkreen deformities from view. 
But, e'en, a^tmment Axx^hwt Jhadow votr ! 
M>Jif but by what they leeatf are lovefy made. 
You, Madam, hjit whene'er you fcek fucb aid. 
While others drefs, their lover*i hearts to warm, 
Yov put of nothing, but what veitd a charm ! 

Anfmr to the Refolve. 

WHILST empty coxcombs blaft a wo- 
man's fame. 
In every ftate, and every age, the fame ; 
With their own folfy pleas'd, each Fair they 

And, where they kafi are happy, fwear they're 

No Sffy/tnce marking, *twixt dre g^ and ^ened, 
Bttt dreaming, all, who fy, would bcpurfued: 

€a OszoiRAL Poems. 

While thus, they vainly fi^'ni^ and vainly ^w, 

X^, to that reverence, love's foji lejpm give ; 
Let this great Makim be my paffion's guide j 
Ma^Ine'er hope, where lam ne'er deny'd, | 
Nsrgsin a Woman^ willing to be try'd. 

^nfwer to a fcurrilousj obfcme Poemy 
'entitled. An Epiftle from M>5 R,obin- 
soi^ to Senesino. 

FR O M thy loofe lines, I turn my-^s away;" 
Nor know, o'erfpread with blujkes^ what to 
fay : 
The modcil mujh, wounded, by thy firmn^ 
For mt^ and fw tbemfelvesy da thus complain, 

O THQH 1 our country's yo//c and expencel 
Dull foe to Tragedy and God^like Jenfe ! 
Tpo long mean, mercenary fliadc, too long, 
Has't tbm thefe Isles inchanted with thy fo^^ 
Mu^lCi foft God unbinds the charm, he rais'd^ 
He blefi thy^tqngue, and wt»Ue he k^Jit yje. prats' d.? 


jClRIGINJVI' Po&M«. 6t 

&y thee polluted^ he diiclaims his chcace. 
And will no longer warble in thy voice. 
Kistremhting notes, where meltifig foftnefs hung. 
And every grace, will feek a chafler tongue 
No more, the lomer fliall thy fong repeat ^ 
No more, the fair one figh — ."tii •mndrwx 

Oh! guilty Senesi no 1 thou, »o more, 
Shalt^d?i» /. ^(itM /'. hear — or loud encoti* 
The loofe and dull, fliall all,ihy audience bei 
The chajh saiAwktyiball-nJint' for me. . 
All ttTwf/esi&k/.'fliair thy^dviwtfr^form, " 
.To fad, uncrmdeti Qxms^otfotbinet or Jorm. 
Thy wretched ht — ihalL liriappkuded, grow, - 
And iU-plaiA£iEays M\y^witl!fmig from tbyi^^or. 
Kflbw, £o(igfter* ',jfe/tiff, Gsdlike chief AMSdakm 
Thy 7Z»r;7/, uttTiatural, ungraceful, ftrains i 
With, ragecfledotttrfedi Jpprf^'j ghoft muft; bum. 
To find foch'teais^ra/fZR^his facredutn^ 

Remember, Echo, foon'thou'lt know th£ tim^ 
Stript of thy robes, thy legipn's, and thy rhyme 5 
Thou poor Machine, of mean delufive found, 
When I (hall {j^tbytempUsaW unbound^ 
And thofe ifrho heroes aSf, like heroes, &{mn*^ 


nd, *! 


6z OitioiNii Pgbwi^ 

THOU to thy famiA'd Ita^ fhalt go. 
And rival Fau^m, to the fiades^ below. 

The Ghoicp, to a Friend, 

OH, greatly hkffdj who can', a fate tt- 
By dudile wifiim, tcm^ your d^res f 
Balanc'd, witbint yoa look aBroad, ftrene. 
And, marking iitfi&extremes^ paii, deac, Jc^wm. 
Ob icoald your lov'd exeai^ teach yonc skill t 
And,aaitnK}ve8 my iiamiifr^ineiidiay w/W/ ' 
Calm wQ\ild my pontons gfov: ff^t ii'f might 

■ pUafei 
Andmyjck fiitlihaaidtldttkltiB^ ta:a^». V 
But to the fuhtre, while I ftrain my eye*^ . . 
Each prefent good flips, undiitinguifh'd by. 
Still, what I -would, contends ^th what I can ; 
And my wild wijbei leap the bounds of Nimt, 

If in my pvwev it liev to limit-i6ojV, 
And my mcbmrid de^es caa fix a fc(^ : 


,... kCuhh^Ic 



This were my. cJmw — Oh, friend, pronounco- 

mc peer: . . ' 

For I have wantSj which weakb can oevQr cure f 
Mean is tholt fouif which its own good can JiU\ 
A profp'rou? worUj alonc> could feaft iwy will. 
He's^eor, af.heft, whoafifiwj »K)£r)i fcra,}: 
And wants, ihc •mjb'i'for fffvoer^ to. give it eafe. 
He's rich, who fole-fl^eme, and unconfin'd, 
Can> widi unbounded iBfluence^ bleji mankind. . 
A glory this I unreacb'd — but on a throne ! 
All were enough — but leTs. than. all» is none. 
This myjirfi will)— But, fince 'twere wild and 

'oain^ ' 

Tq^a)^ at glitt'ring chuds with fruitlefs/^z/n ; 
More Jojely /ew, let my next proJpeSi be : 
And life's mild evening dils Uxt fun-Jet fee. 
Far,fron>,aLoRp'sloath'dneighboiiffhoc>d — zflate^ 
Whofe little greatneft is a pride ^ ,1 hate ! 
On feme lone i»ildy fliould my ftrwig hmfe be 

Surrounded, by a vaff, and healthy, wafie : 
Sterile and coarfe^ the untry'd foil Should be ;. 
But ^r^Vto flourifh, and fubdued by me. 
Seas> woodSj meads, mountains^ gardens, ftreams, 

and fkies, 
Shou'd, with AchangefulgxzviA&yxtf charm my eyes. 


64 Original Poem^;' 

Still, where I mov'dfnewraATksofmyfiafi paahsi 

Shou'd plume the mountain tops, and faint th^ 

plabs : 
Greatly obfcure, and fliUnhing courdy et homey 
Widely befriended^' but efeaping fame. 
Peaceful, jn, fiudious ^iet^ would I live ; * 
Lie hid, for leifurei and grow rich, to GrvEi 

3tf the Editor of Glarissaj 

PAiNTERs to Poets, owe their nobleft praife • 
Mute are their tints, 'till voic'dhy living lays^ 
Pa^ve, the iemblant forms but feem to breath j 
Delufive furface holds no depth beneath. , 

Far other lines Clarissa's painter drew 1 
Far orfier force his /flj^ colours knew! , 
Therey in round fulnefs, aBive pictures glow. 
Turgid with fpeakingXiie^ and thinking woe. 
llis, the fouh pencil, whofe warfli ftrokes ini- 

^art . 
Mindy to the form, and pafflon to the heart; 
A delegate Creator ! calm, he lies. 
And fees the leorldsy he calls for, round hun, rtjet 

', Qui 

dRioiiiAt't'bE'iifl; gj" 

t>n I thi^htht live, 'till hist:tAv.issA's deaf B! 
But life im/riorfa/ (mts not mortal breath. 
Let him but live, 'till all, who reaJ, axe taught, 
Whaf aided influenfce, ieaitiy draWs fi-om thought ! 
5^, would his length'ning yem-s all ieanit dbfyj 
And naturei and her /riendi togetheri ji!t>; 
So, would he cBarm «eholS time — yeti vitinfyi 

Reach i»v«;y fcohfcidits heart -^ to change -^ how 

Lrt hiili ntit fojftf too mucii -- hot heaven; htii 

he, . 
Stts humah minds; from hamari frailties free : 
Tho' fflCifi can (yum, where all the reji are hiti 
And every j?<j^, remote froni felf, admit : 
Tho' marks; external catch the -ui/atf/ r^, 
h^ in-Jhut ^yeSih -JlMn-Cti^ Jearcb of day: 
Eath uglieft Ukeneftt for dnsther, ihown, 
Strikes a//: but nbrie find ^es, to' note their (mfti. 
Vet i6« — 'Whate'ef ftage, prefs, or pulpit can ! 
"Wh^te'er the heart'i tQ\ic\i A feelings AtnA, td 

Man : 
AH,' that from all is learhf , orie ginius giVeSj , 
Add, m cOUeftive right of virtue, lives; 

Vol; IV.' F iVHEHtU 

r,.— ii,Gi:H)'^]e 

66 Orioinal Poems. 

WHE NCE was his more than magic power 
So ikill'd, to ftart life's game, on every fide ! 
Where could his line th'unmeafur'd va/inefs find. 
To fathom all the depths «f all mankind ! 
Piercing, ae light, from heaven, to ^i?rM, he flows. 
And every fain, and every heauty^ihows 1 

Tuz'^three great powers, that ^<7^f the human 

Are mufick, eloquence, and painfiije art : 
PiSiure and eloquence, already, charm. 
In every tearful pz^e, divinely warm ! 
Oh ! let tun'd numbers fill th' illuftrious trine f 
In feme new work, let added mtfck fliine. 
Let his next wreath, the Ppefs /-yy claim : 
And his owfeveriV immortalize his na^fie. 
Verfe, fo infpir'd, infpiring, and combin'd. 
Would pour th'' enrapt'ring virtues, o'er iheminJ; 
Roufe, from their roots in earth, heaxis, hard as 

And teach, once more, the 'trees, and heq^s, to 
feel! . 

. tione^ 

Hoftefi Tom Taks Prayer. 

HO N E S T Tom tar, of ungacific j^, 
Pldndcr'd by De»j, he muft not dare re* 
fift; ' 

Longing, anlicens'd, to revengehh fmarti 
'Curs'd 'em in valiant bitteriieji of heart. 

GOD jgrant uS ^tf«, he cfy'd, ©£/ debts i6 


And give thefe rogues their «o« ilnothcr day ! 
feoi/ teach Jack Spaniard cths'ardice'zhdifighti 
And tieach Old Englan», in exchange^ Xajigbti 
Kind HeaveHi with pity, jSawi/ the brave bold 

tjave his curfi ioxit — And Spdin his f'ARiNEi.Ld. 

iWi^ A ' • N ; l's CVrc/*^. 


IN all thc_^ate df fovcreign'jW?; 
See, fee the worfliijSp'd Goddefi Ihine ! 
"While crowding fupplidnti round her move. 
And every hope, too hard; for mine. 

F 2 Haiyi 

,... K Google 

68 Okiginai Poems, 


Eafy and iprightly, near her, fee 

ThcSm of tided L— n— lk plead ! 
, Without a _/g-^, he fmiks his plea, 

And brings z heart ^ too gay, to bleed. 


Mark, next, a youth, more dofe, than he ! 

'Tis C — R — L, in his dawn of day t 
Softly bold, and humbly free. 

His French adroituefs paves the way. 


S— L — N no dangerous ri-val ieems. 

While he, for&king Ime for mt. 
All unadoring, juft, ejleems, 

t Crowi, claps his 'wings, and leaves the Fit. 

In earnefi ftruck, and fkk, mithin. 

Young C — —n vtth woes, would move i 
Tells real pains, and thinks, to win 


P H'i 

n,: — luGtHH^Ic 

•Origi«ai. P0BM8, 69 

P ,h's noble Daie, with Jhape, and «>, 

Adorning dignity with grace; 
]From every /w-S affaults the fair. 

And carries courijhip, in hrs ^w. 

In rear of thefe, and yet to 

Her namefaie^ next, his f.ite to prove, 
Stops ihort, and turns, in fight of Kumey 

And quits the Saints^ to bow to /off. 


What has poor J— rn— n to hope, , 
Dim-ihining, in fo bright a crowd ? 

Shall he, defpairing, cojrt a rope; 
Or hc^lefs ilune be ilill avowd? 

Hang mean Mfirt^ — The Charmer khoiiva. 

What rapture dwells, in life and fire / [ 
And never ieauty wrongly cho^> 

Tfhat crown'd warm tntth and met j^r., 

F3 7i 

Oriqinai. PqEitffi; 

To the. Pm gemrotts Mafurs, St. Qui?j- 
TiN, on their tender AffeBion tp each 
other ^ in their Progrefs through^ an^ 
Recovery fronif the Small-Pox. 

VEXES are needl^fs aids, in lovers pure 
^ clain^. 

Since fouls (not bodiei} ligjit oqr foetal fl^ipe. ' 
Lamps, of imprifon'd life, mifplac'd, we Qiine , 
Leapj lean our lengthening points — and long 
to join ! 

Soj long'd your brother minds, to mix em- 
brace^ ' . *" " 
As light meets ligbt, and fpaco is bji, in Jpace. 

D jE^T/ir.iyithy^l^dtt/hand,- beheld your 
firife, ... . 

Call'd off difeafe's,x^gtyajid fct frqe life. 
Why ihouid they diel t^e ghaftly Paufer cry'd 
Whom niimei but f^parate, and but^rwi divide ? 
S^Cj with wh^t fprihg th' elaftic ftrugglers 'flew / 
^lung to their fate, and to death's horrors ^ew t 

■ ■ ■,-■.■■ " h 

Original Poems. ft 

In vaift eruptive ^res tJrcir faces Jkreen : 
Fever's Hot anguilh, vainly, htrnt, between. 
Wohes, that behind foine thicket^ fcent their 

Uot with more fierce 4elight, o'er thorns make 

Than, lur'd by dan^er^ one, with rapture fought 
Th' infeSiious grafp,t\ax)\\s beji A^^had caught: 
There fmil'd, their innified fouK farewel, aSXfeari 
We rife, togetbeTy tp ^Heaven, not ^e. 

No -^ let 'em flay, to earth's dim duft confin'd, 
Crofs'd, in their clouded way, t'ward' realms of 

mind. , 
'Twas not Death's - 4rift to 4rik>^ , for — added 

hlifsy "'. .- ■ /, "■ ,. 

In next yforld, ^I^Q^Ijs •— ^ Ygu're-byt Men yi 


T4 , . Stat 


Jf4 Pbi'sikai. Ppivtf 

^eat tc fi Lady with « Focket-Looking- 
. , Qlafs, 

C E S ! my fiuts feren^ jjzjWw .' 
"^ !eethej&f,Ifirft,adc(r'd! ' 
Heaven, for Ivue, and //O"" made her. 
And with mgets graces, ftpr'd. 

Mark her firebeais awefiil rijmg. 

See her fonl-fubdijingfyw / 
Every look^ and <wV, furprizjng ! 

Modcft, livfly, fpft, and wife. . , 

Next to^'OB, lown, I&uf her/ ' 
But ypiir fwect, difcernmgl eyf , 

Muft npt, now, be ywiiBu of her : 
She's ne'er- feejit but you a^e hy. 

7i David Mallbt Ef^; on a nufiakfH 
Suppofim, that I t«d forgot him. 

WI T, like jaursr-md yet firgslf 
Dreamy doubt ! believe it not. 

OftlGIHJVL PoEMi; . i^ji 

Faidi, in iilence, loves to dwell, 
Fill'd with fenfe, it {huns to tell, 
Siooly \taXkTS Joiui^ itefh-j 
' Vijiant light' nings longe/i flaih ; 
Spare pretence's empty drum, 
XHep^ Joys are^ oft'ne^Atmb i "' 
Buiies port— but mutoid mhd ' ~ 
Stretch'd immenfe, condJioous/wn't^ 
Ever tangeu^ always -ieen, 
^o«& eii^nicc» witb world's itfftwnr, 
Pride, indeed, avows it fit;, 
f/lca, forgotten, ftioald Jhrget 7 
Reajbn more Xojuftice owes j 
^caSonUixs — becaufe it knows. 
Delft 'csa ne*er £ot tra^ckSkaiyi 
Uareceivifigj it J m'oA pay : 
Tafte of etber^s worth — jhou'd ncsic 
Lmd a Weight} to aid oia* ffam — 
Don't, howie'er, Ac li^aiice fat'f^ 
Tofs \n fef tq turn the paU. 




-74 ORrciNAt Po^sMi, 

PRO L O G U EtT^Eu- 


IN Youth, when, modefty and merit meet, 
How hire .t3ie:;ionwz, and the f<i^ce., how 
^ fweeti ■ ' ' 

The' at fmall praife, our hiunble attthor aims, 
His^ire^'may give him, what -hisri^ difchums. 

Ladies.I — ^.to ^w, he makes. his -chief aA^. 
drefs,-^. .. , 

FOTm'd, to be- ^oy'd tOy and e'.ai bom, to blefs f 
He feeh your l>aw*r> Umfilft and mafc^s it'_^^. 
His fcenes*] will tea^lf, ea(^.^«M?r^ iheart, to 

,.,.nttk; -. ._" ■ ,, , 

And each ft^, gi^^ that, iiow,- filings -fiftigi Iwre, 
Anon, ih^ihipc, Sa\\jofteri throf z.tear : 
Jjet not confir-ainf ypur gpnctoyS'fighs reprffsy 
Nor vwVcompaffion — nor r^/dlftrefs ; ' 
Tear fex's Jlrengtb is, — in fuch ■weaknefs found, 
Apd fgbst and fwri, but help your charms — ,- * 

r.=^-, by Google 

OricimaI' Foemi. fs 

Of all the viorukrs, taught us, by the fair^ 
'Tis ftrangeft — Tragedy fllould lofe their care'. 
Where love^ foft tyrant ! in fuU glory, reigns, 
Axi'AiqvcKig^beauty hQl4s th^'worldm chwis. 

Less ppIUh'd, »id niore bold, the ff);««' muie 
Unkings your Cupid, or ohJkuBs his views : 
JJfbolds ^t<i\imm^ wit's jamiliar claitn> 
And blots out azoet from love's diminilh'd flame % 
Find, or makes, Cults'} and fets '«n ilxong in 

fight, . 

And dares draw woman — r- ^fe, or vain, or 

While Tragedy — your fervant, try'd, and true. 
Still to your fame, devoted, and to ypu^^ 
Enllav'd to love, fubdu'd ambition brings j 
Firms beauty's power, smd growms it-l^ing of 

Kings. \ 

Let wifli'd attention grace our Icene to night. 
And moum'd affliBions movc.refin'd delight : - 
Each tender light of life we recommend ; 
l^ife, h^iiband, futye^ parent, fon, and j'r/VW, 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

76 OiiiGiMAt Poems. 

AH your impaffion'd interefts ihall engage. 
And hopes, and fears, and pity, j&v die Ihge . 
Then, when fiji firrvm fwcHs the fair one's 

And £id impreilions mix, Vrith nighdy reft ; 
Pl^fing remembrance (hall our Icene fupply. 
And. the fweec £uld'ning Influence never die. 


^ -The ABhrs Efitome. 

IF co^^eben/ion, beft, can po'w'r exprefs. 
And that's, ftill, greateji^ which contains the 
No rantCi 161^^ claim can make xh^pl^e/sfmaH^ 
Since oBing each^ he comprehends them, all. 

O FF, to due diffance, Idf die jialUng train ! 
B/o/f of a ritlc, your hit> taftes profane f 
No dull cold mouther ihares the aSfor's plea, 
K jghtly to T^^M is tranfiently, to Ap. 

Akduoits die task^ and asks a elmbing hrmni 
A feead for judgment , wtd a heart for ^a/a : 


■ h,Goc)gIe 

ORipiNAL Poems* fj 

E'er fenfe, imprefs'd, refieBi adopted forms. 
And i:<6d;^£/»/ nature fiuikes, with icrrow'^ilorms.- 

T^N ftrong-mark'd pajms figns externd 
And fiamp affum'd diJiinSioTU on the player i . 
Joy, grief, fear, attger^ pity, fcorn, and bate. 
Wonder, Jhame, jealoufy, and love's (oft weight. 

These, vrhen he paiaii^ did he but firft can- 

Each, on his fancy, would its image leave i 
Thence, duftile_^r« catch the expreffive^n;^. 
And the eyes dart it, and the^^fm^j ring. 

You, who would Joy's triumphant pride ex- 

What mOft you mjb, imagine you pcjfefs^ 
Strait, flames th* idea to the kindling eys^ 
And every nerve, in concord^ braces high : 
Treading on air, each joint a foul difplays ; 
The looks, all, lighten — and the Hmbs, all,.hlaie. 

But you, whotfff unhoping grief's diftreis. 
Touch ^r^, Nvitb fome hom^elt iiireiehednrfs. 


yt Original pQFMfl 

Then, flack'nmg nerves the loofe impre^i^ take j 
Each fad look fickens t thfe fhock*d j^m/j break: 
Dim falls the faded eye ; — the fieps drag, ^<?w; 
And ev'ry heedlefs ge^ure heaves, with imei 

FBAR is but dftive ^r;>/J avoidihg/d/ff. 
Yet flics, tod faintly, and avoids^ in vain ; 
While Magnate- fpirits, thick'ning, as they fprfead,' 
O'er the cold heart, crawls Jlow^ the living iead. 
What, tho' the eye's prompt ray keen ligbfning 

dart ! 
Tis frultlefs ; — loos'ning fibres lame the heart 

ANGER is pride priyuok'dy beyond controul; 
When feme felt infult fires the fmarting Jbul: 
Then, the wilts warmth, rc^ellingfancy'd Jba^^ 
Strings the nerves hard, and bid% the eye-balls 

fiame : 
Then marks of meiiaar, <a/r, and face deform j ■ 
And lhort,/j&rVi, breathings, paint the infeUfiorm: 

. P I'T'T. is afUvefenfe of alien grief ^ 
Tluok, fome dear, dy'mgfuf^rer begs relief: 
Aidful ii/£'*2 fprings, to fuccoar «w, , 
And •v'ry quivering_yinfw learns to g/owt 


Original Poems. 79r 

While, mild, as ^ghmgjai'nts, the fadd'ning^a:^. 
Clouds, into anguijh, with relenting gr/ice4 . , 

SCORN is £old anger, carclefs and at eafc. 
Calm fenie of wrongs, too barmlefs, to diipleaTe ; 
Boldjin undoubted ^/f/y, 'twould difclaim 
Defiance — and with proud remiffnejs, flame. . 
Now fmiiesy now frovim ; — yet both with eye, 

ferene ; 
And lets the nerves play loofe, vn^patnlefs fpleen. 

HAT REDii fullen fury, long retained :. 
Tis nvitting mifchief, warily reftrain'd : 
This to paint Jirong, the back-brac" d nerves ihould 

■ toil. 
In fctter'd ^(K» J and heave in curv'd recoil: 
While, with impatient frown, th'averted eye 
Shuns the loath' d objcA, it difdaint, too nigb. 

Pain-seeking Jealousy feels doubtfid ragey 
Which truftful/;Vy ftruggles to ajjwage : 
Thence, frets uncertain pain, with penfhe, glow, 
And look, and aSfion, fliare divided v/oc. 
Sad, in the face, the heart's felt foftnefs reigns, 
.While each tugg'd finew angry vengeance ftrains. 



go Oat BroAL Poms. 

■ I "■ 
WONDER is curious fear — Sappofc, By 
SodV! pkle, mtt j^eSre crbfs'd the otoon's dini 

Ught ! 
Sudden, the back'ning ^loodf retreating fwift. 
Swells the pref/d heart : — Each Jihre failSj to 

Lo^y in fhort paafej arreted mothn HeSj 

And fenfe climbs ^ubtfuly to the ftrainiiig epu 

LOf^E is, at dnce, intenfe and _/lwi li^^ .- 
Tljere, hope inflames, while reverence cools tbd 

'Peax oi repuyki hdldjen/k ofjeiy Withdraws j 
Sighs in each accer^ j every movement ^wK-i .- 
Soft, eamefi looks */«/2> oV th' inclining, face, 
And^n«^ tranfport borrows Jhade, from grace.- 

£ Pi- 



To the Lover : 

TH E feme now clos'd, and EttJiOce eas'd, 
Pardon ibc lines, in pity of poor Sittart : 
One play will bear tvH> morals ; and 111 fhow. 
There's fDmething for our fex, e'en in a beau, 

I ttAVE, a j^bxri, of captun Smart's fine atrs ; 
Ifis Jront 'alate-iorder'J, with a Jringe of ieirs. 
His new-print Bat, like Elxiver in ^<zi/ 
Tipsa huge numi facey'm Capital ! 
5&v^, and bid, btrmlefsy hangs his JhvorJ Aedin'd, 
While a ki^ tail, fniTplac'd, ihiits out, bdnnd. 

Strange contradi^iom his mixt drefi implies t 
A {hort^ Dutch nieaifiey wkh fldrts of blue-coat. 

Two bamefs^uckles his poor ^?wj muft wear. 
Yet be allow'd no beels, their lueigbt to bear I 
Narra-w his r«^j — bia in iratft/ amends. 
Up, to \as Jhmlieti, the Jlafdjleeve extends ! 
And yet, while this pert 4refit Uius, tieofild ran. 
His fliort red waijicoat — look'd but half 9. man. 

yoL. IV, G Ih 

92 OniOilKAl- P.OXW«#. 

In my averted eyes, he read my tbougbtf 
And vow'd t() (ikprni mc,~'th^Jr^ glance he 

caught. ... 
Then ftoopd — hung wriggliNg hack — •wav'd, 

: ■iim'M'Af'aiid. j£rap'ti, , 
And closed his hands — and xpck'd his chin tod 

Map AM, faid hc,;'twiU^2^yourw;Vto gt^ 
The my/leries of this emblematic drefs ; 
Thefc Hats we ^ear, to prove mfree frdra /raV^ ; 
Light, humble meafiirers ai die brains, they bide. 
This rwW head-crop, a m^ic fign appears, ^ 
In dae dite^ion of our meaning ears. -' 

Oarfword's old needlefs length away we threw, ■ 
As fworn, to _/6:ai allhattles, but wi^th^ou; 
/n^d<? and oa^, each mark _yoar claim infures. 
And every inch of evefy Smart is yours. 
Hehow'd and Jmer^d-, — and I a convert grew, 
^or 'till that monient, half his merits knew. 

; Let mves, who with ful^eSiiont marry -ie//^ j 
Women love /o^^r ^ A fool oar fancy *W/'f ; 
- We can be beads ourfelves — aftd wiant of brmn^ 
Let him have m warfe luanti ne'er gives us J>ain. 

- . P RO- 

Original Poems; 8J 


Spoke by Mr. Johnson. 

nr* O "iiigbt, nc( languid love ihill dare complairi i 
-*- Woe, far more ferious, a/ks mdre ferious 

pain i 
CritiCy be ours ; 'tis now, the patriot* s caufc > 
What Briton wirs, oh liberty — and laws ! 
Sweet liberty ! thou funjhine of the' heart ! 
Thoti fmile of nature ! and thoii Jouloi art / 
Without /Ay aid, no human hpe could grow : 
And love, and wealth, and wifdom, were but 

iTiine, in all ages, all the wife and brave : 
No hero ever was — or mijh^d a flavc; ■ 

BRItAINy fair ^en of ftafes.l fiel.\£ 
thoii can'ftj 
Feel thy o^n hippinefs — 'Tis all thou wrf»/^ .* 
Bleft yie.l while every groaning naticniJ^^^A, 
Bows, to the ferviie yoke, ignobly bound, 
Tbouy from their confines, and their mferies, rent, 
S^, fea-f<^ gem ! — thy own, great continent ! 

G a Shew'il 


$4 Original Pobms.- 

Shew'ft a tame, truckling world, onf generoos 

Where power ne'er proiper'd, in a iyranfs hand t 
Live, ye brave guardians of your country's caufe t 
Live, and give freedom life, by living laws. 
From your white cUffsy lodi round a vsorld en- 

flav'd } 
And hug th' aflerted rigbtSy your fathers fav'd. 

But, while flow-rous'd, your dreaded armi 
And commerce^ fpite of envy, fprcads her fail. 
Stoop not to forfeit Wits all-bright'ning claim : 
Sword J Trade, and pen, (hould guard ,th« cour 

<^'ror'% fame. 
Tafte, {qx . yourfehes — lie all French power dij^ 

Not e'en a JJave wou'd bear his fancy chain'd. 
Off with their j^TJep'ry modes -^ their -Ktm^j, in 

Attempt us — ihall their cooks, and taykrs rc%n ? 
Crofs 'cm, in ta/ie, drefi, politicks-, —. and dance ; 
Scorn, e'en, a Step, that leaves the kad^ to 

France \ 



Smile at the pritie, their light fiage-cap'rer fecU, 
Firm-ftanding Britons need no Jlytng heels. 
Rife, rife, ^ mufc I re-wake the Humb'ring 

Teach fhow, to animate — and found, to mean. 
Solemn, and high, new-ftring the tragic lyre > 
Tempt back Ae Poet's God, to lend his fre* 
Hercy muft be (tmll ; his face no fUroe dares fee, . 
And who, nirt Britijb-'bomy is, now, left free f 

Hither, from Komey Rome's antient genius 
flics : 
For fancy cannot live, where amrage dies. 
Hail, my laji bopCy fhe crys — infpir'd by me, 
Wifh, think, talk, write, and aft — for liberty. 
Yet — would you build my febrick, to endure. 
Be your hearti warm, but let your bands be pure. 
Never, to Jhine, yourfelvcs,"- your country fell: 
Difplac'd, think noWy : when In power, a^ well. 
Agree, like modern, Jight, like antient, Rome: 
War but abroad — and tafte fweet peace, at home. 
Let no felf-ferver, general iruft betray ; 
'i^o pique, no party hax Utic public way: 
Front an arm'd world, with union on your fide, 
No foe Ihall fliake you — if no friends divide, 

L,;, - l,,Gl.K)^lc 

j36 Original Poems. 

^e Lord's Prayer in Vtrfe, 

ALmighty fether ! of high Heaven ppf^ 
fefs'd ! 

Be thy name hqly, and thy pvm^ eonfefs'd ! 

Teach us, on. earth to kpow, and do thy wiUy 

As J^iTvetis bright train tfay great compum^s ful- 

Gracious, our daily bread of life, beftow; 

And (how u8 mercy, as we mercy ihow : 

Guard usj from ftrong temptation's powerful 
call; ■ 

Nor^ yrh^ii wenieet with evil, let us falL 

An Addrefsy from the Statues at Stqwe, 
to Lor(l CoBHAM, on bis Return to 
his Garden. 

FROM every mufe^ and every art, thy own, 
Thy bowers, our Theatres, thy mind, our 


Original Poems. ^ 

Hail to ^y virttKSy manumiz'd from Jiate, 
Hail to thy Uijureto be wifely great ! 
Fctter'd by duties, and to form enllav'd, 
How timely has thy life a remnant fav'd 1 
To.taftc that yJ-f w'oR^, ^yhich thy yk'f^r.:/ main-' 

And lead, in ktter'deefe^ a life unpain'd ! 
So ScipiOj Cartkflge fail'tiy relign'd h^spiume. 
And fmij'd, at the forgetfulnefs pf Rome, 

O, GREATLY blcfs'd ! whofe evening fweetUeft 
And in unckuded Howneis, calm, decHnes ! 
Now, free rejle6lipn^ with reverted eye, 
Wan*d from hot jiocntide^ and a troubled Iky, 
Divides life well —- the largcft part long known- 
Thy country's claim — the laft; and bejl, thy own. 

Go, -like the ma/iers of the 'world, go fhijie j . 
Be Charles' life, apd Dioclefian's thine ; 
For/o thy twfw power ; dcpendent^<?c? create. 
And fliade diJiin6lion from the forms of ftate ; 
With pray'rSy and praife, thy toil, (like heaven's J 

be paid, 
And guard the growing world, thy hands have 

made, ■ ' G4 Ther« 


$S OrigiHaIi PoEMt^ 

There, while detach'd, thy felf-fupported fiul 
Refumes dominion^ jtnd efcapes controul }} 
Moves, with a grandeur, monarchs feck, in vain, - 
Above all fermt, all dangers, and all Pftin : 
The mufe {hail find thccj in thy ilef/d retreat^ 
And breathe this bone^ ivijh at Cobbaai^ feet ; 
FreJ}}, as thy lakesy may all t)iy fleafures flow j 
■ And breezy, like thy groves^ thy paflions blow 
^Vf as thy fancy, be thy ipreading praife. 
And /owg-, and Ipvcly, as thy -walks — thy days. 

What ist God? 

HOLD! — 'Tis too much for theugbe' 
dccid^ no more : 
But, in dfe JUence, awcfidly a^e, 
Loft, in th* immenfe ahyfs, man can but fee. 
That he, who bmss God, ri^t, muft, firft^ be 



Jf^rit en a Blank Ltof of Ah%n\, vbm 
givea to His Royal Highoefi tit 
Prince of Wales. 

GO, Muje / nor vainly mourn Britatma 
In faHion, roughning> or diilblv'd, in ira^i 
Tafteleis of letters ; yet, to FatiKf inclin'd, 
gufily vietukjsf and profoundly MW.* 
Go, to thy Country's Hope, invoke bis carej 
Watch, if ije fmiles, and, ihen,Ju^nii defpair j 
JB/f/i his /foTfi^'tv hand, tliat calls out ./^f. 
And hail his Eir^re^ o'er a people's iearts. 

To Lady Wr-n — , at feang her in thi 
Park, after hr Recovery ^^aw a long 

PI,E AS'D, at your wiflj'd «Wfn, to chear tbj* 
For your losg lif«, it pepfive neigbbmr pray'd i 

|[» Original P-oems.' 

Shock'd, and dilgufted, at the modern fatr. 

Vacant of thought, and turbulent of air ; 

He hiail'd yoiir health, reftor'd, who Hve, to prove, 

How,'i£Wjm«7, once, compell'd the w^, to love. 

How unaffedled eafff in inDtion>. charms ! 

How knowledge holds the heart, that fweetneff 

warms ! 
How thinking Spirit quickens every ^tft^, ' 
Till the /(jw/ lightens, thro' the meaning face! 

Griev'd, to obferve, what, now, thcjex em- 
' ploys, 
Whofe tvit is laughter, and whofe converfi noiffe : 
Who loudly ignorant, and coarfcly light. 
Repel men's reajon, and oifFend their^g*6/ \ 
Make youth diftaftcful, dignity defpis'd, 
And every claim of beauty pafs unpriz'd : 
Charm'd, he beheld, once more, your air fublime. 
In .all, but wifdom, ftill unchanged by time : 
Patterns, tike you, may teach the faithlefs e^e. 
What, in your abfence, wou'd be judg'd a lye ; 
Shou'd it be told thefe quenchers of Love's^rc, 
That «WBW«, otice, -was Jiff, a^d mov'd de^e i 
By modeft tendernefs, compell'd r^jPeSt, 
And, arm'd widi Injiuence, never ftar'd «^^/f^ .' 

That Poemj. 9? 

Th&t friend, and /owr txjth, ihe cou'd imfait 
Peace to the min*/, and paffion to the heart , 
'Twou'd, now, be thought a dream — but that, 

in you. 
They fee fuch proof, that they mull own, 'tis true. 
Live, then, a lengthening age of painlefs hours, 
Tevr Sex's envy — and the -wi^ of oftrs. 

ro Mr. G A R R I C JCt 

On ids united Ideas of Ador and Writer. 

FORM'D for each other's aid^ thefc powei^ 
but meet, 
As nature's felf Qiov/^ light, combin'd with beat: 
Oh ! born, to grace their union, let 'em ihare 
Thy thoughts exertion, and reward thy care : 
The willing arts bid all their praife be thine ; 
For thee, tun'd difcords into muficfc join ; 
What others, lab'ring hopelels, hordkf gaih, 
"Tvfzs thine, at once, to ftvt for, and 'fl^/a;«. 
To inftant growth, -without gradation, drawn, 
^gb noon leapt backward, to embrace the dawn ; 

9f OXIOINAX. P01M«. 

Time and e»9peneme Aiek, to^eeJikj way. 
And gem'us grafp'd ereatien^ in a day ! 

Nor let malignant emy blaft thy c^^iMr, 
.£mce witf and lartve^ tiiuiapb, in tl>y &me, 
(^ ! let m r<^Kf of danin'd Iaqd's race. 
To wile-try'd torture, rack that i&m^ fiice : 
&f)», what thou art, bravCj ^thful> amorooSt 

The noile^ pafHons pUafi, the noblejl vsay. 
Sharp fenfe, mild manners, eafit adorning feeigbf, 
Sun of our Stage, Ihine on : Vftjal thy light : 
Thy warmth haw/ruit/ul ! and thy 6eamf how 
£ 3fc. Sright ! 

Each guih thou patnffi, by borrevo'dart, hfiown^ 
-.But every goodaefs native, and thy cicff. 



|B'R ntturii laws, GoD caft the Teil of nigil, 
Out-Uu'd a N«WTON'syS»/ — ind i>£was 

■ ivGtio'^If 

Original Pobms. ^3 

% tie Leitmed and JForJbipful, the Pre* 
fident, Cenifors, the Fellows, ef the 
College of Phyfieians in London, ' 

The Humble Petition of ThoTO&t Trade, 
of the faid Cityy Wooi-Staplcr. 

I'nri HAT, in rhyme^ I petition, you muft not 

For, I oft, have try'd reaforif and found, 'twas in 

The known j?ar/^ begirt who, noWi.crjweB 

your aid. 
Was, once, a fam'd citizen — h<»xeft torn Tr^ j 
His &thcr a cJotbier^ his mother .Cr^tf, 
Bid tlfcir &m—.% blunt, Engl^/k, ii»peUtJc, foul. 
Always ti»ni what hepleas% an^^akwhat he 

And (a fool for my pains !) I e'en did, as I ought. 
Hmce itquxiA — and, no WQnder> you DpdoK 

wjll fay* 
Tliat my fortune turn'd tailt and fell to dece^ : 


94 ORiaiNAi. Poems* 

How it happen'd, I know not j but, foon, froni 

a Tun, 
I was ihrunk to a. Noggin -^ and fidrljr Undone I 
From, a fat, florid cbeekt and an eye void ofcare, 
. With ^freeholder's belly, and bluff Britijh air, 
I affum'd a lean, Spanijh, lank, leathery, jtm. 
And look'd dry, tall, and yelUwy and light, like a 

Well ! no ttiatter, you'll fay, for my atr, or my 

face J ■ 

So, I haften, to figh out my fcHTOwful cafe4 

There's a Aiamelefs old quack, by name £)r 
Who'does very ^rAn^ things, at i.vtry dead txh^ 
'Twas to him, or to none, all agreed I iriuft go. 
If I meant any better, or bigger, to grow. 

When 1 ihow'd him my honest as they peep'd 
thrb' my skin. 
And compiain'd, what a drynefi confum'd me, 

within i 
I mufkfeece thee, he cry'd, if thou wiftiefl; to /hi. 
De'el a lock (aiifwer'd I) have theylefi me togivei 


, J 

Original Fobm^, 95 

Set your/'tf/,Acn,towwt^*z^?die hopes of yourySff, 
And the cure be my care, fo the bus'neis is doac. 
For, I ne'er cou'd zik/ees, norbefeen.anymore. 
If my patienUt fo peerd, were as jfci, as before. 

With a trembling weak band^ \ coo^ly'd 

with his "wili. 
While he laugh* df in my face^ at due fenfc of his 

Don Mujlacboj he cry'd —(and with arr<?gant mien. 
Came hi&furgeofif at c^il} " Here's 4 patienti toto 

lean } > 

" Take and purge him, one year ; and then vomit 

him, /wo .• 
* ' All the third, let him Mood — and, if that fhou'd 

not do, , ' 

" S-weat him, fix, nine, or iwePae — and, at laft, 

to work fiff-e, 
" Let a hUJier all over make fliort with his cure!' 
Oons ! a Do^or, imd I ! — and flunk back, ioji 

Don, the Devil, and Tbu, will dcmoiifh me quite ! 
Where's your coofciencc ? D'you think fuch a 

poor dog, as I, 
Can be t^'d at all ends, and yet never run 4hy ? 




I'U^£<»ntdiidn. Co die coikgej and gee ^&m t(7 tmunca 
A hsrje-Jo^^, Whom aiSf ho»sft ^<^/ woft'd /t'' 

nounce. •> '■•''■_ 

Now, ye learned and grave ! you, who tbink, 
fcftour i*<zM6 > 
If a wretch deferves lifet y/ho has loA all his 

Let fne hope due revenge^ on this ^, to men's 

:^#d;fl^i' "' ■■''■;■■' 
Whoi w«|'4 care « c&np^pfioHi ^ blee(&)g to 

* Tfl C L r O: 

0« (6er praifing Mr D 'R, andjbew- 

ing me fame of his Veifes. 

MAt<:hi,es6 inlpirer of my mufc, afid me. 
Thou heaven, of blended fmiles, and Ma- 
Thou, by whofe light, all other's worth is fliown, 
While thou art dark^ as midnight, to thy 0W»: 
Praifing defert, like foV, you charm me^ too, 
Afld* fi«: your Meffing liwm, my thanks arc ^^ 


L,;, - l,,Gl.K)^lc 

Mean are the mindsy who but their own poffefs, 
Ahd reap no joy, from other's bappinefs. 
I groan, beneath tbdr pains, whom^rrow wrings. 
Arid, whtn their bt^e is fifing, mine has wings; 

(5 Clio I to deferve fuch praife from ?A^?, 
Points out thy friend, a bofom one, for me. 
My fympathetic foul reveres his name. 
And my warm heart beats ahxious, for hlsy^ffi^. 
Sweet are his thoughts, and foft, as evening mr j 
^1?)? gildB his fmiks, — his^i&j invite dejpmr : 
Stroog is \mfettfe, and his reJkBion deep, 
W^/Je, as his profpeSis — as his mountains Jieep j 
Oh I may he ftlU be hlejiy with thy efteem. 
Oh \ may thy Cifetfrm*, forever, be his theme, ! 

Vast is my wonder^ at his Fanty's flight. 
Till I remember, whence hii^ore was drawn j 

C//0, the infpirer Ciio I lent him light. 
And fpread foft influence, o'er his wid'ning 

Warm'd, by th' enliv'ning luftreoi her beams. 
His rip'ning reafon burnt with confcious ^/oir; 

BlaS'd, in the radiant charmer's ftarry flreams, 
And ftied diffufive heav'n on all, bdow : 

Vol. IV. H Ohl 

^8 Original Pobms, 

Oh ! thou ioitfun of ■m/V, and love'i gay cHme J 

Point but qne ray of thy broad Jhine, on me, ., 

Then, fhalt my kindled^u/ flame out fublime, 

• And glitter proudly, with x\\y friend znA. thee. 

On Two Lovely and Loving Sifters, 

WHEN equal charmSj in different colours 
Have two fweet^ers rival perfom blefs'd, 
How kind is heaven^ their minds^ with Iqve, to 

And teach 'em hath, to look, and tbinki alike f 

To /^^^ Editor o/"Albania, aVatu : 

Addrefs'd to the Genius of Scotland, and dedi' 
cated to General Wade. 

TT'NowN, tho' unnam'dy fince, fhunning vulgar 
AV praife^ 

Thy mufe wou'd Jhine, and, yet, concealhst rays. 
Think thy(t\i hid; and hope, in vain, to be 
XJnjkn, like lights thztjhe^vs us all, -wt fee. 


r:,<jr.=^-, by Google 

OsiGiiJAL Poems, 99 

feut, while thy readers are deny'd thy namet 
^hey/eel, thy genius, and atteft thjj^me. , 
They pity, too, in death, thy notelefs /«>»</, 
Poor by the generous aid, thy wealth wou'd lend. 
Prefaced hy /Af^i his feeble lights expire. 
Even, in produdng, thou ebfcm-'Ji, his fire* 

Not, but the mufe had warm'd his youthful 
fong ! 
Bold were his notes I and his ideas ftrong ! 
fiut, where domeftic dearnefs warp'd his lays. 
And partial birth milled the patriot prmfe^ 
Wilt thou not Join, to blame the bounded zeal. 
That bids us, e«/|', for our Country feel ? 
Yes — Thou wilt cenfiire this tob fcanty care. 
That ihuts out pity, and appropriates pr^er 1 
Thou wilt enlarge affedion, till ityc^j. 
Beyond itjelf, and pants for public eafe- 
Stretch liberty — to diftngagg rriafiMind, 
And^ ev'n, from nature's byafs, free the mind* ' 

What, tho' (we know not why) foft, inbred 
^kes home, (kemjweeteft, and can choice mljguidfii 
Ha 'Till 

loo OkigiKal PoeMS 

Till naiive darknefs erring tafte conftrainsj 
And Lapland iefarU rival Ferfia's plains. 
Let xhtjburi reach the hearfs reftraint reprofoe^ 
And widen, to the ivorld^ our Omntrfs love. 

Safe arc thefc /wa/ limits to men's hearts. 
That eantcm out humanity, in parts. 
Truth has no diJlriBs, to divide her toili 
And wV/af is at home, in ivtry foil. 
Since, on one common globe, we nei^'bring, dwell. 
What narrower line Ihou'd man, from man ^j^M 
Each, born alike, and fons oi nature, all, 
Human can ne'erj from fizre of human, fall, 

"BvT Pqffion's rapine, name's union breaks, 
"Sot foil, but infreji, all this Mfference makes : 
Born brothers, each, from each, vnmdjimetlsng 

Till ravag'd fj-a^'/y is flirank to Azw : 
Blindly yorg'^//a/, that the whole is ^i^. 
We Zwr^, for parts, nor feel ourfelves anji0 : 
Confine repute, to place ; and praife, or rail, 
'Asjelf, or Jiranger, turns the varied /m/? ; 
Till, fenfe grown harden' d, in her partial plea, 
yufUce is crippled, iiito bribery. 

Thod ! 

, , r,:-;-i,,Googlc 

Original Poems. loi 

'f HOu ! — fon trf" liberty f — can'ft fliun this 

J^oos'ning refieBion, and out-launching^^.* 
Can'ft burji the chain of cuftom^ round the heart. 
And, from 'worfiJlavery — {t\izi oSreaJon) — ftart. 
Thou, on thy country's hills, can'ft praife he&owt 
Yet ftoop^ not the Eticcmium, to her [now ! 
So, 'wantSy cmfefs'dt but ftrcngthen merits claim, 
And rigbtt from wrong diftinguifli'd,j£»r« lame. 

When rock-fenced Scotland boafts h^r hardy 
Or Englijh ieaitty claims but matchlefi grace y 
When France the pfaife ofjprigbiliejl -wit affumcs, 
And German plaitmejs fpreads its hone/i piumes j 
Concurring plaudits grant unqucftion'd dues^ 
And truth and reafdn fanftify the mufe. 

Bpt, fhou'd Teutonic heavinefs afpire. 
From French vivacity, to ravilh Jire ; 
Or Caledonia's manlike virgins w>. 
With the {aitjimpine of an Englijb eye^ 
yi^ce wau'd Mujh, at natur(^& erring pride, 
And fach/orc'd trophy be, by truth, deny'd. ■ 
H 3 More 

■, CotH^lc 

102 Original Po^ms. 

More jtifi thy mind, more gen'rous : is thy 
muje ! 
Mbanian borni this Englijh theme to cbufe f 
Nq partial ^i/^ry need thy vprfc invade^ 
That, in the car pf Scotland^ fpunds a Wake ! 

Such, as thy Mufe^ fuch is thy Patron's aim j 
Nor Nortby nor Soutby fan bound his fpirit's claim. 
Warm'd from within, he burns with Roman fires. 
Shines for the World : and, for Mankind, aj^ 

pires i 
Adorning'/o7»fr, he beautifies zjiatei 
Endears dominion, and ahfohes the great. 
KinJ, by his care, rapacious ticenft grows j 
And polifh'd jealoujy no hatred knows : 
Felt in their hearts, to love oi faith he charms. 
And, Joftly conquering, needs no aid of arms. 

When (ages hence) his laft line's length'nw 
And his lo/i dufi reveals not, "where it lies : 
Ptill, fliall his living greatnejs, guard his name^ 
And his wprks lift him, to /OTOTer/(7/_^m^. 
Tben, fhall aftonifh'd armies, marching high> 
O'er caufeway'd mountainSfthut invade ihejky, 

■ Cooylc 

Original Poems. 103 

Climb the rais'd arch, that fweeps its diftant 

Crofs tumbling foods, which roar, unheard, be- 
low : 
Gaze, from the Cliff*% cut edge, thro' midtDoy air^ 
And, trembling, 'wonder at their fofety, there ! 
"Pierce, fenny deeps, with firm, unfinking tread. 
And, o'er drain' d defaris, wholcfome empire 
.: fpread. 

While charnid the foldier d-wells, on wonders 

Some Chief, more knowing, and more touch' d — 

at laft. 
Shall (pointing) to the attentive fles, explain. 
How (many a cent'ry fince) — in George's 

Wade's working foul, that grac'd his Prince's 

Built thefe. vaft Monuments — and fpar'd his 




T04 OrigihaI Poems. 

7tf Celia, with a retuntd Traged]^ 


rjn A K E. O Celia / , nmfe divine I 
•* Take again the tragic tele : 

Witt fo light, if "weigb'ti with tbinet 

Mounts, like feathers^ from thy fcalo 


Yet, 'twere wife O fotd of vcrfe 1 

Soft, to fmile^ upon his flight: 
Blazing tapersy fcarce, vrou'd pierce. 

Were there no fuch thing, as flight,^ 


Diamonds wpu'd be lefs admir'd. 

Were not brittle cbriJialkROV/n', 

And by Poets poorlyjSrV, 

Our nch Celia'^ wealth is ftiown. 

Original PoiiMSf ip^ 


Buti alafs ! I ilrive, ia vain. 

Worth, abffoe me, to difpl^ : 

Sunkf bieneath thy Jreattiy ftrain > 
Like a Glow-wortty loft |n (iay. 

79 Lady W r. 

AG E ha9 but one (i&^iE? — and that's decay : 
JW- beauty fades not, and your^rjcM flay \ 
All the dear difference, that your ^f jtj infpirc. 
Is ripen'd "wifdomy and increaje of fire ; . 
Bright'ning, by age, you glow, like ^i/, in ndmi^ 
That length of time corrodes mty but r^^vi / 

Yet, from this groundlefs wrong, you've done 
your charms. 
Let my inftruded wifties catch alarms i 
If your time's Jhort — Ah ! rob not, while you 

^ve the nigk ttiine*- or, you begloom the 

5 O N G, 


Jotf * Original Poems.' 


For the third Night, at Zara, when Jirjl p/ay'd, 
at the Great Mufick Room, in Viliars Street, 
York Buildings. 

HE, whofc wifh'd ftrvice did my help engage, 
(Nor Mhr I -^ nor ftudiom of thejiage!) 
To aid ivho/i purpofe, and fupport whoie caufe^ 
*this /ffBf unaqual {to pur Zara) draws: 
To night, by Jcknefs, frpm this prefence^ held. 
Mourns his weak wiil, by W0nt of pow^r repell'd. 

Willing to pleafc— and^rt^/m^ to fucceed. 
He's gone, froni tf^;«g- death — to die, indeed } 
Exhaufted fpirits, urging on dcc2.y, 
Wafted his ftrength, and wore his life away : 
'Till from the_^iJ^6', to his hikhedf confin'd, 
Jle left us — But, he left his (hanks, behind ; , 
Living, he owns his gratitude yoUr due ; 
And, if he ^es -r in death, he bkffks you. 

For me, mean while — who tan hxAwbatlcan^ 
To Oswa(i's weight, is added Lusignan! 
* t Twd 

■ ^ooyk 

OklGINAt PoEMSi 167 

Two parts, at once ! — that height I fear to fcale ! 
Wpuld be were h?re, to charm f — for, I QiallJaH. 
Mufick was bis — But now^ by woes opprefs'd, 
^ad Nightingale \ the thorn is, atliis breafi \ 
'iX\%fuff*ring virtue ! his undue Jijirefs ! 
L earning, unprofd t affliited mmlinejs I 
Sickncfs, and pain, with patience, holdipg/zv^/ 
Wreftling with merit j and disjointing life ! 
T^arc pretenfions, which ffnjtf, here^ prev4I» 
And touch your generous Aftfr/j— hovrc'erJfail, 


0» Occajion of the General Mourning, 

^^"T O T 1 — 1*11 wear no black — why others 

Ay — let them mourn the old — I lirue the new. 
Fie ! 'tis the faJhion—Oh \ the fijlmn ? — well. 
News for your news, kind, courtly Sir—ril tell— 
He, who but mournst for fafhlon's fake, to day, 
Tp-niorrow, will, for fafhion's fake 0^^, 

E p i- 


EPILOGUE, For a Friend^ 
Bph iy Mjfs Robinson, 

LITTLE and ligbfy myfelf like things in vogae-^ 
You'd guefs me fan^^ of ^ f^i^^ Epilogue ; 
But you're mijiaken —~ I've a ta/ie, improving-. 
And fancy nothing but what's firong and moving : 
You Ladies, too, fpite of what criticks fay, 
hean all your judgments the fame natural wzy. 

When Oratordos lull this ^kw^/k/ nation, 
Jf^o is not mov'dto ftrong — commiferation? 
When Harlequin JHmp8;, nimbly, thro' the ca/e-' 

AH the charm' dh.oxs(& is mov'd to wife amazement f 
Then mark I — fome ivellrwrit Trage^ come? 

after i 
jIVnd that ne'er fails to move- —- your general 

Plees'd, that we pleafc — next, comedy^ we play> 
And, then, the whcde town's mmfd — to ke^ 


OxioiHAL Poems. i&^ 

*TWERE cndlcfs, thus to tire your ears with 
proving j 
- — Not a toupety bat's dther mtm'd — or mwing f 
Gay ieJks are mov'd, to talk^ — foft ^aux, to 

Players, to fret — poor poets see mov'd, toj^ear 1 
And /, not laft, in will, tho' leaft, in meafuri' 
Am, in my turn, too, mov'd — to wifli you pled- 

Jure : 
In line, which way {oe'cr your ta^e may run yc, 
^Our Managers are mov'd — to get your money. 
Move ne'er fo firangely — I'll he fiiort ^dpitby 
We Ihould move pxfrly — did not we mow with 

E P I L O G U ?, /or fl ^.rknd, . 

WE L'L ! the Piyy'ixwer, —and the m- 
tbor's waiting, 
To hear ids cimfe fupported, by my prating j 
But, he mfidhes the favour I intendhkai ; — 
Have at him — I £hall courtier like, defend him. 




Oh ! 'tisprovoiing, how thefe /twrt wrong lisy 
When, with /ffwrgfrffary /oojw, they. throng usj 
Like girls, they give us trinkets, to look gay wiibf 
Which, when night comes, we have no right. 

to flay with, - ... 

Strange MoSiorSy thefe ! our appetites they quicken^ 
And, then> remove the feaft, for fear we Jicken* 
To t^ihk of only one^ when twenty love us ! 
.Can fejiiad bkodh^zx that ?— no— that's above us- 
We'd make ^Jhtfiy with &nf — did but one proffer : 
If .we .^ ten — the fault is theits, who offer. 
Weak wotnan^ pufli'd, and prefs'd, now herai 

now there, , 
Falls, mtj by cboice'~-h\xl want oijirengtb, to bear. 

Surrounded, as I was, by Jlaves, to night. 
Troth, Ic'en thought, to take all^ve—waiS right i 
Since I'd^nough for all— what harm, to tarter. 
And deal "with each, for his own,/eparafe quarter? 
Worthy poflefs'd my will — my Lord myey/, 
Grinly myJpUen.-' tny fiorn Sir Lubeer-ly. 
Chip had my ZM^A/^r; — every Man his part, " 
And room (or forty more, in woman's heart, 




As, when fome City-H^orthy mounts Lord- 
Mere y/^ffZ/y requires, that folks £hou*d^tfr*, 
Rob'd, he looks big — and rides, the flreetSj in 

Jiate, , . , 
While, in long otdert hkpt^d nothings wait : 
So, ^hen a teafi. aiTumes her envied reign, 
A length of coxcombs ought to ^^c^f^ : 
pear Nizies ! acveT-beed, what's faifl, aiouf-y^^ 
Woman, is woman — and can't /iW without yc. 
Fools are the froth of life — they give no merits 
Yet brisk it, like d>ampaigny Wy^^arJdingfpmt. 

BRlTMNtiheQxjE-Eit'of nations t lets us fee. 
What the world's offerings fliould to beauty, be : 
Bright, and un/ivall'd, 'midft the /fi?, fhe ftands, 
Attra<fting tribute, from remote^ lands. 
From Afric, Gold— from India, gems flic draws, 
Yet, mix" dvfixhtbeje, come— Parrots, —Apes^ — 

Civet and ajfafatida, unite. 
And all, that fliocks or charms — tafte^ touch, and 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

112 dklGtNAL Potkis. 

From tbefe, (he chufes al!, flie wanti — the reft 
"She leaves, for poorer Jii^es, wtid like 'em, ^. 

So, gioy ceqtkts fhou'd ma^( '-wkdle homage 

JVitSy fools y beauxyjhvem-^ every rtotk, and H<a«fj 
All, dtould adore^ divert , — atttrnpt — Wjd /Jt^, 
Encretfc her buBnefs — and adorn her>a/&. 
Yet, among all^ ihe keeps but what's wg^ AriJm^,' 
Add ^ares the reft, for /rto&j — whofe Jjearts 


Spoke by yeung Mr, Giffard, 

TH E auiiors Prologue having claim' dyoxxt 
Hear, next th' addrefs of an unfriended pi^er^ 
Forc'd^ as in war, his abler leaders gone. 
To fill their ranks^ by ftepping ^oM? (W : 
TW^, thrown too forward, into points of fght^ 
He trembles, confcious of th' fxc^ o/" /jjji/. 


Okxoinal Pocms; 113 

TOUNG, and untaught as yet, myfelfto 
I plead their pity, who have ti^es, too juft. 
InPLjys^ which praSis'ti a6:ors, long, have///**/. 
How great his danger^ who fucceeds, unskiU'd! 
The part, lefs painful, than your ^ i^j^/iSf. 

Im Icenes, untrfd, he moves, with <?fl^ hearty 
There, uncompar'd, he Jhrinis not, from his/ar^ j 
Unprejudic'd — you aid his j5>y? eflays. 
And /a/& his panting hope, with generous /fn/yr. 

But, taji us not, /oo Bard, who WiwV our day, 
Be partial, if at all, the no&lefi way : 
Indulge fomc «o//«, where we chance to touch. 
Nor think, who &»^i to pleafe, prejumes^ too 

Vol. IV. I E P I- 

r:,<jr.=^-, by Google 

114 Origiwai. PotMs. 

EPILOGUE, ftfa Frtend, ^ 

OF all the tricks^ thefe Poeti brbg in vogue, 
MethlnkSj lh.c\xjlrangeji wbitriy is Epilogue : 
Hard tafk, on oj, poor dam/els of ihcjiage ! 
A Barifs long, tirefome, baubk^ fires your rage j 
And, when that rage inflamea youi to abbor lum. 
He peps in one of us, to cool you, for him. 

'Tis an »t^«i/ii? treatment, to ^o^/w, 
Vf'aiijlrongejl danger, thus, the •wetieji fex ; 
Troth, one wou'd (bittk — but a^m' s hard Xofiem^ 
That they fhou'd Ai for us — not we for themt 
At leaft, fince each was made^ ^o join with «A6(r, 
In downright confcience, both fhou'd move, to- 
gether^ '. 
But, be it fo ! — I care not, tho' I venture^ 
Cou'd I but fee, on what foft fide to enter ; 
Grave Gentlemen I — fomey of you, \o6kfofadfyy 
That, troth !. I fear — I fhall come oS but badly. 
Yet, hang it, I'm enga^d—iSi' event III /ry, 
-And, if I'm doom' d to fall -•^ why there Hie. 

For our new Author^ then, and for his Play, 
I have one vaft, important truth to % : 



Okioihax.Pobms. 115 

Smile, on his lifi^s, do — for my ikkt, forbear 

' him, ' 
Not, that my wijhes bid your ^^ce fpare him : 
Bat ihou'd you not — you will but make me . 

trouble ! 
Hell write, till you throve, zmi plague me, Jouiile, 

PROLOGUE, to Every Man in 

his F0II7. 

Spoke by Mr. Qjjik. 

"VT'OU call tjlc ftage, a glafs j and look, to find 
■^ The im^d paffion, and rejleSled mind : 
Yet, in one point, oar glafs, but ill agrees 
With ymrSj where each his vwn refemblance fees ; 
Whereas, in ours, each self is, dimly^ (hown. 
But, ev'ry other' i Ukencfs, _^rOT^/y, known! 

'Tis the fame thing, in life — Nature is kind, 
And, to home-follies, keeps us ivifefy blind: 
Elfe, what dejeSied wits ! — what crefifaU'n airs I 
Shou'd none dare rally a defciSt, hajhares! 

I 2 Each 

■ ii,Gi:HH^Ie 

ir6 Original PoxMi; 

Eu:h eye^ tum'd inward^ Idft wou'd there be fecfl. 

To raife the^irits, than provoke xhtj^ken ! 

Yet, tho' felf-cenfure might diAurb the gip^i 

And pride tuin, Jiarfkdt from the ifadjurvey. 

Rightly ctmceiv'd, the oft examin'd fain, 

"Wou'd Howly^ ripen, into ioWdgain: 

Each, l^fig fomcthing, to the common ftore, 

Wou'd, from the general profit, draw Sack more. 

What malice mifs'd, benevolence won'd JnJ, 

And joy, and peace, re-^l the balanc'd mind. 

Fix'd on thU^W, and bcndiiig to the loi/e. 

Our jiuthory not his wit, but reafoa, tries : 

Full, to your view, prefents fliat partial pride," 

By which all weaknefs, but our own, is try'd j " 

Each can, with eagle's eye, tht frailty fee. 

Which none tnore praBtfei, more loves, than he ! 
t - J ■ 

ALt, y)f(i propofe ; all, we dare wijh, or hope^ 
Lies, circumfcrib'd, within this humble ^(^j 
Weigh the defign, and, where ym<i// fiiulta, you 

Let the clouds pafs, and watch the light, behind. 




EPILOG U E, /or t&e Play, caltd 
Much ado about nothing,) 
Spke by Mrs Pit i t c h a R d. 

HOLD her not thanklefs, that (oblig*d by 
you J ' 
She thus, with nothing, pays, your Much ado : 
'Tis the werfj's frugal mode, and each wife nation 
Keeps weights, and fcales of air, for obligation, 
Sunjhine pretence ends, oft, in rain^ •weather \ 
And many a beads\it&. boaji — is hat axiA feather 1 
Truft nothing, but your wivei — it-f plot no trea- 


'Till unkind husband's ceafe, to do us reafon. 
But, as for wit, fame, tafie — they're mere de~ 

ceivers : 
Uv'n politic' s fhew teeth, but bite believers. 

WHO, that has fcen htgh-pofled zeal, peace- 
, hating, 
RaiTe duft for Ins, and Outs, by turns debating, 
E're guefs'd, till timeznA chance, fct crowds a fla- 

That Outs, andlttSi gave coatSyWhli all one bearing J 
1 3 Who 

L,.i,-i i,,Gi.u)*^lc 

Il8 OilGIMAL PoiMs- 

Who, that, of latCj faw bold Rebellion's fian' 

dard - " . ' 

Rais'd, roundied, common-JblJin'Jj and cemmaa- 

dfr'd,^ ■ ■ , 
Hpp'd, at zjpurt, to fee fuch fchemes, to cramp us 
Scatter^ dy and fcouting back, to brouze Mount 

Grampus t 

WHOj ye bloom' d fair ! moft us'd to Jofi pro~ 
And hardly brought to tUnk^ love's wounds hut 

Sees her fcorch'd vtBimy at her feet expinngy 
And dreams he'll come to lifey for other's firing ? 

All, that you feey touch, tajlcy beary im(by er 
dream on. 
Is but deceit's broad bogy to build ejieem on. 
Our SbakeJPear knew mankind, and rightly drew 

*em J 
And, as for ivomen, feith )^fi peeped quite thro' *em. 
/, and niy Benedick, CAchJex emblazing. 
Shew neither over-fit, for eitber's praifing. 
AU brought to all, each lives to guU the other. 
And Difappointment clofcs love's long pother* 

* ' , Tho* 

OtioiNAL Poems. 119 

Tho' much ado is paflion's loud beginning, 
'^is aioutnoih'ng'^.Mlt and not worth winning. 

But, I forget my CQe „ thus humbly low. 
Serious, Ipay thcfolid thanks/ 1 ffwe, 
ITarm'J, by qmck. Jenje of your/To/^^/wpraife, 
Inflaining gratitude more worth may raifc. 
Bid unforc'd laughter rife, from native llrains, 
hxAJree~tmch' d humour fhun SJiortive pains. 
Bid tears, unwbimngy ^d their fource within, - 
And, from touch' d hearts, the hand's applaufe begin^ 
Un-borrow'd be my pow'r, or none at all ; 
Let me, on pity, not^^ pity, call. 
Failing to move^car grief y wttc judgment's fault, 
Toz/orrow moves me, firft, by nature, taught j 
Nature, in unaffeSied freedom, dreft, 
By plain Jimplicity, hits paffion, beft. 
Shown, like your virtues^ \to the gentUmen] 

ftrongefl, without glare. 
And, like your beauties^ [to the ladies]' without 
painty moft fair. 

I 4 Verfei 


i«o- OmaiMAi. PoEua, 

Verfes written, on Windows in feveral 
Parti of the Kingdom, in a Joump 

to Scotland. : . . :,_ 

LETTERS, from abfeta friends, extibguilh" 

IJmtc divifiottt and draw diftance neari 
Their magic force each _filent wifli conveys. 
And wafts em&ody'J thought, a thoufand ways : 
Ctou'd Jhuh to iojies, write, death's power wcrC 

For minds cou'd, then, meet minds, with heaven, 


ORDER! thou eye of aftion! wanting tkee^ 
Wifdom works, boodwink'dt in perplexity : 
Entangled reafon trips, at every pace. 
And t^utk, bcfpottcd, puts on error'ihxx 

^BND E R^banded ftroke a nettle. 

And it flings you, for your pains ; 
0'''^Ji> % like a man of mettle, 
Apd it foji isjlk, remains. 



0.»f « 1 « At Poems. < 

'Tis'the.y49U!, vntb cemrtm aaturcai, 
Ufe 'em ^indlyj they rehl : . 

But, be rot^b as Nfttmeg-gra/erSt 
And the rpgucs oigr you well. 

HO W is the world dccelv'd, by fioije, and 

Alas ! how different, to pretend and know ! 
Like a poor, bigb-way brook^ pretence runs loud^ 
Buft'Ung, hut-JbattoWt dirtjt/ weak, aad proud:, 
While, like fomc W/ff; .ftream, true knowledge 

glides, • 

Silently ftrong, and its dee^t bp^m hides. 

T^ H / G and Tory fcratch and bite, 

y^^sts hungry dop we fee : 
Tofta^»f 'twixt two, they, _;^^, ..<, . 
Throw a fiatp/e, they a^ee^ , 


n,. — ivGtlO'^Ie 

tit OftXOXHiAX. PoBM<. 

T^ O M E N tsSk of /ove foe fajhion. 

So they do, of Spirifs walking : 
But no more th^ ^elthc pq^n, 
, Than they fee the gho^ of which they're 

HA V E a care, gay, young, and WMiton,' 
Give no ground, for /ove-to plant on i 
Guard againft the ^/r deceiver, 
See9.nd Arar, but don't #f//«;f her : '"'"^ 

.Otj i£ nothing fecim unjii/ler', r <' - ■'- ' 
Than to/iJtif, and yet dtfirujl her: 
On your fide toturnthe laii^er, ■ ■■"''- 
Try her, ^fi^ and truft her, after. 

H£ R £, \sL'wet, and iwn^, weather, 
Afij^j.and 7, two mopeiy togethtfri 
Far, from Jriendi and ih<vt of pUafurCy 
Wanting every thing, but leifure : 
Scarce content, in any one ienfe. 
Tell the Jhowersy and fcrible nonfenfe. 


OmeiNAX Poems. 123 

Here'er the diamond's bufy poitii could 


See I what deep iimnds have picrc'd the middk 

gkfs! ' 

While partial and untmchingt all the rcfl^ 
f£^i&^ and loweji partes^ Oiine, mimprefitdt 
No wonder, this ! — For, e'en in life^ 'tk fo ; ^ 
Hi^ fortunes ftand, unreached — «B/f^», the L 

But middle Jlate$ are marks, for every bbw. J 

AS> in a journey^ juft begun. 
We think the diftance, va^^ 
Yet, while we travel, gayly, on, . 
Infenfibly; 'tis paft. 

So, in onr yvuth, we mealure flow. 
Long views of promis'd Iwcath ; 

'Till, like ?iJhadoWy out we go, 
And vanijhf into death. 



124 Orioinjil Poems. 

WERE Women wife^ their names on 

Light froth of ea^ty falhion ! 
Wou'd, to their lovers forrow, p^s 
For protfs of brittle pqfjkn. 

laise fhouId> in fecret^ like the fun^ 

Burn, tho' a world fliould Jhade it ; 

But fliows it fource of heat, to none. 
Except that God, who made it. 

p^HlSP'RING clofe a mtUd^ long' courted, 
Thus.cry'd Drone^ by toMxAi tran/jiorted; 
Prithee, tell me, gentle i!)0/f)'/ ' 

Is not loving long a folly ? 
Yes, faid Ihe^ with ^ilt reproving, > 

Lovipg k%i and only loving. 


r:,<jr.=^-, by Google 

'Orioinai. PosMs. 125 

7l5« DiftinSion of Ages. . 

TH E fevm Jirft years of lifct {marti break 
of day) 
Gleams of Jhort fcnfe a dawn of thought A\(^\a,y^ 
When fourteen fprings have bhom'd his downy 

IBs foft, and blulhful meanings learn to J^aky 
From twenty onet proud manhood takes its date. 
Vet is not Jirength compleat, 'till twenty eight : 
Thence, to hxijive and tbirtietb, Me'sgay^e^ 
Sparkles, burns loud, and flames, in ^^ce dejire. 
At forty two his eyes grave wifdom wear. 
And the dark future dims him o'er with care^ 
On, to the nine and fortieth^ toils increafe. 
And bufy hopes and fears difturb his peace^ 
^^ fifty fix cool reafon reigns, intire, 
Then, life burns fieddy^ and with temfrate fire. 
But fixty three unbinds the body's ftrength. 
E'er th' unwearied mind has run her length j 
And, when, from feventy^ age furveys her laft^ 
Tir'd, ihe flops fliort — and wiihes, allwerepafi. 


xa8 OxioxNAL Poems.' 

E P I T A P H. 

Ufm a Man, ar^ kis Wife. 

STAY, Bachelor ! if you Have wit ! 
A wonder to bchoH ! 
Hu^and and H^fej in one dark pit. 
Lye cloic, and newr fcold! 

Tread Joftfy though, — for fear fhe ^a&es ; 

Hark I (he begins^ already ? 
tbu've ^tt^ bead*^ my Jhoulder akes : 

Tbefe fits can nier move fteady. 

Ah, Jriendt with happy freedom bleft I 
See ! how my hpe's mifcarried ! 

Not deatb itfilfy can give you rejiy 
Unlcfs you die, unmarried. 

E P I- 


Original PoEMi.' 


fe P i L G U E, r* Eveiy Man 
in his Follyy 

Spoke hy Mrs ClivE; 

^ WiUdo- I 

I knbw, you love a joke; if it be newt ; . . i 
You fmdrt ones of the pit— I fpeak to you^. .._; , 
Criticks — miftake mc not, for I proteft^ 
Not 9ne of ;w« are aim'd at in the jefl \ 
But, I jiereeive, among you, fime of thdfe» 
Our author his, to nigJi 
You, Firtuofi — Cmmiffeu; 
A poet may — by juft Dramatic laws. 
Except againjl fuch jurors in his caiifd. 
As parties^ in thd Juit. — His humble^>'/2/er, 
Is therefore orf/i' to the nvife, in6 fairy 
For this Jir^ fault, thfe cHmi/ial you'd Jpare. 
'Tis from the life, his charaBers are fhewn, , 1 
You're, firft, invited here — then pencil" d dtnvn.^ 
They,,e«^,areto^/tfOTf~who will the //^fKf/5 o^fff. j 
VoD. IV. k A3 


mil u iiL ill utc ycy» j 

ang you, _^«f of thdfe, "f ' 

nigiit, thought fit t'expofe, i 

noijeurs ■— and Beaux. J 

}^o Orioihai. Pa^MS. 

As for example — here's my Lord and J, 
Pechaps, tbii circle may'iu the like fupply ; 
O, yes, it docs ! — 1 have you, in my eye ! 
And, gad, — ^^youVe no unfafiionable pair^ 
But, bifJJj — ^tfiiU^ yoii ov'b i(» if you ftir. 
In Araminta! plia \—ill~juilging creature ! ■ 
He has not bit you; in one ^va^tfeatttre : 
*To make her, Jqueamijhly^ rejeft a loMer, 
When ev'ry trials that (XK^^jbsch, was. owr. 
And noug^ remain' d^ but what; with ji^-, 

(hou 'd niQve her. ■ 
She is no wcman, fait!?— -who,- in t^at^atrnt^ 
pou'd run the dangerous risk — oflp^atim'.: 
.Gad- 1— we^e for no fuch tlckUfi fituatjon 
Give us ^certmnty, however JhtaUi 
It muft be better^ fure ! — than nane at all. 
But hold — what need have l^fuch truths t,o tell ! 
yowjfenetrating devils! — youkn»w^t, top well. 
Kext — of our author's hiHi^our, wit, apd plot, 
f tyle, chafte exprefllon, and — I know not what : 
X faw, how 'twas—and faith — I afk'd himyplainly 
If he propos'd fuccefs, from being cleanly ? . 
I bid h\m,here and there, throw in a Icene, 
'(But; pray fays I — fake care, 'tis wrapt up- 

clean,) " " '" 

Of fomething, pflia ! — yoo ell know, what I 

mean. I owDj 


OkioiHAt PoBrts. 131 

i owta, i ^fi>'d, — but be blufli'd more, than I, 
And fiud — If I can /#// you ~ let me die. 
What do you think the filfy creature faid ? -^ . 
That his cbafle mufe had yet — her maidenhead^ I 
And fliould hot be a projiitute, egad. J 

But now — 2 have a word, or two, to fay 
To youj who feel thtfatire of the Play: 
What! you expeft— that Ifliouldroar/ your 

Curt'^ and /ray j — I fcoro fuch poor behaviour : 
Don't you all inow, when you, with us, difpute^ ^ 
We have zA argument to ftrike you mute ? / 
And, as friend Bay$ has fald — looK to't — ?" 

we'll do't. y 

Then yetldy at once —- nor, 'gamft oar poet, thun-^ 

I'll try, if you, or Ji will be kept underi. 

FKOLO GV E to i&e Tufcan 



O W, mercy pn our poet : -^ for thspit 
Will ne'er judge, kindly, of fo rajb a iviti 
K 3 -wbo. 

r:,<jr.=^-, by Google 


Who, 'twixt two fairs, untimely, mak« pretence. 
To pleafe, by Tragedy^ and Common fenfi. 
Troth, 'tis a wild adventure ! the' his play 
Were double-arm'd, and guarded every way. 
What ! the' our fcene does tyraAts difapprovc \ 
And fmiles on vertue, liberty, and kve ? 
What, tho' a minion meets with /// fuccefs, 
While a good ^ate/man helps his King, to blefs ? 
Still, 'tis but labour kfi, to hope fucceedir^ : 
Where the court's empty, what avails ^w fad- 
We reap nojiimmer harvefts, — pU^er and printer. 
Bloom, like your Glajfonbury thorn, in leinten 
And you, yourfehes, (thank heaven ! ) have ne'er 

found reafon. 
To bear with good inftrui3ion, out of feafon. 

All this I totdiiim, plainly — but he bears 
He knows your ta^es, it Teems — and, thCTcforc, 

fears not: 
Tho' half the -mrld runs mad, (feys he) — de- 
pend on't, 
Goodfenje has fome friends left — and there's an 
eftd un't. 




OsiajNAL Poems, 133 

The Mufe to the Writer, 
A Tranjlationfrom the French of DubaRtas. 


SCARCE was the April of my life begun. 
When anxious to immortalize my name, 
Tleajhre, and foft repofe, I learnt to Jhun^ 
And lab'ring, upward^ fought the mounts of 


But, as a travelleTy in viewlefs/Za/wj, 

Stops, amid cro/^ng roads y and doubts his way j 

Pmiively fearchfut, and, unfure^ remains. 
Eager to journey on, yet, loth to ^ray. 


So ftopt, and fo unfix'd, I mark'd, around. 
The fonsa'ry patbs, that led to groves of Bays : 

But, pau^ng doubtful, long conjiifion found, 
Which, beft to cbufe^ of all thofe tempting ways. 

K 3 One 



One while, my g«nia3 f^n'J the glowing fiene^ 

And froin ;he Grecian fourcc, example drew ; 
Taught pride to pity ; ignorance to mean ; 

And form'd the mafp/,^ the fuff 'ring few. 

Anpn domefiic difcord^ fnatch'd my pen ; 
. My CoHNTHy's woes I, now, afpir'd to feel: , 
tlifiork truths, and wrongs of injur' dtcm^t 
ImpcU'd my ju/life, and ioflam'd my zeal. 

Then Jinking fudden, from the gloritm beigbt. 

Low mercenary praifei quench'd my fre i 
, Poorly,^ a falfrer^ \ for profit, write. 

And; to my fortune, tune my tortur'd lyre. 

At length, grown kzy, I, by love, was taught, 

And, finding age, and tafle, and will, too fit. 
In warm ligbt fallies, wot/ot leflbns taugbt. 

And, to the ^«(? of Cupid, cropt my W/. 


r,;,- i,,Gl.HH^Ic 

OkiojstAL. PaaM's. '^35 

Whil* rovingi thu$> uncenter'd^ and' un{t^, . • ~ 

I Uk'd^ by turBS^ and (Kd, by turrt&» r^^;^ •* 
Suddisn', before m^ a deiccBdi^ taaid : 

' Confefs'd theJi^^^j?^«?«^. 


AUi that we dreamof (m^f/j/fbrrh'dherrfr';' '- 
Sweet was her gefture, and her ftep afiwrtf r 

But, when fhe Jj^oke, (he would have charitfd 
And taught the gloom of wither'd tf^f, to Jhine. 

' t. ' ■ ■-' 

High, frofn her h^aJ, afjpir'd a ^^rry croiVftt 

Immenfefy, beaming its effulgence round : 
hkaSMre mantle flow'd, obliquely down, 

And, bright with ^m^iy^/wrjfwcptthcground. 

MOitfALt ihecry'd, Urania's face behold ! 

if^attia •— mufe, of all the heavenly nine, 
Beft? siill'd — the path^of glory to unfold, f 

And make the poet (like his art) dhine. 

K. 4 I, thro' 

736 OjtlOINAL Po&MS* 

I, ihr6' tht-doMtng numbers, hreAthaJht^, 

Afl4> tothe-foupd of reajin, tune mankind t 
J teach /rwe plcaftircs falje ones to controul. 

And v^mn the yielding jfri'^r/^ toftamptheiwiiu/, 


J^rk me, and keiq^ my ;W^^,.long, in Jigbt^ 
And, when departed Xq xny fiarry fpbere, 

ptrike this new harp^ and, from it, draw delight^ 
By founds, that UJi'ning angels love to hear, 

Long, have I mourn" d rriy fifter's fidlfdfame^ 

By friendlefs mirth, or cbearlefs malice, ilain'<i \ 
Cramp'd by cold fiatteriesy that bVgbt their qame^ 

Or, by wild warmths of looje defire-, profan'tjt 

... y^^ 

But, w^, I grieve that rebel •wafie of wtt. 
Which, boldly, pufiiing its hftrnal (laim^ 

With ddrkneji, for fuch Umd prejit^ption^ fit, 
Tlf^^? ^*^ °^^ ^''fv, on Heaven, with impiom 



O'riqihAl Poems. jij/ 

■XVI;-':- .-■-.." 

l^i^RNT are the vulgar arts — 3w Poets draw. 
From heaven ahfie,thc Gjpf ^ that wings tbefr 
firt 1 ■ . 

Not the bfijilfgbts, that svtt learning fai^^ . ■' 
Could living verfe^ by fiudfd ftrength, infplre, 

■• xyii, 

'tbence '/H.tliatHQMER, powericfe, poor,and bUnd^ 
Beggar, himfelf, has taught p^en kings, to ftiiiic : 

B\ioy'd _finiifig: herpes, by frelh floods of mindt 
And ilretch'd the human grafp,. wjth reach ' 

XVIII. ■■ 
^nce 'fisy that Ovid could not fpeafc, in projiy 

But wept in meafure, and eiqpir'd, in verfi -* 
fbence, the "JeffaoM lyre, to mifick rofe, 


Read, meditate, refleft, grow wife — in vain ; 

*rrji every help ; force fire, from every j^rk j 
Yet, fhall you ne'er the poet's power attatni 

Ubeavennf^er /lamp'dyoujvnthi^cmufesmark. 


Lij,-- i,,Goi.)*^lc 

»3A OUOI wAL.PoiMa. 


I^n muft be, out ^mdjti i\^\ime\y fwelPdy 
W!»ofa •m-tchefs -verft wou'd Jaim the fldrfm 
of ^/wir^, ■ ^ 

By force, not fury, meaningly, imprird. 
To fcora the piiHyfrofiifutei of rhyme. 

xxr. " ■■;■ 

The wannth oi fury b.nt eompq^n moves, 
■ And */! riiwr «tf»j itiakcs man, to man, <:^ftjyr 
But warmth ofgenias, man, yrmw^ »»«, removes^ 
And lifts his loi^mng Jxadi to Heavxh's hfei 

Mark this foft Fmr* -^.when, "mii of f («:<// 
, ■ isinit 

In tunelefs £}ence, refii the' fleeptng &aod : 
Yet, when ^m hreatUd in^ hark t what /rwew^ 
.-•twiU find," .... 

To waft the modulated raptures round ! 
Sc^ 'till the wldffring God-bead bids — begu^» 

T^ie foefi filent fpirit ftands unbent : 
9tt(^ when he feels th' inciting po'werj witbin, ' 
Tuncftil, he Jpreads the tranfports, heaven has 
lent. But 

r,.),-- i,,Gi.HH^Il' 

Okiginal Poems. 439 

since, therefore, all, that mtkes his genius Jhine^ 
Is heaven's own gift, — how dares hsjt^e^s 
J^afe^ and unwortlyf, of that warmth divinet 
And poorly noxious^ to the paj^e m^e ? 

Why is his pen employ'd, on idle themes ? 

Why is his fency light ? his purpofc low ? 
Why does he wa/k his fire, in fruttlefs ^eami ? 

And, with a tide of wanton wijhes, flow ^ 


Why does he ftoop topraife unletter* d fride ? 

Why cekbrqte defeBs, in thofe, who rule ? . . 
Why does his wit fpft, am'rous traim provide, 

A^d bid^^'j wildfire catch, from fool b) 


Ah ! 'tis too much, that bty bimfey, has crimes,| 
•Which, unrepented,x\«'trur^mjb'd^<x'. 

Why would he lend his guilt to difiant ttmes. 
And teach an un-born race., to mecit. woe ? 



140 Originai. Poems. 


As, on the yielding viaxt the feal we find. 
Left in ftrong iikenefsy with imprinted glow \ 

So does the reader ftcal the foefs mind. 
And, to the byat knt^ inclining go. 

Sboftte on your pms^ ye flexible of heto't ! . 

Whofc poornejs does not hurt yourfehes aloae^ 
But teaches blockheads to defpifc your art j 

Judg'd by falfe patterns^ yoii have, Ughtly^ 


Confcious of this, wou'd you but turn, at laft. 
And bid true getttus, with true luflre, (hine ; 

All would, admiring, hfexh 'imprcffion paft, 
Andffeei, and own you, of a Jiamp dtvtne^ 


Then, as my Mojes his Jehovah fung. 

And Israel, wafted by the guardian rod: 

Poets, from every kindling country, fprung, 
Shalli in a thoufand tongues, uncover God. 





O, you! who wou'd the deathlefs J&w*/ wn. 
No King's vile badge^ but tim/i all-rev' reivl 

High, as the fountdn, of your vcrfe begiiii 
And, loitb the Gcd, you write for^ (hare renown. 

This is a fuljeB^ that, out-ftretching thought 
Thro* deptbsy utifoundedy wit's long plumntet 
draws : , 
TberCy by itnmenfe effeSiSy immenfely taught. 
Pour out you tftrainingfouh, and claim applaufe. 

Tberfy and there only, find the road to fame ; 

The bardieft themes, the mbUfi glory yield : 
On W, light fubjcfts, feomto build a n^nf ; 

But, ent'ring boldly, plow th' untrodden field. 

, XXXV. 
Vainly, fliall envy blaft your budding praife j 

Malice zxi^ hatred, vainly, prcfs you down: 
Slew fhall,you rife^ indeed, but Jure to blaze^ 

And, hourly broad'ningy reach decreed renown. 


n,:r — ivGoOglc 

)4^ Okjginal POEMft. 


Envy's a curr, that, at aU Strangers, barks j- 
But, on the known and Ucenc'd, creeps to fawnt 

It's hov'TingJmoke, hangs hard, ori kindling fparks^ 
But, when the Jire burns up^ 'tis, ftrait leitlH 

On then, be mine — Urania hears your, pray'r j 
Glows, in your bree^, and Jans it's gcn'rous 
JatHe : 
Write, to be read—h^ times to come, your care^ 
And bloom, forever fragrant, ftill the fame* 


She faW : and breath'd, embrofial^ o'er rny face l 
The circling fweetnefs iwell'd my r<rmjh'dfmnd\ 

She rofe ; and left me, in an empty fpace j 
But left her powerful influence, ftiil behind* - 

■ ivGtio'^If 

OftiGtiMAL Poems. 143 

An ODE, /o A s T R^ A : 
From the French 0/ Dubarta*. 


FAiREST Pattern^ from above, 
Tho' I only live, for love, 
Tis not for thofe fparkling eyes : 

The' iUtJiars, that gild the skies. 
When the tmnklers fhine moft bright^ 
So compar'd, have loft their light. 
Tho' the jutiy in all his blaze. 
Sees that fmile, and Udes his rays. 


'Tis hot, that my fancy dips. 

In the Rainhow\ red, thy Ups^ 
'Tis not ev'n thy lips, that pUafe : ' 

Tho' the happieft Hy&la bees. 
When they rob the fow'ry ffring. 
Never ply'd the bufy wing^ 
Charg'd with hcney, hzM (o fipeet,, ^ 
As 'twou'd be, thofe lips to meet. 

'j 'Tis 


144 Orioihais PxtEUii 


*Tis not your n^IeB of airt 

Far out-charming others care i 
Nor thofe kcks, that fall, rcfign'k, 

Catch'd, and courted, by the wind :' 
Tho* the drifts of glitt'ring^^.*', 
Strow'd o'er Africk'% yellow Jtrand, 
Ne'er, to charm ambttion, roll'd 
Half fuch tempting veins of gold. 


*Tis not to thofe psUfid rowiy 

'Twixt whofe openings, mu^ck iJows ) 

That I find my offerings due. 
Vows J (o tender, and fo true ! 

Tho' the pearl-producing Eaft^ 

Ne'er did "Europe's •vronAcT Jeaji^ 

Spite of all its tootiy ftore, 

With fuch Ivory^ before. 

*Tis not that declining waiji. 

Nor that neck, fo fweetly grac'd j 
Nor the pdntf'ngs of diat hreaft^ 
(Soft as pityy and as blcft !) 

I cou'd 


Original Poems, 145 

1 cou'd even that breaft deiy : 
Tho' were Lada's Jwan but nigh 
All its Down wou'd fiiil to fhoWj 
Half fo ivbite^ and ioA. ^ftuim>. 


When iLkaH. f^ehead I behold, 
, (Smooth, isjhtt'ryy and as cold! 
'Tis not its majeftic ^(JWff, 

Throws my heart's defences down : 
Tho' the filver awiot, at height. 
Shines lefs awefid^ thro' the nigh^ 
Than the meanings of that brow 
Shoot correBion at me, now. 

'Tis not, that this azure vein 

Marks your arm, with beav'n's own ftain, 
While, along the white, it flows, 

Sweird with triumph, as it goes : 
*Tis not this engaging band^ 
Holds my Heart, in foft command; 
Tho', to hear it touch the lute. 
Rocks vfou'd/peak, — and birds grow mute* 

Vol. IV. L Teach 

\^6l Ojiioinal PoZM9» 

Teach mc, then, myfterious fair, , I 

/f^ ycmv power to charm ? uid wbertf 
If this flame of my «hKuT, 

Did not, at your eyes^ catch fire : 
If thofe Ups (how faiett they be !) 
Have not, thuB, enlaftgled me ; 
Tell me, •mbat my heart cou'd mwe t 
Teach me, whence arofe my hve ? 


If Aofe ringlets pf youf l&i»>, 

Didtwt^*^^ this amoroHS_^hWf J 

If that beataeous titou^ has M'd, 
Nor thofe iixry teeth prevail'd : 
_ Tell mc, what refiftleis caufe. 

Felt unknown, ray fancy draws? 

Still, ut^leas'd, but where ^«i are. 

Still untaught, ivbat pleafes^ there \ 

X. I 

Since thofe hreajis — (hovrfoji they rife !) 
Reach no ferther, than my eyes ; 

Since I count a iboufand charms^ 
None of whieh my heart Sfarsu i 


OAlOXNAt PoKM9» 147 

Let yo\3S jaU^uncmnted ftore 
Gmde my fcafch, to. find out more^ 
'Till the caufe I learn to know, 
Plea/m^ caufe I . that charms me fo. 


Ah ! 'tis found — — delightful truth ! 

Senfe^ with ^fiza/y, temp'ring youth, — • 
*Tis that peerlefs feul^ of thine. 

Breaks, like daylight^ into miW $ 
Charg'd, with heaven's setherial fiame I 
Full of charms, without a name 1 
'Tis thy cotfoerfe, tum'd to wwvf. 
Claims reJ^Sit and forces l<yi3e. 

PROLOGUE, ro M<f Double 

POETS miflcd by fondnefs for their own, 
Think, ib&famefondnefsz£hxa.\&%iiit town: 
Like the cbarm'd parent, that its child furveys. 
And wonders, any, with lefs joy^ can gaze : 
•Till Better taught^ both fee their weaknefs, plain, 
And, by their former _/oy, now, weigh their pain, 
L z CoN- 

,.., K Google 

•t^S Original Poems.^ 

Convinc'd oithisy (e'er an example made) 
Our Bardf by no felj-kve wilt be betray'd : 
To yourfree judgments, he fubmits his cat^j 
And afks, Jrom what you Jeel your/ehes, applaufe. 
Yet, itoTO. your jujlice^ dares this hope maintain, 
Tou take no joy, to give another — pein^ 

JUDGMENT, oft, varies, asth'^(5f</mind 
Is, from •within, to joy, or grief, inclined: 
Xi pleas' d^ the well wrote ^/ay aifords delight^ 
And each gay fcene looks ^iiyfr, in your fight : 
If vex'd-^ (as forrow difincllnes the brain,) 
The poet fuffersy for your friiiate pain. 

Above fCcA weaknefs, dare, from fcnfe alone, 
Topraife^ Or blame, what will, to night, be fliown; 
If to the taflc unequal, he fliou'd feem -, 
Th' attempt, to pkaje you, merits fome efieem : 
If he Jhould pleafe — remove, at once, his pain ; 
Applaufe will make him grateful, but not vain. 



Or I G I M A li PoE M s; 74) 

The bumble Petition o/* Pegasus to the 
White Horfe of H r. 

RIght humbly, ^r Cuzl inthefeprefents, 
is (hown. 
By your kinlman mpft hving^ tho* foor and un- 
That, fince ail your delight is In bounding and 

I have wiff^j, at my back^ that might help your 

Therefore, pray, tell your owner, who loves to. 

He muft chcrifh oar ftud^ if he means to ride 

higher : 
'Tis the gift of ear ^c.-./, and the tafi of our 

Both, to bear men a/o/?, and to keep 'cm, from 

All the plates, which his bounty, beftows, on you 

But encourage good Runners, which ne'er make 

good Chasers. 

L 3 Not 

1^0' OftlGIKAL PoEMi; 

Not my lordy nor his^rwrn, nor the rat'Catcber's 

Clin forf^ the dull earthi and get foi:einoil, 

in air j 
But were Pegafus Ipurr'd, by crown-'platest to 

move faftety 
He wou'd rife, from tbis worlds and win nextt 

for his majier : 
You'll forgive me this fcrawl, tho* it comes the 

wrong wtTy ; — 
But S— R R — t's too bufy, to mind, what I fay. 
And, tho* oft, he fpares moiK^, to buy an off tra^ 

Won't fubfcribe a gold plate, for the tleHcon races. 

Spoh iy Miff C— , in B^V Cloaths, 

LAdies, 'twill give but mry iittk pain t'yc. 
When fucb a ti^ thing, as I, coe^in t'yc. 


Ok f GIN AX P»BUS.' Ijl 

Were I gf own A^, md Md enott^> to ebarm ye^ 
TJtk'f-'hut, for thtworidy 1 vfeu*dat iiarmyc, 

Alas ! — weVe &/? our ^age ; — whereon to 
Was the unlicenc'd claim of Lilliput. 
Yetyberfj where never pattnt manarch rcjgpi'd I 
We fee our ground, by firaa^e t^trpersy gain'd ! 
On wff- own foil condemn'd to ever layings 
By diefe dramatic rats, in moufeJxfle playing j 
Ah ! do us n^A/ — Since like with //(S? engages. 
Give little a^orsvfzyt on little fiages. 

One poor pretence they urge — but flram*d 
their wit for't. 
That we'er too youngs for bufinefiy and tmjU for't. 
Ler*// bow fome folks vfihi. lie! — from truth, 

i&^ flinches. 
Who meafures our abilityy by inc6ej. 
You know — 'tis young and /(-u^i^ — oA/ and crazy-^ 
Then, _/Zwr/, ^ndfTveet's the word — but — kng^ 

and /nzy. 
All things, that pleafe, are short— no —fhort 

I fear, you'd, all, give up-, — and cbufe — long, 

bkffings, L4 Well! 

15a OK-iofNAi Poems, 

^ell \'—fueh ^ your^y if after they've dene playing^ 
Vou come, apd qiake 9ur trosp amndsy iot fiaytng^ 


On giving t^e Name of G^oviGiA to a 
Pa^i of Carolina. 

IKT T HiLE, rip'ning flow, the future purpofe 

And conftious Jilence pknn'd th'op'mng way; 
Kind, o'er the rifing fcheme, an angel hung, 
And dropt thi? cotm/eiy from hU guardian tongue. 

"Wnn youj this "Way, the royal pair inc]ia'dl 
To Carolina be 4 Georgia join'd — ■ 

Then, ftiall both colonies fure progrefs make," 
pndear'd to either^ for the other's fake : 
Georgia fliall Carolina's favour move ;. 
And Carolina blooqi, by. George's love, 


■ ivGlu)'^Ie 

^Original PpE*^> 153 

A Letter from a departed Spirit ; to the 

Author (Ml. Pope) of a Lady's Cha- 
. racier, lately publifh'd J in « Thurfcky'f 

STript, to the naked foul, efcap'd, from clayy 
From doubts, unfettet'dj and diflblv'd, in day: 
Unwarm'd, by vanity ; unreach'd, hy Jirife, 
And all my hopes, znd fears, thrown off, with Itfe: 
Why am I charm' d, hy Fnendjhip' s fond e^ys. 
And, tho' uTihdfd, confcious of tbypraife ? 

Has pride a portion, in xhs parted foul? 
T>(xipaJ^n ftill, the formlefs mind controul ? 
Gan gratitude out-pant the ^lent breath ? 
Or, a friend's fhrrow pierce the glooms of death ? 
No — 'tisz^irit's NOBLER tafte oS blifs ! 
That feels the worth, it left, in proofs, like this : 
That, not its own applaufe, but thine, approves, 
Whofe praBice praifes, and whofe virtue loves I 
Who liv'fli to crowri departed friends, wi^ fame. 
Then dying late, ftiall all, thoU gav'ft, reclaim. 


r:,<jr«-, by Google 

I^^' CftlGIHAL PoEMt. 

7U CaVth Pfalm. 

i> E T my exalted harp be dou&fy ftrung I 

JEgb-tufte thy praife, my foul ! and let thy God 

be fung ! 

See ! how around bis throne the confcious rays 

Shoot quiv'ring> with continuous otrw, aad trem- 

He in their blaze ! 
Se^ 1 what foul-lhaking majefly, effulgent, he 
difplays 1 
Cloath'd with embodied light, fee ! where he 
Pointing wide his dread conunands 1 
As earth's dim flames^o'erwhelm'd byftream- 
ing day, 
Beneath ihcfun-btams die away. 
The ftitij full met, with eover'd face, retires, 
Burns inward, and rolls back his frighted fires I 
Gracious, th' unequal eye of man to ftreen ! 
See I v^ere the malE:er kindly fiades the too re- 

fplendent fcene ! 
And, like a curtain^ widely drawn, fpreads out 
whole heaven, htween. 


OsioiHAE. Poems. 15^ 

Look \ now, amazing \ where he glides ! 
Look ! where yon gathering hfl ef clouds^ he 
dreadfully beftridcs ! 
And, aweful, en ^oUcfelf-roll'd chariots ^ rides! 
He moves ! he walksy uptm the fwift-wing'd 

He ftc^> from world to world, at once, and 
leaves even thought , behind ! 

MraiAOs of hovering angels croud the God- 
grac'd fcene to fill ! 
Angels ! fit heralds for th' aknigfaty's will ! 
Ten thou&nd fiery Ugh'niags fweep his way 1 
Nimble Qmriers ci his Iway 1 
And, round his ' temples, biffing finji, in blue 
Maatuiersy play ! 
The firm-fix'd balance of the fclf-poiz'd 
To ndther byas, partial fway'd. 
Became thusy^, at his great word, and laftingly 

obcy'd ! 
At bis command, the covering deep^ drew cff" the 
world's wet robei 


r.=^-, by Google 


Gave backy iuid fill'd the chanels, he had made ! 
But, peeping o'er the bills, reludant ftaid j 
Difpleas'd with its new bounds, but more afraid. 

Its old to re-invade ! 
E'en ^t the fhibborn-hearted flood, no more 

High-lieenc'd, as before, 
Difdains to. give its proud repintngs o'er : 
Oft, with bold TTiurmursy it alarms the fliorc. 
And, now and then, with rebel rage, breaks out, 
in general roar f. . 
But, whcnprefumptuous billows fv/ell,:toohigh. 
And fprinkle heaven's etornaJ eye : 
Streight, all the thunders of God's voice, in loud 
refentment, rife } 
The. ftarting flood hears, Ihakes, and flies ! 
. Down floks the qualh'd afpirer, from the flues,. 

And, ku^'d, in humble fiatnefs, lies ! 
Vet, if the fovereign^ will but fledb, black oceans 

quit their bed ! 
Foamy, they lafli each other o», with high dif- 

cbvering head ! 
And, curling, climb the fteepy hills, and, o'er 

drown'd mountains fpread ! 
TTience caWJ again, again they rufli ! cpnfeflling 
God's controul ! 


ORlGINAt POEtfS. 157 

Again let loofe, refee^ their Tandy beds ! 
Tumble, for hafte, o'^ one another's heads ! 
And, Sweeping with refiillefs breadth, o'er de- 
lug'd kingdoms r^l ! 
Fierce, as they are, they're fubjeft to bis check ! 
They know th' appointed bounds, and watch 
th* imperious beck ! 

From the huge treaTry of the briny deep. 
Thro' thoufand earth-form'd lab'rin^s, taught 

to Hide, 
In fearch oijprings, the felt-ftriptWiW^j creep. 
And trickling thence, into fweet rivers glide. 
Smooth-travelling, to feek their mazy way ! 
And, devious, 'twixt th' cnamour'd hills, flowly, 

delightful, ftray ; 
Thefe God appointed thus to flow, exhauftlefs, 

ftores of drink. 
Where every bcaft may quench his thirft, that 
feeks the fmiting brink ! 
And, in the Ihady groves, which on their bor- 
ders, rife ! 
He hous'd the warbling fongfters of the fldes! 


258 Original Pokms. 

The pride-fvoln mountuns, which amhitiodi 

And» neighb'ring btaveHt difdain the worldi 

Nor will, to humble broeksy refrelhtnent owe. 
He waters, with th' atberial fias, or coronets of 
fruml , 

Amazing gocxinefs ! where'sthefmalleflifpacet 
That does not feel^ and boefi his grace ? 
For cattWi food, green flourishes, the flow'r- 
embroider'd mead: 
For mm'i free ufe, is every fruit decreed t 
For Inniy th' infptring ^ape was taught to bleeds 
Bread-bearing atm maizes glad the labourer's 
And his rough ikin grows fupple, fmooth'd with 

When, at fix'd times, up rolls the changdul 

God iboots her fhadowy gleam, thro' n^ht'a 

black noon I 
JUpid, as is the ever-wheeling frnt^ 
He dares not meafure heaven, one thought, 
too foon ? Ycti 

■ ivGtio'^It: 


Original Poems. tgg 

Ye^ at Gats -uoord^ the flag of day is furl'd. 
And ticenc'd darhnefi rifes o'er the world ! 
Then, docs the gloomy foreft quake 1 
And all th' aflembled iavage kind their baliday^ 
then, make I 
Leaf-trembling trees, in lilent horror, Ihake ! 
And panting herds creep, terrified, away ! 
While the ftern //on, hungry, roars, and ftalks 
abroad, for prey ! 
God fuffers him the needful prey to take ! 
And, then, new-wakes the d^ / 
Out breaks the Jim^ and, to their dens, the heejls 
fly fwift away ! 
Almighty power ! how doft thou tboagbt con- 

foimd ! 
What human fearch can trace tl^ mazy round ? 
How wifely, and how ve^fy. Lord 1 are all thy 
wonders done ! 
Not eartht alone, does, with thy wealth, a- 

But all, aSove, and all beneath the fun! 

Tmjei^s wild henls, as well as ihoie, on land, 
Roi^-mouldcd i<xa,tool of thy formful hand. 

All iive and move by thy conunand : 


r:,<j,-7=^-,hiGi:)C)^Ic ■ 

r6o OrigiWal Poems. 

The horrid wonders of that fcene, J^tigue the 
akeing eye, 
Tberey wave-tofs'd ftiipsthe op'ning depths defy ' 
And, circly, thro' th' impfifon'd winds, Uieir 
diff'rent courfes ply ! 
There does Leviatban, wide- wallowing. He : 
And, while his broad, unweildy fports, Xhcfcahf 

feople fly ! 
He, dreadful monftcrl facks iajeas, isvA. Jpouti 
'em, at the iky! ■ 
On tbee, obedient, all thy creatures wait : 
And, in diie feafon, all, by thee^ are fed, 
7*iy fingle bounty does their blifs create j 
They gather, what tby op'ning hand has fpread: 
\i thou but hid'ft thy face, they fall away : 
Thou tak'ft their breath, and they decay ; 
At once, return to unfbrm'd duft, and old pater- 
ml clay. 
Again ! thm deft but fpeajc thy potent will ! 
And life, rekindling, ^/trajj within 'em, ftill ! 
Forever, (hall thy glorious power endure ! 
The pillars of thy majefty QanAJiedfaflly^znAfure f 
y^reaeh'dhytbee, the confdous moun tains^Jso^ j 
And earth, dt^h'dt flows loofc, beneath thy 
Jr(^ i 

Tq hit Mufe. 

THY couritry t blaft it, if it once difdairlSj 
To pr(^ thy virtues, or reward thy pains \ 
If there J profpcr^ b^re was only born, 
'that claims my duty ! this deferves my fcorn I 
O mufe ! 'tis mean to floop to h^Iplefs moan 1 - 
Try, if no clime is gentler, than thy own I 
OfFer, on diftant fhores, d aithful hand. 
In vaitt, not uftlefs, in thy mother land ! 
Wheii fortune frowns, and Care's black h^rreft 

■ fpriiigSi 
A change of place, a change of proipeft brings | 
Fir off, thy reafon's fortei untnrb'd, may reign } 
But even the prophets preach'd at honic in vain. 

Ybt, hold! and e'er it quite determln'd grows^ 
Let me feme fudden ftarts of hope diJclofe : 
E'er, widely wand'riog, led by falfc diftruft^ 
From my wing'd feet, I, fhake their native dufl ! 
Ferli^ps, my doubt clouds fomc domeftic ray : 
And hides a profpc£t> bordering on my way I 
Tho* men of titk feem exempt from thought, 
Aja^;pride's afliilanceis but vainly fought: 

Vol. IV. M Tho' 

L,;, - l,,Gl.K)^lc 

Tho' truth, oft try'd, this known advice imparts^ 
That noble blood may warm ignoble hearts ! 
Hid in a cloud of pomp, which hems' the throne^ 
There mt^ be greamefs, to mj hopes uahnowa ! 
Howe'er imibaght> howe'er ^a^eeQ, \pf loe. 
There may fome foul-^llinguiih'd nature be I 
Some gen'rousbr6afl,'whd<t D^xd, divm^ warm, 
H$. taught him, bow umxHifted favours tharmf 

If ru«h there be, To rich^ ia ikong, atniad i 
And thou, bleft mufe, Ihall hisbright boibm find ' 
WhiTper, ia gentle notes, thy mailer's pray'r: . 
And, in foft accents, this fad truth declare^ 

; There lives, O, bri^teftgem, of honour's 

crown I 
Thou angel-adled theme of juft renown ! 
There lives, who, IkiU'd, in ^ortune^s wutton 

Hopes, with fuch feintnefs,for regard firomCotms, 
^hat, tho' not blind to wor<l)t, which all men fee! 
He fends me, half-deipiuring, even tofb^'t 
No gaitt-poUuted aim infpires his \ieyK i 
lie ^eeks not office, nor reward parlbte \ 


■ ii,Gi:H)(^Ie 

Okio;nal Po9^9. 16} 

j^r# nobly fir'd} bu Uioughts high rcheme$4^ 

To ftretch Nonunion, and make empire Qunc | 
Oh ! were his wishes bleft ! and thy kind ear 
Won'dl, pBc?, impfirtiaj, his conceptions hear! 
Th' important mon>ent m%ht refolves produce. 
And death idea$» with fubftantial uTe I 

Stqt diere, mufe i 'twere needleis more to 

And, with unwilling flownefs, glide away: 
If, mov'4i he calls thee back^ regardful, go ! 
If not, returiii ungricv'd : all vain complaint is low. 

7h T?^ of fie Mufes : ^ Poem. 

GErmamicus, £}r loTe> and empire, bom. 
At once to govern kingdoms, and adorn ; 
Too good for greatnefs, but tb« kings can ^lefi^ 
Too firm for fear, but o£hh friend"^ diftrefa: 
Forertcmp*ring pow'r by reafon's generous plan. 
To taik the monarcK meditates the man. 

Ma I» 


1^4 ORl©li4AL FOEMS/ 

■ - In a town grove, Whence dryads noife exclude,- 
And hufh loud ftreets, to fylvan folitudc, 
Vcil'd by a verdant flcrceh's incircling (hade, 
Whofc angly fides eight arching lights pervade. 
Friend to mankind, their penfive fav'rite flood j 
Revolving previous plans of purpos'd good. 

Soft, to his fight, z female fuppUant preis'd. 
In all the fpeaking marks of mis'ry drefs'd : ' 
Down-look'd, relax'd of mien, oft bending, low 
Now'ftopping (hort, now re-advancing, ffow :■ 
Pardon, (he cry'd, th' intruding fighs of grief; 
Hope is thefriendlefs wretchc's- laji relief. " ' 

GERMANICUS, who, when diftrcfs drziii 
Catches quick forrow, from the! luiF'rer's eye, 
With gentle waft invites her back'ning fears. 
And fmiles the warmth of pity on her tears. ■ 
Her, while advancing, heedful he furvey'd. 
Chance ftretch'd his eye to the remoter fhade ,: 
Where, dimly obvious, froni the bord'ring wood, 
Dark'ningthe arches, eight new phantoms flood j 
All, like the firft, thin forms of (hiv'ring woe, 
JVept all — in dumb, fad, folcmn, drd'y fhowl 


ORIGINAL fostfl, -I t4| 

Think, cry'd tli' approacher, proftrate aX his 
•;, .feeti =■ ; 

How fliarp is infult ! and relief hqw fweet ! 
Pity a ^frrctched lifterhdod of tears :■ 
^ine friendlefs moomers, whom no comfort 
shears. .".'.. . •' 

AU arte were ours, diat poliih'd life cou'd gain : ^ 
But arts, and poliih'd life, were ours in vain. '■■ 
Sei ! whst reward wifli'd linoarlcdge cou'd impartl 
WhWe fool is fafbion, ignorance is. <zrr. ' 

Urg'd by deriCon, and efcaping hate, 
,We, fad, flow,' exiles,: feek fome gentler fete. . ' 
To the bleak mrti's new-rifing coafts.wc go ; 
Lcfs n*/ than thefe, amidft eternal Jnow. . ' i 
.Glory's gay beams, to whofe fejt warmth wc ru»> 
More than fupply the abfence of their fun. 
;Therc, mourning oieSt caiinofjniis relief} ". 
Where watchful fow'r fupplants f merited %m!. 
Fam'd for munificence, thy princely band ■ " 
Sipgly .«i/oto«an unbeftbwingjafld. ■: 

Ah ! ftw the friendlefe - -;• heJp the wrong'd.v 

way : 
Too./tw to go, y«"ti»;w>r7w'</'to-ilay ! ■ "■. 
fay but Jwiflj'd /M^Jfironi thijcmel (Rore : ,' 
!4i8l never, never, will we truft it more. 


L,;, - I,,GI.K)^|C 

jM OkIsimal FozMi. 

Scarce had th* imploring accents Tcac'd her 
When the known founds and tetoUeOsd air, 
Tliroagh the ialfe femblance, natively convty'd, 
To the charm'd prince, a {poking mkfi, bcttsy'i. 
Round, while, uncitditing the ftoried Woe, 
His curious eyes diTcov'ring glances thtoW. 
Th' examin'd umbrage, as he tum'd, tev6sl*d 
Each miifr, that ev'ry diftant arch eniiceal'd. 
Waiting impatient, for the finifh'd tale. 
Quit your vain hope, he cjy'd, by Watf'i Uiin 

UnliJ, to "fcape the tcv'rtnot 6f rty aeal. 
Who all year powtr, thro' ill your ihiiigtS, ftd. 

JoYrot, he fiiatcfa'd ds^im}4or«( ftoti Ac 
PreTs'd their joint accefs undtfguis'd and gay ; 
And (hofts, itc^tive of «acb eSIucnt ray. 

Si Atts, Mi cteled hy the beamy tniii, 
Th«ir Oiajiet, tefulning,and thtatiltAvwv^, 

■ ii^GtHH^Ie 

OftiffiHAL Poems; iG^ 

Tell me, laB he ,—^ ye foul-infpfrkiijf niai ! 
Ye living $res, tlt^gm the great, ^ftdne, 
Whi^ quickening Mgal courage into flvne. 
Guide it, by juiticc, to imoiortal &iti^ t 
Wlif^^twi'd ye /f^nv a luid.dlfttnguiih'd, Icmg, 
For lovex«f valoor, dnd for bate of wrong ? 
Where ^Mdomwireftr^ii'd her eitipire holds, 
Aad^l^^ mooaFchy new bloom anfokis ? 

H£.^uis'd — and <p|<,ip anfwerifl^ thus beg{ui| 
Perifli, pale Malice 1 t— It oblit'rates m^m. 
Where envy Blafts, the mufe iiifpiros in vain :^ 
No human culture, there, extends its reign. 
Loft in nwdignity by civil hate, . ' ' 
Virtues, that clafh with virtues, curTc a ftate. 
Srifled in faflion, arts unfriended fink' : " '^ 
Or, pigmy'd into partial flatt'ry Hifink. 
itifry muft bluftr, the wiles of J^/ffH to pen. 
And grase the bloodlds broils of~angry men. 

. Smother'd mfelft there breathes no public 
. ;^.:.:,-::ibul,"--: -V - _' 

Where fep'rate ftrugglings gen'ral :^engtb con- 
'■■■:{•■:: tr6u|;-."' '" ' • ^\. v '. • ,::: 


M 4 There 

■ ii^GtHH^Ie 

'1^ Original Pocms.'' 

There, Policy's cAd gen'roias Amtnefs Aetrds-i. . 
And gifting medium. cnm\& to iideloog ends.. 
There, fra\*d triumphant tempts the juft to fidl i ' 
And every one man's gain:is,lofe> to atl<. . . 
TJiere, love^ internal, checking iighs that roam* 

Begins, and, eftds, all charity* at homti 

E^h pxzy't sppFopriateG one man's modeftaicai 
And humbly trufts to Godih^ common claim. . 
Crulh'd by contempt of praifc, exertion dies : 
And public Spirit, laugh'd at, fhuns to n&. ^ 

Thjther when hope mifleads th' hiitoriQ 
mufe, , , ,: > 

Swift let her feet fonie fccnc of nobler vifiys, 

Where guilclefe pow'r np praife to craft ^ir- 
cribes. ^ : ; 

Where Courage fcorns ^feit^ and duty — Sri^f. 

Where nervous mea;img dares^ direS/^^Xppfl!^; 

And crooked windings teach no truth tofneak, 

Tjs founds — ^ for, fee ! ^. — the kyfeU dif- 
-' ■: folvbs I ' : ,:■_■,;.".■ 

Honour's new warrnth with funny force evolves ! 



.-0"rigimai..P«iemS. 169 

There, glows event ! there, more than Romat 
■ ■ arinS ,' ■ .« ?'"■■ - .■-'■ ■ I 

Clafli their prophetic thunder's fear'd alarms ! 
There, the pols'd public bo^, in cv'ry^vein; 
$tivng, to one purpofe, lifts with ^qualfti^. 
No vile pretcnfion, thcr*, atVi//« aims: 
No. Pridc^fwoln lumbci' Jaxy-'hrdjhip Iham^; 
.There, fhines the y«»r<4 -^.-honour's guarded 

' trackv . ,' ■ .--. 'y-~- ' .'■:'-.'■■ 
No knighthood blufhcs,-on a mifer'& bade.' _ - 
No bought emblaz'ningsj eminence efiace. 
No dirty dignity fublimes difgracc. , ' 
There, Heroes multipty:; -and labouring firiie 
Grows bufy, «— to recaard «adi fparklirig name. 

S H ii ceafed ■— r- the prince his patriot eyes 

withdrew^ . ' \ 

Weigh'd the lopg charge, and wifli'dutj half, 

■ untrue. '. ' 
:$igh'd at thft waftc domeftic- difcord mode -r 
And moura'd; Onfriended arts, by fple<n' be- 
tr^y^ij. . .. ' ■ :■ i ; .'-. "■ ^ 

Then view'dfi^c fifters,reprcpar*d. to h«v:' 
While 5^RATP,|fQfiLfigbipg^chtnB*d)hi$e»>.'^ 



Litr'd> £ud the am'rous nmCc, ftom realms 
above, . ' 
Fleatlii, I doTcended oa this land of iove t 
LooH'Jmd apprw'd: ajid form'id aerial Cchonc^ 
Of heart'lclttycs.. and hope's ^a&TC dreams; ; 
Vaipl]; pr opo^'d — e«ch iex by eacb Co raehd j 
.At}4 fmooth the rtigged paths of life, irj^jrimi* 
Snateh'd at one fweet example, new_ iDfttme^ 
Ui^'d jts dear pow'r,. di' imh^er Co rectum : \ 
Mifguid^ oulUons ' h&il'd t&' acknotrled^'^d; 

AndteT'dpcrfeftion, when it Ue&'d i^ joxni^' 
,B«^ ah ! too loft a bogdi tbemfehH were gODiI> 
They worlhip'd, andccMifefs'd :— butftill^^ffVon. 
iYet I^ vva hoper I ftUl new helps d^y : 
And, ever ^ling, wou'd iorevxxtry^ . 
Toillighted beauty won'd new powtirs impart/ 
And ftrrich the aided emjure of -^ heart. 
Te«dinian,thatwoman*4 ftrengthinfc^tnefsyes: 
.TtaxAx womaa, wl^ the modeft dharm the wife. 
Uielefs to either, I from both, remov^e. 
JUofigr's th' ifar{n^i^ m^ of md^Ol toVe ! 
O'er truth and {nffi(»i, avarice fitef^dh,- 
AU TOWS are venal/and all fighs are faks. 


Lij,-- i,,Gi.u)*^lc 

, OxiolHAX FaiM9. ija, 

Int'reft and yanity, and felf, di&rm ' 
Mutual eSetm, till tieither fex ran ehirea. . 
Then, blanc unnat'ral whims pervert defire : 
Attra£Uoa failing, they exchange «tor« : ./_ 
Then, man's lac'dligbtnefi apes thekdy's air: 
And blulF, big,- boldn^fa, tftafcukteS the fair, ' 
With changing fetes, love's loft motive* <iha»j«. 
From Mfh to Vrilh the Ih0rt4iv'd paffions rangt:- 
Recorded oOhfltmcy becomes rimMtce ■ 
Andi among millions, two may lave— t^ chaaeel 

Wny flioutd I, then, fuppotting prefeftt fcotn. 
Stretch my too patient hope, to times nnboni ? 
When, tothtJ\5i^/i,whertnatate(hinesu<ifeih'd, 
Coniiding fexes love, with feith unftigh'd,' •" 
Their native beauties, in no clime excefl'd,' '■" ' ' 
•^0 riflng force by confcious worth impell'd j ■ 
While thro' the fparkling eye aught fpitttbre^s, 
And the felt loftre of their fame partakes.' ■ ' ■ 

"rHk lover prince onwiltiiigly bdiev'd 
Fdults, whit:h his nobkr wKore iisirce etMix^*it 
Touch'd for the honour of the human heart, 
fti» own gbw'ti painful, ^4 ideal fmaft. 

- Wheft 

^ry* -Poems. 

When loftier accents from, Urania broke> 
And fnatch'd hisiift'ningfoul, whUc_/&'raftf fpokc. 

From heav'n's unibunded depth, (he cry'd> I 
: :. flole 
Ang?lic 6re, and form*d a NEWTOw's^^tf/, 
Taught him the fecret walks of God to tread ; 
And 'twixt the ftarry worlds his fpicit led ; 
AU^/jfef?: op'ning to a mortal's.eycs, 
iXill earth fcnt colonics, and held the Skies I 
What King, for this magnificently juft, 
Blcfs!dhim in life, or dignified lus-duft ? 
What yoted honour? mark the afpirer's ra« ? ■ 
What thinking fiatues emulate his face ? 
He, who immortolis'd his country's-namc, 
Beyoi^dtea thouiand,a«y«Vwj boMndcd ^amc» .- 
He» wtw, tolift manjkbd, pew heav'ps difplay'^i 
And every human breather nobler made. 
Did he to public fame all nature raife ? 
And is he poorly left to private praife ! 
In fuch & laiid, ah !,what can arts expeft ? 
.Wtutt claim has hop^fs fcience, but negleffc ? ' 

1 fate of wint'ry worth, by climate crofs'dl 
pudding untimely, to be nip'dT in froft ! 


Original Poems. i/j • 

Newton has multiplied the fum! —yet pourS 
In vain, the light of all their orbs, on ours. 
When will th' incurious courts, for which, he 

New worlds, find will to trace an old one round ? 
What promis'd pcnfion fhlps th' unfiiaken foul. 
To dare difcov'ry, and ungloom the pole ? 
What coafting keel, indenting foutbem flrands. 
Starts the long ftiores of cloud-benighted lands ? 
No annual bounty, perfevering, kind. 
Draws the dark veil, that covers half mankind. 
What regal infiu'nce, eafing learning's birth ? 
Now, adds new ftars to heav'n ? or arts, to earth ? 
Who fows munificence, to root up floth. 
And call forth harvefts, of eternal growth ? 

Hail, to the land, where war vaaktsfciehct 
room ! 
Where realms from defarts rife! and ruins Uocan I 
Where conqueft, fprt'ading to embrace diftrefi. 
Lets loofe ambition, not to walle, but blefs ! 
There, pow'x inverts deftruftion, into birth j 
And ihcprohjic fword empeoplcs earth ! 
There, defolation, fruitful in' decay,. 
Fades^ into opulence, and ftrengthens fway. 


, Google 

174 Ori OfNAL/PopW*. 

TharCi ports (vn-i^tive) indrawn lea$ coogpf ; 

And cUmbiag ftrcams o'«r channcl'd lODua^iw 

There, public fplendor Jwallcms priTate pride, 
And claims, vrhidi all mcn^fiisre iq, t\\ vc^^tifgH/Jp, 
There art, rewarded, Arains e^jccilted flcilj j 
Till dasUng wonder^wid'nin^ em|tire fiU. 
The fierce, free Tartar fees the 't4rtar tm^Hy 
Crias, at advancing nde, aod pants iQxihmgbU . 
Then, in long link, new nations forward draw * 
Aad the drain'd wilds of natare crowd to tec* 
HaU, prdmis'd iand l—All, pow, th»t fecmsfevprc, 
Is ♦^ that, removing hence» we leave Yov hcre^ 

Uft^ifiA ftopp'd and bow*d. -^ The prioce, 
whofe heart ' 

, Inlycpnfcis'd the pow'r of cberiHi'd art. 
Nobly approving praife, fo juftly wami ; 
Smil'd, confcious c^ his inborn right to charm. 

Next, roie Terpsichore, — fnehdiemmM&aX 
Soft^ her firft accents, like defcending dews ; 
Sweet, and flow fwelling, till in Jivelier ibund. 
Gay, to the ravJUhM car, quick tra;irp(»ts jbound. 


Originai. Poems. 175 

Tim'd to the tuneful voice, each tremblinif tree 
Strain'd its tugg'd roots, and labour'd to be fire. 
Wvtn'd thro' the wak'oing ^oxe^ the fculptur'd 

Of every I^vUsg iUtue feeoi'd to hear. 
Air catch'd, and lerigth'ning back the mazy notes, 
Curls, while the undulating muiic floats. 
Ear^i iift'nii^ to ttthak harmonious pais, 
Si^'d it, in &ft vHiratiod , back again. 

PAtt&eN a mourning nluie, that leaves, witli 
X&elsK!,i^ iov'dGsRMAMicufi endears. 
But,ah 1 what toi^s, wbatviguiih, ihalt t^iou bear! 
SS^haterallefs lab<:»$r xnmft o'erlood thy c^re I 
Ere diy loft viewb a tdt^ like thine;, infpire> 
^d iparkUixg kingdc»ns catch thy manly^ i 

: NxAR t^iera'i ftihUag^^iKf, what muXe can 

W^ere wordlefe-warUings mnnow jiui^M away\ 
Mufic, when ptrpo/e points her not die road, ■ ~ ■ 
Chtfsiu, to betray, and fo&en^ to csmde. 
Empty of fenfe, the iouUfeducing sut 
ThriUaa^wpoi&Kktothefidc'niiighairt^ ; 


176 ORieiHAL riittait 

Soft 'finks iJea, dtfiblute in eale, ■ 

And all life's feeble^ teflon ie, topieaji. 

Spirit* and tafte, and: generous toil, take flight I ' 

And lazy love, and indolent delight. 

And low hixurious wearinels of p^ni ' 

ImU the loll mind, — ^ and all its powers att Tun. 

Hen€B, to the t'calms oi fame., ye muies, fly. ' 
Thcrcj to ■ the drum's big beat, the hefirt leaps 

There, fighing flutes but temp'rlftg1ri4rtiid h«at. 
Teach diftant pity and revenge to meet. 
The maniy-^ii>e, thert/fetorns th' tt^iinded_^ftlf/; 
'Thai wiiod wav'd' riodiings^ till attetMicui akes. 
Th6re fftfw, concurring keys and chords increase 
The- heart's foft foeiaftyes, and cherifli peace. '. 
Swell to the founding wind th'infpiring iimr. 
There, the rous'd foul, in exercifc, grows ftfoag: 
Nor poll to puddly foulnefs, ftopp'd, too long. 
Strength 'ning and ftrengthned, by the poet's fire. 
There, mufic^s meaning voice exalts defire. 
There, harmony not drowtis, but ■ quickens, 
thought; •--'- ■■-"- '-■■■ .-■" ■ ■ ' 

And fools, a6feeIing-words, by nc^es are rtfifCf£f»' 

' Soft 


Soft figh'd the prince, for fufTring mufic; 
And Polyhymnia, rifing wamii complain'd. 
Dfeign to be told, impartial, gen'rpus,- wife ! 
Why fruitlefs sfojaraw indignant flies. 
Gall'd at loft time, in cafes vainly clear'd. 
At truths untoucinngt and at founds^ unheard i 
^lujfhihg, whifc Oratory's lab'ring ftrainSj 
Qn fira-Ject^B^ wafte derided pains ; 
And flourifh'd pcriodsi to no purpofc ^ne. 
Like funs in defarts, wiphoot nofjccy fliinej 
Hadng;^*nj^ infijlt* I difdain to ftay. 
Where tilk but trifles, and where tropes but play; 
If ferious rhet'riciweatSj where flieering mutes 
Haft'ning the harried, ^uejitmi crop dUputes ; 
If /(7w fells argument, yet form raoft reign^ 
And, cuftom pleading, equity is vain j 
I(the Aix^puipit's ihort myflbrious art 
iM^fmtb to heav'n i ^nd <femns the rmralheart i 
Bear infe^ dtfhbnour'd ^pd ! to fome plain flate; 
Wheire truth, in fplte oi aye and «p, is tveight.^- 
Where pleas tof rifeht a.reas'ning bcrictrpcriiiade; 
And juflicft fcorns ifi frnedem to trade; 
..¥oB.IVi' N ■; ^hixi 

178 OrIOINAL PoiM8, 

Where no bold blafphemy wou'd faith enflave : 
But, hlimble, honeft, doubting, toorh can faw. 

EutERPc, watchful of her Gfter's clofc. 
Snatch 'd her funk cadence, and impatient rofe. 
Tleafure^ flie cry'd, is mine ; mine, the gay fltill. 
To paint the fiincy, and adorn dtc will. 
But where Ary avarice has tafte betiay*d, 
Plcafure is robbery, in tnafquerade^ 
Contending fexes pufh one common aim i 
And youth, and wit, and beauty, meet, to getme t 
At cards to conquer, or at <3ice to fwcep. 
Is all the humble joy, die pelijh'd reap 1 

Or, if, afpiring to robufter praife, 
Some l;vclier genius, warmth more a^ve fways. 
Then, frock'd in groomy fleeknefs, tight, and 

The pert, capp'd, racer^ dares the jockeys art. 
At ilake and pkte, his fldll profoundly ihewn. 
He, from his borfe's worth, prcfumes his own. 

■Or, nobly ftung by John the coaebmm% d^hn. 

Climbing th' advent'rous bexi^ difputcs his {ante ! 



ORIGINAI Po£M«r 1.79 

Scatt'ring malignant duft, cracks voice and thong, 
Glows, for a livery's right, and burns along ! 
Proudly difplay'd> looks back, and Hiouts to £nd 
poor confcious Ji^t lefs glorious, hang behind. 

Not fo, th' Olympian rivals charm'd, of old» 
When fiery youths in whirling chariots roU'd ! 
Then, the watch'd fignal bad the rank disjoin ; 
And rulhing wheels dilTolv'd the breaking line. : 
Strain'd to th' expanded whip's impulfive found, 
XJght leap'd th' exulting axles o'er the ground : 
'Twixt crowding nations, partial, panting, gay, 
The prais'd plum'd htxo Jkim'd the leff'ning way. 
The fmoaking ftccds obey'd the watchfiil rein. 
And winding warlike, fwept the fliouting plain. 
Now, graceful raii'd, now pendent in career. 
High, and far-glitt'ring, ihone the charioteer ; 
Firm in his feat, fuperior in his mien. 
Flew o'er thecourfc, and flam 'd along the green : 
Martial in gefiure, eminent In grace, 
His birth and grandeur light'oiog from his face. 

Or, if to fweeter conteft match'd he mov'd. 
And, in feme ball, led the kind hand he lov'd, 

N;i The 

■ ivGtio'^Ie 

iSo ORIGlNAt Po£M8^ 

The mbdeftfiir, flow thro* the mazy dance. 
Swam to the love-fick foul, in foft advance. , 
No light coixit frijking kick'd off woman's air; 
"No ftrong, ftretch'd, limb, out-trod attraftioo, 

there, ; 
Decent their picafures, and difctcctly welgh'd j 
A<^ive the youth, and delicate the maid. 
Honour, hy elegance, its right maintain *d : 

Mournful Melpomene, with tragic frown, 

Spoke next: and thus dcplor'd a taftelcfs town. 

Why ftrove the fcenic mufe to diine, in vain. 

Where wit is levity, and art is gain ? 

Where law's blind hope wou'd curb corruption's 

Yet, left undue contempt to taintthe ftage ? 

Hence, Theatres, ncglctSed into fliame, 
■ Catching at concourfe, purity difclaim. 

By pow'r deferted, make their humbler court 

To rake, and rancour, or to fool and fport. 

Piqu'd to rcprizal, unconfed'ratc wit. 

Noting the popular, evades the_/f/. 

Then, the play plots on ftate-craft, laughs at truth : 
'Mifguides allegiance, or unfinews youth. 


Original 'Poems.' - i8i 

Thithei* crouds faftion, to be taught complaint : 
Where pow'r, the martyr^ might have reign'd, 

the faint. 
There, wifdom bleeds, by pleafure's feath'ry dart: 
And love's loofehand unftringstheflachcn'd heart. 
There, difcontent, firft, tries her tim'rous force j 
Hints,and finds iif^,andf/<7r^i her dang' reus courfe. 
There, froth, farce, flatt'ry, ehance, feditipn, ruje: 
And virtue fcarce finds place, in virtue's fcbopU 

Farewell, forfaken flage — When courts 
To urge wit's wand'ring rein, ()as fiames^ mufe. 
Hail ! from afar — thou, fate-foretclhng light!, 
!^aming progmjlic, through the eye of night ! 
Kindling a hundred realms, the' enliv'ning flamoi 
Wings the wak'd energy of courted fame. 
There, empire flaQiing into glory's blaze, 
Confcious iotcntipn blufh?? not at prjiife, 
There fpurring virtue, wit-has leave to mean: 
And pow'r exciting psffion, prompts th^ Jce/jf, 

So mu^ it ie, ere tragic fire is felt ! ■ 

But, where grave thoughts arc giarks, for fools 

N I Wberc 


l82 OfelGIHAL t*0feM8. 

Where tir'd ilUt'rate viewlefs yawning jirM* 
Muft hear, unlift'ning, snd, untaught, decide, 
There, let loft fentiment mifpoiht no beam j 
To hope, were blindncfs : and to wifh a dream \ 

Up Ieap*d Thalia, glowing red with ra^, 
. Fir'd and indignant at a farceful age. 
Shall Comedy's infulted mufe, Ihc cry'd. 

Hold hoops, to tumblers ! ■ ■ 

She paus'd, —unable to proceed ; — figh'd ftrcijg: 
Repell'd the big difdain — and trac'd her wrcmg. 

Shail Comedv, for fworded harlequin. 
Split lathes f and arm him, for the mimic fcene ! 
While hiy proud impotence ! with modifh ftrut, 
Cocks bluff, diffufive of his ivooden cut ! 
Muft (tajwing G^^s o'tr the winnow'd pit. 
Mounting p&fieriors, in defciS: of wit ! 
Or clap fomc human whirlwind'^ bluft'ring rage, 
That o'er twelve heads defcending, fliakes the 

Stare, while th' unmanly reptile's wriggling twift 
Threads the ftav'd ladder, and defcends, unhifs'd? 
Or, for the rope-afpirer's jirkful tread. 
Shall ihc poize right their tmh\cTcaXk.kad? 




No -^ Let implor'd ejpulfion wing mc thence I 
Far let me fly,'to fome feir feat of ftnfe : 
"Where life's ftorn humour glows with mirthf^ 

And comic padwre copies nature's face : 
Where imag'd paflion, dear to the polite, * 
Leaves low bufibop'ry to the rabble's right. 
Tir'd, yet untaflc'd, let mc no longer wait. 
Laughing imheeded — at the laughing great : 
While, with^the roar of boys, to tricks they run. 
Which mobs ihou'd ihout at, and the wife fhavCd 

Gravely, good fouls ! rcferving folid fcom. 
For thoughts, to feel whofe force^ themfelves 

were 6em, 

Warm*!) in wit'5 caufc, lamenting genius loft, 
Nortafting ecftafy, at judgment's coft, 
Lift'ning Germanicus, with penfive grace, 
Revolv'd wifli'd ibft'nings, for a pitied race : 
When, like a trumpet pouring mufic's ^d^ 
Speaking Calliope thrill'd thro' his blood. 

N 4 There 



Thi:re was a prince ! ah ! bid me add, ere 
, There is — impulfive of the epic fong. 
Flame, of imperial prominence, he Ihin'd : 
Terror, at once, and cbarm, of humankind ! 
All the foft praife of focial life his due : 
All the rais'd poVrs, of arms, and arts, he knew: 
Fearlefs, impell'd his father's fortune on r 
And, in youth's dawn, a dazzling viftor fhone ! 
In force refiftlefs, yet undaring wrong ; 
i/on^, in vengeance ! and in pity, Jirong! 
Without, dwelt war, in all her thundVing din : 
"While peace in all her flillncfs, wept, within. 
Form'd fof a lover, for a thinker taught 5 
Bloodlefs refteBhe eminence, he fought : 
Born to be greatejij chofe but to be beft : 
But heav'n, diat knew his ufe, forbad his reft: 
Then, from the calms of conqu'ring thought, he 

Glow'd in tempeftuous war, and fcorn'd repoft. 
Uncrpwn'd, ga'ue crowns, at will, their tkorm un- 

And OTw^tbanjeignjng, •without reigning died. 

r.,,,,- 7^-, hy Google 

Origihax. Foxms. 105 

Such, though the land I lea-oecG^A ftiew me 
ftill, . 

Calm feafons call not for a PSot's ikill. 
Peace^ is the bleffing, commerce loves to chuie ; 
But Ttftfr, znd glory t taflc the epic- mufc. 
Fapewel, furc fubjeft of my .future fong 1 
When, rifing ftiameflil at a people's wrong. 
In times yet diftant, thy rcmemb'ring hand 
Lets loofe corre^ion at fome foreign land^ 
Then, loud as thy applaufc, Feclainx us, all: 
And every mufe of nine Ihall wait ihy call. 

, Speaking fhe rofe : and, with her, rifing 

Her eight fad fifters, fighing, tfifn'd to goV" 
Lively upftardng from his Ihddow'd feat, 
Sta;^ cry^d the prince, alarm'd,r— fufpend refreat. ^ 
Juft though your, anger, yet revenge forbear : 
Left, taught by mufes, man forgets tojpare. 
Too foon, degen'rate nature warps awry. 
The bad to copy, and the good to fly. 
Have you beheld wit's ftream difcohuf'd glide. 
And pour'd loft azure on th' unconfdous tide ? 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

i86 Orio<nai, Povwa. 

Thmk the hlameyoarsy who heav'n's bcft tlnfhire 

.lfrit(g, ..:.-.:..•'.•■ 

To ftan the current, yet negledt th? J^n wg- / 
Wou'd jteu, at oace> -CtpruleoH depth renew ? 
And* gayly brigt^'nipg, ilulh th* Unproveoient^ 

High, at xtic/ource, th' infufive A'nf< beftow : 
Aiid ev'ry downward drop {hall tipSut'd flow. 

BuTj whije, a Wgrant, infpiration Arays, 
And, here and there, iwliceos'd pow'r diipUys, . 
ThOJixgh fep'rate, individual p-oUers fhare 
Some uncoUcflive fcatt'rings, of your care ; 
TluS . way, and th^i: though fome iaint hint of 

Gleaquj Ulc« a Dactpofjiad Ovotks back m night. 
Or, miijgUng beams, to ibnn fotitf; dcadi^s htaze^ 
Onpe in an age, you, Pprxs, or TkouspHS, 

taife : . 
AU.tbe loft Ubottf (ems but to exprefs,'' 
How vnde our wa»ta I bow tbii% we pofit^ 1 
Till the J/tf iregis, expert no gra'ral glow * 
For, the (ky dariwn'd, keeps all ^uk, below. - 



Original PoBMa 187 

Here, for vrit's fountain, dream not of a »w/» 
Falfc and injurious, flight th' unweigh'd report. 
Meant, for a clime, where thrones appropriate' 

And one man's palTions all mens rights derour. 
But, io free ftates, where liberty may cAa^, ^ 
Tafte knows no monarcbj and obeys no mufe. 
Senates their mufes ; property their aim : 
Thdr boaft but fafety ~-- and their play-thing, . 

No — wou'd your willing culture waftc no 
toU ? ■ ^ -'■-■' '- 

Wou'd your bays thrive, in a rcluftant foil ? 
Duf^e of f<»'m, and changing ihapcs at wSl, 
Afliime nevsfex, new names, new views, jkmJiUCf 
Safe, in fage peUticSy concead your wit ; 
Then, by my bounty, quaUjy^d to Jky 
Nine Cornijh boroughs might aiGgn ytia place, ■ ■ 
Where, mix'd unthougift-bf» you itiay fli^ di£- 

There, breathing unfufpeded infiuen«, li^ 
' Till patient ptogi^^ ao\fia yoor arduotn^ode* 


'l,.— ii,Gi:H)(^Ie" 

]38' Original Pdbmi. 

Thence, (hall defcending radiance tafte convey : 
And willing kingdoms make the mufei v/zy. 
Till, tJnie flow fav'ring, you may quit difguife. 
And wear wit, /iw«, among th'unlaughing wife. 

Causing, he fmil'd humanity, fo kind. 
That ev'ry mufe was touch'd, and chang'd her 

mind I 
All bow'd confent, to his grave purpofe wrought ; 
And, thus, Urania voic'd her filler's thought. 

Born to a people's hearts^ their Darling, 
Let ev'ry wifli, and hope, and joy, be thine ! 
Mov^d by the magic mercy of thy view, 
WQ'&el good counfel, and embrace it too. 
One fole amdittm grant, and we obey : 
No dang'rous notice muft deted our iby ! 
Hid in ^ifrv ^row, each menial mufe ihall claim 
Domeftic Shelter from reproach and Ihame : 
Till, by thy ii:heme,' their yet unrival'd^'^K//. 
Their infiu'ence vndens, and their fiifTrings end. 
Then, (hewn the world, and frivikg'd to pleafc». 
And, gath'ring &ce and Miion, by degree^, . 

■ ii,Gi:H)(^Ie 

Original Poems. iSt^ 

Sfeeh At qfemblieit belles may jokes forbear : 
Nor, Ihocking modcft^flff^rrj, turn zndjare ! 

Thus, in bis Aiade, .from public pain exempt, 
Sle^ingi the viiioniiry poet dreamt. 
Then wak'd ; and found his fparkling PkJncb 

was there : 
But ev'ry empty tmfe was loft in air. 

7%e- CRfiATlON. ■ 
A Paraphralc upon tbejirfi Chapter e/"GENBsis. 

IN the beginning, the Almighty God \ 
Sending out his loud decree. 
Begot exigence, and bid being be I 
Creation I firft-born child of un-nam'd night, 
Swell'd flowly, upward, at his pow'rful beck : 

Aloft, he wav'd his threat'mng rod. 
And, ftrait, refiftance fled the awefur check ! 
And trembled, downwarc^ from his dread- 
ful flo/l 



Z90 Okigihax. Poems. 

. TbeiijOutof i3&it0f} Areak'd widi fuddeo light, 
Vp r<41'4 the £ice ofJbrJtt, t^apt round with 
And, from die curling clouds, march'd put, mag- 
. nificeat, and bnght. 
I^rafe earth, at firft, was rude, and &apelefs, 

JVnd cover dthidC vridi ftill, and empty ihadc ; 
For darknefs, brooding o'er the Jf^, had motion 
overlaid ! 
Out went ihejpiritt o'er the lifelcis wafte. 
And breaUi'd, in breezy gales, God's high 
comraand : 
Let there be Ughi, faid he ; and e'er the word 
was paft. 
Pale, quivVing beams duk thidc, on every 
hand : 
And gathering into luftre, devious, £ew, 
Ready to aft, but ignorant what to do. 
Tiie ipirit fwiit coUeded all, and rang'd 'cm, on 
one lidc, 
And drove tha fever'd darknefs on a heap, 
Oirling bl^ widi wheely iJovep, 
In piles, immenfely horrible, .and fteep : 




Then, paffiflg ilow, hetweait their borders to di- 
vide J 
Hcncefordi, be this bright fioid, day, he cry'd. 
And night this duiky mount, 00 my left fide : 
So iaying, plca§'d with hid own work, he fhot 

himfelf away, 
Add fflsm^, thus, and evenings pin' d^ -made up 
&e firft great day^ 


The hand ofGsd, again, was flretch'd e'er all : 
^endj he cry'd, ye tbin^ andinbtile'tndn. 
That, iigbtifi, in the mingled mals, reroiuiL. 

Hie floaty <z^fl» ftarted, at his call, . 
And hafted to him all ; 

Whofe 'Odice was never heard in pain. 

High, from the grc^r be^ th(^ fteam'd a- 

A nimble hoft of Ipringy txidies, caTl'di 
in various forms, and ftf uggUrig tfVcay way. 

To be at «tfe, and fly unfurl'd ; 
■Bbt each, <^^h:w3ive to the olher's £ar^, 
Togeftlier twifted wide they jTproad, a liquid field 


192 OkiGiHAz; Ptv^MV 

Here, cty'd-the mighty Fer^^^r, dnH* & IJii^ 

All above /A/j, be trnwe ! 
Heaven iball bfa kerei and, here, my throne flialt 
Hither, ye thiftnfeft, pilreft, atoms rifci 

Poflefs, and fill my topmoft fkies ! 
Ybu fecond ranks, reft where ybo are. 
And call yoar fluid force thc^j^mq^bert-: 
But you^ mpre heavy climbers I backward ial)^ 

Keep you the bumhkjifofi of all : 
Condens'd to cbjer fubftanc^, roll bihtii 
. And, murnfring hoarfe, in tvat'ry *QaJineJi flow; 
AIi,widcly differing, hear alike, and equally obey^ 
And fo found' end J ihs fecond fortnful dayi 

- . nii 
' Let all ihefc curreittSi wbibht di*vtdedt ran; 

Vnitet fays God, and gather into One ! 
At once, with hollow roar, the back'ning flpod, 
Vnveil'd the reeking earth, and ihrunk away : 

Twas then the third aftonifli'd i&y, 
IDifclos'd a fwelling globe of naked mud» 
.A Ufelefs bulk, which all. una^ve lay : 
And iaw the channel'd Oeean, round it, play \ 

n,:,— h,Gi:H)(^Ie 

■Wann, breath'd prolific ipirit D'cr the ftce 

Of each new drciU^ fpace j 
. Th' impregnate gfebcy gCQwa confcious.ftf ^er 
worthy :' 

Qincei'd'd at once, at once brought forth. 
■With niineralpaqgSj, her ftiiPningopwelsgroanj 
Her heaving mquntaJhs Hardeii into ftonc. 
*rhe muddy furface trighfens into green.': 
. . Sturdy yJrw^j are, this way, fewi'i 
■ . S^miefs i>eri>s rife, there, between. 
■•JTbe opening rofey by nature gay, 
, . Bluihes at tKe klfs of day ! ' ^ 
i*ale, hard ty, ^t Ully blows^ 
Envious of the ruddy i'bfe'^ 
And, pining at lier ficklier white, . 

Hangs her head, to ihun the iigtit. 
^acK vetdaht -ytf/e cmfcrbidcf'd' beauty, fills j 
Ani fhcioting^rj^j crbWn x^tioaving hitts. 
Carpets of^rafs o'erfpread th'' extended //<»Wj 
And, here and there", for brnamenf, ah unclodt&'d 
rock remains ! 

VtfL. It. d Well^ 


Q^ .0«<itit[NiAJV:P^»sMI> 

"■^cll-pleas'd, the JtfjiS^r Taw liis frork fucceed : 
'Tis.wond'rops fair, he laid ! thefe charms 

With fpattiing bcaufji^ ^ccm to pl^ili" J" 
That hetwen.ihou'd pay 'eqi back ionic Jhffw. 
■Hien, let there be iwj glorious lights: ' 
Let ow infpireihe days, and o»f adorri the y/'g'ifej. 
The wpr^ was.Gop'g ! 'tw^/aid, andi^pic/ 
Out-blaz'dj at once, ^he glorious _y2(o ■' 
All beaten J md.. earthy ftr^it, catch'd the quick- 
riin^/rf.;, V ;- ' \ ' 
And meftcd into warm, and new defire. 
TheyVi-cnamour'd v/'iih his be^mSy \ . 
,SnjiI'4> ^ipvy^ard, .from i thoufand ftreams j 
And, longing to approach him jiigherj 
. -..Diflblv'd, in exhalations, to afpirc! 
Wide, this new torch of heavefif the world 

adorns ; . , 

The crefcent moon, too, ihow'd her Jher harm : 
But, with a paler luftre fhin'd : 
, For fhe, diftaftcful, that fhe ow'd her light 
'i'o a proud rival's envied fight. 


■ ii,Gi:)C)^Ic 

r-l.i: "Atidids^r^i dedlm'd"'! r- 
. iSa^ Qyf hehgniij, and b^tHp eaie Ijer ^m. 
And ornament her ihado^" reign, 
Smtck out a'm)vm& of iHu^loOs j^ieiri^^. 

The Gem 6f heetv'a^ herjht^'ia^rks ! ' 

And, eW tBe^feaKhfid F/*w«* eo^ii'd ceimplain, 

^ihef %ih! i;^'th«,ylM%^ woEld^-H^itk Her m^^;- 

Tfie'ji^iS daydawil'd'^ aHS,'thW,^!:i?j Voice \V^ 

^heard,'" • "---' 

Wliy 'ihou'd tfire -wor/i'o/'w/ff'rifoil- flow' f^ 

By iniom offsprhf^, let her w^es be chear'd. 

' Bdh|g forth, Ofeaf and fill the depths,' betow : 

Loud ocean,^iifti'a ioftillneft, tod a&ald 

■ fb let one •wavftlie {bortifivaiUt ' ' 

. ■WOTdct*d,''yet,'toicel, •within;""' 

Alund ofniotftng \<Tir-tie^hV ' * 
Fermenting vtgaaf' ftirf'd the wa^fy heap, 
Liquid b/^' tegan to creepy''- 
And hdf-form'd inonfiefi floimder'd, thro' the 
deep. ■■•'.. ... 

V^shxm^fenfotion, by degrees;' ^read wide % 
O 2 Ffpxst 

.Ip6 OXIGINAIL Posits, 

i'/^j, fw^<-ihootingi irom the bottoiri, gli<}^ 
To ftem, \Ti fcafyjboals^ die to[Anoft tide. 
, The JbeU-dr^ trib^^ ef ^fowdi, ;and infition, 
, >», 

: ' \Varm, juid gay, ih?, nimbler kind 
Upward roU, thMop tofind^ , / 
And, leapidgy coed their /rii^rr, in theiwjod^ 
In the mid-way, the plun^g whak jiilays 

Wanton in life, he whirls, wjth antic bounds. 
And, fometimeSj to ^c/wface mounts, atnd,fom«- 

times, fwceps the grcunJi 
l^he boiiif^ dee^ about himjW;j, and, witb his 
i , . iport, refounda. 

. -Thence, too, the featber'dnatiofij rfutt'ring, rife, 
, Clouds of fun-obfcuring fize ! 
And, every bird, as from the wave he fpring»| 
And tries hisnew-form'd throatj and fings. 
Shakes the. moiilure from his wings ; 
Thcn^.drawn by iniUnftj, upward flies^ 
And tow'rs, ambitious, to the tempting siies^ 
, . . Be fruitfui, all, CoJiaidi and multipl^t 
And hll the Jeasy and fill the sf^ : 

■. r2 , ' ■ Through- 

■ ivGtio'^If 

Ok't6tHAL PoeMb.' 197 

Throi^hout the ocean,' 0,ye Ft/bi abound : 
And let your uaWoof kinds, Oi^/ 1 o'er all the 
forth be fonnA: 

■VI." ' 
Now, ' &ir wa« peopUJ, and the roomy fiai ! 
And nefiing inmates fiU'd the branchy trat 1 
Thou, atrtbj laid God, ihalt, yet once more," 
E'er cm" mighty faflt wp leave i . . ' 
BartJ^t trembling from her center, heard the 
.found, . , 
And felt, thro' «H her ch^CbB, Enfpiring beat ! 
y/aim germinafhn heav'd th' enih^ning ground. 
And, from the forest clofc, and d^k reu^at, 
LynxeSj end Tygert, on a fuddcn, kun^. 
From the filent, jnountain cave^ 
Glaring round, the ^on ftalke ! 
And wond'ring, frowns, in fiercenefs grave. 
To meet the clumfy Cflmei, in his walks ! 
The fprightly borfe peighs, from the nigged 

;:■ .- . hiu. 

And, Ihooting downward, thunders o'iSr the 
plain i 
founding adong, ftrikes out his beds at wiU» 
O 3 TUl 

Roughly fix'd, in Jiupi4 J}iinf^. ' , . 
Snorting, h? ftarts, and gallops back, agdn !; 
From the moiftyfrf,fli' urtfinifli'd Frog 
■ ■-r.^rifrixfejfeiatly^fjjtet.ljut hilfiway ft«9d}- 

Vind; JraggiUj^Oniii fids Aia^ fig-i^ a 1^:: ^ 
i>t^ft aet :hiS: liotBcr: l^s>>abd-I,^J^ "^cffiig- &e 
otead! ' .vi- ■■ .•; 

from the^^i^^ rfie- i^ecttoL ' Snoki-f ' '^ 
■-■ : VfiiM higlx^rate'd hieadj> aft<aiiili'd; glides j '-i 
Hiffing^ he journeys on, from ^Ait tb ^rjif, 
. . P^oudo'fthScapJy^/*l!fJ'whcr«ddh«flidds! 
. ' 'Ftow the high frs0picei the beardcfd Gbat- ■ 
< ■- L<iok« daws, with gravity, oh diifentyi&ffc; 
The^fl^ difcems, hinii aAdi V^irfi barking" 
throat, ' .- ■•- ■- '•■ . ■: . - 

Springs upward^ at hiiri, attS ^^tiit^ th^ 
rocks f " -'i '■■■'■ 

Jncvcry f/ain, on evtry -in ff, "- 
' _ .The ^u^ world -if ^irrW throughdut : 

And, labouring with its^maker's will, 
'^breathing m^i, ^Jhaarmj}/ Hfi break^out f 

.■■-■-: . ■ ^ -...-..■/■ -■ :_ .■ [ ., ..High, 

0« ixi Y^At Pox MsP i§§ 

...:-./:;.;. ' ■"'"■'^_ ---.:.■-..■; ^ .. i' 

High* on a mount of Bden*s happy fiiore, 
" *t'iioughtful, at laft, tHe great Creator flood : 
I find, fays he, there wants one I'about more. 

And, then J the work L gooJ ! 
And, be it, fo, e'er yet I give it o'er : 
Offtf.^hallfbo form'd} ta ruU ihx>-^^i^mSf SacBi^ 
. before ! ■' , - , . . . .' 

Hefaid; and-wav'dj.onhigb, hurawe^l hand. 

Strait, from ho^.^rc^w's fawj,; , . , : 
And 5^16/d's wUdjiMid. frozen' land,.. ! \ 
A gathering ;whirlwijid,to\i«ard higi^blcwj 
Sweeping, ivovnEafl tp We/i,Sroii)spoM to pole ^ 
Swifter^i^^n thought^cha'$£ddietpM^ J 
And a long train of each land's d^ft|- -ip c l^ds, 
togcthef df &w. . -. ,... - :, r, , ,.^^--{ 

Th' a|^ro^chmg-.<??o«W their Cr^i?<w;,^ey?y 
And guefe'd his.naighty meaningi,tqQ-5 
And, knitting 'miso<i}^(G e^bxace, ^hurtwn[fiape 
;. ■ thcygrew!. _ J^^ -'r- ^, _. ^ . . - , 
God touch'd the light, and uncanrieiaed frame. 

And breathr'd the brfafb of life throMghout. 
Afud4e^^jS^.Cf^>'^*thyp'j^^^ _■- 

At pnce, the dry cojijunSfion catcK'd thcjtftfw^, 
And kindle d into man.. 

O 4 The 

^9 0.?f*3IMAl, POBM*. - 

T^he jointeJ dufi look'd yrHd about, and Uvingfi^l 

became J . , 
He faw his Godj and proftrate fell, qppreis'd yritl^ 

yirtuQU^ ihame. 

■■ "? ■ 


Hear mci thou captain of my creatures ! thou, 
Whofe nobler Jirmt in my own image, made, 

Forbids rfjce, any where, to bow, 
But to my gloty, in theie works, difplay'd, 
I, thy great Maker ^ muft be well obey'd t 
All elie ihall tby commands fulfil, 
Only ftibjcd to *fy will : 
Ixmk round tho& wide-extended plains^ below, 
Whate'er thou fee'ft, is all tfy own t 
Yon diftant moustaifu, tppt with Jhovi 
fiwell'd to that height, for thee^ ahneX 
For tbety yon winding rivers flow j 

FiU'd, witbiny by finny ihoals ! 
There's not a bird oi heaven, which ftall nof 
And ftoop to thy contronls. 
Fgr /i&*<, yori wind-fliook ^efis grow j 



. ORIOtlf AS. KoBIfA. 20V 

And a|l thefe lovely Jhwert, 
Enamel e^rthi and fcent the breezy ihowe^s. 
Which giv.e 'em flrcngth tp rifc;, and pam^ the 
leaiy boycrs- ■ 
The frmts^ of various' iwt', are alfo/i/W; 
For tlxtt yon rip'ning clufters fiiine : 
The loaded_^fmj, which bear 'em, bending fl^pd, 

But to invite /Ay hand. 
But, have a care, O Son o^ dufi \ thus rais'd. 

That I am duly prais'd : 
Remember, grateful, by whofe pow'r Ujou art, 

And, in the flowing fullncfs of thy joy, 
^ mindful, he, who made thee, can dejiroyt 
And curb the haughty fwcllings of thy heart, 

CA.MIt LUS: ^Poem. 

J^mbfy infcrib'd to the Ri^bt Homurahle Charles 
Earl of Peterborough cfW Monmouth. 

Writ, in the Ypar 1707, ■ 

WHEN.;»/»r*^ JI^ROES fuffcr jq their 
fame, . , '' : . 

■ But. 


2»2- • XTr I O 1 1* At Pd* MS. 

But pH^Bus' Sons ftiou'd raife rcfehtnient hlghcr» 
And light up vengeancey witK poetic ^vc. 
for, where injufticc clouds a n<Ate name, 
The Patron's fcandal is the Port's Jhame. 

Permit, Great Sir, my humbU TKitfeio taifo 
Kfri'Qste moiiument, of /^WrV praife : ' 
Unbend your mighty fmJ^ and ftoop to famef 
Whofc ixice ftiall found, to heaven, your g/orJoiii 

H^'tids, thai are great, like yours, difdain apptaufel 
Their ijtlmm virtue gives iheir reafin laws : 
Above the reach of maiice, bleft, they live. 
Proud to be envy'd', and, like beaveri, forgive. 
What depth gf /f'arjnuft ray tais'd fencyjW, 1 
To/ound th* unBtthom'd wrfti» of thy mind ! > 
Or, thro' the lab^ryntb of thy vBonders wind ! J 
JIow dares my untry'dpen attf»npt a vcrfc. 
Worthy thy God-like aftions to rehearfe ? 
How dares my ftutfring mufe invade that fky. 
Where VirgHi eagle-wing'd, wou'd fiul, to Jiy \ 
park, in my breaft, tumultuous terrors roU, , , . 
And riling paffions Jhaie my lab'ring Joul:' ; 
Encount'ring reafom, thro' my judgment^ fhiiie, , 
i^cane ar^^,'and fomc /erhid,ikc vaAd^gn: 


Here, Ju^ice fummom — there, ff^:;r«tfi&4caie8^; 
pu^ to ti>ts^ to that, my will replies , 

ttefoh'dj at kft, your _^fe return ta gr^ct^ 
I throw my ivortblefi numbers., a£ your feet, j^ 
Afliir'd', the generous goodnefs qf your, eye^ 
Will fee my zealt^ and pafs my errors ly, 

• BffT:^ if my _/('^iJ!? genius ehance to fatly 
Nor ardent prafrs can, with /^S^ nrw^, prev^l j 
?^'nij Sir, how vtfnffw your ^reai" <j^j- appear! 
tbere^ VjWj and glory '— wit, and honour, A^r^ .- 
Rattles, and blootffhed, c^ehrateyouT name t' 
7Sr«p, the great bero^ in a purple flood, 
f lungiss, thro'y?orffly7^ijj of hoftile blood. 
iVo«j, ftridfes, with jkilfulcowage, from afar;^ 
To ftop fome gap^ of unfucceftful 'war : 
Another moment, fmoothly„ giids his Jace, 
With lovely fwee/nefp, and delightful ^<zff ? 
Calmly, hfc tunes his mind^ to foftcr fports. 
And lives die matchlefs Paragon of courts, 

NO wonder thea^'^vayptefamptaoXi&tyef T 
Viewing thy Sui^ of <;xcell^«c, too ni^ > 
PaB2ledwitii%4fr,i$forc'dtal9akaw^! J> 


n,:- — i.,Gi:hh^Ic 

ao4 OkioiHAL Poems. 

A traveller, who, thus, without z guide. 
O'er fome untneajurd traS, attempts to ride ; 
Where thoufend patbi^ of equal breadth,, appear, 
^ And each fair courfe fcerhs fafe, alike, to fteer. 
May, fpite of flriSieJl caution, lofe his way. 
And, fcarcc, be juftly /aid, to go ajiray^ ■ , . 

In peace, the fam'd Hispani a, long^ had fl^t, 
An4 free ppffejfum of hjcr Indies kept : 
Made poor^ by plenty, 4pP content fhe knew ; 
Her ftrength defUningf 3S h?r riches grew : 
T;|l, forc'd to valour, flie bcgjps too late. 
And climbs* unwilling, jbiit to pul) ^pwn &te* 

THEmfecqndC&arUs refign'd hkprincelj breath. 
And fwift-wing'd fame prpclaif^*;} ^' ft^^ted 

Sudden, tlje trfimfet cchpeg, from afw?, 
And friendly nations rife tp furieui war : . 
The hardy veterans their arms prepare. 
And waving banners fan the heated Ht :, 
The iprightly fieeds, with lofty bounds, advance. 
Aid curb'd, by fltillful riders^ proudly prance r 
A wild confufmt^ o'er ^tigkie, is huriy, . 
And "Warlike eartbtpio&es JIhako the (ihriitian world. 

r,.),-- i,,Gl.HH^Ic 

The Aufirian prince, beir^ in aflinn'd<J^c»^ 
To grafp the croim, his flrong emUavcurshtati 
Bourbon <^pos'd, dnd^.in die viacanttbrau^ 
Wou'd'^/acea rv^al offspring of bit own, ■ V; . 
Doubtful the rig^ — bur-^owV, which -tfi7>«5r)', 
Appcar'd, tajtifiify the fecomts Jway : 
The arms of France allure the voice of Spaitti . 
Aiid^;^oif'fe^»dy will his /S^'niaintaini - 

Sighing, ihcyoung prevented Austr i an ftantis, 
,And lifts, to gr2ciou8 heaven, his' eyes, and h&Adst 
Implores fwift juilice, to an ii^ur'd man y 
And heaven direds his prayers to heaven's vi«- 

gsrentf Anne. 
Thither, they fly, whom pow'rful wnw^i opprefs. 
And find a oertain^^^r from dijirefi ': 
By hef, the proud afpirtTj dally, bleeds, 
And biajid monarch wait her dreaded'^f^%, ' 
Aw'd, tho' diipleas'd, to her decrees thcy'^fl»/. 
And own the fete of Europe, in her hand. 
, Thitlvr, with tow'ring hopeSi and longing eyes. 
The young, excluded monarch, fwifdy,. fiiei i. ' ' . 
WhifperS, in Anna's ear, his weighty griefs 
And, from herpityi?^ 'fouly extrafts reileft • ■ ' 

■^- y '' '" ■■■ 'At 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

%0i ■ OMF3l)tAti^«JS&^(. 

■ -At, ier 'coBaxaaadi,^* i^ic^ Btfi^iHs ^f^- ■ >' 

Anitjiw'^, .iv^^€afi.rfiigfng- fangs <£4e4thl ■ • [ 
A chfen bami <»€ jU^ ,w1ki »U jdungpK^f, 

Thro' c\wiy-ftKr,.dieir gloiaonsiioa^'itbey riiig;/'. 
To far^ proud France, and «^^/ an injur'JKt'ng, 

O'SK-th^e, a Chijp, bf art^aad mtaure, grai^ 
Renovfa'driri war^ w^ foHc^t was^^'d: . -1 
And much ie^ove what otben tD\i\A. not learn : 
-Hc-pw'd no virtiie, to'?i dread c^Khame, 
No feeming honcftyjao prt»i]is*d fame ; 
On its oy>fi &afe,_m £»7f, trius honour ftobdi . ' 
W&ih'dy\yyzgcaetaiistJdeofm6ie^loiu/.- ''> 
//(W jthe great Anna chdofe — Camillps' go^ - 
Revenge my. Arij/iK^, on his haughty^of : - ' 
Gyatxi hiin to 5j/>jnV,— "thercjletaaK^/i^baiuibv^, 
And £tht the mnarchy in his ravilh'd throHe. ' ' 

The valiant chief, VKithout ainihitibn;, imja^ \ 
Humbly rccoiy'd the weighty charge, fhc gave : 

D«&ifa^k"%tie'rf3»*/w,tofce^4C; ' :■.■■■ 

Swiftly, he bids his glad commanders meet, 

ThdrT*,el]B^ ^J dJs:ftvjelUug j*z/f/ invite, , 
And heaven, ^t)^_they, pr^pJ^Wu^yi wnVf ;> 
In loud^tA^^t^ ^ ^Cp-n^ut^'d c^mibns roar, 
.^(^Aatr'4 b}dzcaiDUfr wt^, ircun ^e j^ r< ^ 
Whence mingled crowds their hearty^r^^wj repeat, 
'TiU:ftifi^'j|^«Ki obft:ttre.Ac_^/iit'»^ fleet. 

,-:rP?J^«9M!«ijeftlimits;x)fihatland» , 

Thro' which. t}ie .?<^ffw, |[olden,fand», 
His ra|ud.j5Qurj^,.in depth -of .waters bends,. - 
Andtwice tii^ b.andrcd«Mles.T)is ftre^pircxtends-j 
01d.BARCEi.ojiA,Arpng^.hy n.4ture, ftandsj, . 
And niks-a,»aft£xt^t of',fertUelands : 
With rpckjf tntvntaias-, half environ'd round, r 
Theo^eThaifipyiogStjiod^marJhy ground: 
Ua:Maitiii^r-^ltf(mTo\mdiin§irencbes]ky.. - 
Beyond thofe depths, rife bulwarks, vaftly high : 
.>A^6 -wiUiin walls, UieXotid placedefendr- ; / 
Where watehfiil Centinels their charge -attend : 
Whence traias of hoUoirbrafs,- with fiery bresuh , 
Vomit black fulph'rousmelTages of death } 


^6% Omeiiatt Pa^ih, 

Ram'd with deftraaaoa, borft n^ JkOErM r^j 
• Aad kaittr temrty rovdd the -trembling ihbre; 

HiTftBA, v^tth crewdtd f^, the SriieKs heati 
^ig.tvidi the me0age, tbeiH^azf mfirtfi iexsti 
Their wirtike foutfrlior/iisBjb/ww' -fife, 
And breathe out piottS wUhes,-to* t^e flues : 
And, now» thofe^ pavrers, which bnve defigM 

attendj' J 

Had broaght their vdyaige to a hapf^ rad : - 
From Barcelona's tow'rs, with wild affright. 
The trembling /hi bthoTdS th" iihwelddmfc fi^t j 
A ttiighty Jee'/, afiprtfaching, fcy decrees. 
In graceful order, pldws the finHiiig feas .; 
Harmonious ifiti^ fjJrcads the'/fff, tii6y bt-ing. 
And tiam*rous_^6i/« f^rtK^kitzi the" comng Bng : 
The founding trumpets his ifiteht dedarey 
And waving fireaiHers flCftirifti iii the air : 
Arriv'd, at length, the rawteni loudly roaf, 
And_/?nrff, with panic/rr^A^, the wohd*riBg fiiori. 

Mkan while, thd Spaniards sill their fbVce pre- 
pare, - . . 
And (Trw, confos'dlyj for defen/he war : 


Siificti x^ith ammtxment, and ignoble fear. 
They Ajuik all the Britons^ that appear : 
All think with horrdr, Englattd^ now, had betjf 
Her mfljoft fifrce, to ibrm one gratv^ defient. 

But, when rfiey 6w {xtjmaffi, number /rfWi 
And boldly tread the furftce of their fahdj 
The paliSr Marh of /ear forfook their face. 
And -a^nJery far iliane greja, fupplies tii6 f/ati. 
An tqtial forte, ^tbin tbeir wbUs, they found. 
Vat, ^sar'd) to «W8/ theitfaes, on p$to/ gi'iuHi i 
They fiiWj with wonder at aM aft, fo Vain> 
ill' undaunted 5irr?o»Jwin the neighb'ring^iwi*. 
Where, foohi ^<ear Jepia^oni form'd a cMtpt and 

They thougbty w dreudrdi Aey were more, thanf 

Thus had the grcftt Camillus forc'd hU 
And, void o£ fieri \r midft of danger t, ky : 
ImjMient of delays, ih^ Avstki ah youtky 
Dcep-tooch'd with pirrs^i IHten'd to the triah t 
He faw die voetihtefs of hie dttring feWj 
And, wkh- concern, his fit's advantage knew : 

Vol. IV* P Tha 

210 Origlmal'Pokms. 

The brazen tubes of death vftrc mounted high. 
And cloudi of rolling fmoke obfcur'd the fky j 
All thh^ and mo«, from his finaii camp, was feen, 
And deatby difguis'd with horror, ftalk'd, hetiaeen. 

The aged cbiefsy in cautious w/zr, grown old, 
Wou'd rather be too backward, than too bold :. 
Therefore, advis'd the Prince to hafte away; , 
Since 'twas fcarce poffible, to iive, and ^/^. 
The. Prince, with melancholy thoughts oppreft, 
C^me to Camillus, and unlock'd his breaft ; 
Told hirti the pangs of forrcvoy Jhdmet and rage. 
Which the blooming comforts of his age : 
ToU.him the f antes, in which his T^f'/ wou'd 

ShoU'd he thus, unfaceefsfully, return. 

With grief, thc.gen'rous Briton heard him 
The deep misfortunes, he but knew, too •wetU 
He rolls his- eyes, accufes partial fate, 
And tells the Aufirian, that he (hou'd be greet. 
Refolv'd to aSi, the council fpeak, in -potV, 
And, by debates, protradt the fall oj Spain : 



OkigIIial PiJtlASi tit 

Camillus had zjbul, whofe heavenly fire 
Cou'd c^mpafs all things, and to all afpire. 
Himfe^t alone, cbu'd with bimfelj debate. 
And mov'd, obfcurely, like the hand of fate. 

Hars by the towerS of BdrceloHay ftands, 
Highj on the rac^j, o'erlooking deighb'ring/iWi/ifj 
A ftroiig-built ca/ile, whofe extended fway 
Obliges cv'n the city^ to obey^ 
Five hunted men the folid ratnparts keep, 
On ^Oc&s, beyond itriagihafionj 'jieefi 
Whence rolling^owi invading foes can chafe, 
Whsft, with aft dkin^ eye^ they climb the dfedd' 

TiiiS iiras.the_y3«r«, whence i'/^?(Jr/« ihUft^/Wi 
tlither the Britijh chief rcfolv'd to go : 
Unus'd to fear ^ and more unua'd to bodfi^ 
With Ump'rate words, he cbear^d his leHnSfing 

hoft> ; 

Strove not to bide the ha2ard of the fa^t 
Nor cover' danger , with a gilded ma^ i 
He bids taehfoidierj like bimfelf pcrfornij 
And, by exampU^ wins *em, to the fttmnii 

.;..,. Pa T«» 


The r^y monung uflier'd in ^atjiai,^ 
Which was to fee a bhody bufinefs done } 
His beams flione bright^ to guide the hattU wdlj 
And drank their blood, in pity, as it fell : 
Eight hundred Bfitcnil on this glorioas. day^. 
O'er p^blejs iOttik%^ftirc6 thfir obliqiie way 1 
In ttdiom majcht o'er Ugb afcettt^t they l«fti \ 
And nmn the Azngtxa^i precipice , at laft. 

With llrange furprize, the Spmidrdi ruth td 

And Jf/& rung batkmardy m co^fus'd akrma : 
The fummon'd foldiers hurry to their p^^ 
And /e«r whole vollies on the climbing hoft : 
Repeated chargei from the confirm fly, 
Lifcej£pr)' m^eors^ blazing, thro' the iS'ij' ; 
The ftiajter'd limbs of mtrty who nobly daft 
Arc borne 6rt ^a/fe«, thrb'thc fiaming air : 
The difmal profpeftyZw^ij the brareft hearty 
And add8 new moHcm, to disjointed parts } 
The brave Camii.£us, with a fierci ddi^t^ ' 
jpn'ves m the head-long fi^ of the JigAf : 
Urges his bleeding troops, ftiH jfe](rfer, md higfyf^ 
And fcatters death for death, and fire for fire. 

-■ 2 ' THffSji 


Thus, Tyhcn, Mf.c^, the mighty giatjis ftreve. 
To check the bo»ji>41efs powfr of angry Jove j 
With_/flr«, like /i*>,. but, ip a f^i^/f, lefs geod, 
Thq huge Skiabeu^, their jrffl/ leader! ftoodj 
The folid f^itfrtf £bak«) beneath his weighty 
Who, all-unknowing, or, unfearing fate, 
Kicks at the thunder, which, with horror^ flies, -» 
And!, while fwift Ugbnt'ning ibfhcs, in his eyes, ^ 
Tears lip 2L hnn(Jred r^cks, and hurU 'em at ther 

. Bv-t oow, Jilgft. ^emieglcd ti)^r grows h^h. 
On heaps, promifcuous numbers^// and dic'^ 
Rivers of blood, from the mix'd battle, Jiem^ 
Till death, Scaxct, jees, to guide a deftin'd iltne. 

The wj/A ar« won, the S^mards lofe the 
' day. 
And crowding Britom win the covered way : 
Whila fome, on high, the- cott^uer'd J^efs defend^ 
Others, below, by mutual help, afcend : 
No .more, the driven /o« their fortune try, 
Sut juit their bloody battlements, and Jly : 

V 3 Hefpair^ 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

?I4 Qrioihal PjyEMS.' 

Dejpair, and horror, fill the difmal place. 
And terror fits, enthroned, ort d/ery face, - ' 
DeJiruBive fate grows cra^/, to exccfs, 
And rages, bUnS/t in her blackeft i^e/i .* 
Matrons, and viFgins, TOP*?/,, with bitter crUs^ 
And noifyy&Tftfuii pierce the diftant Skies. 

Put ceafe, mi(laken wretches / ceafc your mo^n. 
Proud of yoUr conqu'ror, your cwifiuji own s 
Your friends, vt^orfovsj, might tyrannic be. 
Your foes hut confer you, to fet you free^ 
No ^<^ de^gn diftaJns a Britons ftfw/f. 
But pity guides thcjwsrdj v/hichji^ice draws. 

With fuch fucce/s, was that great day begiiUi 
Which tiot the qrmyj but their general^ ^on v 
While he-, impatient his great tajk, to endj 
WhkD^ heaven appcar'.d, fa cady, Xohejriend^ 
Chears his glad foWers, with divided gaiji^ 
And leads 'em dpwn, i;ndreadii\g, to the phis : • 
Ranges, 'em, widely, nejir the city's bounds 
Rcfolv'd to Jorc^ a place, th!Ey.fcarce_/«r'"?"^*^v . 

Thus, moves he, irigh^ly^hk^ foqic watdrt^ 
' ftar, 
fini. /corns the heair^ arts of comtnoa war ; 


n,:— h,Gi:H)(^Ie 

Original Po'ems^ ii^ 

In tfccir own fire, his matchkfs actions blaze ; - -' 
He needs no coahcil, and he leeks no pr/jife : 
WMIe 6tixr generals, tedious projefts form, . " 
He tbiriksy and aBsy and mm s^plaiiie, hjftorm t 
Vf\\hjuri0ui com^t^jlands, and /^«^j his fate,-' 
But bea-am, &i\\, fpares the man, to blefs the 

^ STATE. . 

With threat'ning koi each ready Briton ftands. 
And fliatp-edg'd weapms grace their 'warlike handst 
Obfequious'^/ffflff waits the General's nod. 
As ^htient Gr^crW.^atch'd the Delp&ian God. 

Mean while, each/r.fOTM'njg' tow'r, with hor- 
rid dread, 
Loofen'd its waHs, and fliook its batter'd bead: 
The Ipftyworksi which fliou'd the ftw» defend, - 
The Jhocis of. bq^ile tbunderi widely, ri-W.* 
Amidft Uiefc crowds of terrors and dejpair. 
The Britons, £or a.(^rp a^itdt, prepare : 
The Spaniards fee, axiAJhun the lou'ring Fates, . 
Aiid, widely, iJfwtheir fubmiffive |-tf/«. . . 

Awo, now, the mt^A?^ deed is grc»tly donc^; 
A king reliev'd, and' Hit^doms, bravely, won. _ .^ 
- : P4 The 

■ ii,Gi:H)Qle 


4i6 Okigikax. Poem-s. 

The warlike CAief^ with glory^ fir'd hie krii^^ ' 
Forgot hx^'pUi^ef, apd iorfaok hii r^ ; 
The j^jirian fii'd — He» bravdy, onwsrd (unt. 
And c(wqusr'd re^l ciomtrifi, as he went: 
Tic ftuhborn Catalans^ unus'd t© ^(w, 
Gludly, fulmit, to fixm_^tJ^f0iou, noyr t 
. With joyful ^a/f, their happy monarch ^f«/i 
And leave their mountains, for the regal fiat j 
That ftrong-built/or^, whoTe ^aie the r^ ixceWd^ 
And thrice ten thouiand GaUic.&>^ repelVd, 
Afraid tafirive, her trm ^d^u tmlock'd. 
And gladly epen'dy when Camillus knocked. 
To bis fiiccefsfiil arms, whole nations yield, 
fi.nA,Jreefyj give Jiim upiin untrfd field. 
At bis blefs'd^y^rf, the rich Tortosa lay. 
Arid matcMefr f(Wfi4(^ gain'd him Lirjba. 
Valencia's kingdom, glMioufiy, hewsa. 
And triumfb'dy o'er the proftratc A»rago^. 

But hold, flawary Mufe ! no highcrj^ari 
H?, who £d tbis, atai t ikx^ d^ do mane { 
Oh ! that tiy ntunfaer^ coti^d: but f e^^h ^ iUlQft, 
How wou'd I celeh-ate his glorious n^me I 
Jfow wQu''d I paint the ^(f^h be baswwi. 
And tXi the.w^ aSims^ he haB do"^ - 


J5pw wo^'d Ipaiaf hini» fpilling gm'rfuu :blK4,_ 
And tempting death* for his i/iftfrfaaeii/ry'i, good ! 
How WQW'4 1 draw bU Jfwu iUt^rims Som j ... 
PfW of di«iir matigkd pjk^ an4 Jhatttr'4 ^iW« I 
How wou'd I tune my elevated fong, , 
And./&#w?t]»c «wff, who dft Cam ij-Lft^ wrong! 

P«T, iJRW (6/i works, thro*c4MM((,arft&rc'd 

How cou'd I Ao^ fuccefst from ^^i, as ff«V ? 

Let !y?r/aw be r«£W^^, if it «», 
/^^^ gratitude forgets fo great a man. 

Free Thoughts upon F a j t h j Or , Jlw 
Kcligipn o/"RaA80N. 

OH, TBQP-! — »wA£?-erc, TO&tfZ-ere, w&Tc-cro, 
thoaart, ... 
^p/i? -— or ajfociated — conceivelefs power ! 
In fearch of whom, o'crftretch'd Idea burfts i 
And fanfe rolls back, on darknefs-^caufe,x/»f:iz«:f'(/^ 
Progreffive un-bepmer • — without enJi , 
Giver, of tiipught, eh, guide It. — Arm a mwid, 

'Zi% ORteiNAL Fo^NlS. 

TremHingly flxiick, -^- to Jiem Uxt one (hort 

■ ' ' - glimpfe, 
One diKant, tranfient, momentary, 'fialh ■ 
6f thy *keen light — and //w / — oh' ! -^ far from 

dream. '■■"■'■' ■ '-' -■ --' . -I 

'i'o'tfraw'A' AtMieATY's deigfl'<t'approacy<oo 

near — 
AH,"that itiy foul's'- touch 'dfenfe afpires to telt 
Is, — that Jhe dares not "view thee —thou, who 

The mufc's confcioiis tcv'rence — ^ md her fong. 

AwEFULLY {hrinking from th' affumcr's hand, 
That points me to thy place^ thy power y thy ivilly 
Aftonilh'd at his pride ! I ftart — and fly. 
^,'pityetof jjrefilmption ! whence afpires - - 
Awak'ning i/i^'s brief glance of fliadewy life. 
To launch its little plummet — into depths, 
Profounder, than Eternity ! —how dare 
O'erwc^cning, mole-blind, furrp'wers of dark^r/i 
Engri^s^'\o their low felves, their God's whole 
, . ,'■ '""carp ?"'."' 
Slight mhier orbs, —- as ikirts to thhdim hall^ 
T^at, day by day, rolls round its eye-lefs bulk, ' ' 
To beg }i^bt'% needful almsifvomonci kindy«» ^-=^ 
'"'-'-" While 

L,.— i.,Gi:hh^Ic 

WlriletraaG; fu^crior to' corlc^ttoVs bonnij," 
Sec Jims, in Miilionsy o'er new Wotclds; pour 

blaze ^ '" - • 

Yet, reach but cpnfines of new Suns :_ and £e I 

Require hot thefe vaftwoAs of God Chits 

grace,-- ■ ■- '■ a 

Proportion' d to their vaflnejs ?— *lrow, then, dares 

Conceit's proud prerrencc of its own chfd cott 

O'erleap diofe azure voids — where thought, and 

And number, and immenfity, — zn hji: - 
And comprehenlion akes, to {aH&repulfeX 
Whence had man's infed arrogance of g^fe "^ 
Such impotent -out-ftartirig — to preftime, " 
fir J momentary riotbingnefi of grafp ' 

Cpu'd know, tafk, limit, and dcfcribe— his God ! 

Say^ bigot boaftcr of umnanner'd zeal. 
Thou, that ^li impudently sure, of heaven 1 ; 
And, cbv'ring blafphew^^ behind J^i/A's name, 
Sin'ft dcepeft, where, mo^.^ fanBtJied! —weigh, 
paufe, "".. , 

Thinfe— finfwer not, from cuftom's bghtaflciit: 


n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

^1^ .OSI'G.'IEIAL PaBlij^. 

But dw-tey'^ f(^'«, tr«c teft, mr-mr^^ wjx^f^ 

That iiuji fhould dare mif-plead. ih'ilqiiighty's 
,,^^,..^.l;,. .v„,xv, . - ■ ■ V,; ,■.;.;- 
For infult on his Just ice? — dare men pafi 

Th* all-gladd'njng Lord of ALLi^a^ wid'ning 

,..,.^^-S|ifqrl4*,-.r^^,r ■ - ■■..;..:'; ■',-/; 
Ta(^if;^99rp?iti»lTfj^ri^rfopfi.j)9pr ^/ .;,,-. 
pf ,oi^ pppr corneg^, of one wpr 14.> pqw <;/«?» ^- Cj 

Out with ^isap'rurt^ fajiitic^rfljff / •.^i_ 
That, pinching, tait^/ff God's m^^iCi/ gi;wifei '. 
me^iin. th' eteffi^;SfaMMo» IQiwdily, / :r 
Torefialt^^ pPVpr of qp'ning-Q^yibry's g>t(j»j. - 
For it's own pict-Hi^lfi tribe ^,tt?tT^y hy,^»» 

' .,:? .■Ven-_. .._^::::;.--' " " -..:.:. . ' ■,; / 

— Why, if enlightm'd moft, fliould wiil moft dark 
Bid th^fc few, fev'rite, h^nd-lfdjj^w, pf grg^e^ 
Conc^ froni modcft doqbtthcir. /ir/j to htow?, ,, 

— Why^ if pofiefs'd qf ^me cduftive f/fM", . , 
That, lhew# loft difBdopc'e /rw/'^'s lu^id r^y,,. 
Claim they cohiknt,' tmplia't / — Why fubmits 
Be}i/^^^gho\da^^m^tm?-^tzMe(sfs^^ . . ,, 

' " ' Dijhonimrs 

■ ivGtio'^If 

pijbotiouriy whcie it "worfljipt* -, H«aveii^d*^» , 
Obedience from the tliiid : and, every fi3^'if toM«)cisPKoo». , 

To m! : — not let the rev'renct rf tiffpmfi 
OfFend^tbe power that caus'4 it I — it &isii'4i&an 
More impious, to decide, of God, than dmbt. 

! OfT, ♦M' 1 1»<" fotmi, to fimlK difinft. 
Humbling imperious reaftm, while l,be»d 
With jBMkWeneon, toiiss E^s,^ faith, ■ 
Where pous fury lends the faftor gill i 
Aodwhitfidls fliort inpm^ tficflows, ift «ge~ 
— While revelation, thund'ring oft my ^r, 
L6W4»a nty biaris adBu$«a -^ help tae, hM" 

ven ! 
ToeM A' i»ftjhifinigg.ltr'e iBfe» ha* ? • 
That aiks, i6ow God's almighty ? if &> Will 
Who Dwir Ais captkius world, ^^iWion we i^wl 
Cou'dtotlieworiocaH'd (h«i*,l» taik; 
^ If 'twas the maitr'i latr "^ «>■ attn proclittuVt; 
Bynran'srefifkliSfsOoB — sjytrtmHing-fcttl- - 
Whifpers in (hiv'rlng honor,— Oi '/» JirangeX— 
~ ■ ■ ■ • dod 

■ ivGtio'^Ie ■ 

sia ORicrrNAL P6i:fss: 

God -wittd — GoAfpoke that will -^yet, Man «i 

proud rf/W/ ■ '■ 

Divides, diQ>utcs, examines — difobeys ! ~~ ■ • 
— Had heav'n requtt'd^ cou'd heav'n want force! 

Of, not requiring, why was hezv'h'Prvfaii'd? 

Hum, from thy dufky hive, uiireas'ning t^otu. 
Stretch thy tame.wlhgs — heave thy' duU fefltch 

." along J :.':.' 
Leave fhy caVd home behind -— and look, ihore 

r— Seeft thou not, every where, earth's e^met 

Scheming thfcir buQr fiount's look * cmmhling 

hope — 
For the next cateraS Jhvw&t-— that fweeps dowA 

aU. ' 
— Such are the %d\i t)f Muftis, Popei^ Pauwau'Si 
Lhamas and Rabhis^ Mfrahiktt, BonzeeSf 
AU the long-laboxiring /ro^j, of faith's loft boaft ; 
Fabricks of tvw'ry air -— ihztjrigbt — and did 

O'er worships thus dijiin^^ have fep'rate Gods 
Frelided? ~- or, beneath ^MXjepWate names^ 



ORiGiiiAL Fo'EMS. iaij 

Did ^»? fdle power inlpire divided prayers. 
And fmilingly accept 'em ? -— Nature feels , - 
This queftion : and, methinks, I hear ber voice. 
Bid reafin thus reply — If but oae ligbt 
Infur'd falvation's courfc, ■ un-focketedy 

XJiiTlaniberTidy It had known no curtmtd fliin'e.^ 
All Viwi had been illumined; ■:— ne'er withheld 
Juft heaven, from more than, half th' extended 

All glimpfc of dmsm, yet curs'd, the gloom he 

:caus'd ! 

. Or, grant feme race indulg'd With kinder fmile. 
Why partial to the proud? Sin's baugbtiefi ioa& ? 
Yet heedlefs of unfolded flocks, more meek. 
More aw'd, more fimply ferious, in Pith's field j 
Anxious, in adoration's twilight gleam, 
And prqflrate, tho' neglected ? —Why again ! 
In truth's appropriate and fele»aed feats. 
Shoots Eden's heaven-watch'd tree, for -ever 

prurCdy . ■ - 
For-ever frultlefs ? into monftrous growths. 
Of tbom-branch' d oppcfition ? — If, to doubt;" 
Religipn's lifelefs form were to- deftrc^ 
The eficnce of her purpofe^ why, o'er l^ds, 
2 That 

■ n,:r—h,Go()gle 

3t4 OrjoinAl PqtitffSi 

That boaft high claim to fyilems ifav'fi~tft^% 

Spread fchemcSi of diffyent trtctwe^ — Each ^ 

God's own ihjoin'dySir pa^^ reveal'd, to sAVt P 

At As t 'tis maa's /rtW ^i^ ■— that, idly fill'di 
Wkh ielf^paid revV^itee, forddtit nuf-daimA- 
0<awi M!5f»»itf, ih.infegin'd r^itude. 
Hugs his own day-dreams, 'Moliz'd wldiin — 
And il^ea 'em AfivsLATiON 1 -^ Hence the ^ii 
Of honeylefs, and Alngful wafps ^f jka*/ .* 
Alike, on all fides heard — and felt on all ! 
Such, cbarg'd) in beavea's pretenc«, miih ihti- 

... -AdAt'd i>g/I ! 
Jews, Tartan^ Bratam, bord'ring <jafigei' fiood, 
Swift iards, of hot Jiraiut^ Avarthy forte ; 
Far Cbifia'& (fettlefi rac« *— Long Nii^9 dd tlflittt * 
To fuperftition's cbtldbaBd. — >- Each, heav'fis chmix 
Yet, each irexn each diftiiid, all, fpum'd by dt, 
Split rtwlaliant into canton'd fnarls t 
And murder^ to fhew Affrry / — daftin •-- to fave! 

EVfiM th«fc i£vifKHii fub-dhiding 6ft, 
Break frotn th«ir i^kCer, like die fr/n^; w>d« 



Yet, every 'nfaAtfi'-riglit! --- and- every, wroff^T ' - 
^■ilttiSt'~-toiiiH — peact'be'WtKat, aloBB f 
The to/ let war irivdve^and i-»>ye theif crecdsf 

• y[^^!iK.aft'.tp/>\i,fp^^d,, feir, Chakity { — 

fi^ectpow^! . ,.,..: . - ;,r 

That^f(&,fh? ftorwy fq}>\l — foftOm^'seyKU 

That.ij^^,. i(t alj|riji^jrxuliije(— fee^l many 

./»*i ,;,,.;: .HI ,.; ,.—;■;., a ■ ..;:■/ 

Ilj-tljftCjWiB OT/cpjQf;pity's whifp'ripg p^, .\ .1 

The od'R>ii&.brea^jjag{^[f>f thy t^ajLsny^^.-.j ^ f 

Fly, fcatter'd, onjb^. wipds .o^;kepn debate,' . lo 

^,■0 b. : : :. iK,i to jro;;/, i/ .■■/■ •■:, in. .Iprl 

, Lost, and. benight?dj in Ous.wamng wild, 
Hp\y,(htiil3|%i'^.wand'Kr fifld, wSjfi front 
Bears hp^av'n's cpmmfflioii'd_^m|^ ? "^b*^ wjiicii 

[., .. bold broiv, ... .„,■-_ , .'r 

FnghVjihg.irifi^/y^hijfcals ii^iJ _ . ^ j..^, 

Bifi Miracles decide oontefted daim. 
Waaiaretbeyf cili'iloud; -'Tlicy_/*i»itoh«ari 
Prudent reftraint forbids expeftant prayer . 
To court 'rwKT^/of old*eye-fight/ri»)5, ' <" 
Wfildfi fegn-diiiiSji* h^ft^-^ta AriKe doirtlt 
■ ■ dianb. '^^ "' — ■■ .-.^--i— .:'-^.i"' 
Vol. IV. Q Da4 


Dead dine*s,4c{aited gbo^t reccn'dedi hpldr 
l^illions oi.-mndtn done—' Fajth's ^ey fupports ! 
-TrBut, railliQns o{ J>refenceSy tqo^ — diffuE'd . 
O'er earth's contentious &ce, each unlike each. 
As night's dhrt veil,' compat'd With fun-gilt day I 
Match miracles 'gainft miraifeif afr'ay'dt 
And jpilfti back £v'ry Ahgfet's vain defcent, 
)i^ho cbmcSj'orr crrancfeifollne to tbetrffOin. 
Where miracles try truth, no ^th is faHo. 
What rialtnelefsi corner of the world — untouch'd 
By trade'& far-fiirrowing keel -^ even fafdy ntw 
To thc'-tiitqiiencliable, ahdiacred, thirfi 
Of m^Hdry 'ripinc's Bofy ken — ' 
Bu(| boaft believ'd defcent of /ome kind God^ 
TKatchpfc. their iQv'd fore- fathers,bleft; their race, 
4hd tatfghi 'erA, for his glory ? — Fill'd with truft 
In their ti-anfmitted tafe, th* invited guefts 
Take place, at hcaycp's high table — ^wcy?, all. 
The white-fac'd, oUve-hued, the fablyjiV/* 
The greaf&tanointed, wooUy-headcd, flierp, ;- 
l^oag-kajx'd, apd ihort-hur;'d,, curl'd and cr<^t 

Elect —»■, . ; 
All, fagely-^sfiedi -^/ el^ mi^ err —r ■ 
'^Mfol'n. wiA ^flative zeal, ^^h martyr'^ ^ame t 
And die — to live again — in fcoro of ^ain. 

k-./l ^ SlMCE 

-rij,-- i,,Gl.U)^lc 

SiNCfi then, th* cxtfemeft poJar trafts, of faith, 
Where reafon's iW <ryf Winks, unbeanti'd fof^/tgf. 
Plead MikACtEs in proof— which none can/>-/» 
Secaiifti ISUt, bedV^ not^ffw-^ let Learning Ihtin 
Such hoary fceblenefs oipal/ied plea ; 
Which eiTor muft ajfert — or truth Mfdaim. 

fiui'j b^f {land wide — niake fobm, ^re co^e 
profane t 
"Ve Vulgar of retigiofi's fubitrB World ! 
Ye Gfltf^j m-Jbfpberded! na-h<WA'i6t fibals ! 
Un-mcfcii'd, by myftic «»/Ws indragg'd Nfif 
Of never-errmg fwcep, dcdnc'd from heaven t 
Room, for the papal Pontiff-s triplt crownl 

NO Jir_h«retie iffefumci" !— boW, cbilvinc'd— 
Infallibility unwinds her fcrdl; ■ 
—Saints, mdrtyrs, artgels, Jk;eftteen'ceni'n'eiStWn, 
Link power to power, and lenght'mng truth's old 

Lend ftftTi Trad rTioN*s //)tf---tohook'iliankind, 

'HaJl,' '^^erdj^'e iv/ainefi f ^ dwefiil ^Ifem f 
Shade, of a Jliadew ! — thou, that bUndly hop^ft, 
--- ■ \ : Qi : -Jy 

,2Z8 .OaiGtNAL. tlpEJvi?. 

By tvice »;»? age's loud-^pncurring wv^, . ^ 
To drowaibft r^afon's-. evidence !'— yet^ fliua'A 
' .To-Tcco\\e&t how X^tcejfn cmfrtes ,j<f'a>'d 
jt^heir,-.vain iupport— ^!^'t,,f^yf jQy^l^'s-.^briGfc 

Plead'st ?-&!?« duration ?'plead'ft/io« breadth 

What art thou, but an /«/^«2;'j;twtt'i;kig Step, 
Compar'dito- mistier- growths^ P9jy.,.fqund.,no 


\ .- . o ^oy(4} i . ,'-y-; !■:• . ^::i i^i ,ii, ■..■ .? 

And <:rwj, and iZr/J, in one mix'd blaze of fewer, 
- HeJ.4f -Qiyiohigli :FRE?;p9Hi's^ , torch,, [ tq- ■^^mati- 

1.,, -'.:'. NCrt^^?;. • \ Irs. :vj-; .- ,,) i:..^ .-. ;■ / I 

., :TwRNj$%_figbt£^w^t^o'erthc-t|p?erhufli'-d 
plains, . 
Novit ^rtWJfifi,of vai^'d cmpore -r.-aw^^Tgljapa'd, 

■■ o'cr> ;' ''^ ', :■. !i'i..' •'■ 

From flames on haVow'd altar' s^ hail'd by hymns 


- n,<j,'7=^-,hyGi:H)(^Ie 

©HIGIN-At Po6M8. '22^ 

Of yJ^rJ"^^ 'A WAKENER&tjf the worfliip'd Sun ! 
— Afk jflehtTr'GRts — bid Euphrates tell — .' 
■Where is-thc gtbve-cMwn'd Baal, to whofe 
■ ■'ftcm frown'' ■'' '■■■ -': ■ ' '■ ' 
Bow'd haughty Baetl'On"?''— : CS-j/^^^'farii'd- 
For ftar-taught/isr^M ; Hard pHoENrciA's fons. 
Fierce, ffcar'-furmouriting, rar^r^i of the deep ! ' 
Who ftretch'd a floatingf fceptcr b'er the feas. 
Arid made «rfa;5/W«wempjre ?-^WherJeis, rioW, 
fioYpT's wide- hotnag'dTsisi—w-hcre.the Mars, 
That'lhoofci'the^&iJjS^W of* ihtl Romah '^orldf ' 
Where the TVa/tw/V WoDtN !iri" his MiJ«?^' ' " 
Alone, ftill revercnc'd, each revolving week. 
Even in fair Ai.bioi»'^'V]^j/ — If Age bore 

proof, -■ , ■ ■ - : - . 

Why have thefe funk ? why -j//the lifelefs Gods, 
Loft Deihi-gods, long^' namelefs, co^ntfcfs, pow- 
ers ! 
That fiU'd th'adbrihgwtifld, with fabled fame? 
Are they notdead? whelm'do'erm time's black 

And known, but by contempt— to mem'ry's claim ? 

How was this Poss i ble— had r.oij^ htcti proof? 
Q£ f?ith^s extent in Jpace, with realms,' for gue'r^ 
qj Mellow'4 

83* Original Poem«, 

;Mcllow'cl; miftakc, to equity f —^wihoet 
Of heaven, fall Time's perfpeSive^-^vtaxAy climbs 
Cuile-fomdedQo4-cr.aft, Let proud fortuno fpread 
The fye-tipt pyramid's broad covering Ifofe, 
Till cartK groans .woiw4^, !»t th' oppreHive 

weight, : .; . 
Still, but, the ivider r'utnst mark, its fal). 
— Let him^ who boaAs blind muUitfidft comxn^d^ 
Or builds on time^ for trwtb's iqaagin'd^^, 
Aik his unjudging raihnqfs —what rent heart 
Of c?//rV Druid, buthad_/&Mi, more AwV, 
Than his ftorm-lab'riiig oai— gou'd fome f^ 

That {c^a'-^futurit^y pc^nting thro' &te, 
HaveySfTOfl him his infuked Cod-be^tts^m ! 

Nor let vain prcf'repcc af qm- own tquch'd 
Our owfi-feftt furer lights, onr own Jafe truft. 
Degrading apti?nt Jubbornnefs in faith, 
O'er-rate attachment's warmth, as, nwo^ mofl 

— - What aw'd allegiance^ what more firm hclief 
What haughtier T&rMf/J, more imprints the foul, 
3y modern truth's new cait of thought ipfpjr '4 


Lij,-- i,,Gl.HH^Ic 


Ttan fwsy'd the JbUmn Fa^tfa's brt^ift, d old,' ' 
When bow'd, before his loots f—Iiloh, (now)— . 
But (then) — viidiiaivc Goos,-who (hook man- 
kind, ■ 

Where are Biith's Cbrtainttes — if time's 

Sacred to arts, arms, numbers, learning —<-aIil — 
All, fam'd, beycmd fate's dread, found, all Un- 


Whence, then^ th'imperious^pofitive, difdain. 
That ipurns back modefi doubt — and damns de- 
Where, the foundation, of that holy fiorn. 
Which lifts the Bigot's brow, to fiowl reproach i. 
To ^ity, Ce&s, that hurl his pity baci^ 
And hate him, — for his hatred ? — If nor Time, 
Nor NuMBEKs, whofuftain'd th' atteAed caufe. 
Nor Miracles, renown'd in reverend hoards. 
So aweful^ that no facrilegious hmifi 
Dare fatiate hanger on the duft-veil'd roll. 
But dies, to leave, untouch'd.'the iJry record — 
If evidence, like tbefe^ falls Onoti of proof, 

Q.4 - ^ ' Wher« 


?9? Original .P,oE,Mt*» 

maze^ _ ^ . . ■;[.;■ ■ \- ■: ,, [ ;/ 
Shall.reafott. ---.tli^ough jlq9l:jt> crooked 'yr.ijiulii^ 

drawn, : . ■ I 

Find truth's white hce, un-jpotteti? ~-Th.uiki 

,- ^andtxll.. , .^0 ;.f;;:l ; :■.,;// 

What, if we ftefc he.r, in man's mokal T^pajks?. 
Judge hei^'by/ Life's try'A .^aSJtce f^ ,—'^wh9^, 

more juft, :,..,, 

Than to conclude, the Saint's uncenfur'd ^^ds ' 
L^nd fiinftion, to his Vct^nfw.?— Here, methuiks^ 
Tfuth iovep to chu£e her t^. yet, here^ i''if*fj' 
We wander — into new dcfcd of plea. 
That proves top m^ch-r^ or tiothing.-rCon'^uxaM 

■■ r-- ■^\,...--'.".:'^-:. ■■■.:-.;- ■.■;' -i:'/ 

Infer fa'lse,_/(wVA,.— liow ftain'd evenCir^Ma 

,, aiealK ! ' . , ".- • 

Where . avaripe, , and revi^nge, , and pride's . hig 

' . , bloat, _ ;_ ,,.,.. ,..,....-,■. 
Taught guilt's hkqd-cotour'd.bat_ to hint cburck 

Spleen : 
Whence, murders, robb'ries,.treach'ries, peij'rie^ 

rife, ,■ ... ■ . , .. 
IJktj^mti eMuvient fronj.infedious_/i'/u, 


Tilt 4c!$th-,b^i&a^^ abfqlws, 'mhorfe, ■ - 
E^ fisr'^l tbrifiviai^ to iakk^:£at .ffi0i2;x rfr : : - 
To mock'ries of belief— and rotes of .pjayer ! 

^i^CjEtt^py ^A9 lifeym^SdVtxtt noiftfoii old 

;■;.,. I.fiathj. ::/. . ■ ' .. .^.;'^, . .wi:.Y/ 
JTry; if ^'VPWH^TY r.66afefr coarfi cretds^, ■. ,1 \ 
Try, if the geed man's virtues V£wr^j&bis.iIamK 
No — If they; cou'd ^4hen ^& ^rmpie. brit 

Th' extcnlivcj tyuc-nam-'d,. Chorch's genpral 

preadfdl in^ect^^cro (then).thVxf/tf4!fp'^ powqr^ 
,Thira — exfommmication's reachjful hwid , . ^ ■; 
Had pufli'd off exiles, to new worlds — frf dead! 
Fo^', tbi^- Iiad,-all, .been CuyRCH —^one truth's 
, . - ; taovn daim : . ;. ^.^..r-.., ;;-.,:.., : 
Turkif Je^Sj wild Afra's U^ood-merij -r India' ^ 

,.r ^OPBS, , .^1 , |T. ,,^ ^ -^ ^ . .■■^. -. - 

Whajjiiw, :in ^asig^ivH-^fiinej^ce froro^*. :■• 
Aaifi ihudder; but, to crufl^ i^^^ddenfy ^ ■_■■ 
^/frfl/rtf*s.artrp^i,tafting.folitu4es',r: * :-. 
Where all ambition's wegbb i» f^fe from care J,^: ; 
And hope's cmjumptive diet ftarves dejire : 
!" : ;! '/ Columbia's 


034 <5rioinai. P6b«»V 

Co/umka's aizay-peoplcd bpw'ry grovet, 
Fanning> in kxth'ry pomp, her tiainijr tribes, 
From the fun's dnm^tHvtn rsj :— Cold Zemhla'$ 

Of fiih-fcd_/6TO*«r/, furr'din fliaggy mail, 
Tranqiling the ice-bound ocean, wlutefiTi} o'er 
With endlefs frtows, to fpoU the ipoilAil Bear : 
All, among these, who love not vtefyJra'af claim. 
From L i ves, of fimpleft &n€6ty — - to heaven : 
And ntijiltiply th' eie& — were virtue jQw^. 

P^USfi here, encompafs*d foul. Look round, 
Engulph'd and central to this whirl of tides. 
With each proud tior//* thseat'ning— all, to 

Seems fafcr, than fru^ either. Hark ! dicy roar. 
Look, with what rage they whiten I — All foam 

All climb, to iirown each other. None'recede : 
None conquer. Univerial uproar rtnghs -^ 
And JiUih's a fighting CHAOs-<-l8l'j&ritmai ? 
liisj revelation's-wordi difclos'd by heaven ? 
3oiAIy, rtfofc confitrit — It canme be. 

.,:..,. . What, 


What, then, muft be believ'd ? — BeUere 
GWkind — 
To fear, wcreto offendhka, Filldiy heart 
Widi his_/f& laws : and a^ the good he l<roes, 
Kev'rencc his power. Judge him, but, by his 

Know Iwn, but in his mercies, Rrv'rence, too. 
The moft mfidhen fchemes, that mean his praife. 
RcvVencc his Priests— for, every prieft is his, — 
JVho finds himj in his conjdeme^hy what name 
So-ere diftingnifh'd -~ howii>-ere nufdrawn. 
They dcvioufly believe— What, tho' they preadi 
Terditim to Ac taaetrate I Truth dares mw 
BiJpeSj to Error ; if. it's w*^ « grace* 
And fums at rfformation. Mindiul,ye^ 
Men are but.i^ew. Where moft thoa tnafl'ft — 

Streteh not efteem, to hamate. Be, wxjhve^ 
Nor eenfurer : but, hear ftrong Reason's v<Mce, 
Tongu'd, by the power who loves it. And, fince 

^ THAT ' ■ . _ . ■ 

Crys Liberty, tpo loud fqilawta drow«r 
Free thy (fhwn'd thought, ffqm fears u^rmt^ 



^}6 OtLIGj'^At VS^Msi 

And know him for himself — Were me pri^ 

, . IJhrm^ . ■ \ .'.■■•-; .^..■■:;/v.- :f 

One forc'd identity, the maker's wtfiy,^ 
Ne'cc hfldtBiat wifli ^dy''Afrt^'ati.'^''Dwtc- ttot 

■ A -'doubt ' ' ■'■■■ ^- :■'■'■ \ -■--■■' 
Biit hi, .wlsofewill »ya«'/owi*^-*- *ho|e wiih eo^. 

-- LbVEis'hc'not Uili'i'y ?'He does. -1-But, iMffa;^ 

Thtf ; unity, GM loves", islddg'd'in miSd. ■ 

'Tis *3ie i&ft«-f'j confcious glofw — that bdats tci 

^■-^-■:';{*tf«i,----^'''^ ■- ■" ^ ■^■■-■-'^ ■■ -■ 
Not ^aC/nfief , lli^ tbiirity. 'Tis the chain, ' ' 
That links Intention- r^ in one warmth ' of 

-Noftinds'to one forc'd a^t of ouitward Form. 

Tiiiis fhihking — thou mlt fee! the Ood^ead^ 

"■-■ngk-: ■ _ ■'■-■ ■' '/■"■ ■ 
V&clofin'g, in- a bmfe ef jomtedftone^ ■ 
Km — in whofe tempk twenty thouifand SuNt 
Serve- ftuf as Umpt—ixaA i&^m^&nglfNo'&.i-m 
't<Sim'fooipp'$xo his altar- ^-^- This, believe : 

' ' Aii4 

And dread no vengeance^ on miilaken mani 
Vn0^quaUt to pan's brief .power in fin^ ; 
Offending ^r<a«,'or.animate(l -/«^ / . , . 
'Gainft ,piM,, beneath, whofe fmiie .the .S^ar^ 

'«tch fire.! ^ , -. . .,..■,' . •/ , ,' 

' FiiL'D With i^eas, thus'JSe'wmw^ heavcft'. 
Pity the, ba^-fid/^n yimj'm:, ' who contrajfts. _ . , . . 
To iujwrftit^on's glogm^^ religion's ^Ofy,.,, 
^6i}mxpbies'afiora^ipniyxto.^reai/^^ 1 1 t 
'V?n6,'«^-ing'his ;Wi'i/nttdlurc,'fr6ih wi<^> 
Pee^s thj^' his narrow foul's (dim h^-hoh wifiJiy^ 

An'd iiiioTeiiltlv, by-hisi«(*^«/f,. takes 

The aliatudc of Heaven — feuti ifj^'compeU'd 
Tp JIfijd thy patient ear, 77,an4 pwfs'i ti>Q.har4i 
.By'fetf-mSidency of* teaming 'feith/ ■'"■■■ ' 
— That p- nothing luio\^mg,*^V'U \>cfure jof 

■Hear, 'mth dumb fimle"/" and,' aflfd,* wliy rea- 

Li,,-;r. , . ■ :[ cT; 3!;! . 1 .-..ib vr;^ 'fr 
, ^ Ton s range . ',:.,., 

'AcquitV(/^»V/e« — teach thy judgii^'^YE 

'To read God's dnjwer^ in' his works' ^6r ^mait: 

Whece do .TijEy tell thee, SAMskEss was, his 

' ' choice.? '. -. 

'.-..'.. £ How 

238 Oki6i^A£ Poifcfi/ 

How 'various are his cfeatures ! various, al^ 
His animal, his wgeta&U, tribes : ' 

Earth's, air's, wide ocean's produftS— all, »ff-//S^. 
In qualities, forms, colours, dtff'rent, alf, 
— Tread but th* endnicll'd I^ead — or, 9'ef 

" yon Fields, 
'Twixt the wind-waving Corn, Indent thy way. 
Or, partial to the Garden's painted proofe. 
Lend there, thy firft, pleas'd noting —. Snuff this 

. . air: ., , '"■•^ ■ _ __ '\ , ./ 

How numbcrlcfs the _yJ;f»/i, yet each ^j?/«^, . 
Ofcvery treeh known bloom j. —r Lean o'er diefc 

Lowlieft,'yctloyericft.! Excellence, dppfcls'd! 
Worth trpd on by defpifcrs ! ihort-liv^d fwccts ! 
How oppofitely foft, the i&eak-touch'd JhaHes, 
That tinge their fragrant families !;— Turn Ihort, 
From pity due, to life fo lov'd, fo brief J 
Wifli'd kng, by ev'jyjhcrtner f—Novr, look out» 
On yon fair op'ning fJain — There iier^ lAeets 

beri, _ . / ,^ . 

All ^«n— yet none rejemhltng ! Shades, left deep. 
Touch lights, oiore foft'ning; feaJlful to the eye, 

2 That 

OsiOiiTAi/ Fo<|dt.> 339 

That dmlk, on their diftinOipnsI ~ StUUnew: 

glowf- ' : 

Hiverjify the verdure's fluid Surge : 
And dance, delightful, to ^CbjtMetvs^ hend \ 

Next, up this-fteepy Jhehe^ aicending flow. 
Win we the Down's high top -— whofe carpet 

Ei;^ at the jutting ClifPj, that, fhades the.;i&A2r: 
Hence, to &e wing-divided ii/r, extend ' ■ /: 
Survey's charm'd outlet —^ O'er this uffer fea, . 
Where mcditat«)n.y«»Mt'"J, —-flights immenf?. 
Cfofs-cut the winnow'd Mtbtr. Black, whiter 


Diftaot in fize^ a& mhun ! -y- 'Moflgft 'em ^, 
None loch, nor caHs, like ctther. No fweet bird. 
That beats the-pathlersv(U</, bwc pours nfw notes} 
CiAin&,from-eve^^/E«wy rr^slSafiang. ',■■.'.. ^. 

Stop thy eridanger'd foof* - Recal the range 
Of thy recovering fyf — bendp'er the brow , 
Of this touch 'd^wi^'w ; and, hence, lot^ down. 
Where the brcadT^dj fcarce A?«r,/, rolls murmcr- . 

'*. Pondey 

i4!* ajflG't'SA-L PD-EyfsP 

Ponder the ©eJ^'s dUinb ^egioas ^^- « infinite- '-'-'^ 
Their numbers ! ftiU fflor^ infinite, iheir (hapcs. 
Bulks, movements T— 'Swift, io^i fiinidi.fieri;fet 

Coatlefs, finn'd, fcaly, fliell'd, wing'd, tootionlefi: 
AW'-diffyihg^ — - itill iiiimdlfity griiWs: Wr^i/. ' -' ' 
ToflWtfe-tlwii- vAiAjg^if^JiaturcsV^i- Clwif *; ' "^ 
That he, who fiU'd each crowded'^fefrie^t, 
WftR.Unrefenibtifig'fons of ieiidl^Is'ttlianigc^ 
Peopled each ^^ia^'ih't^y-m^^'ViLiikA'^aits^—^' ^ 
"Etlch 7Aj^ with mW-(hifA-ni:^\iTrt\q6Jmmie"''''' 
T&^iiiid ^bitton'S'ravagc WvclFd eadh'path' ^ 

hour, < ■': 

FtMiiH-tfextuVe;'htffc;i;« to fuitdifeH-'painle^'gl 
To'rffljffiV itnddKSz%d-^ise - attemp'rin^UgH»,'' ' 
^•hat teach the fuh's-^o fervid' beath' to ^iik '• 
In coloury ra:ys, and' toudi the fight, more J^? 
— Can it be poflibte ^ that HeV'--' picas'd power t 
Who o'er Creation's glebe, fow'd feeiis of change, 
Shou'id, but from Umt^'s'bald ba^'efti'tta.'^t ' 
And bum, — for tares — "thofe beauteous growths, 

he rais'd; ■ ■'■'' ". " "," . 

To finile fuch'/wV variety ■' -- *'i"w^re Sin --■ ' 
'Twere blafpbemot^y blind -'to dreaihAii^wrcxr^. 
- , No. 

OkioiHAL Poems. 141 

^0-^ Lei nie^fiU'd with i2uv, ^vain'f ear z fault. 
t?ear bat ^ffrmU the Gob, I'm born> to /ew. 
I am-f\»i,t\sf his//>y .* ahd want weight 
To juJHfy \\\t anger, -s-^ If I err 
'Gain'ft in-b^'din^ulfe, bjr bis goodjiefs lent, , 
To guide man's fchoice to virtue^ fome fure fete,' 
YrorAJuff' rings adequate^ miift ponish guilt. 
But -whit, where, how.^ — he, who decreed^ can 

•— If, h*f miftake^ on Uie's blind rocks I iplit. 
By ^ofafe Pilot point<fd out, iojhun^ 
Irhefo —■r erring weaknefs meets avotdjefi fin : 
And needs no pardon : ^or it meant no wrong. 

Doubt all £|ith8, boldly, then -^- undoaMftg 
Appendant to 90 pride, mts-iiob'd like zeal, 
Hope all men blefs'd alike — and injure none, 
Grateful, ni trace the fainter lights I find, 
Un-envying other's blazing ; ~ humbly, own 
My aw'd conviftion, of man's reachlcfs power 
To pierce omnipotence — and know it, nrar. 
Let me, with diftant rev'rence, pond'ring, dumb. 
Dread arrogant dec Jon ; perfecute 

Vol. IV. * R No 

i i,,Gi.u)*^lc 

24* Origih At-. Poems. 

No fancied berejy — but, clofing, coImj 
Opinion's daizl^d eye, ;bow darkly do\frn. 
And bailtb' unfdtbom' d y^efi I Thro the dufk. 
Thought, fails to penetrate> revere whatk — 
Undaring to deferibe it. Xet no pomp 
Of pofitiv&/r^yBm^?«« fwell my foul, , 
To felf- preferring fcorn, of alien creeds. 
Uncertain, in my own : Yet — fure, of fbis. 
That virtue cannot err^ hat judgment m^y. 

Peacefulxy patient,' jot me travel out 
Life's unoffending journey. Mark, well-plcas'd. 
New profpedls, manners, taftes, beliefs, ihtmg'd 

modes, . — 

New fyftems — ■ Every view, that^ifj my way, 
Unprejudic'd to any: till — at laft 
Death opening truth's barr'd gate, 'tis //»«:, to fee- 
God's meamrig's — in th'6 light, bts prefence lend^> 



S A R E p H and H A M A R : ^» Epifode. 

. .'From a Poem caltd CIDEON. 

liOjiSH from Of^^ no# Wds dome, ilifpatch'd 
*^ - by Gideon's care. 

Attended by the lately pm-don'd ttn j 
TheFe in the fhoitcft roads, cxperienc'd w^ere, 
- ■ -All gratcfiJi brave, and dcxt'rous men : 

But chiefly Phurah had a foul too ftrong 
,' ' Tor' fortune's adrrirfe Weight to ftrain, or bend: 
v'-'ThOugti low his lot, his mind cou'd upward 
< ■ '• tend : 
', '■■■■■-■■■ He, much inUr'd to grievous wrong, 
tiad mark'd, that intereji was mens common 
Arid fihCe his former happier lifcj fuch mlfery did 
'---■'- attend. 

He little hop'd his woes Wou'd make a friend : 
But when by Gi&eon's noble pity fav'd. 
He look'd lAore nearly thro' the hero's breaft j 
No more he mourn'd, that lie was once en~ 
flav'd;- ■ - , * 

R 2 But * 


^44 Qriginax Poems. 

But the delightful mifery bleft ; 
Which, thro* the wor/i of human kind, thus led 
'himTO:iiiei^i -'■._■ 

And burot,,iropa,tient, with a gen'rous, aim. 
To icrve his glorious lord's defigns, and his'hig;h 
f ■ worth proclum > . ■. - ■ — 

Well mounted, and well arm'di fl trufty guidt^ 
He foUow'd JoASH, with a chofen train^ 
^' Who flow deicendmg rough ^tbulia[% Jide> 
Saw Mfdian'i- iparcbiog hoft o'er^rcad die 
plain: -. ; . ■ ' 

V And keeping near, had well c^erv'd the iray"^ 
; Till now aicamp'd on R^pta^i hills thej^lay. 
Joajhy unwilling to advance more nigh. 
Till he had weigh'd their ^m, thefollowlng 

r- . dtty.i- ": 

Refolv'd that night bcneadi his tei^t to lie, 
; On;a decHiTing ^>ot, which charm'd hir eye \ 
And floping to the river's edge, was by a foreft 
; ' crown'd :- 

Ijlfltlf wildemefs,'half gard«n> widely fweet, 
t "_ Wh#re felf-fown rofc-trees khadc the wcll- 

fwarth'd ground^ 
And o'er the fragrant tops, tbii£k-Arching meet 

t.:i i ... Wild 

■ ivGtio'^If 

OxieiVAt PoBMi. 245': 

Wit4 Or4^e trees, whoft flow'ry breath perfumes 
the breewB round, - 
Charms, which at once cou'4 all the fenfes greet, 
And did in unbought ftore for each, with boun- , 
- teous care abound. 
Low, on the river's gra^ brink, he fees 
A meadow, flidter'd round widi branchy trees ; 
His mules and camels, there, he tum'd to graze, 
• While higher in the grove he ftays. 
Beneath the canopy to pafs the night } 
Where the highway, near bord'ring, reach'd 

his fight I 
Rcfrefh'd by fleep, he rofe ferene »id g^, 
And walk'd abroad to fee the breaking day, 
W^th dawning luftre, thro' the boughs, in trem- 

- bling falHes play. 

' X/Wierc-e'er he pafs'd, the golden fruit hung low 

' And dancing, wanton,bow'd to court his hand. 

Proud of the native charms they bad to fliow i 

■'While, from above, the fwcet wind-wafted 

■ Rain'd on his filver hairs, in milk-white- 
' fliow'rs i 

Modeft, the bluflung rofe-treei round him 

R 3 And, 

, Google 

246 ■ Orioinajl PasMs. 

. And, rudely ffiook, weep t(ftu:« of pearly dew i- 
And to his fmell fend foft complaints, and fcenE 
the foreft through. 

Now, thro* the grove,, th* ^rfty Sun did his hot 
face difelofc, . , , _t 

And drank the fteamy ne£bir, as it rofe ; . 
When yaa/b, looking out upon the plain, 
Beheld a comely youth approach the grove j 
Weary he feem'd tq walk, and full of j^n» ■ 
, As if againft feme inward woe. he ftroye i 
Clofe after him an ill-fhap'd ais he led, 
Wherebn fate penfive, as in deep diftrefs; 
A lovely woman, with declining head- 
Rich in her charms, but carclefs in her drfi& y 
Often the youth look'd back with anp'rpus air. 
And mix'd much tendernefs wlthconilant pare, 
. Curious.^nAwond'ring what this pair Ihou'd be* 
. yaajhiztc low, againft a bending tree, 
. Whence, 'twiyt the Jjuflies, he unfeen cou'dfee* 
Whentheytheclofcandiheltry umbrage gain'd, 
Saft in his arms,; theyooth his fair companion tofik, 
Proud of the burthen, his glad grafp obtain' d, 
. And with floi* ftcp, and love dircded looki- 
z ■ Chpf? 

ORioiiiAL. Poems." 247- 

Clu^e a Well-fwarth'd and Ihady fpot, and having 

piae'd her there, 
Sate down himfelf, and feiz'd her hand, and figh'd 
with filent care. * 

Long on his face, with blufhful ioBocence. 
And unfpofee meanings fiU'd, fhe fix'd her eyes," 

At laft, with all love's natural eloquence. 
Thus her foft foul, her trembling tongue fupplies. 

: G S AR E P HI how cajM-kious is our. fate ! 
Sure, I was doom'd to mis'ry from my birth'j 
;^While I was blind, and- wou'd not know- thy 

- Then I had power to give it a rcwardj 
- But-niow, when thoH haft won my whole re- 
, /When lick with fliamc, I fee how much I awe'. 

And wou'd with joyfgil gratitude beftow ; 
r find myfelf d^trefsM, and poor and 16fs'd-in 
wilds of vfot : ' - . 
Why wilt thou (hare in my "affliQed ftate. 
And by partaking give my griefs new weight ? 
L»e4pc me, too gcn'rous youth ! to bcar.iil'fetc 
alone ; 
Let pains to-come, paft pride atone j 

R4 Why 

24? QitioiiirAi, Pa«w». 

Why, Sare^b, fliou'dfl thpu die for mfif 
y/hp thought it hatd to Ihrefor thee ? 
Alas ! how hbpele& thus unknown, tp fp^ 1 
What can we meet ^M^hut mifery^ 

Who found nd friends at bomef 
Widp i$ thff world, my Sarrpb^ and jjijt few 
To pity the unhappy are incUn'd ; 
Vaft is the forrow, ypc muft travel throug^^ 
And fmall the fpeck of hope we go to find : 
Oh ! 'tts top hard to £ill liptn wealth and ^Ae, 
To pinching hupger, and to [»niDg fhamie : 
Why live we longer then, finte lift is curft? 
The beggar^ lot i& bitt'rer, than the grave. 
Mifery's too patient, when fhe waits the worft ^ 
- . By death, at once, the wretched and the bfive 
May mend their fortune, and their honour &ve: 
More Ihe had faid, but ri^g gtief her hr^klng 

voice pppreft 
. A-while, with fpeakingtears.iheloQk'dthe i^ 
Then ilgh'd, and with declining head fell ibft 
againjl his breaft. 

CMARM-cover'd Hamar, the fad youdi r^Iy'd, 
And half his mantle o'er her gently threw } 


OaioiHal PpiHS. a^^ 

Unus'd'to wantj nor yet in mifcry try'd. 
Reft, noW} in iaicty, by my guardAil fide : 
J^aint with Uiy toils, and {damp and cpld, mth 
night's defccnding dew, 
31eep will refresh fbepi and 0iou then nuy'ft 

Courage reftor'd, revive thy wtdiing mind : 
1ti>a/ heieu'n^ wiuch help'd thee to eicape thy 
Well thy wondVous virtue knows. 
And will purfu$ thee with reward* where-e'er 
' thy beaqty goes. 
Kot £:ar, that, h&ngftrM^rs^ uid unhummy 
Wp wander, hopelefi^ o'er tjit Wwld's wide 

br^ft ; 
Alas ! Wi&tf/ country can w% call our ovm^ ' 
Who have at bonieht/prkXhrn oppth * 
Phy to foreign woe is foontft (hown> 
^hile fear, or envy, always robs dome^ic worth 
of rpft : 
To fiouriih is the way to be diftreft ; 
. Ahd iafe thTcurity lives itiU moft blell. 
Want's heavy hand ihall never drag thee down. 
While I have life to lavifli for thy feicc : 
F^ iK)duDg,let ftprm-gath'ring fortune ftowni, 
>- - For- 

S^6^ Om OI'NAL POBMS. ' 

For ever, thus, thy reft in ^ety take. 
And on f/y ihouldecs let the tenipeft break. ' 

Ev'n while hefpoke, fwift to the grove there 

Four ftragglingplund'rers, who, from M<A*<m's 

. ■ hoft . 
Stole out by night, with predatory ^m. 
To rob and murder on this peopled coail. 
Thcfc bad; at diftance,'watdi'd the mournful 
AndjfoUowing tothc £hade,furpriz'd them there. 
Sarepby Tcfifting, was o'erpisWer'd, .and all ^e 
four agree, , 
That bound upright agaJnft a- tfee, 
Pierc'd by their arrows he difpatoh'd fliou'd be : 
P^A now with bloody ipecd, and ficrc* intent. 
Their ftcely bows flood ftrbngly bent; 
>• The levell'd fhaf(s were pointed from the eye," 
And the ftrings ftruggkd with defire to fly : 
Hamar^ beyond defcription, ftunn'd with woe, 
Kneet'd, trembling, dumb, unfit" for pray'r or 

Sh? felt herfelf a ftiif 'ning ftatae grow, 
' Nor knew (he liv'd, but by the cwfi oi jSg&- 
-.'. : Sarefh 

Oll)GINA^; P0BM8.- 451 

Sfrepb, yffih. fwejling indignation choak'd, 
Bpmctkai^s heaven's h^lp, fometlmes tbe^twr 
inyok'd, ^ 

Thcn,with madftartsDfheat,their rage provok'd; 
Now torn with pity, now, with grief, convuls'd, 

he rolls his ey?, 
Npw looks on Hamar with dcfpair, now hopeful 

on the fky J 
Then ilamps, and weeps, and Araips his bands, 
^d wiOies but to die. 

Just in the fatal point, one foldier thus. 
With lifted hand his fellow's purpofe ftaid : 
What will this ftranger's death advantage ug? 
r or life perhaps a ranfcm piay be paid : . , 
If not — To kill him, will our hlifs with this fair, 
prize deftroy. 
Make her diftaftcful, fad, and coy ; 
. . And blaft ,the very fpirlt of our joy. 
But for his life fhe may, with willing arms, 
. Reward us with the fulnefs of her charms, 
Whofe fhe' ihali be, by lot may foon be try'd^ 
Chance will irnpartially decide. 
". Brothers, reply'd another, 'twere a ftiamc, 
ShcKi'd l(^s determine In a foldier's claim : 


r,. — i,,GoOglc 

ay* Original Pocils. 

With diathe hurl'd a jav'lin frornhfehand, ' 
-ynd pierc'd the trunk of a diftin^Tnfli'd tree ; 
Now let us all, faid he. at diftancc ftand. 
And be> whpi? arrow, hither flipti moft near 
this niark (hall be. 
His 1>e the claim, and die po^flbr he. 
The reft, with joint applaufe, confent declare," 
And backward ^r, their ftdtion chufe, and their, 
bcft fhafts- prepare. 
Thus they, fufpicious of no danger hear^, 
While 'jmjh foftly left his bufhy feat, 
Apd ran, with pity touch'd, hjs men to meet \ 
,Soon he difccm*d them, and with earneft cry. 
Sent his fwift fummons to their willing ear 3 
They with a loud and general fliout reply : 
The Medt'im archers hear the ncofc, aqd " quit' 
their prize and fly, 

Joajh with cautious forefight, check'd tJw 

With which his nrihing guard purfu'd their 
' flight: 

On the grove's border, clofely rang'd, 3 fru^ 

file he plac'd i • 

. Defenfive there, to watch with reachful figHt : 


Qrioihal Po£MS^ 2^3 

Then to 5<?r^A drawing nigh. 
And viewing the traniported youth with a py- 
fprinkling eye. 
From die -6ei[h-*furrowing cords his arms he 
. frees. 
Who grateful bends with rap t'rous thanks, and 
. clafps his feeble knees. 
MamoTt mean-while, funk fpiritle^ away, 
■. : And ikretch'd upon the yqcdant furJace lay- j 
Unable paCQpn's wild extre/tms^ wit^ temperto 
fuftain ; 
Ezcefs ofjoy upon excefs of griefs 
, ■ - Drove back a tide of ibrong refifting pain. 
And overwhdm'd her with too fierce relief: 
But Sargpb kneermg eameft by her fide. 
Hung over her with love's officious care j . 
A th.oufand foft and tender arts he try'd, 
. A thouiaDd times invok'd th' umnTwering &if . 
Waking at laft, to love and life, amidft a warm 
Her oj^'ning eyes flafii'd fudden on his &ce j 
; ; Then round his neck her eager arms Ihe threw;. 
Unguarded nature, thus furpriz'd, gave way j 
Recov'ring life no nice dilguifes knew, 


654 OiiKi tNAL' P'oemI. 

Paffion, urtfetter^ by refervej'did'its ftiU fortiti 
"difplay, - . 

And extafy did modefty betfay. 
" On eitjier fide fupported, flow fhe went, - 
Guided by Joajh, to his diftant tint; 
There, foft reclining, fought a fiiort Irepbfe, ' 
Her fcatter'd fpirifs to Cotripofe : 
"While ytw/^, curious to cnqliirtfi 
What fad occafion- plung'd them in thar Woe, 
Addrefs'd the youth, Tvhh' inild dcfirc, ' 
The ftory of their mournful loves to know. 
Sareph comply'd with the appfov'd requcft. 
And in tHefe words, with mingled fighs, hia 
" wond'rous tale expreft. 

Ty/*-?, fam'd for golderi fplendor o*er the eaft. 
Gave birth to Rekem of a fair defcent j 
But who, by honeft induftry, his wealth {a much 
That he, in fortune's race, all odiers far outwent j 
* Yet was he not-more bleft, than innocent : 
Rare were his virtues, and his foul as flu: excell'd 

the reft, 
As did his wealth — He was at once the richeft, 
ind. the beft. 


0s iGiH At ■ EaXM». ^55 

None from his friendly door were empty fcnt. 
He us'd- his heapSj but as a trcafure knt. 
To be difpos'd for others good, and not in pride 
He was the commohfather of th' oppreft ; " 
To him, 'twas merit hniVa be dijireji: 
My felf became an cariy proof, how pity fwa'y'd 
his heart. 
In helplefe infimcy an orphan left. 
At once oi parents and of food bereft, 
RekefRj that bcft of men, affum'd a father's part; 
Sav'd me from want's foul-pinching fmart. 
And withagcn'rous care,and lib'Talhandfuppl/d 
"What my own lot, lefs happy^ had dcny'd. 
This lovely Hamar^ here, but now enflav'd. 
This Minting charmer, whofe dear life your time- 
ly fuccour fav'd. 
Was the good Rekenfs lov'd, and only child; 
So foft her nature, and fo fwcetly mild, 
That upon all the world, but me, ffie fmil'd : 
With bold, but fruitlefs paifion fir'd, long time I 
ftrove in vain, , ... 

The wifli'd reward of lovers fighs to gain j 
But flic, who wept ^totlSers woes, took pleafurc 

id mjf pain. 
•- ' Rekem's 

Rekem*i fiipaiot Wealthy and vixtat^p<f. 
On his juft aims> the grievous wf igli^t of gencr^ 
envy drew i 
Out Oiining all^ he ftirr'd tip all m^i^'s bate^ 
And ftood a mm-k for the diftruilAil ftate. > 
- They feac'd his virtues, and bis Wealth thffj^ 
And iecret meansj to work his ruii), wroaght i 
But long theif willing malice watch'd in vvn^ 
His life, unfuUy'da white and pure, difclos'd nq 

iingle ftain, 
Till fortune pointed out at laft> a blinc^ but £)tal 
At once her former Uefllngs to betray^ 
And to the hungry grafp of power gave op ^tr 
long-wifh'd prey. 
Scarce pafl a month, fince from (he Mi^an 

Which now o'er-oonqueT'd^ttf/waftefutTwaySi 
Z<i^!m«affl3 fent two captains to our coaft. 
To mark our ftrength, and well <^ferve our 
ways : 
Thefe to Tyre, with vcot'rous um, 
Perhaps, not uninvitbd came} , 


' r,.),-- i,,Gl.HH^Ic 

Bttt whUe the city they with care fufv^'d. 
They found themftl^cs by feme ill chancfi 

betray'd t - • 

The houfe, they lay in, \vas befet by night. 
And one Was fciz'd, and one efcap'd by flight! 

The cautioue ftate hence took alarm, 
. And fbfait Fefolv'd, defenfinclyj to arm t 
Malicioufiy inquifitive they find, ' 

TiaitRekem once, by public fame deceiv'di 
' To ftrangers ebnverfe ever much iftclin'd j 
Had the two Ipics, as travellefs, recisiv'd j 
And feaAed them with hbfpitibid care, 
Tho'tleftj alas! howdang'rousgueftsthcvwtre. 
Vain Was the juft defence his virtue made, 
They feiis'd hifi wealth, And on his ruin f rCyd : 
And as by nature mttii who once have injur'd u9 

Seek their own fafety frotn hfe* wtdhgS, sWd ftill 
opprefs us more^ 
So with a blind, afld barb'fouS fpCCd, 
They the good Rekem ev'tt to dedth puifu'dt 
Drefs'd rapine in her folemn form, and publicly 
That on the ihotniOg, -which cnfu'di 
Beheaded in the market place he fhould for trea- 
fon bleed' 
Vot.IV. S fittfi 

r WhP P4n..defitri^ the fa4 :§gf viTQaght ? 

Iirtagination may perhaps capei?^?^- her dreadful 
'/ ' ■ ftate,,, - ■ , ■: ^,-;. .-- .v ■..,;■ 

: rBuj'twiBi mjfcrjf of (qoEpiyfV.ijifagfet^-.::, 
- T^jo ibM^ top a*i[gbt3r.:|eff/iffiflf? 
Long wQ^^ej,^^ \iexK&ttti9^.ptay:'r <J*nyM» 
To fee her f^<^^{itW^e't^'lle dje'd : 
At .fejj,- tb«rg|oU|irfttl-fayQur:a«; obtaind, .' 
Artji 'nvtlft ifmn Wf«pmg moids fiipportdd went; 
F^r in then j^t |fi>gethor they wmain'd. 
And the cld^'h5ar!s jti. mvfta^^mia^ry l)wpt, 

'Twixt l9ud^«o|ftg^Hits; iMwt iStmt :^K§/ ^d 
. - ' - wii4si^?piA>nK!rtt.:. - -. ' .■:■■,.' 

■ : 'W.h^nMagf<(r:^p^sh0^ %'feeav'n-advfe'd, 

:- W^felj ccaitr^v'4;her^UieF^6yviiH'defc^ptfi . 
In ber loofe robes his body Ihedi^jiis'd, 

j%.Qd: _Gever'4-»fjtti;|ie&;fl(iw^ ?<?f7.-Kis.griff-!^ 
ordcr'd ihape-i : , 

Then feeming weaJcwich woe, a^id ■xirown'd 
.-, . in;t?ar|,-. . , ■ ;.„, -. ^, .-..;7 

The.good old ms^ ^Uh ariful i^p,__ and b^ ud 
covcr'd head, , 

^fc'twixttli^ faithful maids. w!as ficom-the pri- 

■^•. : _ Ion fed : -. _ ' ,•,..,■ ',i 
.;:^-; .While 

I i,,Gi.K)^lc 

rWliile tbnur in iii drcfs half dtad \nth 

^iMstltl'd the hoftage of U> Bight, iUul iavisu/ 
of Yasyetti. 

Heaven knows wlidt path the hsplefs Rekeni 


But he hasfiuCc been viinly fought by his blood- 

thirfty foes j . 

Mean while. In council the gravechiefs of ftate 

Weigh the furprifing deed with warm debate j 

Some, but, alas ! how few ! with generous heat, 

Applaud the filial piety, and her difcharge entreati 

But far lefs juft the general voiGe.agreed, 
That, iince regardlefs of, the laws the had h«f 

father freed. 
She {hould again difcover him, or in his place 
(hould bleed. 
This (he, tho' not Mpefling, bravely met, 
Aad few fo» me herlaft long leave to take, 
Sarapiy ftid fhe, I die without regret, 
Sbico my dear 6ther has cfcap'd their net j 
Nor Would I wifli to live, but for thy fake •. 

Lsyig thy love hath feithful been. 
But thy great mciit was too lately feen-i 

S a ' A 


t6o Ortoi'njlx Poems, 

i A worth, like thine, in fach an im[»ous age. 
Might hearts lefs fcafible than mine engage : 
■: .. But fite -denies me now all power of cfa<dc«-. 
And all, that I can give ihee, is my- voice: 
Were I to live, my life henceforth were thine. 
Now death requires tnc', and 'tis vain ignobly to 
repine. ' 

By chance this jewel, rich in price, remains, 
Sav'd from the general wreck, and fecret kept, 
Take it, faid ihe, 'twill cafe your life from 
want's voracious pains j 
Perhaps your fearch (and there flie wept) 
May once again my now loft &ther find -, 
'Twill Ibmewhat comfort his affiided mind. 

In his diftrcfs to fee you kind. 
And even the little ibis may give XoJharCy 
The gratitude of you, his friend, and his dead 
daughter's caie. 

I TooR the jewel, and o'erwhelm'd with grief. 

Scarce found thepow'r thele words to fay: 

Kamar, fear nothing, heaven's thy friiehd ' and 

owes thee fure relief. 

So faying, turn'd, and (hot with i^pced away. 

For in thiit point of tiriic, &c, ^ 

:• - —The 

Original Poems; 261 

—The pair departed,, and with bufy mind 
Wife "Joajb tliro* the grove reflefling ftray'd j 
Fill'd with'/i/e<M of God's power and goodncfs 

,. , iinconfin'd, 

In each event difcern'd to atf^^ia e\;ery place 
. difplay'd : „ . " , 

If downwai;d on the em-ib he bent.his eye. 
The jorty-colour'd furfacc gaily drels'd. 
Grateful, ~Vr fcented 0^ 'rings breath'd to th^ 
deW'ihedding Iky, 
And heaven's indulgent handconfefs'd. 
If he lookt upward to the realms of light, ,, 
. The glowing fixn blaz'd copious to his fight j 
Illuftrious- proof of power immenfe, and eiTeuce 

' vaftly bright. 
That firArfx>u'd light up day's broad lamp, and, 
guide the eyelet night 1 , 
If he the ^ro{peOi round him view'd, 
A vegetable nation widely fpread. 

With long, but humbler life endu'd. 
Were in their fealbns, by God's will, with genial 
m3 ilure fed, 

« 4 The 


262 Ok I GIN AC PpEMB. 

The lowing bfrdsm nature's lux'ry roU'd, 
\^'alIo'wirig iji vei'dant b,eds of fprijiging graft i 
Air.-iailir.g b'ld^^ vfkli brc^d-fpread ' wings ii^ 
fttearijs tfeeir ftight tehoM, , / 
And ftooping wvitoA to the liquid glais» 

With half dip'd pinions flUn> the floods, and fia 

•■'''■ " .■ ■ *■' r, - ■ ■ y."';>- ' ' 

' em, a» they pais. 

In djcfe, and. in a!l obje<^", he ccfu'dipy. 

Or with his grofs, or iintclle^hial eye ; 

Th6 fpripfulhand of God,' diftinft^y trad", 

Aiaaz'dhU thoughts^ and o'^ hifi ipuT a Reverend 

hqrrqr fpread. ' , ' 

But white thus hohly he employed hTs rriind, 
SurrounSiBg ihonts fwell'd circling ihtfaewindi 
' Thegrovdjbn every fide, refoundijd^ with, a- 

. .larnis ' . ' , , 

Of mingtcd voices^ cracklTng boughs, ihicK fteps, 
and clatt'ring arfns, &c. 


Orig^sae PbViis: ' zSj- 

7^ Judgem^At-Daiv 1 .irf! Poem. 

HO V E H itQ '^re, n^ oiiife I o'it fdle 

SXi^g jhadowi ! Hipp' tf dreams f 
/S^ heaven's high call, fro*^ i^4m ^jfirWd,- 
Imagination climbti¥i'\^ dredd^fpeed 1 
Vnfetter'dy from eartl>% humble heights, I rife. 
And ftreteh fublime, a ^ng'rous flight, which 

none, untrembling, tries. • 

.. Tremendous BMi^ir/ arm m^^ijig eyes,;-, 
jiid and Support^ O God ! my. filing power. 
Teach, my \iQ\.^:tkofigbt \f^ i^ng ^p Wa;^g 
'' _-■ ' Jkml,- - , _;__. . . ■, 
Tearlejsy tOj^«w-deftruiSioii'i,.(kiving' (bower I 
And fafe, 'twixt burning vHirldh ambltaeus, 

0-\ let' ray hot, my lli-uggUng.bolbm giSjWj 
SwtoV'a by^^irtg flpocfccvf- ttrigbt defire : 
Till the aftonifh'd foul is tau^t, with fiarting 
dread to knrw^ 

S 4 How 


26^ OltlG-^HAXr F0£MS. 7 

Hqw groaning nature Ihall, dtjih'd, expire. 
And tumbling crbsj with orbs invoh'd^ flow 

loofc, in 7«M of ^r/ 
How dUs ^^ w*Vs imfnenre> and concavQ 

frame } ■ 
Spangled wi& ftarry wotrldsy to pieces broke. 
Shall feel heaven^ round it, Jbrivel from the 
• flamci, 
AM ^elff^JufiSy from diftant fpbereSf pour, liquid, 
thrcwg^ the itndce. 

i , H. 

Now, now, on fancy's faily wings, I rife, 
A\^'d, and cwifounded ! thro' deep -mids of 

ain ■- ■ • 
Millions of opening wonders ftrike my eyes. 
And reafbn's finite view is dazled here ! 
Globes behind globes,affn««i^w'(/,henceappear 
The twinkling Jiars^ that,' firpm yon earth re- 

6cem hcaven-fct gems^ and {ciXXtv'dfee^ ofday^ 
IJerey wid'ning into flaming worlds^ 'midftyfiw of 
Mtber botfly 
And, o'er blue kingdoms^ hold a fiery fway \ 

O'rigihai. P.qBU8. ^. 

In diftant Orbits, round each reigning ^ar. 
Huge earths and tmonst thor drcly homage pay : 
Millions of countlefs miks arejoft betweetti 
Aridfick'ning iBoagia grows //r-V to ftretchib" 

far! '•■■•"■ 

How v^ the concave fpheres, which, hence, 

arc fcen I 
Th' enormous vaults^ with - wheeling worj^ 
glow round 1 
RolUngi^A'flW, they fl«le oblique^ yet none their" 
paths confound ! ' 

A thousand bright irrc/i-ftfrrrT/ficauieno jarrs. 
Nor one die others progrefs barrs j 
Wide, ■ round thetr central ioorlds of^e, their 
' • various tours they make j 

V<£t ho prmid planet dares lus line forfake. 
Partial, an intercepted ray to break,: 
They take, and lend, by turns, the ftreaming 
light, " ; 

Aodj jilent, form, in folemn round, alternate day 

and night I 
: '• Yet, beauteous, as this heavenly &brick Hiines, 

An hour (hall come, when it muft all decay; 
When ftart^g man, from midnight Jkep^ Ihall fee 
th' incumbent^m. 
That time is fick, and nature meUs away* 



Habk. ! the ili^hi^g trun)pet/'AV5 / thunders 
o'er thunders roll ! 
A. twrnbling an|;sl founds ih^.ftenai call! \ 
The unbounded notes whirl btgken.^d higher jUid 
^ rend my iMy'ring fouL ! , 
Echomgfrom worlii to luorU^ theyhurllo'erall : 
And gathering horrors, csid as-tfttf/iy in {hoVcT; 
fhadows fall j ' ' 

The coafdous planets jStzr/ ta iear the f«und, 

And,-fi!om their orbits, iowa^ ; 
. Now, void of niotun, and 4ejpriy*d of forcev" 
Th' arrefiej J^^em flop,at once, their courfe! 
The lasgjLiid txhsr grown dim^ thek ft^he 

And nighft cre^ o'crthem^ ia a deadly ati : 
ThzffiorSan angeU hear the dltfmtng blaft. 
And, fi^om thdp. icvem} ftbtiom»' wing, (facifc 

way i 
Pymzsi^ ita^itteririg iroB4s» tbr^ tbwer» in 

And, looking bade, fig]^ fad, and/m/ the i£i^ 
' \ ■ Thin 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

Ob ( G I N Art Pdb m-s.' ' 4O7 

Thin troops of fiitkfJ gh^Sy^QBg Uri^pfjciiy^ 
That, waiid'ring 'twijct Uw fphereci, jtdtairfpg 

gaz'd, : - 

Stan, in loofe ihoals, gnd glide; ^kc mi^s. a- 

way i ■ ■ -■ , 

^gain,' th' im^^&kJe iojuHd.! h»ar ! 
The dreadful fuiiinioa6iV(^J.m7 debfiri'd Mr. 
TIte bepil^g air', mtiraiing, lets me:^!; 
Q ! favc me, heaven ! I ^k apaccy to yon bc- 
highced Af // ? 


l^Aii. \ dtxun'd domiitfons ! hail ! my native^ 
■ clay !-..,. ' 

O! >vhata blefling, ^^r^, were 
^gaifi ! \vhat rumbling, horror b 
Savg me, my God! — a flood < 
Gleapu its r#</ luftre> t^re' the 
The Y^c&Jiartfudden, from the 
And earth's fnap'di^jBj, groaning quits its 

.trufti/. '.;;;;■, ;V;:^,,,^ . 

No more th'.ungravi fate j-^loii'e gocf rpund, 
Invar^ convulfions/ffwtr, andfor/riy confound; 

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2&8^ Original Poems.- , 

WaHdefolation ^es her cind'ry cnift, 
,, AndafUve lift creepi ^to' the guick'm'ng duRi 
Vales aw'd beneath me, at th'impending doom, 
• In fciUowy heavitigs, roll, ttprigBt, al<Mig th" in- 

cumhent gloom ! 
. Tdrn from thdr roots, the groamngfore^s He, 
And bills leap headlong, and invade the _/Jy. 
Mankind, now, lirft united, join in prayer I 
Shrieks, froitt a thou^d iir^^ms, rend the 
' ■ ■" air, . -■.''.^ I . , 
And ghaftly borror ftalks-o'er all,.'^d leads on 
pale dejpair / 

,- : . ■■ ■ v:. 

See ! , how deHm^ve^Jbes wind their way ! 

' And point thefonowihg/A««i^<fr,w/iere torend! 

iMEarkt how the fpoutcd rivers, upward, ftray, 

■■ And hiji zgaia^ihtlight'm'figs, which dejcendl 

lleay'h ! how the filing cities^ buried lie ! 
Eatomb'd, in their proud palaces, earth's hum- 
' bled monarchs die ! 
See ! thro' the fiafh'd diftinAion, fres can give, 
, ' Naked crowds, who wilh to live, 

; ' Mix'd, 


dsiGi HAL 'Poems.' 3^9 

Mix'd, in confufion, to the mbuntaiM run ; 
Mountains, which, more a&tud than tbey^ have 

their own flight begun. 
And, relling, o*er the fwallow'd tribe, hrin^ en 
the fate, they ftiun ! 
On every fide, from every part. 
Disjointed realms afunder ftart ; 
WidegapingrJy/Jcarth's intnoft entrailBfhow, j 
And, from th' uprooted mountain's chafiQa,C 
below, C 

Unprifon'dy^^, in roaring- torrents, flow. J 
Commiflion*^d ocean, breaking loofc, difdatns " 
his crumbling boun^ 
And, hoarfely climbing, o'er the todty 
Swallows Pyrene's fiiowy top, zr\d uprise bar- 
riers drowns. 


Novf all in ocean! and a dreadful Haft, 
Burlls, from beneath, and fwells it to the Jky ! 
Torn, from dieir feats, the fea-to&'d bilU are 
'gainft each other dafh'd, 
Andf bulging, on tlip forming fuiface, lie; . 


■ ivGtio'^If 

The Eiepbant l}«^ ^/- 1:^ IjwpyHJE, fides, 

feet! : .-::, " 
Th' a^i«bl^d.bir<teilti,clo»d8vfkim/ low, in 

■ . Wt' 
WiinirihsJrso.feorfihi'iJ, jwittaOiMly driving 

- „ .raj^ i. 

Id circly flighty fhrillfkream^thor woe declare, 
Ta^'d ^arotnaant of their ih^lirjr platens I 
''EkBprfw^Uow'dnifitit, meaa while, AiUZau'j9> 

%^k^in tM. otaM, (p her emtraijmt ; 
Th' aftonifli'd deluge, no'M-fo cHeck'd before. 
Shrinks from the ./a/e, and in loud roar^ re- 
tires ! 
Glgfe in purfiiity the burfting Jkme breaks thro' 

th' unufual vent, 
O'ertakeatfae re^ng iki^dia-ilbw Eight, and climbs 

th' mmtnfe extent 1 
^ : On^ alt fides, iiow> the fire-a&ollfed wattes. 

Feel themielvc»^0/^; and earl to ih'un the heat; 
A fii'^ ol)?M«g». climbs, ^rk ^^ brmtf from Uieir 

voracious graves, 

, And 

n,. — ivGtHH^Ic 

And plmigmg Wkt^ft WJlicJb^ ns> cqdl OW^fort 
Spqut^ bet^ft^ied to £«ru^, ift rii^f . sod the 

. '■, -"^I- ■ 
Melting laitUn^ earth's fiilph'ry fblids ^Kw, 
Pierc'd by the force of her expanding flame ; 
Metals, dilTolv'd, in blazing lakes, below, 

■ With, li^d Iturmngs, da(h her cvncave frame ! ; 
Kxi^r, at length, out :iu(f)^ tho fkediftg ^e^ 

■ ^d rollsy tnu/apiwrtj o'tt ^tkel^'iv^'Jedt 
. ■ Rivers of Ranting gpid^ in fpcjmy afjHFc, 
And Jruggling thro' repugnant ftorms, a lab'ring 

.pafl^ge. free | 
As when ^om furnaces,'- (hick Jmoke expires, 
.' h^-to^^* hxisfy voUin^es.'tQ the fl^y, 
, The wwrii^g noir^d heats tki^H thf Mf^44ing 
■ -. -, , fpkcs,. . 
., Aod%cradsUie;^&fe^/V;,bi;o?d, andi^t- 
So, rifing i6;7/i of liquid flamgy by.CO^'ring waves 
.- -.t^refi'df . ;.. . \ 

Jn glowing whirlpeels^ driving jp^ftd*. 7flr/w«rf the 
; qcean^s ir«(^J, .-':'.'•' 


^ FttHbus, the batt'lingekments engagcj . 
And t-wijling hoftile, hifs, with mutual rage» 

' Cfti«i/with^f» in ftrongand rkmp^t tldes^ 
Reluftant occani'lelT'ning faft, fubfides j 
Mix'd with the melted'world^ it flames all roundj 
And feas, that dro\vn*d the earth, themfehes 
■ ar^ di;pwn''d . 

■ ■ ' ." Vlil. , ; , 

- :How low, proud-earthy are all thy honours laid! 

Whdte are thy late-contefted empires found ? 

'. SVherc the Kglwafts of arts andrfrwxdiiplay'd I 

Where are the dreadful pomfs, which bemln'd 

thee roiind I 
What difference, »pw, 'twiil rkb and poor, 
*' remains? 

The ruler's fceptre, and the captive's Chains ? 
Where lie the properties of boaflful weaitb ? 
Difttn6lion, and degrees, now clafh no more! 
PHe Jickneji hert, flows, mix'd widi ruddy 
= " , health,. 

Aadfcorn and pity, now, imite^ which neixr 
z ■ ..: joih'd, hefore I 

Melting, like wax, thy kindled rocks m tow'ry 
' ' Jlames aipirc j 


,. ." K Google 

ORiGiHAt. Poems. afjf 

And liquid kingdoms un^tlate in fire ? 
F'roin the lad fight, tir'd fancy ! turn thy eye } 
See! what amazing changes blot the Siy ! 
Longer t and louder^ the laft trumpet's found 
Rolls its encreafing clangor to the fim ; 
The ftarting fires convolve, and, hachoard, run> 
Struck to the bearf^ he darkens and decays, 
And ftrongly trembles^ thro' his breach of 

As when> in living num, fotn? fmft furprize, 
Chills the warm region of his beating breaft : 
The ftiling members feel th' oppreffion rife^ 
And bang, of force, and" motion, difpofleft : 
So, when the fov'rcign ^n forgets his care, 
Dependant worlds, in fympathetic war, 
Hak in their courje, and fick'ning, widi de* 
Their vaft, xthcrial rounds Jvrgoe, 
And roll, in devious mifchicf, down the airf 
Yon wat'ry Moon, dit^Wing broad, now, ftems a 

dulky food. 
And now, at once, O, horrid change ! As red* 
dens into hloodt 

Vol.. IV. T WiD» 

■ ivGtio'^Ie 

27"4 Original Poems. 


W.iP^ from its center, Jee ! th' efcaping fun, 
With; random dread, revolves his loos'nbg 
^ . ' , . fpires i 
Cold orbs, which plac'd remotCj his influence 

Now feel th' attraBion of his bordering fires. 
Suck'd, to his burning breafiy averfe they flow, 
And icy regions roar, to meet his glow ! 
Plung'd in embracing yrg^, unquench'd, he 

, lies! ■ 
And the tbaw'd clime, round his hot convex 

' : ."^^f^^s> ^y ^'8 abfence, from dcpendance freed, 
Scud, in loofi liberty, along the iky j 
Wild, -and licencious, drive^ with headlong 
I-.,; . -;-;_ ipeed,: ■ ■ ■ 

£ -^ilt'g^ioft ^M^ejfhoaly rowtf?, bulg'd, they lie; 
So, rebel kingdoms ftruggling to hcjree, 

- . ■. Sh^ regal, ppper, and fpU t on anarchy ! 

See, fee ! whereblazuAgprbs, inj(j5£frMremotc, 
Wrecks of loft worlds! thro* jlorms of Mther 

3 -./ flotc! 


■ r,. — i,,GoOglc 

Orjoinal P-OEiis. ' zy^ 

With i^ty ciiinb, \z&. tongues d? Jiret ftretch'd 

in dreadful cones, to Jweep each other try ; 
While j!f/Vj, between^ Ihrihfc up, and TOix^their 

As cracklmg Bay-leaves fa^/, in circling jlame^ 
■ -Jmoh'-d, it length, th' attroBed planets throngs 
And burn, confounded^ with their central funs % 
iPunAling, from every part, ihty Jirike^ and, 
th\jnd'rihg rend along ! 
Th' unhinging Jhock the lift'ning ahgcls fiuns. 
Worlds againft "Worlds^ with cJafliing horror 

Da{h their broad ruins to the throne ofbeav'n / 
Thro' flaming regions of the burning air, 
• t)oWn rain diftilling funs, in liquid rills, 
■ Mix'd with red mountains of unmelted fre'4 
Hifiing, perplex'd, with Jhmv&s of icy bills. 
Arid cat'raB feas, that .roaK From worlds fiill 

Mingled, like "drividg haii, they pour aloiig, 
And, tbund'ring; on our ruin'd lyftem fsH! 
Flames, gfappling flames, combinr, to grow 

more ftroi^. 
And, iawildblaze, fweep, boundlefs, ovetall', 


276 Original Poems. 

One firey -deluge^ walleful, hnU ielow. 
And crumbled worlds, in liquid millions^ flew. 

XI. ■ 
Th" accooipliflj'd ruin Jle^s, cxeaAoxxdia 1 
hxvA: untajk'd angels rove o'«r empty fkies ! 
The ibft'ning trumpet breatbes harjh Stnmi 

no more } 
But, in funk Ibunds, grows frnet^ and JaUi 
its roar ! 
C^eftial iwc^^t fwelU 'twixt warbling natesy 
And thrilling joy, on circly rapture, floats ! 
O'er the vail •ooidt melodious praifes fiow» -j 
And lift'nij^/twJ!r, from the red lake, behw/ 
Uujhy for a while, the creeping fiamesy and half <^^ 
fi^end their ime ! J 

But, while in deep, and fix'd attention, ^AarjBV, 
Their hungry fouls denjour the bUfefiil fwrid. 
By fudden JUence ftruck, they fi^t, aiarm'dj 
And mark a, fad! vskowful! fiillnefi, round! 
. . Confcious (4 cming judgment, down they fink, 
Diving, by thoufands, thro' the burning lake; 
Calm with incumbentd^<2^,irom brink tobrink, 
Th' tmbeamng ocean fcarce is icen to ^ake, 
, Nor fwells one daring billow »^, in firey foam, 

to breiJc ! 
.... ■ • FxoM 

Orioihal PaRMSi 277 


FROM'fliore to (hore, wide, round the laky (kmc. 
High-arching hcav'n coniraSisitsfpr'ingy framel 
Broad, as the ruin fpreads, th' unmcafur'd i&>me 
Tow'rs, in full compafs, o'er th6 tvafie Mow! 
Afletnbling angel^ now, no longer roamj 
But, iabhnuig'd radknce, gild the roo/y. 6ow j 
A folemn ^laek dde& the vaft concave line, 
Where ftreaky waves of rubied r«/ff//x glow j 
'Twixt their hofs curlt, white beams, of filv'ry 

Involv'd with rolling tides of azare^ flow ! 
Ctinents of mingled blacky rvd, golii, and^/W, 
In glia'ring chaces, fport, perplex' d and luW, 
unceafmg, through P 
Stream-'d tl»o' the whole, a. quiv-'ring kiftre 

Which, as bright greupi of angels, interpofe, 
A twinkling change oicoloury rays imparts, 
Ani^, from their wdags, v^jhaw'-ry IS^t'ning 

Far,, above o^ thro' the dome's op'ning crown. 
Broad, as a wodd^ th.' elmigbty'i E TE. looks 
downj T 3 Clouds 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

ayS Orio'ihal Poems.' 

Clouds of deep glory, fhadowing, round, his 
keen refulgence biJe, 
A,nd dazkd angels turn t(ieir eyes afiilef 


Jfark f' what tranfporting majeJJy of y^ff^ 
In folemn Jweetnefs rolls its force along f- 
t^o/f, and yet /W, it leads its thunder, round. 
And ftf ikes chiU rev'rejice, thro' th' angelic 
throng I . 

'Tis the eternals pow'rful voice I that calk, to 
waken death ! 
And refurreSiio'n Waits th': onmific breath. t- 
The lake groom deep !■ the khour will, begin ! 
O'er its broad fee?, life-beaming billows curl -, 
The burning bowels fep'r^tc, flow, within, 
And ftnoaky clouds expire in pitchy whirl I 
Bodies of men, m ages, long fihce pafl:, 
Whofe wand'ring duft has chang'd ^[thouiand 

Purg'd, by the boiling fires, evaporate faft^ 
And, Jleaming upward^ rife, in mjly fwarmsi 
Sexes, conjoined in fhoaly atoms, fwim. 
And, iallying loofe, the &-^ furface Ikim I 


jCngijJIavcSj itadpatrJeiSf undiilinguHh'cl-flow, 
And mount, erttangkJ,'fiomihc gulph, below ! 
In the mid'air, difpers'd, unhdmber'd \5ay8, 
Each in his fellow's fearch, inJUnBive, ftrays / 
Circling, like flaky Ihow'fsof drivingySoieJ-, 
Which whirlwinds, into mazy 'w'aii'ringiyhlowi 
Jn endlefs intricacies, 'winding thro', 
Atomsjoin atomS) arid io/f forms renewal ' ^ "^ 
With fympathetic c/ing, togSCh^r- fly, 
And limb'dt for Hfi, in cumb'Tous"milirdns lie ! 

■ xiv. '..: ■ ■■- ■ ■■; : 

Once more, fnbUme, . th' ehliif 'ning, W« I 
hear.! , ■•\ • 

" 5oB/r, defcend ! your bodies Join. . , 
Sudden, thin clouds of hov'ring Hvef appcjri . 
And leaning anxious,^ in foft fquadrons, (Hne 1, 
Loos'd, at th' Almighty's wor^, diftin^they fly,.. 
Swift, as the light-beams of a human eye i 
.^dcnt, with longing Jhoof, each ftrikes his 

- own. 
And fmiks, to fill his long -loft home again j 
B(7i//rt fupine, by ent'ring breath new blown, 
^iajh fuddcn, into li/e, andjlari up men ! 

T4 They 


»$» Orc&ihal PdXMs. 

ThBjr viaif ! they pofji ! they try their ^'»^j .' 

Lofti Itt flirart hrfor, and ^^wr** izim»v / 

Armies, unnand>er*d, thruigth' eetberial fpace, 
Fatitmal jUam views, at oncis, his whole coHt&ed 

And, Hi^h big tears, for conicious w)€, bedews 
hiG reverend &ce : 
parents aicet chiUretit and> tranfported, cling. 
Long-parted ^'ffldi, in mutual rapture, greet, 
Th' oiiigir and th* a^ig'd, together ipring, 
_ And trembling traitors injaT'd Jbvereigm meet I 
Cjesar on Brutus looks, fcrcnely, down. 
And cloudy Cato ^alks, withy«/^» wiff. 
Glares on him, epfuious, with inferior frown, 
And wonders, that in J^te of deaths be feeU him 

Afejeftic, in the folemn front, o£Stva^t's injured 
The K iNGLY- MARTYR rcars his awful brow ! 
Pierc'd by the force of his yor^'-u/ff^ fece, 
? A gloomy hoft of back'ning rebels &ow f 
And fear, too late, thzt foyereign pow'r, they never 
otpbV tin now f 



O&I.CINAI. FotMt. Mt 

Decrepit eg', to morir than ytutb, reftot'd. 
And pining ^iae^, freed from aking faa. 
Exert the vigoar, their new limbs aSbrd, 
And move, trai^orleJ, at th' affarait gun ! 
Pale murd'rers meet, olivet whom-, once, they 

And rufli thro' crowds th' alarming fight to 

ihun i 
Vfirpers By from kings, whofc thrums they JUl'J, 
And iw'l'd with their guilt, umdelif, run. 


Fancy, thou fail's me, hart 1 I feel theo wai / 

lfee!ihm/ai, beneath th' e'lrpimriag weiglltl 

Aid me, O Saviour ! teach toy Jeal taj^aki 

Thron'd, on thy father's red right band, in all thy 

dreadful JIattX 

Thou fee'ft the humbl'd pride of MftinrwMt, 

Mankind, coUedted into life ! the hwly, and the 

great ; 
And thus, th' eternal doom thou fpeak'ftj the/en' 
tence of their /a^tf ! 

• Come, my blcft remnant, ye felei!led/ni> I 

• Who pra^s'd, but, the obvious good, ye knem j 




* Who, fafcly pointed, by the guide imtbtjft 

* Straggled to virtae, and refifted^w ; 

* Who, or, hy prophets, or, by cim/cietice, taught 
'*■ Have, or difcffU€r*d truth, or, humbly, fbu^t j 

* Who, from the guilt of choice have ftill liv'4 

■ Or doae^ OTjuffer'di for my tiamcy and »W ! 

* Who, by no confcious weight dcprefs'd, of un- 

repentcd fin, . 

* Fed yourfelves Aj:A?,and uncondemn'd,iw;Vi/«, 
' Rais'd^ from yon dark, and (inking crowd ! to 

heaven's high thrones afpirc ! 
'Enter, with «?, to joys, which drown defirt; 

• And learc th'aceurs^dy to prove by ^/w, etcririty 

in fire ! 


"Tis^ke: and, !o! th' unroofing arcb rends 
wide J 
Swift, defcends a radiant tide \ 
An opening breadth rolls down, of fparkling ' 
day ; . . 

And, like a fcroH, unfolds huge length, oimore than 
milfy way ! . " ■ 


Oai6ihal Poems. aSj- 

They go t th* admitted faints tread lights as aar. 

They mount, with more than !human eyes, afid 

\^em the ftreamy glare ! 

Bright, as they move; th' encircling- abgels 

throng i 
Heard Haiielaja's ihake th' inferior ikf i ■ 
In diftant thrills, expiring notes prolong, 
And with tranfporting yaU oi fiund^ in gradoal 
foffnings^ die! 
See! thro' the Purw/!- how ittr&ctcd*dl»j'. 
Like a Twift current's Ijnral'ebb, glides^ after *em 
away 1 
Now, all is darky and HJmal^ z%yQnfcene% ■ 
Ah ! why does clofing heaven, (ojobn, th' en- 
tTMidng proipect_/irfffl ? . 
What does beyond thofe glitt'ring confines lie f 
And why no room, 'till deafb makes way,- for fuch 
a wretch as If 


But murmur not, proud thought ! if, bere^ de- 

A wand'ring pilgrim, through this life's cold 

Jhade^ ■ 

... Imuft 


2S4 Q&ZQiiHAi* Posi>n. 

I saa£tm^ye^ whh heav'nly choirs, r^okc; 

O ! be the will of Gtd, not »f i»> obey'd ! 

Wait> my impatient foul ! his wijer choice ! 

Xcuit the ftroog hand, by which tboje vnrUs 
w^re made. 

And to bis plea&re tune ihy wtlKng vence ! 

If I, not yztfjbaki off this earthy lo(td^ 

Swe, t^en ii ^us'tie^y wortii my laic's ^duv^ 

He, who fubmits to fir* upon the roady 
Is £uatiy Ibul'd, w tra\rels a^ Sorfame i 

"Fat tof^ fiiffice i^ to have taught my mufe. 

The tuneful triflings of our tribe to fliun , 
And rais'd her mtfiitth, Aicb ieav'nfy tbema to 

As, vapafi ages, her ht^ gvhu^ won I 
iUe, ivho b^^oad die pow'r of awif couU write, 
Woa'd ftUl £01 ihort of hmv who«3tfJ wellj 
To flow \n found, or turn a perad right. 
Is, but in fairy tovSrs of praift, to dwell ! 
To pardon wrongs, and benefits recite, 
. It, vafuifiantial meaning, to excel f 

Why are my w^j bent ieyoxd my /ffwcr. 
But io p-tvoie aty^ed, to reach that, gtai. 
Whence on the afltiSed, I may comforts Jhow'r, 
Add, with eas^dpity, feaft my hungry fault 



ObigihaI' PoxMs. -885 

]Sc ActiOM, then, heacefixdi^ fay lile's vide 

A thoufand glorious things I wiih to do ; 
Alt has becB said, duu'^ vroith a inie man's 

But rattcb maj^ be PXRVOitM'D, tliU*s greatif 


C L E O N f L Y 9 I DA S; 

^ Ttme-Tiece. 

^e Date not mark'd, hy /fc Painter. 

FAITH, and the mufe, have err'd. 'Twas 
jufl advice, ... 

Skill'd Lycidas ! that eheck'd too hafly^ra;^. 
I fhou'd have cooi'd pre-currence,.into.paufe. 
And weigh 'd the public voice, oppos'd to mine : 
Then had I found tlitfutute, in the paft; 
Nor falfely charg*d contraftions puny grafp 
. With comjMfti itconceiv'd not. Share, my^icnd. 
In pity, ftiarc, the pain my foul fuftain^ 
. Tp find fuch hope fo faded. Hope, too rais'd. 
To {loop at humble felf : Hope, viring'd for all. 


n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

■ a86 ORIciNAL PofiMS. 

All wlas my blafted prdiped. - Fond Airmia:^ 
O'er-rated, and out-ftretch'd> a people's blifs^ 

Bio throb, the mufe's pulfe •-^ for thv fweet 
What moUsy imcbami'd, can hear ? — Bid burn, 

the brow 
Vindi^ve, and appeal due fatire's frown. 
Due, to the fiagg'rers^ that made drunk by powef 
Forget paft thirft's dry promife : and prefume. 
Dark dreamers ! that the world forgets it, too. 
Bid the prte^ Poet confecrate the rage 
Of a wrong'd nation's curfts. Rage, at zeal 
From ranc'rous gall, hot envy's acrid hell ! 
I-orig under cloak of patriot femblance hid. 
Guileful to lurk in wait, till av'rice fnapt. 
Corruption's watch' d- for lure : Then, off, at oace 
Flew wide th' obftru6live virtue. Veil'd no more, 
Scramblers, in broad expofure's bluflilefs ■brawn. 
Light from the duft, lick'd prone th' admiffiVe 

Decp-ftjun'd wifh cank'ry ordure. Lambeot 

■flaves! • 

Fiend-cloven tongues I grac'd> once, tb QiiBic 



Original Poems. I'S/ 

And make diftnift ieem virtue ! — yet, ran truA 1 
No fooner hears the mufe her Poet's call. 
Than venal calumny whets every fting, 
To wound his honeft purpofe. Public fenfc 
With her, is private feeling': Satire's fiown 
Mean vrarmth from difappointment. Spurn die 

Or, let her err, negle^ed. ' Periih warmth. 
That z&s, or wills, or thinks from partial piqw^ 
Unfaithful to its feemtngs ! Self avaunt ( 
Self is beneath reientment } nordeicendft 
The mufe, to note fuch wafte of wild impute. 

UNPERsoNAt, the cheeks indignant gknv. 
That blnlhes butfor cAhers. Fall dUgrace 
On ears, of daftard _^art, that due not hear : 
Or tongues, that jdare not own, truth's boldell caffi 
Fall, even, contempt on vortb^ where, ftc'd for 

Tort of revulfive brow bids pride withold 
Thy fn«le, cheap grititude- ! which craft's low 

- g:iine 

Oft lends the beggar'd heart, that wants, within. 
Shame on the p3.infa\ ^refcb, that racks the great ! 
Needlcfs extenfion ! dignity like light, 



XHreUsinkfelf, cU^tltyer, nndiTiHay'd. 
How have I fteu the iifltive coiirtia' fliinc t 
Warp'd to no fiwrt fitblinie^ eoAaot men's ^««} 
Charm drefs'd in e^fy honour's eiBuent air : 
Fill out diilindition's voids without pomp's aid, 
Strilu in defcsnding : and attra<9;, iufn^ne t 

Oh^thau ! to whom. loft ^nii's evening ray 
Ow'd love's allegiant Ittftre: Hanje, of joy. 
Wit, geaius \ tide of EU't ! whence letter'd hope 
Drew depth, to ^i ungrounded. Soul of tafte! 
Shade, writhout (iall ! foft'ning fupcrior height 
With acccfs and urbanity ! — what need 
Thy ntfiw; here added? Day's meridian blaze 
Marks the known hour, tmtold. — O, fay, befl: 

Thou, who fo nobly trod'ft tii'illuftriotis fteep, 
Oft clouded, fin9e thou left'ft it ! — Teach th' 

Why are the r^s'd look'd up to ?"-'Tis, to try 
Their claim to fit, fo mounted. *Tis, to taflc 
Their ftrength to lift low climbers, Down, proud 

fnails, , 

That, crawl'd too high, your flime'track'd jZw^ 

expofe I 




Out with thefe fnu& in blaze, that flune, to 

. ftinicl 
What have the lame to do, with wreftler's toils ? ■ 
*Tiis impudence, that prompts deformity 
To prink itfclf, like beauty. Want of light 
Were flatt'ry, to the ugly. Drag *em out: 
And leave 'em, in the eye of fccM-n^ impaN. 

These are the minds, that difavow the Muse ! 
Dead to the formful glow, that figures thought. 
Blots low fcnfation from the wid'ning heart \ 
Lends an elaftic nerve, to every fenfc : 
Pufhes exerted virtue into aft : 
Feels, for a world embrac'd; and warms mankind." 
— Nothing of this, poor fouls ! diflurbs their calm. 
Clofing their tortois'd lump of cold content, 
Diftant, perhaps, (hey bear^t poet's name : 
Lefe probaWy, fometimes perhaps, half deign 
To turn th'untafted page ; there, lumb'ring on, 
Find nothing in the nobleft verfe, but rkymt : 
And equal Durfey's froft, to Dryden's fire ! 
Sleep, genius, fleep — the time& invite repofe. 
No fource, of all Bh'tanm'a's filv'ry ftrcams. 
Shall feed hope's with'ring root, where hearts, 
thus dry. 

Vol. IV. U And 

r,,i,--= i,,G6i)^Ic 

s-qo Originai, Poems. 

Have drunk, like fpungcs, fortune's ^fldiri^fweU : 

And o'er th' unmoiften'd virtues ihake no drop. 

O, Lycidas ! how climbing zeal will lye I 
Come, help me to deplore thofe bluft'ring galesj 
Whofe vcntilative heave pufTd out their void» 
With {hows, of airy ardour : Till up-driv'n 
O'er fltreenful clouds, there bur/i the bubbly 

There, flirunk their fatiatc bulk, to tracklefsJ»u/W 
Speak, ye forgotten graces^ if unfworn 
To hold dumb diflance, round the feats of power. 
And rev'rence,un-approaching, ftep more near: 
Untarnifli thofe bald flars : tell 'em, their lights 
Were lent, to be refleded. Every mufe. 
By ev^ry art attended, iighing, prone. 
Complains of interception. Each, in v^n. 
Invokes one beam. But pines, in (hiv'ring Ihade. 

Why, Lycidas, were ends and me^s mif- 
join'd ? 
Why am I bom to pain, for pity, wiU'd ? 
, Why chofc the God, that warm'd /i6y widening 
heart, / 

To curb thy fhorten'd hand, and prefs down firej 
; \ 2 , What 

Orioinaz, Poems.' 9gi 

\Vhat ihall we fay, to touch thelc fons of noife 
With fenfe, how boldly death diffefts their name ?. 
What Ihall we dof to break th' imperious Mnd^, 
That rife 'twixt power and taftc! to pierce 

their miji f 
And teach th' incumbent reeksi what clouds they 

form f 
How fliall a notelcfs, namelcfs, filent, friend 
To thought's obfcure retreats, unnerv'd, like me. 
By dignity's bold brace; or fame's felt fpring. 
Shake thofe clofe groves of ftate, whence kings 

catch gloom ? 

Oh ! were their reach but thine ! or, lot more 
Happier, and lafer, moft remote from thronfts ! 
t>, were thy will but theirs ! —Then, LvtiiAs, 
No felf-cxpofing halt, in place poffefs'd, 
Wou'd fhame remember'd fweep to diftant hope. 
Corrective care wou'd change, wnat once it charg'd i 
Watchful dilcef'timehtT^/z^ unfhould'ring worth'. 
That crowds not into notice. Tafte wou'd dara 
Feci uninfus'd diftini^ion : take no cU^ 
From int'refts venal nod — lefs, wait for prayer, 
iFrom vfftue's balhful pang, or art's dumb claim i 
U 2 Fotf 

,. . K Google 

29.2 Origikal Poem's. 

For, excellence hugs doic her modeft veit, 
Put, (adtively inquifitive for woe. 
For wit's gucfs'd wants, for forrow's caver'd tear. 
For paine, wrongs, penury, of every good, 
With-held by every evil) drag back weight. 
That holds down worth deprcfe'd, — and bid it 

So, cou'd my verfe, ah! fhritlefs dream ! inj^ire^ 
Then Ihou'd I feel I breathe, nor life's dim track 
Touch'd languid, lofe each footftep's feeble mark. 
And leave no ftreak on time, to note my name. 
— But, hulh, vma ftruggler, bid thy brcaft con- 

And fatisfy with will, thy pow'rlcfs foul. 
How ihou'd fuch lot be mine, who drink wit's 

In dcfarts, where feduaion's drowtb has choak'd 
With venal duft, Cajialia'^ dwindled rill ! 
How fliall I raife my voice, till greatnefs bean? 

Write, fays the whifp'ring impulfc, that af- 
Ambition's airieft hope, yet hates her name : 

Write : 

Original Poem& 293 

Write, but be read. Write rugged truths, untun*d 
To flatt'ry's dulcid lentor"': roughly loud. 
As when the laA heard call fhall wake the dead. 
Court feme kind angels aid, to voice thy theme. 
Alas ! no Angel dwells, where avarice reigns ! — 
Oh! for fomc hoarfe Teutonic note, more ilerri, . 
Than Runic bard, o'er hoftile fcalp, e'er fung, 
When Woden's ball refourided to his clang I 
Then fhott'd fatiric fervor, fliarply ftrong, 
Roar, like the mujes'& bull^ tiH the nsaKd nine 
Concqrr'd, in frightful ccmfort ; whilei- mtcnfe. 
Up the ftecp clifis of Pindus' pathlefs brow/ 
Rambling, I roU'd my tumbril theme along. 

Wrong not» by, numbers tnn'd to concord'^ 
The brawl-devoted tafte, that tans thy times. 
Softnefs be Opera'% claim : be Jharpmfi thin& 
Softnefs in fatire aiks good fenfe, in guilt : 
'Twere hfly on power's blind puddlen. Wit's 

light gnatt 
Humming its courteous bruih'd from note : 
Her ivafpy clofe-faft'ning, bids th' uxiYA'nexfeel. 
Sting then ; and force from pain, what pride ' 

U3 So 

294 Original Poems, 

So fliall thy verfe, at Icaft, out-foar contempt j 

And lend diftafte difcernment. —Touch no praifi, 

'Tis idol facrificc, to gods, of Stone. 

Praiic has but one pleas'd reader : fcarce, one 

patire-can fqueeze kind looks, frombittVeft gall. 

Loosen the reins to fpleen, cries angry truth ; 
Where phlegmful fogs diftil their lazy damp 
'Tis wholcfom to be nuid. Nor paufe, for thought! 
Who, that but fees or hears, needs tbink^ for feme? 
Bom, to no paU'raJ plain's romantic range. 
Calm, and cool-fann'd by reafon's temp'rate gale, - 
Feel, that thou breath'ft in paffion's hazieft fen, 
Contagious air, by fcnfiial funs, inflam'd : 
Where carnate emulation, ftripp'd of m/W, 
Glows mufcularly ftrong : where Ucenfe reigns, 
Uncurb'd by law's reftraint : where youth's fed 

Bids bafhful diffidence of felf be kid. 
Where not to rev'rence, is to knowt mankind ; 
Whwe difrcfpcct is eafe ; noife tajle in UJe j^ 
And modefty loni> breeding. Where defcent 
Drives literally downward : 'till, behold ! 
Yon Coachman'^ copy'd foul propels the peer ; 

- Ab4 

(Original Poems. '29^ 

And" dim-ftar flouchers fhiDC, by glare of fiiame, 
Downcaft decorum fwells the public laugh. 
Judgments and views run backward. Nature nods. 
Ends hat Jiicceedt as means prepoft'rous err. 
Malice grows feft, water'd by pity's tear : 
And factions but contend, for rank in wrong. 

Up, from rhyme's popy'd vale ; afcend fame's 

Soft to the foft : Thy theme be tempeft — On. 
Write with a whirlwind's fury. Snatch the God, 
That thunders in ^ank verfi, to ride thy ftorm. 
So may they hear, tho' cricket Jakes were pitch 'd, 
Tho' the won Plate's broad triumph flicok the 

field : 
Tho' cock'Sy hard- con^u 'ring crow, to fliouting 

rings J 
Or Britofi's coarfe debates out-^quarrel Rome's, 
— Mufe, I begin. Aflift, with all your fail. 
Ye profe-infiating hawks, of Helicon ! 
Lend me your wing's wide ftretch, to aid my 


Come ! let the foul of Freedom's rcinlefs power, 
Vaft, and unconfcious of conftraint, infpire ! 

U 4 Wild 

49^ OmOINA^ FoEM*. 

Wild let her lift me from tbc lawns of fon^ 
Mufick's hedg'd boundlcts, mem'ry's meafur'tl 

Where rhyme-trac'd cadence^ in h^rmonion^ 

Rivets recorded fenfe, apd pins dqwn thought. 
Light, and difrob'd of foftnefs, let her drive, 
Loofe, to the voids, of fancy's viewlefe fcope : 
Vague, and unihap'd, and pathlefs, as tbe air. 

What fhall be fung ? ye fons of vaAnefs, iay. 
What fubjeft, fadly foundful, like the rufh 
Of hoai fe, broad, Cat'ra^s, fiiail blank nuiaabeF$ 

Shail it be Sorrow's energetic plaint. 
That groans away the fun, and lends new gloom 
"To midnight's mournful umbrage ? Tim'd too 

Too lately, Albim's boreal -weftes had wept 
The fuited theme : when tears, from rafh revolt, 
Wafli'd ruthlefs prifons : when th'acceislefs wilds 
Of bleak-brow'd mountains flirick'd, with vocal 

Mothers and Orphan's cries ! whoni £in^ne found. 


Orioinal Poems. 297 

Where only fanune eou'd: Defpair's pale tribe I 
Weeping, in death's chill gmfp, their pwn uo" 

Some paft or future fate, of friend more dear; 
Why fhou'd the gen'rous Mufe infult the fidrnf 
Why not deplore the pangs of hoftile pain i 
Juft if they thought their caufe, their crime feem'd 

■Guiltlefs in will, by, taftc involv'd in wrong, 
from educative cuftom's devious warp. 
Spare the perilling blind : unhoping grace : 
Tr«ilk& of regal virtues : ttring on 
From doubt »f mercy. For, alas ! no voice 
Of tnith, in defaits heard, had taught *em. Kings, 
,Who laft can fear oflfcnce, can, fiv£t,Jbrgive. 
Paint, dien, their pity'd anguifli : nobly feel. 
To make fublimely felt, this brave man's t^ .* 
That hearts, un&aken by refifter's ragf. 
Are conquer'd by their ^orrow. — Vain attempt! 
Spread the fonorous wing fiw flights of y^. 
Sorrow renounces latitude of range : 
Dwells in confinement's cave j where thought fits 

M^s are Ihunn'd : and horror's winking lamp, 
Ghaftlying night's ebon eye, ices woes on woes. 



298 Original. Poems." 

Tear following tear, figh echoing figh, combin'd. 
Move in clofe confonance of fift'ring found. 

Shall it be love, foft whifp'ring out the foal. 
From its own manfion tenderly exhal'd ' 
To reach fome fweeterfelf? No: dare not touch 
That theme ; 'tis facred to the rights of rhyme, 
Union will ne'er, by diflbnancc, be fung. 
Love's links are married couplets : hand in hand 
The willing yoke-mates fhare confederate fall : 
Soft as the zephyr ikims the dew-drop'd rofe. 
— But, even had rhyme confpir'd to tempt — 

Aweful, refign, a wreath, more nobly won. 
SainTsJohw, his country's boaft, his country's 

When courts at leifure left his youth, to hce^ 
Saint-John ! the JWa/f'j Lord^ this theme once 

fung ! 
Sung it, in verfe more foft, than beauty's eye} 
More ftrong, than her Aitradtien I Almahide, 
■ Immortal Almabide \ by Saint John, lives. 
Who (hall attempt to touch the Theme be chofe ? 
He^ who was voic'd by mufick : micn'd by love \ 
,He, who, by. turns, has every nmje poffefs'd, 

. And 

n,:,- — i.,GtHH^Ic 

Original Poems. 999 

^nd every art, protefted : Every grace. 
Through every fortune, led —~ Supreme, in all, 
SaintJohn ! whom woman wifti'd, man eni^ed; 

Made \rar on : yet, whom none found power to 


Nor grief thy theme, nor love. What choke 
remains ? 
Shall it be death's grim wafte. War's field of 

Aptlier, the fubjeft wou'd have warm'd our ifle. 
When England's fiin fhot wide th' irradiate flame 
pf her fam'd Edward'e day-dawn. — Yet, who 

But at fome far-thrown moment, whit'ning broad. 
Some light, new rifing, may (perhaps) once more. 
Off-roll the fullen fhade, that glooms our fame. 
Rekindling fenfe of martial fire may glow, 
Till the rous'd nation blazes. Then, the fons 
Of Sires unfkill'd to think defeat no fhame. 
Starting to deftin'd vengeance, the ilruck drum 
No more Ihall bid the form-drefs'd (oidlcrjleep : 
But roll it? deepn'ing bafs to wake due death i 
Then too, no more, the trumpets clang'ry ftirilU 

|e9 Originai, Foe MS. 

Fright'ning the Opera DatJtt, fhall to her ear- 
Call her aHei^ed hand, and ibut cut claim 
Topromife of a fon, like him flie loves. 

Hail the wifh'd wonder: give him btrtb, 
O time ! 
And into fame's rough ocean launch his nanie. 
*-^Bitt, when he rifes, bid him ^fK« Muse. 
Fan his impatient blaze, to letter'd love. , 
Pour the cnOiufiaft fervor thro' hig ear^ 
That iir'd the conqu'ring jimmom thirfty foul — 
B«n for the poet's praife, teach him to knewt 
That war's wing'd bolt, by love of verfe impeWd, 
BurAs every bar to glory. Verfe, to war 
Lends ardour : War, to verfc, new warnsth, im- 

' -parts. 
So join'd, that never hero rcach'd renown : 
Or, rcach'd, ne'er beldi who wrong'd the Ma/e^i 

Oh wi&<tf, ye gothic renders of the car ! 
Yc blank- verfc burftcrs of Pierian bars ! 
Strcmg beyond chain ingcometj/wervwofthought! 
Giant furmounters of wit's loftieft ^Ipt f 


■ ivGtio'^If 

Original Poems; ^f 

Ye hurlers of profe rocks at mnfick's heaven ! 
H^at (haWdeistvc the Arc^df your thuoder bears? 

Faction deferyes, and ciaims it : crks a howlv 
That paints th' attentive foul — Come, learn her 

Give, to the deity, that fkakes down thrones, 
Th' allegiance of thy Mufe. Blank verfe be aaiar. 
Guidclefs and boundlefs in afpiring grafp, 
And frownful in majeflic Jullennefs, 
Her mufick dwells in timrmur. Let her growl 
For JaBion : tafte her Inft of loud cc»nplaint. 
And hang on empire's wheels the drag of hats. 
Range fafe beneath bar ftandard : mark its fweep J 
Unfurling into length, the dreadful wave 
Sees «arth's chill'd kingdoms diake^ beneath Its 

Kneel, and be Hers: enroll thy name-'^nd raiL 

Thou ftart'ft \—alas^for verfe, that dar«, not 
What can'ft thou hope from praifi f k wounds 

no name. 
Art thou to learn thou liv'ft, where grcatnefs 


, ,„, Google 

jaa. Original Poemst.' 

Re^rd, to bribe repugnance? o'er-affur'a. 

And cheaply negligent of zeal incUrid. 

So mufi it be, where party's billowy furgc 

Bids wave pufl^ wave from power. Thcre^ fci-* - 

em» JUep$i 
Uproar and conteft reign. Deep, to the root. 
Pain-trod Pamaffus ihakes: and each fap'd fprigy 
That green'd the mufe's grote, finds dry decay. 
■While pelted into fright, or laugh'd to fpleen. 
Deaf miniftcrial ears, abfdrb'd in fret ; 
Or dirtily engrofs'd by craft's low buz, 
Tafte not the calm furveys of leifurc's range i 
Share no delight in fong j nor woo^ fior wdgh, 
The power, that dwells in gen'rous praife, to 

A nation's doubtful heart, ta^^ her friend. 

Waste not the warmth of. yerfe on things, 
like thefc, 
Or^ ftain their mem'ry, with eifacelefs gall. 
— Yet, fincc, fometimes, in power's obfcureft 

Through fabley jet, pale threads of white may' 

Shou'd vice fiiame one, to virtue, lend him lights 


Orioikal Poems. 303 

PaSiioUy that loves no truth, muft own this, one : 
That never friend to vcrfe malign'd the juft. 
Virtues, however thanklefs, forc'd, or few, 
Compell the poet's praife — But wou'd thy fong 
Wake thefe fublime infolvcnts, into fenfe . 
Of what they owe attachment ? Let it raiL 
Rail horribly : In accents, like their own^ 
When envy's acrimonious rage impells 
Detraftion's venal infult. Nerve, in founds 
'Like thunder's gath'ring menace, the rais'd arm 
Of oppofition's onfet. Tell the prefs. 
Where public plunder bawds for private thrift. 
Where grandeur holds a ftalking-horfe, to Ihame, 
And Jkreem guilt's aim at honefty. Wkf laws. 
Bent and re-bent like wire, crack fhort, ilart 

And, with two ends-, bind nothing. Tell whije 

thirft, , 
By tafte unguided, fnaps at bubbly froth, 
And leaves the fapid depth, untouch 'd, below ; 
Teach, -wbere bought ftrcngth was weaknefs : . 

wifdom crafi : 
And infemy long due, where chance gave joy. 



304 ORiaiHAL Po£Ms. 

Begin, defcribe, difcolour. Spread abroad 
Sedition's fluid tints, and ilain a ftate. 
So> ihali attrafted notice deign regard, 
And flandcr fnatch the pcrquifite of praife. 
Such are the taftes of office ! fuch, the Jbais^ 
That aifkuate half the mighty ! Note it, ytatt 
Who rev'rence high diftinftion. This unmark'd, 
Hope's empty fvrell plumes broad her feathery 

crcft : 
But, bald in difappointntent; flights belief. 
■Court crocodiles urejcal'd : they feel no tweak. 
He, who wou'd wake muft wound : feen danger 

ftrikes - 
More forcibly, than all thy Pathos, Pf^it / 

■ Say, Tackus, — thy ilcill the fccret found : 
In what ftate-fcale, five hundred infults, poiz'd, 
Weigh'd down -five hundred /iitfs^Sj, in gratefiil 

Dream not, thy Roman's genius mov'd fuch boon: 
Not his ixaxAjatber'i 'ixiSi'ries, ten times won, 
Oh power of prompt reproach, to rajp reward : 
And fiafli conception's fire irom flint moft cold! 
3 CaU 

Original Poems. 305 

Call it not bounty : blaft it, suigry muife ; 
And from the fame of Albion blot that talc. 
Th': imbitter'd hand of calumny bows down 
The heart; its gall corrodes, to fmile^|thro' wrongs. 
And pay compell'd fcfpeft, .to dreaded fcom : 
While, on the candid courtftnp of the kind. 
No foft'ring glance defcends 1 — untotfring power 
Takes compliments ^« tribute. Over-cramm'd ' 
With felf, and furftiting on brief fuccefs, . 
The narrow-cdmpafs'd heart wants roomy for tafte. 
— Or grant fome glimm'ry fay gave light, %oguefs' 
Th'cffe<aofikUrd applause: whatthente, refults. 
But infolent contempt, of aid unfought F 
The bufy breaft, that pants, in pojt hard held. 
Wants leijure to be grateful : 'Tis the talk 
Of grandeur /ffd^r<2f^, to thank a friend. 

So fpdce th' inurban^voice. The mufe figh'd ' 
fad: ' 
Pau»-d long, withheld confent j and thus reply'd. 

Faction. is-fam'.d for falfehood— If fiie, now. 
Hints truth, 'tis infamy, too poor for verfe : 
Leave it to jx-ofe-tongu'd party's co^l difplay — 
Nor love the meafurp : no: maljgQ the meP' 

Vol. IV. X Grant 

n,:— h,Gi:H)(^Ie 

3o6 On I Q I N A I. Poems. 

Grant imag'd Trorth, by erring' fancy ^artn'd,- 

Ideal, as the dreamer's empty grafp, 

Wbot Aiffcrs, but the ftioim f unina&'d> aod 

What has nuftaken candor loft, but faitb * - • 

When, mifcomputing their unfounded iwol), 
Deep'ning proud fhallows, thou o'er-n(t*ft defign. 
And wropg'ft the guiltkfsy by refpefil undue, 
Blu(h, and be dumb : repent j znAfn m morf. 
Whefe, arrogant in virtue, confcious claim 
Looks cold; on praife cMifign'd to length 'aiBg 

Or, uninfpir'd to judge, reads ftat : nor finds 
Diftindion, 'twixt the Bfll-man's power, and 

thine, ■ 
Smile, and forgive the blind : but, ftill, be Jti/if 
Still, be the worrfi thy theme : the tafte thy fcora. 

And thoa, fled foul, of Pope ! dis-rob*d from, 
And, in that duft, depofing each faint ftan. 
That l^wck'd; while here, thy part divine with 
'~ man / ' 

If, from that fierce of truth, where, now, diou 
.... . V fj^in'ft^ ' . , . « Spirits 

OEiGiKAL Poems.' 307 

Spirits, like ihioci lock down,- and love it, ftilU 
Hear, and atte^. Sarcaftic, as thou waft, 
jili fcorn of flatt'ry flceps riot, in thy gravci 
There lives, who. dares aiTert the poet's firty, 
iJnditnm'd by nienal fmoke. Who baafti no mufe : 
Yet owns the r^htfr of all j and lovep their fame* 
Who, from retreats fafe. depth* fech vittttc'a 

JJopts th' impropriite p^gi and flics from reft^ 
Who, from the fummit point of fortune's ipire^ 
There, cou'd his fete ftand raJs'd, wcfu'd, touch'd 

Bow proftrate, a« the Wdmi, to M/Zthe wrm^di 
Then greatefti when moft kjjerid / by falfe fears. 
From envy's mifcreant arts, and ftripp'd oiname ! 

An d yQUt whoe'er you arc, wher«-e'er you ptecv 
Perhaps, untafted, by fublione Ai&Ct 
Of dignity in fenfe j which kings may wantt 
But none, 'midft all his titles, can be^ow : 
Grieve not to fcem too iittle to the great. 
What hfe the geti'rous, who profiifely wafte. 
On high-plac'd "t^taknefe ,all the mufe's ftrength ? 
X 2 Shines 


3o8 Original PoeWs, 

Shiries the funfamtlier'i for thofe beariis he pours. 
Vain, and uftthank'd, to warm th' infenfate rock? 

Tell the big blanks , that he, who courts ne- 
.. glea, 
And loves to praife, unpaid, is pud •within. 
Is greater, than the great : pities l^&xfcom : 
And bids their merit l i ve 5 by verfc they wrong'd. 

The Excursion of FANCY: 
A PiND ARi c Ode, 

AND why, ye empty names of things,unfound! 
' Ye almoft fhddims, e'en, of found! 
Fame ! Glory ! Fortune! Fate! and a.\\ the fairy 
fancy'd round : 
Or rather wou'd ye, but vouchfafc to tell 
The caufe of ilh, ye know too well -, 
Say ? ye proud tracers of difdainful ftate ; 
Who bt^ diftindion at the world's low rate ! 

Ye mean afpircrs to he great : 
By aims, which earth-born hopes, not heavenly 
truths, create ! Why 


Original Poems. 369 

Why muft ^tjacrtd fpring of bmour's flood. 
Be us'd to ritjce the dufty roies of pride. 
With blood, and purple, doubly dy'd ? 
Why foully trampled in, by wealth's bold feet ? 
Why, there, muft lep'rous vices meet ? 
And, why muft poverty, however fwcet. 
And naked innocence, unftain'd, and neat. 
Be, rudely, driv'n away : or, terribly, widiftood. 
By giant yormj / chimeras, rtain'd with blood ! 
Who, dreadful ,'ftalk about, within,-*- and raife 
th' uncleanly mud ?'-■ 


Say, coward learning ! long, too long, mifled ! 
If, yet, thou dar'ft ereft thy dizzy head ! 

And art not, yet, heart-conquer'd quite. 
By power and cu^om join'd ; too, too unequal 

If, yet, once more, thou dar'ft q^ert thy eyes. 
Once 'more, undazled, view Truth's beamy 
fides i 
And can'ft, with ftrong, unilagg'ring fight, 
Firm-fix'di in fteddy gaze, take in the o'erwhelm- 
ing light ! 
Say, nor fear th' oppreflive bate. 
Which truth, told plainly^ muft create 1 

X3 The 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

, JJO OfilGIVAf. Pofi'ME, 

Tbcfoesof trodj, inbulk.'rfio' greai^ . 
Li^ed iboldiy, want, m wttgbt ! 
Say, to whatyii/ cai^e^ we owe^ 
That naked virtue n»x% r£gardiefs go ! 

Or, fhiv'ri^g ftand, in fortune's^ow ; 
Till ckftnee dpe$ fpme gay ntantie^ o'«r her, 
yVnd noftVf does opt, from bcr wonby but Jier <t- 
^rnmentSf flow ? 
Immortal !i^<iv'».' if flfim may dar^ 
Climb thither, to rcfrcfli his care ! 
What means our God ! when he requires, 
. ^hat /wtfB, in wV/?^/ J rugged paths, fliPU'*! 

If, to hleffingi^ he a^ircs f 
And yet, ftrange paradox I permits, to viftue'? 

The mounts of power, from whence to aim 

their blows : 
And hurl rc4ruin down, in furer throws, 
With kvell'd malice^ nicely pois'd, to hit the 

climbing head, 
While they fit fafe, and laugh, abovp, to fee th' 
afpircr dead! 


n,:— h,Gi:H)(^Ie 

ORioiNAt Poems. 


■ . 'Why ? — If reafons may be giv'n 

To earthy for laWs, which p^s in l/fov'n ! 
Why sim I dobm'd to toil, wiUi i}ain defire ? 
Be rtJ^r climbing, and. yet, wiwr, higher? 
Why am I cars' d, with fcehea ofMpkfs woe, 
• Which, finccto ftfr^, Imuft not reach the/oioV, 
Why am I not permitted — wj/ to krmv f 
Why feels not yon proud lord his fhare. 
Of my helrt-picreing care, 
Fox fuff' rings y I can neither belp^ not which my 
bus'nefs. are ? 
Why flecp princes, void oipatn, • 
Fi3r thofe fad theufands, who complain j 
And ifafl}^ with tears,^ft\t deep-dy'd grief, 
in vain,? 
Thefe'men could lend rtW/^(m,hands,to reach 
The finking miseries, which theif help befeeih I 
/, who my own misfortunes cannot cui-e. 
With barren Ibrrow, other men's endure ! 
While tbey, whofe fmiles mi^xbeali and voice 

might cbtar, 
Ha?e ey^i and cannot fee f ~ have ears, sind 
will not bear? 

X 4 ^ Tis 

312 Original Fo£M6^ 


'Tis wcuid'rous ilrange, a\\ this ! ^^ But> man 

, fhould never gaze, ' , T 

With fearch, too curious, on the myftic ways. 

Which form the foul-bewild'ring txtsipc ! 
It is enoi^h for us, that there mufi be 

Ends in this, we cannot fee ! 

And, iince 'tis vain, to t\ig at &te. 

With unavailing, human weight,, 
Let us throw down this load of c^uk, with which 

no race is won : 
And, fwift, to eafier conquefts, lighter, run. 
The way, which reafiin is not bid to (hun ! 
Lqt us, with never- yielding courage, ftrive, 

In fpite of villof^, to tbriije / 
And, from our refolution's fpring, long ftreams 

of blijA derive ! ■ 
Like the gay hall, ftruck down, ftiU higher, 

let us rife, 
And, pbftinate,. difpute th' unwilling prize ! 
Rebound, with ten-fold- vigour, at each blow ! 
And, that to wounds^ we may zviSltry owe, 
^tita^s Ijkc, fpring frefl), from ev'ry throw: : 

■ ivGtioglf j 

■ Oricikax- Poems. 313 

'Till {bQTt-hrea.^h'dJortwtf, tir'd, and iick, with 

i our unthought defence, 
At once, permit us> to ef^^ both' bery and in- 
nocence, , , 

Well, then f refolve we ! _ B^ it fo : 

Further thought we ihall not need : 
That we fet formtrdy iUnds decreed ! 
But, hold ! what Joum^ fljall wc chufe 
to go? 
, I will embark me, op yon bmmdlefi fea ! 

The ^a of Knowledige] proud! imperious 
ftorc ! 
• Of heaven-aflaulting waves, which gnaw 
the.fhore, _ . 
On cv'ry fide, with hungry roar ! 
Yet, always, gaping^ sXv^AySfJwallowmg more. 
Still flows, forever, and will flow — voracious, as 
before ! 
Well ! I am fai^d ! — I plow the foamy deep, 
And,now,my climbing vcflcl mou|it8,on high. 
And, now, I Jweep the ftarry Jky ! ■.? 
And, now ! {hind firm, my brain ! rufb down 
the wat'ry ftcep ! 
Ah, me ! half-founder'd now, in vain, all 
arts I try ! This 

Lij,-- i,,Gi.u)*^lc 

314 OmciMAt PofiMSJ 

?%> vh.f, and f&aty immortsllieaven ! IdWw/ 

Currents, (»count*ring cuireiflSi" ftrive t 
The fruitlefs rwiiW-.iU-obey'd, iiunun. 
Struggles, opprefs'd, againil the mad<Ung main, 
Eddies crofs eddies whirl I — and whelm it baek» 
• Rgain ! • 

■ VI.' ■, ,. ■ 

' Hold ! I art >A / I'll fail, no tnore : 
Piht, give thy labours o*er ! 
Fztt in, and feek repofe^ on yotider feacejvl flrore, 
l^k^e am I, now ? — ''TIS wond'rous dark, all 
What means thisy&dAw-»v«rV ^ound ! 
This is the landoflG^GS^h.^'ct, wjld, and rudcj 
Bleak, comfortlefs and bare ; 
A dreary ioA ! an empty air! 
By fhadowy nothings, I am, here, purfued ; 
And gape, and yawn, and //W, in ^^ folitude / 
Let me turn, 'wbicb way! wiU» 
5r^fe has narrow quarters ftill I 
Scarce, can I fee^ above a fathom round j 
I tread, on foft, and fendy ground ! 
At'cv'ry ftep, I take, my kttjihk in-y 
Already I, to fear 1 know not "wbat, begin ! 


Origihai. PofHS. 315 

Hu'kl what ftran^ soife is tbat^ ^hkh wJufiles 
round my head ? 
Gb^Sf atid goiiUvgs, this way tread ! 
AApoifli'd «yefi 1 what fcen^s about me dr»w ! 
Nosv, !flt«gg' ring rij«^» / iwhcre's thy inp ? 
My Jbul grows weak, Iwith chlldUh awe : 
, , Tcficy has course captivis led -, 

Empty fometbingSj ftjll, I dread ! 
|Ia ! (^ ! — »t once, what objeds ri& \ « How 

horribly they ipr^ad { 
I tcoAf too loud, and with th<e funfe, have wak'd 
tb<: SXtat dcad^ 

Fly— fly, night-wand'ring feet! exploreloft day. 

If this the land ofigmramx be, 

I'll drive, 3gain, on ieaming'i fea ! 

i^re, I dare no longer Aay ! 
And, yet, I fee not, how to get away ! 
What's this ?— Jinethinks, I fee the rufhy brink 

Of fome deep current, in my way '. 

Help, help me, fortwu / or, I fink 1 
Now I am in ! whelm'd o'er amidft the flood • 
Ha ? -tho' the chance was bad^ th' effeSi^ is good I 
It is not water this, but fluid mud. 

2 Stagnate 

3i6 Original Poems; 

Stagnate, and thick, the flecpy depth — I tread, 
with unhop'd cafe ! 
And, now, I fee the land, again ; and, now. 
The liquid field T, up, before me, flow : 
Wade out, and climb the bank, by flow de- 
grees ! 
I've 'scap'd the lake, thank heav'n 1 but all this 

I' wander, guidclels, in the fame dark ifle ! 
What's this, which wou'd be thbughta loinJf 
Which heaves, by fluggiih fits, the drow^ air ! 
Which creeps, in broken murmurs, far behind. 
And, idly, fecms to Jktmber, in its care \ 
Now,Jwellst in fuddcn^^j, — now does,at once, 

Like drunken men, who ftrive to talk, huxjleep a- 
midft their rage. 
Curfe on this foul-condenfingye/tVtft/i? / 
This land of ignorance appears as rude. 
And far more dangerous^ thefe unaSlive ills. 
Than all the Inify frightfulnefs, which fills , 
Y on fea,Vfh&xeJlorms my devious bark purfued! 
Tell me, then, direftive ftar ! 
Thou, that guid'ft me, from a-far ! 



Okiginal Poems^ 317 

If Learning's voyage is not fafe to take ; 
And Ign'rance, dreadful fhore ! I, now, forjaie^ 
What more inviting iandy my next look-out fliall 


X fee, methinks, for off, a fuddcn glare \ 
Ha! look — a mountain rifes to the fea ! 
From which, ten thoufand Jiames^ (hot thro' 

the £ur 
Spread circling brightnefi wide, to fuch degree. 
That a kind trail of light darts, outward, ev'n, to 
Blefs'd with this glorious, unexpefted, guide, 

I look abput me, now, with pride ! 
And, lo ! a narrow Caufensay thither leads ! 
Narrow, indeed, it is, and Teems to fhow, 
Tha.tfew fhou'd, hence, to yon gay mountain go ! 

Care, and diligence, there needs ; 
For cv'ry tott'ring ftep, I ftumble fo. 
That, fcarce, I 'scape the wava, which foam, and 
ireak, below ! 
Wou'd I had never landed, on this fliore ; 
This Caii/eway is a dangerous paflage o'er. 
And I was nearer, to the mounts before. 



3iS QitiorAAt &0EM«^ 

When my bark oiifs'd its/^/j/, amidft the ocea^i 
roar ! 
Courage, my foul ! 1 £hatl, anOn, fee there ! 
I know the country, now, as I draw near : 
It is the far-fam'd realm of 'mar ! 
How red the fkics, About if, are ! 
Oh ! let me climb the cliffy: fieep^ asd firih yon 
tDpmoft_/?<3r 1 


Thank heaven \ my akijig foot h^s. fedch'd 

the ftrand : 
What's this ? the earth is /res j zndfulpBur all 

the yaW. 
Inftcadof d/r, here's fmoke ; — hutfiame does 
/(^i/ Tupply ! 
And, from within, where, ftrongly fed, they 
Torrents oi fiery day break up, dndfireak xkc/ooty 
Hark ! as up the hiff I go, ' 
From the wide toff, huge, full-mouth'd thun- 
ders roar. 
While fer, •within, and more hikw, " 
Hoarfe, infant noifes, faintly, blow j. 



Originai. Pd£M3» 319 

And ikfw\y riling, more and more,' 
Grumble, in horrid notes, their new-taught 

kflbns o'er ! 
Sftm, the ihrill trumpet imitate, and fime 

Buffet unikill'd, the fullen drumf 
Thro' my aftomfii'd ear, harfh-mingling pafs 
The found of helk, dafli'd fioordsy and clat- 

t'ring k-afs I 
Loud-neighing borfes, ^aatm% oS voUitd.Jbot ! 
Shouts, groans, and worck, ccMifounded ^, b*»-dy 
but diftinguijh'd not. 
Well ! I am up, at laft ! and, now I'm, here j 
Let me look round, and fee, bow things appear I 
Oh! my glad foul !—Wi6^/j^e;^^j open, there 1 

My hope-enlivening heart to cbear ? 
Now, I am in my wifli'd, my pr^ery fphere I 
What is there, in yon far-ken' d toorldy which, 
bencBy we may not Jhare f 
Oh, heaven \ what falfe appearance dwells, 
below ! 
How is man dcceiv'd, by Jho-w ! 
Yon Viceroys (as they wou'd be thought) of 
Yon poppet-managers oSfiate ! 
' Thofe 

■ ivQtH)'^Ie 

320 Ohiginal Foems.^' 

ThoCefhijtgs, which bid life- wafting followers 

wait . / 

For bubbles y which, zt jewel's price, i^cy rate -, 
And puff, and fwell, with empty pride — and call 

thcmfelves, ^t. great \ 
- Yc ftars !— How humbly they d/Tlook thisway \ 

As, who wou'd feem to fay ; — 
Great Sirs! permit us, ftill, to cheat ^t foek^ 

with whom wc play \ 
They turn, to m, the wringing fide, andjlrut the 
other way ! 

Soul, recline! and take thy eafe ! 

Look about thee, by degrees ; 

The profpedt's wide enough, to ple^ ! 
Since the commanding tcp is, thus, attain'd, 

Ufe, with care, th* advantage gain'd ! 
What wilt thou do? that, thus, I feel thecjbelll 
In ftruggling^/mf^- loves d^gn to dwell? 

Or, are thy views, too vaft, to tell ? 
Go on, form boldly -, fwift, refohe, — and execute 

it, well ! 




Send out Fancy ^ ihe can fly ! 
Nlmblyrwing'dj her own \x&.fpy : 
Every danger, e'er drawn nigh, 
Th' air-fdoted Amazon difcerns; and Tcatters, 
Vith her eye ! 
Fancy ! then, proud Goddefi rife ! 
Frona e^rtb ejtteiid; tjiy iiretching fize I 
Andptift) thy adliyci^tf^, thrQ* the difcover'd 

Stamp, ambitious, with thy foot. 
And bid the threat'xied^ar/i/ look to't ! 
f&r thou haft mighty ,^ori to doi and power 
enough to do't. 
Grafp yon efcaping earthquake, 'twou'd 

Blow new vigour, to its heart ! 
take it, and give the lazy globe a fhake \ 

And, when fcar'd natures broad awake, 
All her coy aid demand, and take ! 
Break open ev'ry inmo/l part ! 
Thro' ill the gloomy chafnis of matter dart'! 
I^t in light, to 6i>d out dri ! . 
And finile, to fee the blaze-fliot nymph, with 
fuddea wonder, , ftajt ! 
Sieze her, quickly, bind her fail ' 
Vol. IV. y Diftant 

222 Originai. Poems. 

Diftant elfe, behind her caft'; 
A thoufand mazy turnings, firft, liiuft tedioully 
be paft- 


Doubly arm'd, aiid feated, thus, 
Who is, now, a match for us ? 
Begin I begin t the glorious taik I 
Defcend, at once, and ftrip yon itngs^ of power's 
ill-p!unted ma^ ! 
Tell 'em, they the nyrr^b difgrace ! 
Po^er ihould wear a lovely face : 
And, hideoufly, to bide her charms, is' horrible, 

and bafe ! 
Bid *em, in empire's majquerade, elbow no more 

for place. 
But, bravely, dare put on, plain truthi and fcom 
a borrow' d face. 
Are they dijlurb'd? — Is all the hive^ in arms ? 
See ! they buz in hoftile fwarms ! 
But, 'tis no matter, let 'cm bring 
Hoarded malice, in their ^"ff^ .- 
They cannot pierce, much lefs dijplume, the 
pinions of thy wingi 


OkiGiNAL Poems. 323 

What is that, they feek to inow ? 
What commijmi we can (how ! 
Tell me, Fancy I was h fo ? 
CommJJiohSy fay, arc, fomethnes, forms, which 

men, to cu/iomy owe j 
A y&tf/^ of power, which tyrants Jleal^ and, ha* 
ving ftorn, beftow. 
Yet, to plea/e 'em, be they told. 
From higher bands, than /i^f/n, we hold \ 
From Juff ice, truth, and rea/ofi, fay ; 
That great triumvirateofpoauerf— which they 
Pretend, and ^«? pretend, t'obey ! 
This our authority ! and, if thefe not fufficc. 

We can fliow 'em large Supplies 
O{vetigeance,force, znd Juifiorn wi/I: our fworn 
mixilaries ! 
Now, they tremble j now, they mourn ! 
Now, with helplefs rage, they burn ! 
Well may they rave, indeed, to fee their friends 
againft 'cm turn. 


Stay ! and, e'er we farther go, 
Let our great meaning be aloud proclajm'd I 
Our deeds fliall be as jufi^ as fam'd ! 

y 2 Friends, 

324 Original Poems, 

Priends, and enemies ihall know, 
JVhy we make war j and what we mean to do ! 
Herald vengeance! fwift arifef 
Shelly with Jiee}^ xhy Jlinty heart t 
And fincc, by nature, blind diou art j . 
Bury thy lifted band, in yonder Jkies, 
And pluck two comets, down, to ferve for eyesy 

Dawb thy difmal face with blmd! 
Andj with extenfive^/(/if, cfoffing the trembling 

Of fire- embroider'd fmoke, throw on a wind- 
And fliODt thy Jhadow over half the globe \ 
In thy right hand, lift quiv'rmg ligbt'nings 
Hardly held, and mad to fly ! . 
From thy rais'd left, let heaven's loud bolt be 
hurl'd ; 
• And roll th' alarming thunder romidi the Wofld! 
When wak'd attention pricks her frighted 

And ftalking apprehenfion pants, v/'ixhfear! 
When all the ftarting nations, upward, look. 
By convulfive horror fliook ! 


Original Poems. 325 

Borrow the nortbfrn wind's big voice, and then ! 
Thrcfr times pronounce, O yes I and, thus, ad- 
drefs the fons of Men-! 


Hear, ye people ! far, and wide ! 
Reajin's force will, now, be try'd ! 
Tremble, ye Tyrants ! at the near defence. 

Of long-opprefs'd and helplefs Innocence. 
Where is the wretch, who deepentrench'd, in 
Im[»oully, defies his fate 1' 
And dares be wicked^ without hounds^ becaufe im- 
menfcly great f 
Mim, let injur'd Firtue fliow ! 
And we proclaim ourfelves his f^e I 

Fortunate ufitrpers^ quake! 
Let the forc'd thrones^ whofe feats, uncall'd, 
ye take,- 
Beneath your pond'rous ruin fiiake I 
Or, let 'em fwell, to throw you out : or,with your 
fortunes, break : • 
Rapine, difguifed m'la'm! oppreffion, arm'd 
■ with wealth ! 

T 3 And . 

326 Original Poems. 

Rock-hearted cruelty, and fcornful pritie ! 

Hear ! and tremble, when ye know. 
We, the great healers, brjng th' ijnhappy -^ 

health I 
And draw the thorn, from virtue's bleeding 
Ye fap-cngroffing weeds^ which but for mifcbief 
grow ! . 
Pay plunder *d excellence, ye flavcs ! the vaft ar- 
rean, you owcj 
Or, we pronounce ourfelves your mortal _/*?, 
Wtfdom, knowledge, juftice, art. 
Peace, meeknefs, truth, and JanSltty ofheartl 
.Difcourag'd indufiry ! unfriended ^r/f^f 
Charity ! gentknefs ! and, to be brief, 
f ach weeping Virtue, that defervest and has not 
found relief I 
March, and join us'; we are fHends ! 
What, tho' your numbers arc but Jew t 
Our mufter's well-weigh'd ftrength at" 
ten4s ! 
Where fiow is wanting, /usance makes a- 
mends ! 
We, your allies^ can lend ycHj arms — and give 
you courage, too ! 


Original Poems. 327 

They come 1 from ev'ry part, they, gather- 
ing fly 1 
But, trenibling, backward cafl; a.doubtful eye ! 
Aftoriifli'd, at the hoftile fwarms, which, round 
'emjhad'wing, lie ! 
Safety ! from filent caves arifc ! 
Yon cryftal pillar, from heaven's palace, 
And cope it dovvn to our jellies f 
'Twill a glitt'ring Caufeway make! 
So ! they aire pajl ! encamp 'em, on th' af- 

.: cent! 

, Stretch out the Iwright dhifiom^ line by line ! 

Unfold our milky enjigm to the wind ! 
Draw the battalion! down, in jufl: extent j 
Arid hid the iron face of battle _/Z>/nf / 
What's tbii! the rafli audacious, foe, 

Far from fear^ and mad with pridcy 
Scorns' to wait a threaten 'd blow ; 
And this way turns invafion'.s tide ! 
They will not Jiay, it feems, to be a fecond time 
defy'd ! 

Y4 They 

jgS. Oriciha^ P(?ems. 

Thcyiveigb! thsyjail! they j^read.' fron^ 
cv'ry part J 
Numbers, following niimbers, ftait 1 
Their navies biJe the fca, thro', which they 

fweep ; 
And th' o'er-labouf'd 'wini^ grown _yfci, at 
After the flagging cawiajs feems to crtep \ 
Arid groans, behind, opprefs'd with weighty fq 
That puffing^ormj, with cheeks halj-Hrfij^ fparce 
pufii it^w along. 

- xy. 

'Tis worth our wonder, Faticy i fince wc are 
Fo£ejfs'd, at once, of the wixk reatm j^war j 
Whejice, thofe prodigious Mttgaziaei :Jhou'd 
fpring, . - ■ 

Which nations, ili-Oil/f'd, dp, thu^, itg^iMt Q^ 
jbringi , ' 
At times, exported hence, at firft, they went, 
^ike naval ^oresj koxn^C^i^endom, to Bsrbary. 
rovers fent : 
. And hoarded long^ to. be, ak laft, ill fpent. 
Come, now, againft their Moiber'$ bofpm 


,..-. kCuhh^Ic 

BiJipe it is thwSj. Sw'U^'t^^'rf*^. arms prc-= 
■pire/ ■ \ /. 

^d, like ourG3a/^/crt(p«J«5^«/, t«b, ihall huge 

Nature, our confederate found ; 
Aft4 f'*S*^^' «'^JMr ^captive ■boimtfi 
'\Vhat y^riTf can earth, againft U!', bring, which 
■ ebefi fiiall not confound"! ■ 
f^mf Ao« taU ;/flrgff^from ihy teoia'm^ 
Hither, i^y phy-offspring ihoot ! 
A^ diCWj proud b/i^ Qf gloom-i^rEicIGng 

Oak! V 
Through whpfe yZg/rf' twafcr, tJ»B diy'j /r^ife 

■J .:'! -^^ft^Vbiiokfei ■-'.'" 

^^ifhffeffersnd" tf wr; coirfeifl-thfc mighijrW/ 
Nod confent,-',-9Si,di.- growing, yii// / 
NqWj fwiftj together .rayft again, and^ once more 
,, , fkfer^ join, . 
With, a^^oiated, fyn&pttlhe^Cy twhie : - 
Embrace;, at once, alaii ti^w- m Jorm^ with «»- 

cave beiiKt^:' dune \ 
Defcenti^ cotapleai, and j6^" the flood, Sttiiaval- 
bodied line !- 


■. ■ . .Cooylc 

^30; Original Poems. 

Scorn the help of canvafi ^m^ ! 
-<4r/ fliall lend Jejf-mffving fprings ! 
Your adive fcrms Ihall never need, attend the 
. humorous wind : 

Self-oar' dy with J^ky fins, your furrowing 

; heUt 
:ShaB dafli the billows back, with living 

wheels :.,- , 
And ftriking, fwiftly, every mark, defign'd. 
Sweep on, thro' winds, aiSA Inks, avetfe, and 
leave the gales, behind. 
XVI. " 

Maatuml: open thy to breaft ; thy inn 
finews ^ram / 
.''BUeJ, at every nit'rous vein ! 
Yawn horrible I and, with convulfive pains, 
' Burftthy flame-kb'fing iead/ and ihoot thy 
mineraibraiji! ! 
J- Take "em, art I and mix 'tm Well ! 
Thou can'ft the dark proftrticm te\l ] 
Let daah the Voter kiriel be, and forge thou 
. ,; , , tbi'dthc-jHell! 

Kindle a fre.-likeliglifnwg, blue I 
: Ail4, that its dreadful work, it may, un- 
erring, do. 


n„ ......Gooylc 

Original Poem** 33^ 

Breathe a living fpirit thro'. 
And give the deadly compound fgbt^ and 
force, and jimjtnefi^ too ! 
Take this mw, gigantic, mould ^ 
And, by it, jorm fuch tubes, as may 

Tht mafs, which their . impregnate wombs 
muft hold ! 
Ram theif greedy throats with it ; 
And teach /lewthundcrs, to out-mouth the 
Hold I It notfuffices, yet ! 
Not one advantage fliall the proud foe boaft j 
■ 'Tis nqt cnou^, that n^iSory we get, 
' Uniefs the gain is ours, with notbtng^hfi / 
Bid yon aerial Jubjiance flied its down ; 
Spin it thick, and weave it ftrong ! 
praw o}it the force-repelUng textart long! 
And, with lit fence each vcifcl round, like 
fome well ^aZ-awriSV town J'- ■' 
Now, we are proof againft their gathcr'd 

Pride, - '' 

Be all their batteries, on us, hourly, try'd ! 
Brcathlefs, and dead, their fruitlefs force ^ Ihall 
kifs our foft'ned fide. 


A^i OrioIkal Poxms; 

Embirk ! ye wdl-a^^xunted &w> embark .' 
put out, and meet the number-trufting foe ! 
' Their circling ^et has made the <^ look 
' ^i^ feems> iVk'fahlt dfefs'di .to nnum the 
coming blop ! 
Ruih agaiaft 'era— ^or^ 'cm through ! 
Bear *em dovirn, beneath the fea I 
As ivee^s before the furrowing /liny, torn up^ 
and buried be ! 
If, whUe, otmardt ye purfaea 
On either /itir, thcj fartkyCt too j 
\ ' Ac once, ctcatr all ybtif thunder's dreadfiil 
, ; throats^ . 
: And roar depitSikn out, in f^pmt notes ! 
- 'Tis done! and, glco-ioufly, ' the banifh'd 
- ■■; ■•■■ day, i\. 

WI>ichi late, their gloomy iqaadrons chas'd 

away I ' 
^eftor'd, triumphant, dines with tenfold 
Their curling ruin Ounes to heaven, and makes 

the^n more bright \ 


OxtOlNAt PdBMS. ^3] 

See ! fee ! mark well this feme, recordbg 

fame ! 
The hiffing ocean toils, with V£Un defire. 
To quench, with fpouting waves, the batt'ling 

'Bwtfcorcb'dt with clinging beatf and mad 
. Does every way, at once, in blazing tides, 

And, flying, Jrigbts th' aftoniih'd world, with 
floods of liquid ^r^. 
Pride-fwol'n opprejjion, now, hot vengeance 
feeh i 
Their felling Jags blufli deep, in ^kedf 
And bide their Jhame, within the ^d f 
Their, ma^s turn dmenward, and th' up- 
lifted ieels 
Float, reverie, with wave-wafli'd reels ! 
And all th' extended Jirength^ but now, fo 
proudly gay^ 
Like fnow-top'd fields, o'er-run by JrCy melt* 
all, at once, away. 



334 ORictNAi; PoBiti.s. 


Wbitber fhall we, now, proceed ? 
Turn your Headsj to yon white fhorc; 
Follow fortune, ftill, with ^ed. 
Ye, who woa'd engage her more ! 
It matters nothings what we, now, bavt 
done : 
Or, vtSfry muft be well purfued ^ or, fhe is 
never won. 
Ha ! what means yon open'lng fcene ? 
The warlike land is giMed o'er. 
With glitt'ring arms^ in diftant marches, 

And graceful troops, that edge the guarded 

ihore ! 
And, from behind, to clofe us up, between, 
A huge half moon, of naval ftrength, 
Stretch'd, in gay, and pompous length. 
Advances on us, Jlow, and well ajfur'd : 
Thefe cannot of the number , be, who, late, 
fuch lo/s endur'd ! 
Mark the impatient ba/ie of thofe, behind t 
As if o^rjoy'd an Enemy to Jind ; 
Their vfAatoa ^reamers lafh the lazy wind ! 


Ohioihal Poems, 33; 

Andi like theit gemus, hov'ering in the air I 
See t That glorious fomething, there I 
Which does 2. form unufual feem to bear; 
Moving awful j looking kind : 
Now, glides before, to light 'em on ; now, 
chears 'em up> behind. 
InJhapeaZ</off,fierce, andftrongitieems. 
But, like fome figure fancy-fonu'd, that fills , 

mens active dreams > 
An Eagle's Talons^ and keen biUt it dreadful 

feems to bear ; 
An EagU's broad> and (had'wy vrings, dac€t it 
thro' the air • 


Obfervel what's he! who folemnljrfcvcre. 
With grave, and awful Scnfe of maje^y^ 
Hemm'd with reverence does appear 1 
Whofe eye fo piercing feems to be ! 
Whofc forehead wears Beneficence^ to temper 
dignity t 
Who marches, flately, down yon hill, , 
to fee ! 
But not to fee, with fear ! . 
To look, and judge, what we may be I 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 


33^ ORiGi'tAt Points. 

■ . Ye posters i^^b^ are ^tetJ^Hb* did 

, /amy Rtal ' - 

. F kfiaw the jfw/'o, bow he dffl*s ihore near ! 
Ho*, camp we, ^/«^i, ihns to touch zj&orei 

■ ' Thus, 'iMtitely, , a jSjW eJTplijct, 

Where tieavjui does only bleffings ftdre ! 
Whare wailing -fiirrovf {hall 6e heard, no 
.... . mtxti ■ 
Nor v/r/a^ e'er, -ih^aini the ht^tSffower 

■ : ?«Bplo»I !.■ : . ^ . 

Away \ heave ancber f we'ire . no'bulinefsi 
; ■ ■ bere I . '■■ : , 
Yet ftay ! divinely led, I err^ th* uhmeiint ^d 

to blame ! 
Inipir'd, at once, I fee, and own^ 'twas hea- 
ven's unerring aim ! 
Hail ! immoEtal ion c£fiim ! 
/Take thefe /J'^/mu, i^t-y -ztc thine I 
With, ft&«W, thy wd-yy ihall, rcfiftlefi join i 
And virimU fqaa^ns^ led by theCi' o'er earth's 
whole furfaoe fliine. 
Root out opprejion, wherefoe'er flie grows^ 
Let ilubbcmi tyranny .fall dead, beneath thy 

pond'rous blows ! 
And, over all the wide -watch 'd ivorld^ leave 
■.. . inaedatce no /iw* 



Original Poems. 337 


Hoc ceri^ eft aH^utd findU hujc, quod Amarei 

Ovid Metam. 

VI S Amor eft animi, quam lex ribn ulla 
Indolis humanae Pnemdtor grandis j Orlgd 
Fati ! fublimem tollit fuper aetbera mentem, 
Mollitamve animam demcrgit in alta malorum ; 
Gratia, Fama, Fides, Dulcedo, Scientia, Virtus, 
Perivata iluunt haec cunfta ab Amore, genufqufi 
Iram, Defedhim cordis, pavidumque Timorem, 
Innumerofqueomnes, hyemat queis vita, tumultus- 

HuNC bene pingendi votis incenfus ab aufis, 
Quam Muiatn, utpurSdonct mc luce, vocabo? 
Divini eft aliquid, molli quod vivit Amorls 
Flammd, cui non eft animis fas reddere nomen s 
Quomodo tunc pingam ? vel quare mifta dolori 
Gaudia recludam, quae cundtis ferre Necefle eft ? 

Vol. IV. Z O, Anima^ 


33^ O R I G t N A t Pt> E M S. 

O, Anima illuftris formae ! cui gratia fuavls 
Qujeque tui Sexfls fulget, fpes afpice noftras ! 
Tu, fcopus^dorum, noftrsequc Superbiamaitis! 
Tii, quE delicias fpires, utcunque moverJG ! 
Cui mites oculi divino lumine manant ! 
Cui vox ctelifonans potis eft cxcire jaqcntes, 
Et Monumenta cui vultus fatalia moriftrat ; ^ . 
Me doceas Caelefte tuum jus corda movendij, 

Vos procul, hac caild de re, proeul ite, proftni I 
Hu'ic ncque pollutis oculis vitiate nitorem : 
Quid, mala (i tcntent lafcivds millia» quorum 
Corporeus falfos ad fe furor arrogat ignes ? 
Non formS veri craflS finguntur amantes, 
Hadtenus ut pauci ! Tempus licet albieat annis ! 
Nulla quit banc dotem dare feva libido fuperbam, 
Calum animas squat, fi Terra immifceat illas. 

Ignis ut afcendit NaturS clarus in auras, 
Et jubar emittit radiofo lumine purum ; 
Sin qua viam tardet moles fubdehfa morarum. 
Is vomit obfcuri non alta volimiina fumi, 
bif6<5t:umque diem tetro fuffundit odore ^ . . 


ORlGiNAt PoEiWs. 339 

Sic amof, ipfe nJtens, dultSque ab imagine tinftus^ 
Fticati femper recipit de mente colorem j 
Magni majured iiunti dum Numina tentont, 
Kon locus at parris, Sc in his Amor it pede claudo. 

' SisTiTE, queis fatum eft Nymphas celebrare 

Vedxiri librata 6 cauti ! neque fortius aequo 
Audaces fitis, veftra at compefcite cwda, 
Intentata fide, nccdum fubjefta catenis, 
Cuin perceptus Amor, fit inexpugnabilis ille. 

Mens primo Veneris qusritleve vulnusab idu, 
Vixque etiam cordi febris dat caeca teporem ; 
Decipimur longiim titulo mendacC proband!, 
Molle quod obrequium eft, nee crimen id arguit 

ullum ; 
Quod mode fit ftudio nobis dare juftaTuclls, 
Cujus verba juvant, nos & Praefentia tangit ; 
Cujus dulcciedet Monumentum peifiore noftro, 
Caraque nos alte tumldos cui gratia reddit. 

loNis fopitus tandem, fie motns, in altas 
£rum|>it flammas, Sc viribus ardet apertis ; 
Quae menti tantum prius indulgebat imago, 

Z z Jam 

J40 Ori GiNAL Poems. 

Jam dominatur ibi, laxis & fevit habenis ; 
Totis fe immifcens iludiis lucem atterit omnem, 
Exhauritque animatn inter fomnia no£te cadend ; 
Acris per cun^as fiirit impatientia venas, 
Palpitat & gremium curb ftimulantibus xgrum. 

Vita qutdetn frada efl;, nee enitn det amabile 

quicquam j 
Sunt importuni Comites, amlfla Voluptas, 
Quod modo nos cepk, jam nos fuper omnia tsdet; 
Vexati petirpus loca fola, Umbrafquc filcntcs, 
Et lucem, atque homines fugimus, fremidamque 

loquelam j 
Trifles in Sylvis fiuviorum erramus ad oras, 
Et voces furdis ventis jafiamus, & Undis : 
Penfamus Ixtl, quo more loquemur ad illam, 
Quando accedendi fe det res proxima ffelix ; 
Arreptifque animis pervolvimus omnia, £ari 
Quae volumus : Teneras fie flat proferre querelas 
Vertice demiffo, fie implorare favorem, 
Sic agere & noftros argutS voce dolorcs ; 
Sic gemere ad rugas, fi rugae fronte federent. 
Sic blandi & vultiis oceurere mollibus auris. 


Original Poems, 341 

SoLLiciTi noftros chartis mandamus amores, 
Scribimus, eluimus, rurfumque eluta novamus, 
Atque Oratrices in perdita fragmina raptim 
Sclndimus obmutaSj nondum dimittier aptas j 
Ahj miferi ! accelTus facitis nili copia detur ! 
Protenus eft Cselum, liceat modo ccrnere nobis 
Illius portam ! vel adimusnoSc feneftram, 
Diffufaque omnes epulamur imagine fenfus : 
Cseram Umbram yigiles, ut kbltur ilia, notamus, 
Luminaque ad motus commentos fixa tenemus j 
Siquemcampum, hortum, pedibus lucumvebearit 
Ilia fuis, eadem pctiraus veftigia Isti ; 
Nee procul ex illi fi quando forte fedemus, 
Sive ad conventus, five ad fpeftacula ludi, 
Turbantur animi, coeuntquc ftupore loquaci } 
Noftri Orbes leviter variatis motibus haerent, 
Omnibus hdc miisa cxci, ecu morte jacentes. 

E)iTET Epiftoliis fi nps quando ilia benignis, 
Flamma fub indomitos rslpitur nutrita furores j 
Horrentes facram jam pjen^.voramus honorem, 
Subfidiitmque oculis fenfus & labra vocamus : 

Z 3 Gaudia 

342 Original P^e^is. 

Gaudia nulla anlmos nimium dlflundere po0U;it^ 

Si quid vivifico ta(^ femel ilia foveret. 

H^c Defiderii funt dulcia muncra fiifi 
Seu vota incendunt, feu nos Abfentia mordet; 
Verum Prsfentes cum blandimenta, preCefque ■ 
Urgemus, potis eft animae quis fcrre tumultus ? 
8pes timida, immenfufque ardor, nee gaudia certa,- 
Mobile cor agitant nimbofo more viciffim ; 
Languentes nimio Studii jam labimur asftu, 
Libertafque nocet prater concefla Repulfam : 
Ante fores fix! cuniftamur mente patentes ; 
Attonita, & muti fenfus deperdimur omnes y . 
Fulgurat ex oculis animi Sententia, ver^m 
Radicata folo faciunt veftigia paufam, 
Dcbita dum facram luftret Reverentia fiammam ; 
Lenis formido, & mollis tremor occupat artus, 
Tota fugit virtus, menfque eft impervia verbis. 

Se poftquam exolvit paulatim torpor Amoris, 
Molliter aggredimur tenero fufi ora rubore j 
Pedius ad cxultans dulci eft comprei& coaftu, 
Quam fuper impendent demifla furore labclla ; 


L,.— i.,Gi:hh^Ic 

■ Et-prcnios inter digitos fiifpiria menant : 
Fortiter & trepidat commotus ad ofcula rapta 
Singula venariun Pulfus, dolet omnis & ardens 
Nervus dcliciis, animali Vita redundat 
Diluvic, captunKjuc poro cor exilit omni. 

AcRi, pTKterito primo fervore Stuporis, 
Mens redit ad iefe, magis & magis aeftuat ardor : -- 
Seffum eft; dumque oritur fpe(3:at£e copia forme, - 
Humidus c noftris fcintillat fulgor ocellis i 
Anxictatem animi gerit AiSio quseque modeftanij 
Afpeftufquc omnis longum teftatur amorcm : 
Frigida temperies turbfltam nulla coercct 
Naturam, regnant penitus diffufa fiiperhis 
Gaudia nunc animis, gravis & Meditatio dormjt j 
Qupdcunque optamus, loquimurve, agimufve- - 

Vim fuper eft, lapfumque viji Rationis aberrat j - 
Gaudia murmur agunt, fpes condolet, iraqoc ridet. 
Inconfulta fapit, trahit & meos Tana fiirorem : 
Noftro importuni cupidas ardcfcere flammas 
Pe(5torc conccpimus:nunc hue, nunc vertimuriUuc j, 
Jamque, tumore animi pkcido, fuHata remittunt 
l^uminanoftra fuumlanguorem, Scfurgere tentant ; 
■ Jamque pcdesDominaepuIchrasfubmiflarequirunt, 
Z 4 Optatamque 


344- Original Poems. 

Optatamquc petunt veniam labentc receflu : 
SjEpe vcl obtutu fixo fuper ora morantur. 
Turn de quo jEiilgore acri ftupefada rcfultant j 
Injuffa cxcurrunt jam libertatc vaganti, 
Jamque metu repunt intiis fub clauftra latenter, 

U T primum audemus fari, votumque fequamur, 
Verba cadunt ritu delapfi plumca roris j 
Molles accentus ipfo moriuntur in ore, 
Suadet &j hie, oculi plufquam, facundJa linguae j 
Languentem dum mifta premunt fufpiria vocem, 
Scd, lick orba fpni, Dcamantfim fenfa loquuntufj 

Restat adhucne nihil ? oh, reflat fumma 
voluptas ! 
Summus honos palmc ! noftri Medicina doloris ! 
Tempus erit, cum vpta negat non ulla Cupido, ' 
Blandaque fucatos ponit Natura colores ; 
Sed quis cnim valet hos motus defcribere verbis ? 
lUam vim rapidam mutandi corda viciflimi 
Labilcm cam Cslrin nervls pulfantibus Umbram ( 
Fliimen id in Venis, acri quod volvitur aeftu ! 
Ilium igncm, in flammas animjE qui corpora 

' purg^tl 
-. ■, ; . ppliciafque 

X>e1iciafque adeo Vits conftringit in OTflm, 
^xcidat ut fenfiis, guftantes & moriamur. 

Omnia per teneras vires poliuntur Amoris, 
Mcnte vigent habetes, CrUdeles mida fumiuit ; 
AfFe£tus duri fenfim moUefcere difcunt, 
Cordaque per Venerem fiunt humana ferorum : 
CoUoquii fociis homioUm genus omne catenis 
Jungit Amor, mcntemqi colons exfufcitat aTpram; 
Juilitia, ahna Fides, Pietas, Vis libera Cordis, 
Candida Lux Morum, Virtus, Ars, Copia fandi, 
Nobilis ille ardor fatUs, Ambitione fuperbS, 
Jnrcminirque animas fumma omnia Csepta, colore 
TatSa Cupidinco magis & magis ignea fulgent, 
Lxta Poteftatis diviox gaudla dandi. 

Sic ego tentavi frufta non viribus squis, 
Extcrnas, certafque Notus depingere Apioris ; 
Immemor, ut quondam veldrunt ora Priores, 
Et bene texerunt, quod non ef&ngere polTent. 

VuLNERis 6noftri mollis formofa Creatrix ! 
pa pennis veniam nimis a0e<3^ntibus alta -, 
Numinis aligcri ftimulis excrcitus, a tc 
Vim cujus didici, & memet ratus efle pcritumi 


34* 0«ic,lNA* PoiBTas 

Aufus eram-tFat^ejfneoguoct^^^khreieniij " 
Ipfefed erravi, njfu deraenteque Motujn 
Pi£hirare velini> frxnare Sc carcere flamhiain j 
Fulg^ia <|ui potifi eA vincire cplori^, id^m "i 
In fl^r«Ate^ sinimum vires d^^g:^ Affljtvis I ' 
Turn, no^ cum Domini leges ^Bfeppiffi^ue ill^, 
Twi Ucejapremer^ hunCvin^lij^&iHucereformaaii 
Sed veltt^unc qtjictmqne Oeurn'reGgare cttet)}^ 
Jlk prius debet captiTujn reddere Namcn, 
Quod goQus oirnK hpminum captinim rcAdett 

pcdlet: . . 
Non di Vis afiiiDO coa&tA mihi, at edere :poiSiim« 
Frehdere fi quiiqtnm audetut, qua virere goudetj 
nii^m jam video, Casio latet abditus, Ecoe \ 
In proprio, Miraksm oculis aH dukk fam. 

H O R. Lib. I. ODE xxii. 

Integer vita. 

SINLESS, and found, the bold good liver 

Nor needs the Meer's keen javcKn, or his"bowj 
No quiver, charg'd with latent deaths he bcaft. 
Where pointed poifony giovjr. 



Safe, o'er the quickfand's foamy flioals he rows ( 

Safe, every wild of Caucafus furveys : 
Pr, ^here thy febled ftrcam, Hydafpes^ flows, 
Dreadlefs of danger, llrays. 

Pnce, o'er Salirmm's forefi's filent ftiade, » " - 
Wand'ring, the charms of Mlia'i eyes, I fuitg : 
A 'f^olf, out-ftarting, where, unarm'd, I ftray'd, 
Liften'd, and backward .fpruhg; 

Yet, fiercer fav^c never rang'd the glades " 

Of warltk« Daunia'i cKik-aboundin^ plains, 
Norpaw'd the X/ot's patrkntmial fliadee, . 
Where ^uia's ofl^pfjng rdgne. ', 

Thence though expo$'d to bleaks, where nbthiog 

Where never bud unfolds, to let in Jpring^ 
But one, long, winter's da'ylefs midnight^/flKB^j, • . 
Black as thp Raven's wing. 

Hence — tho'an outcaft,to,the fun's/^ heat, 

Still wou'd I love that^c^, whofe fmile fofweet, 
A tongue, ftUl fweeter aids ! 


348 Original Poems. 

H OR. Lib. I. ODE v. 

^is multd gracilis. 

COO L, within Ac Grotto toying. 
Soft, onfcatter'd rofeslaid. 
What young bud art thou deftrc^ing ? 

Why, to day, thofe charms difplay'd ? 

Trimly plain, in fubtle fwcetncfs. 
What fond heart is, here, befet ? 

Why, ^yith negligent completenefs, 
Loofely curls that U^Sy net ? 

Soon, by fu^rings, taught to hffw thee, 

O ! yc changeful Gods ! he crys. 
Too, too light, thy falsehoods ihbw thee, 
■ Late, the fond believer's wife : 

Then, with foolifh wonder, ftarting. 
He compares thy /uridine, paft. 

With thofe /iorms of fpken's preparing. 
Which thy prefent looks o'ercaft ! ^ 


Originai, Poems. 349 

Silly trufter ! vain fuppofer ! 

In his am'rous, empty, mind. 
Soft he forms thee joy's difpofer : 

Ever grateful, hufli'd, and kind. 

Out alas ! and fhame upon thee ! 

Little dreams he what a_/£y. 
Heaping clouds in whirlwinds on thee. 

Soon ihall dim thy future eye. 

Pity, Gods ! thofe faithful creatures. 
Yet, unbroke to womMi's arts : 

Fondly trufting lovely features. 

And for fmUeSy Exchanging hearts. 

As for me^ by heaven befriended. 
Long ago, I 'fcap'd the ftorm x 

Safe, with all my fails extended. 

Flying from that fraudful form : 

Broad, my piSiur'd Jiory^ flaming. 

Now fhall Love's gay temple grace : 

From fome pillar's height, proclaiming 

JVarningSy to the rijtng race. , 



iS^ OitoiNAX Pottia. 

H O R, Lib. I. ODE xx^ 

BO R N to be the (Jain man's friend) 
Come, and to his taile defcehd ; 
In temperate draughts, from cans for hourehold 

Drink lean Salimm\ healthful juice. 
Tis thin, and hard — but, ah ! Mxctma luorrsi 
What aid from ftrengtb, to pitied weaknefs 

flows : 
I, my great patrop, lending Grecim leeSj 
Taught the fweeten' d Sharp to pleafe : 

'Twas Mofenas — let me, fiay — 
Ay ! 'twas done, on that dear day^ 
When the voic'd 7beatric player 
Hail'd, foloud, your entrance, there. 
That the fhout's applauiive roar 
Reach'd your river's diftant fhore 
Whence the JSrrarMu. echo's found, " 
(Meeting JRem^t, and circling round) 


. Ok lot HAL Poems* 3^1 

Town and country votes to joiii, 
£hook both Al^s and Appenine. 

Light, unbodied Sabine fits, 
Carelefs. hearts, and (hallow wits : 
Strength of brain, indeed, like yourSf 
Deeper, mightier, growths endures : 
Darei the Ccecubanlan bowl ; 
Drains Cakrmm'i flowing foul : 
I, of weaker bead, decline 
Politician's potent wine : 
No Fakmian's mingled flow 
Bids my blufhing Bacchus glow: 
Notafingley<wI fill, 
Portnia, from thy factious hill ! 
Safe, and fober, here, I drink. 
Steer no iiatc — but fing, and think. 






Art of ACTING. 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

n,. — ii^GtHH^Ie 

An EssAt 6« the Art of 

TH E firft dramatic principle, (and it 
muft be sclways uppermoft, in a good 
ailor's memory, if he' hopes to reach perfe^od 
in his bufinefs) is the fellowmg : 

*to aflt a paflion, well, the ador never muft 
attempt its imitation, 'til! his fancy has concei- 
ved fo ftrong an image, or idea, of it, as to 
move the fame impreflive fprings within his 
mind, which form that paflion, when 'tis un- 
deligned, and natural. 

Th 1 s is an abfcJutely neceflary, and the only" 

general rule. And let no aflor apprehend it' 

over difficult. — ^Tfie praSIice of it (hall be 

laid down clearly j and it will be found ex- 

, tremoly eafy md delightful, both in ftudy» and 

A a 2 ... ■ . : . ... Kt 

356 An ESSAY ON the 

in execution. — -And, the truth of its faun- 
'.^aiiou, that-it-ifrwholly built i)n nature, is evi- 
dent, beyond difpute, upon examining its cf- 
fe6ts, in this dfedu<5tion, from their caufes. 

ifV, The imagination muft conceive zjlrong 
idea of the paffion. 

adly, But that idea cannot ^rfi«^^ be 0(^1$^ 
ved, without imprcffing its. own form upon 
the mufcles of the_/rfff. 

c^dly, Nor can the look be mufcularly -ftamp'd, 
without communicating, inftantly, the ixtae 
, impreflion, to the mufcles of the body. 

4thly, The mufcles of the body, (brac'd, or 
flack, as the idea was an aitivc or a paffive 

" one) muft, m their natural, and not to be 
avoided confequence, by impelling or re- 
tarding the flow of the animal fpirits, tranf- 
mit their own eonceiv'd fenfation, to the 
found of the •voice, and to the difpofition of 
the gefiure. 

- ;:AND-thisis afhortabftraftof the Art, iniu 
■moft comprehenfive*nd«duced idea. 


Art of ACT! NO. jjjr 

But tb«re. mvjft foflow AffU^mlom of th<j 
general rule, by particular ^efechces, for ^ 
pra6tical ufe of the adtor. 

And, lirfl;, it Hiould be noted, that tiiere arr 
pnly ten dramatic pa0ioQS \ -^ that is, paflions, 
which can be diftinguifhed by their outward 
marks, in a<3:ion ; all others Iwing relative, tc^ 
and but varied degrees of, the foregoing. 

Theie ve the ten Dramatic Faffions : ' 

J<^, Grief, Fear, Anger, Pity, Gcarn, Hatred 

Jealouiy, Wonder, and Love. - 

And now,, fe: application of the rule, to 
each of thefe, in its particular diftindion : 


How an AStur is to exprefs Joy. 


^oy is Pride, pojfejfed of 'Triumph. 

It is a warm and confcious expansion of the 

"heart, indulging fenfe of prefent pleafure, and 

A a 3 comparing 

358 An ESSAY ON thb' 

comparing it with pafl afflidlion : It cannot, 
dierefore, be expreflfed withcfut vivacity, ia 
look, air, and accent. 

But it will be proper, for diftingulfliing the 
modes of rcprcfenting this, and every other paf- 
£0^, to confider their efieS: .on fpeeches, 
wherein that particular paffion governs, which 
is about to bp attempted by the ipcaker. 

And, for ever, let it be die firft and chief 
care of an aitor, who afpircs to fhine, in his 
prpfcflioq, to difcpycF where, in all his ch^- 
raflcrs, the yvntt^ has intftnded spy change of 
paffions. For, unlcfs the paffion is firft known, 
how" is it poffible it i^ould be p^ted f 

yOT, for inftance, is the paffion, in thts 
following tranfpprt c^forrtfimndi 

?? Oh heaven ! fhe pities nac. 
f ' And pity, ftill, fc\re-runs approaching love j 
■' As light'ning docs the thunder.— Tune your 

f« Ye 

■ ivGtio'^Ie 

Art op ACTING. 359 

*' Ye angels! to that found : And thou, my 

** Make room — to entertain the flowing joy! 

When the adtor has difcovered, that the paflion, 
in this place, is Joy, he muft not, upon any 
account, attempt the utterance of one finglc 
wcM-d, 'till he has, firft, compelled his fancy to 
conceive an idea of joy. And it would be his 
natural, tljo' moft difficult, way, to endeavour 
the eflfacement of all note, or image of himfclf, 
and forcibly bind down his fancy to fuppofe, 
that he is, really, '■torrifmond— that he is in love 
with Leonora, and has been blefs'd, beyond his 
hope, by her kind declaration, in his favour^ 

But there is a fliorter road, to the fame end, 
and it ihall, in du€ place, be (hewn him. 
Wheft he believes himfelf poffeflcd of the idea 
of joy, that would not fail to warm a ftrong 
conception, let him not imagine the imprefiion 
rightly hit, 'till he has cxamin'd both his face 
and air, in a long, upright, looking glafs ; for 
tberey only, will he meet with a fin cere and 
'undeceivable tcft of his having ftrongly 
Aa 4 enough 

360 An essay ow TflE 

enough, or too Had^ly, adapted his fapcy to tha- 

purpoie before hit^- 

If, for example, his brow, in the glaft, ap- 
pears bow-bent, or cloudy, his neck bowing, 
and relaxed, his breaft not thrown gracefully 
back, and elate ; if he fees his arni iwing lan- 
guid, or hang motionlefs, his back-bone re- 
pofed, or unftraiten'd, and the joints of his hip, 
knee, and ancle, not ftrong-brac'd.byfwelUng 
out tlie finews to their full extent, — All, ^ any 
of thefe fpiritlefs figns, in the glafs, may con- 
vince/iimj that he has too faintly, cojiccivcd 
Ithe impreflion \ arid, at once, to /rw;? ititQhi^ 
own full fatisfadion, let him, at that timej en-^ 
deavour (o fpeak out, with a voice as high rai- 
fcd as he pjeafee, he will iind, that, in that lan- 
guid Oate of mufcles, he can never bring it to 
found Jcy : no, not tbo' the fenfe of the word* 
were all , raptyr;? { but, in fpitc of the utrooft 
pofiible ftrain upon his lungs, his tone will be 
too fallen, or too mournful, and carry none of, 
tb^ mufick-of fprightUneffi. Bat, if on the 
contrary, hp has hit the concepti(», cxaftly, he 
. ^Ul have the ple^furc, in that cafe, tq obfervc,' 



Art of AC/riNO, s6| 

in die glafs, that his forehead appearsopetii 
and rais'd, his eye fniiling, iuid fparklitig, his 
neck will be ftretch'd, and ereft, without iliff-. 
nefs, as if it vt'ould add ntw height to his Qa.-' 
ture> his breaft will be inflated, and ma^cfti-^ 
pally backen'd ; his bac](-bone ere<^, and gll 
the joints of bis arm, wrift, fingers, hip, knee* 
and ancle, will be higb-ftmng, and.brtbc'd 
boldly. And now, if he attempts to {-pc^ Jey^ 
all the fpirit of the paffion will afcend in his 
•ccentSf and the very tone of his voke will 
^m to out-raptur^ the meaning. 

■ As to the reafen of all this, it is as clear at 
the confcquence. For th^e are nature's owi^ 
marks, and impreHions, on the body, la cafe* 
where the paffion is produced by involuntary 
emotions. — And when natural impre^ion? 
are imitated, exaftly, by art, the effei^ of fuchi 
^rt muft feem natural. 

But, becaufe difficulties wou'd arife, in the 
pradice of fo ftrong a conception, before hncy 
is become dudile enough, to affume fuch im- 
preffions, at will, (as in the inftancc of ^oy, 


56« An essay on the 

now before us) the after taking the Jherter 
roddt above promis'd him, may help his defec- 
tive idea, in a moment, by annexing, at once, 
the look to the idea, in the very inftant, while 
he is bracing his nerves into fpringinefs : for 
fo, the image, the look, and the mufcles, alt 
concurring, at once,to the purpofe, their effed 
will be the fame, as if each had fucceeded an- 
crdicr, progreiRvely. 

To convince himfelf of the natural truth of 
thefe principles, he has nothing to do but, firft, 
to fpeak the foregoing example o£jty, with his 
look grave, or idle, and his nerves eas'd or 
languid; arid immediately afterwards, repeat 
the fame fpeech, with a fmile of delight in his 
eye, and with his joints all brac'd high, and his 
finews extended— his own ear will become his 
aeknowledg'd inftruflor. 

A P P L I- 


Art or ACTING. 3^3 


How an ASior is to exprefs Grief. 


Grief is 'DifappQintment, vnd of Hc^ 
It is a mournful and un-ftruggUng refignation 
of defence, to apprehenfion of calamity : and 
therefore niuA require, to exprels it rightly; a 
iad look, carelcfs air, and voice un-rai»'d, and 

For a fpeech, wherein this melancholy rc- 
verfe of the Foregoing paffion is expreffed, to 
the wfifh of an after, we may borrow a fecond 
time, from the fame ^orrifmend j 

'" But, I have been in fuch a diibial place ! 
" Where joy ne'er enters, which the fun ne'er 

*' Bound in with darknefs, ovcrfpread with 

** Where I have feen— if I could fay, I faw— 
" The good old king — majeftic, even in bands! 
" And, 'midft his griefs, moft venerably great ! 
*' By 


" By a dim winking lamp, that feebljr broke 
" The gloomy v^goars, he layi ftrctch'd along, 
" Upoq th* unwholefome grorfnd, his eyes caft 

low J " 
" And, ever and anon, a filent tear 
" Stolcdowli, aftd trickled from His aged chtfek. 

.A fpeaker, who would diArors his imagifla^ 
tion;. into a com^dsataffiimption of the forrow 
expreilbd in diefeJines, will firil confider, that 
grief being a paffion the moft nft*" 
ture to joy, his look, that before was enliven 'd, 
miift, oow, in a triomient, take a mournful tnd 
■deplind imprciiion. His m^cle$ mull f«U 
UfStCtf and be unbrac'd into the habit of lanr 
guor. — And» then, no fooncr fliall.his nerves 
have form'd themfelves to this lax difpofition, 
for fcomplying with the melancholy demand «f 
^e feptiments, than his voice alfo will aflbdate 
its found to the plaintive refignatimi of his get 
tore, and the refult, both in air, and in accent, 
will be the moft moving re&mblance of a 
bcart-ielt and paflionate forrow. Whereat, 
let him endeavour with all pollible induilry, 
fo to fadden his voice, without .'a previous ac- 

Art of acting. ^65 

commodation of his hdk, and his finews, to the 
faintijefs of the image intended, his tone will be 
hard, auftere, and unfeeling — and more and 
more remote from the true found of diftrels, 
in exa£l proportion to the fpring, he retained 
on his nerves, and the vigour, that had over- 
animated his eye, or too ardently quicken'd his 


; How Fear ougi^ to he aSIed» > 

Fear is Grief, difcerning andanjoiding Danger. 
It is an apprehenfive, but unfinew'd ftrugglc, 
betwixt caution, and defpalr : It cannot there- 
fore be expreffed, but by a look alarm'd and 
watchful, with a voice and wr, un-anknated- 

TAK,E,for example, ofthispaffion, the fol- 
lowing fliort Ipeech, from Clarence., in Bhake" 
Jpear'% Richard the Third : 

" O ! I have pafs'd a miferable night ! 
" So full of fearful dreams ! of ugly fighls't' 
" That^ 

366 An essay on rat 

" That, as I am a chriftian faithful maii,' 
" 1 wou'd not fpend another fucb a night ; 
" Tho' 'twere to buy a world of happy days f 
" So fall of difnaal terror was the time ! 

HERETy an aftor, who woultJ imprefs his 
hnaginatioo with a natural idea of fear, will 
moft cffeftually reprcfcnt it, by alTuming the 
fame languor, in look, and in mufcles, that 
was, juft now, defcribed, as peculiar to grief. 
For then, if he would ftrikeout, in ah inftant, 
the diflinfUon, by which fear is iwerGBed 
from forrow, let him only, in place of that re- 
fign'd, plaintive, pai!ivc, diltrefs, that is proper 
to gr'^, add (witliout altering the retax'd ftatc 
of his nerves) a Parting apprehenfive, and lift- 
ning alarm to his look ; keeping his eyes wide- 
ly ftfetch'd, but unfix'd ; his mouth flill, and 
Open i his fteps Tight and ihifting, — yet, his 
joints unbrac'd, faint, nervelefs. — : And, then 
■will his whole air exprefs the true pi^re of 
Fear, and his voice, tQO,found^\t iighificantly. 

But, ftill — This caution, let the thinking 
■ Aftor forever take care to remember — That 


n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

Art of acting, 367 

he is not to begin to utter, even fo much as a 
fingle word, till he has firft .refle<Sed on and 
felt the idea ; and then adapted his look, and 
his nerves to exprefs it. But as foon as this, 
pathetic fenfation has ftrongly and fully im- 
printed his fancy, let him, then — and never 
a moment before — attempt to give the Speech 
due utterance. — So fliall he always hit the 
right and touching fenfibiUty of tone, and move 
his auditors, impreffingly: whereas, fliouldhe, 
with an unfeeling volubility of cadence, hurry 
on from one over-leap'd diftindtion to another, 
without due adaption of his look and mufcles, 
to the meaning proper to the Paffion, he will 
never fpeak to hearts j nor move himfelf, nor 
any of his audience j beyond the fimple and 
unanimating, verb^ fenfe j without the fpirit 
of the writer. 

Besides the reputation of a 6ne and a pa- 
thetic fpeaker, and a feeler, and infpirer, of 
the Paflions, he will derive another benefit and 
grace, from fuch a natural pradtice ; for, the 
time, which it muft neceffarily take, fo to con-, 
form his look and nerves to the fqcefiffivc 
^ changes, 

' Cocgic 

368 Art Of ACT1N6, 

changes of the Paflions, will preferve hi^ 
Voice, at every turn, by giving it due Refis :' 
allowing frequent and repeated opportunities 
for a recovery of its wafted ftrength, in eafy 
and un- noted ^Brw?l67«J^t ; And, yet, all fuchr 
beautiful and peniive paufing places, will at 
^e fame time, appear to an audience, but the 
ftrong and natural attitudes of thinking ; and 
the inward agitations of a heart, that is, in 
truth, difturb'd, and ftiaken. -*- Whereas thtf 
glib, round, rolling, emptinefs of an unpaufing 
iflfignificance in fpeaking (far from pdihting,- 
or refembling, nature) reprefents no image at 
all, to a difcerning audience, but that of a full 
Player's memory ; pouring out its over-mea- 
fure with no meaning, from a Voice that nei-' 
ther touches, nor is touch'd by, charadter. 

How Anger ought to be aBed. 

Anger h Pride prcvok'd beyond Regard of 

It is a fierce and unreftrain'd effufipn oi ' 
Reproach and Infult : It muft therefore be ex- 

Art of acting. 369 

prefs'd, impatiently, by a firey propenlion in 
the eye, with a difturb'd and threat'ning air, 
and with a voice ftrong, fwift, and often inter- 
rupted by high fwells of choaking indignation. 

To explain this paflion, two examples will 
be neceffary : the firft, not fo much for con- 
taining the paffion itfelf, as a great aftor's rules, 
for feeling and expreffing it, with nature's fpi- 
rit and propriety. And I do this right, to 
SbakefpeaTj with a double pleafure, as the in- 
ftance carries with it a clear evidence, how 
much the play-houfe old tradition wrongs his 
memory ; for they report him a performer, of 
no power or compafs, and but of a low rate in 
his profcffion, as to a£iion. 

The fecond fpeech ihall be, for an example 
of the paffion, with an explanation of two dif- 
ferent modes, whereby nature has diftinguifh'd 
its expreffion. 

Shakespear's comes firft j and is, at once; 
a rule and example : 

Vol. IV. Bb "Now, 


370 An ESSAY ON the 

•* Now imitate the aftion of tifc tyger : 
" Stiffen the fincws, fammon up the blood j 
" Lend fierce and dreadful afpeft to the eye t 
" Set the teeth clofe, and ftretch the noftril 

" Hold hard the breath, and bend up every 

" To its full height. — 

It were impoffiblcto draw a piflure of *7«- 
ger^ more naturally, or an inftruftion, more 
compleat and clear, for expreffing it ! 

ift. The finews being brac'd ftrong, thro' 
all the joints of the body, the blood (as a con- 
fequence unavoidable) isfummon'd up, th^t is, 
impelled into violent motion. 

2dly, The look becomes adapted, and adds 
jierceneji to the paffion, by the fire, that ^afhes 
from the eye, 

3dly, The Jetting of the teeth, and wide 
expanfion of the nojiriht follow naturally — be- 
caufe infeparablc from an enrag'd bent of the 
eye-brow. And, 

Lij,-- i,,Gi.u)*^lc 

Art of acting. 371 

And, 4thly, The breath being beUhard^ as 
interrupted or reftrained, by the tumultuous , 
precipitation of the ipirJts, they muft neceflarily 
' become inflamed, themfelves, and will com- 
municate their ardour to the voice^ and motion* 

And fo this paffion of anger is bent up to its 
fiill height— as SkahJ^ear^ with allufion to th« 
ipring upon the flnews, hath exprelTed it^ 

I EXPLAIN this pallage, to demonftrate his 
great fkiU in a^ng : and in hopes, the player's 
obfervation, that this fav'rite genius of their 
own profeflion, had ideas of the art, fo plainly 
founded on the very principles fuflained in this 
cflay, will recommend it, with more Weight, 
from the partiality of their a&dioh. 

But, to return to my own notes-^it here de- 
ferves reflexion, by how very fmall a fepara- 
tion, nature has disjoined the outlines of two 
paffions^' feeraingly, the leaft conformable to 
one another.-T-Few would imagine, that the li- 
; neament8-of_/(jy and anger fhould unite in any 
B b 2 point 

,... K Google 

572 . An ESSAV oM THfi 
point of ftrong refemblance ! And yet, 'tis evi- 
dent, they only diiFer in a change (rf* look : 
For, as to the intenfely bracing up the nerves, 
' that is the fame, exactly, in both i^Uficms, and 
the fole diftindjon lies in this : — AJinik upott 
the eye, in bodies ftrongly braced, compels ^ 
voice to found ofyoy — while frowns^ in the 
fame eye {-without the fmalleft alteration of the- 
mufcles) immediately transform the gay fouodj 
to a dreadful one. 

As for the fecond fpeech, which will be ne- 
ceffary, to explain the natural difference above 
declared, relating to tivo modes of anger— it may 
be taken from the Orphan ; -^ 'Tis Cbamont, 
who fpeaks : 

— " I fay, my fifter's wrong'd ; 
" Mmimia—my fidec : born, as high, 
" And noble, as Cafialio. — Do her jaftKC, 
" Or, by the gods ! I'll lay a fcene of blood, 
*' Shall make this dwelling horrible, to nature. 
" I'll do't.* — Hark, you, my Lord ! 

" Your fon — Cajialio — — ■ 

" Take him- to your clofet, and, there, teach 
. him manners. 

. r,<jr.=^-,hyGo(.)gle 

AitT o» ACTING. 373 

Tho' the paffion, throughout all this fpeech, 
is furious, and Intemperate anger, yet nature 
has divided ilj into two fuch different tones of 
utterance, thut tho' it would be impropriety, 
to a degree of folly, to pronounce that p3rt 
foregoing the ftar, in the 6th line, aiiy tJ/.t 
way, than with a fierce, vindidjve air, and 
voice high rais'd, infulting, and impatient. — 
The remainder (from that (lar) muft, on the 
contrary, be exprefled, by affeftation of a low 
Conftrain'4i and almoft whifper'd compofure, 
concealing a flow, fmother'd, inward rancour, 
by a mutter'd ironical rcpreflion of voice, 
ftraitied through the teeth, in a pretended re- 
flraint of indignation. And when, from fuch 
reliefs, as it were, of paffion, the rage breaks 
out, ag^n, into flirill and exclamatory Idudncfs, 
the rcprefentation becomes movingly varied, 
and natural ; and the voice items to preferve a 
kindof mufical modulation, even in madnefs. 


374 An essay ©m ths 

How Pity is to he exprejjed by an ASior. 

Pity is aSiive Grief for another's AffliBion. 
It is a focial fadnefs of heart, propelled by zvt, 
auxiliary difpofition'of the fpirits, giving tenfion 
to impreiTed and draining mufcles : It cannot, 
therefore be eicprefled, but by a lookofforrow, 
with a brac'd and animated gefture. 

Take the following example, from Bel- 
mour., in the Fatal Extravagance. 

" Oh ! could I feel no mifcry, but my own, 
" How eafy were it for this fword, to free nle» 
" From every anguifh, that imbitters life ! 
,** — But, when the grave h^s given my forrows 

" Where fhall my miferable "wife find comfort? 
•' Unfriended, and alon?, in want's bleafe 

*' Not all th' angelic virtues of her mind 
'* Will fhield her, from th' unpitying world's 

** Can it be kind, to leav? her> fo expos'd ? 

AxT OF ACTING." 375 

If an aflpr fiiould endeavour to touch the 
expreilivcnefs of the paffion, conceiv'd in this 
fpeech, without having previoufly adapted his 
look to the fenfation peculiar to pity, he wou'd 
never, (tho' his voice were the fineft and moft 
mu6cal in nature) be able to fucceed in his 
purpofc : for his tone wou'd be fometimes too ' 
earneft, and fharp, and fometimes too languid 
and melancholy.— But let him, 6rft, ftrain his 
mufcles into the teniion, above required, for 
expreffion ofyoj', and if, then, he adds die' 
look, that is proper to grief, the refult of this 
mix'd co-operation of contraries (of a vifage 
peculiar to forrow, with a fpring on the mufi 
cles adapted to joy) will immediately produce 
the gefture, the voice, and the feeling, expref-r 
five of pity. — And the more ftrongly he braces 
his nerves, in oppofition to the diftrefs, that re? 
laxes his look, the more beautifully will he 
tQuph the concern, 'till his utterance paints it, 

as one may fay, to the ear For, by effedt of ^ 

ftruggle, that will be form'd in his mind, be- 
tween the grief, that has foften'd his eye, and 
the force, that invigorates his muicles, there 
will arife a pathetic and trembling interrupted- 
B b 4 . nefs, 

.,... K Google 


ncfs, offenfibic found, that muftaffefliawhcilc 
audience, with a participated concern in the 

Haw Scorn ought to be exprefi'dby an ASior, 


Scorn m negligent Anger. 
That IS— anger, againftolyeas, which excite no 
eileem : it is therefore un-brac'd into eaUnels. 
Sec an example, in the following anfwer of Ba- 
jazet^ to Axalla's declaration, from Tamerlane. 

" Bear back thy fulfome greeting, to thy mat- 
ter j 
*• Tell him, I'll none on't. — • 

* " Had he been a Go</, 
** All his omnipotence cou'd not reftore 
*' The radiancy of majefty eclips'd. * 
** For ought befides, it is not worth my care : 
•* The gh'er, and his gifts, are both dejpis'd ! . 

In this fpe^h, the beginning, and the end, 
contain nunifeil fcom : But, in the middle 
part, which is, therefore, diftinguilhed, be- 

AnT cp ACTING. 377 

tween Aars, the pafflon rifes into nervous aikl 
exclamatory violence. 

All the reft, to be rightly -exprcflcd, in Ac 
afting, will require the fceming contraft of aa 
unfinewy flackncfs ofmuicles, to «lod£> that 
games with anger and infult. 

There is, however, aod a fldlful a^r will 
always remember to note it, a g^w and very 
different fpecies oi/corn, on lefs folemn occa- 
iions, where the lownefs of figure, or of power, 
in fome flight infignificant objedt, or the un- 
alarming impertinence of ibme vain, but not 
dangerous, levity, only call for a contempt, 
unconneftcd with anger.— And this lighter ex- 
preflion of fcom will be hit moft effedtually, 
by preferving the fame difpofition of mufcles, 
that was required in the- other — but accompa-r 
nied, by a look, that is foiiling and placid, in- 
jdead of the frown, tha( took place, in the 


■ ivGtio'^Ie 

378 An ESSAY ON the 


liiw Hatred « to be expre[i]d by an ASor. 

Hatred is rejirainedy yet IdHing Anger, 
It is a clofe, abhorrent^ hoftile, difpofition of 
. the heart, averted by ill-will, but guarded by 
precaution : To exprefs it rightly, it demands 
a look of malice, with a gefture of rcftraned 

Bajazet will give example, in another fpcech, 
CCTicerning "Tamerlane. 

" The Tartar is my bane— I cannot bear hjm» 
" One heaven and earth, <:an never hold us, 

both. , 
*' Still (hall we hate, and, with defiance deadly, 
" Keep rage alive— 'till one be loft, for ever. 
" Asiftwofunsrlhou'd meet, in the meridian, 
*' And ftrive, in fiery combat, for the paffage t 

Unlefs an a^or has accuftomed his refie^on 
to examine diftindions in paflion, he will be 
iurprized, to be told, in this place, that there 



'Art op A' C T IN G". 379 

is no other difference but the turn of an eye, 
in the expreffion of hatred and pity. Yet, his 
experience will find it a palpable truth. — For, 
firft, pity, and hatred^ require both of them, 
the fame intenfe brace upon the joints, and the 
finews ; and then, the charaifterizing diftinc- 
tion between them is this : (I mean, but what 
regards their expreffion — that is, the outward 
inarks they imprefeonthe body) — Pity, by a 
look of inclination, iinplies affeftion, and defire 
to relieve ; whereas ^ii/rifi/, by. averting the yi- 
fage, and accompanying that look of abhor- 
rence, with geftures of malice and difapproba- 
tion, proclaims animofity, and purpofe of mif- 
chief. — The nerves muft be brac'd, in. botH 
paflions alike— becaufe Pity is eameft — and 
Hatred is earneft : and therefore, the mufclcs, 
to cxprefs cither paffion, (however oppofite 
they feem to eacli other) muft" be fpringy, and 
bent into promptitude. 

But the look muft be different, in each --. 
becaufe Pity is earneft, for beneficence; and, 
therefore, the eye, (which is the Ihow-glafs of 
the foul) muft be imprefled with ideas of ^■ofl^'- 
nefi } whereas' hatred is eafn^^ for mijfbief. — * 


I CocH^lc 

38» A» ESSAY oh th£ 

And ^ eye tooft, in confequence of a maltg* 
nant intent in the will, refled an image of me- 
ditated evil. 

BIwo an A£ior Jhou^d exprefi Jealouiy. 

^eahufy^ is dmbtpd Jnger^ ftru^Hftg dgmn^ 

Faith and Fity. 
It is a piajnful foftnefs in the heart, refifted by 
a vindictive difpofition in the fpirits : It cannot, 
tiier^ore, be exprefs'd without a doubtful va- 
riation, in both look and air, divided and fuf- 
pendcd, betwixt wavering paflions. 

But there are two degrees of yealoujy : re- 
quiring different modes, for their expreffion. 

So that two examples will be neceflary ; and 
Otbelh will fuppty us with them both. 

We {hall fee (in this that follows) that firft 
flagc of Jealopfy, which is alarm 'd, but dSpwfc* 
^/J'jfafpiciousj and not, yet, confirm'd into 



*AftT OP A C T I N G. 381 

the violwice of pofitive htlief and its warm 
confequcnces : 

-Why doft thou echo me ? 

*• As if there were fome monfter in thy thought ! 
" Too hideous to be fhewn ! —Thou doft mean 

" — I beard thee fay but now, thou lik'dft not 

" When CaJ^o left my wife.— What did'ft not 

" And, when I tpld diee, that he was my friend} 
•* And went a wooing for me — with thy brow 
*' Bent and purfs'd up,Thy anfwer was— Indeed! ' 
" If thou do'il love me, tell me— -what 

thou thought'ft." 

For exprefling, in a natural manner, thefe 
uniix'd, apprehenlive, rduflant, firft dawmngs 
of jealoufy, the brace upon the nerves muft be 
but cdiiformable to the uniettled idea. It 
muft be half bent, and half languid. — The 
Loc^, too, under the fame uncbnclufive alarm, 
muft a£t its part with the indolent muTcles : 
that is, it muft partake of two oppolite Paf- 
2 fions ; 

' Cockle 

382 An ESSAY ON the 

fions ) AttgeTf as difpos'd to catch flame, andef 
feufe of fuch injury ; — and Pi'tyt as unwilling 
to give way to diftruft, againft an objeft (o cn- 
dear'd by affedion. 

The other fpecies, or rather degree, of this 
Paflion, is, where Jealoufy extraffts confirma- 
tioD, &om Appearances, which concur toward 
a Proof. ; 

In this cafe, the nerves muil aHiime the 
ftrong brace, that is proper to j^ger : And the 
Look muftexprefs a turbulent mixture of an- 
guiih } — from a ftruggle between fury and 
forrow. — See Othello again : 

" I think my wife is honeft — and think ihc 

is not ! 
" I think, that thou art juft, and think, thou art 

not ! 
" ril have full Proof. — My name, that was 

as freih, 
•* As chaftZ)/<7«a'6 face, is, now, grown black *— 
" Like my own vilage ! — If there be cords, of 


«« poifbn. 

Art of acting. 383 

" Poifon, or fire, or fuffocating ftreams^ 
" I'll not- endure it. — wou'd I were iatisfy'd ! 

We fee, ir^ this fpcech. Doubts inflam'd in- 
to agony. It is ftill, indeed, diftruil ; but it is, 
at the fame time, Indignation and Bitternefs. — 
And this is the utmoA pitch, whereto Jealou- 
fy (as Jealoufy)' can by nature extend itfelf.— 
For the leaft ftep beyond it, is Anger ; which 
unlefs mix'd with, and reftrain'd by, fome 
tempering conceit of uncertainty, is no longer 
the yeakujy, we are confidering — but a dif- 
tinft and new paflion : the effed, it is true, of 
the former — yet, itfelf, of a quite diferent 

So that jealoufy can be divided no &rther, 
than into the two foregoing diftinftions. 

A P P L I. 


384 An £ S S A Y ON the 


l^w an .A£ior is to exprejs Wonder. 


Wonder J is tnguijStive Fear. 

It is an ebb of fpirits, ruftiing back upon the 
heart j but leaving an alarm upon the mufcles, 
that invigorates them toward defence and op- 
pofition : No adtor can imitate this Paffioo 
with its natural proprie^ and force, without 
dividing its idea> into the following two de- 
grees of diftinftion : - 

The firfl: degree is j4mazefnent ~ the fe- 
cond is AJioni^ment, 

In Amazement, 'the conception catching a- 
larm from the image of fomething ftrangely, 
or unnaturally terrible, the nerves upon a 
ftart of apprehcnfion brace, at once, into an 
involuntary rigour of intenfenefs — under a 
defcnfive dilpofition of the Will •— that wou'd 
refifl, and repel, the objed. 


Art. OF ACTING, 385 

But, in Aftonilhmcnt, the recoil of the ani- 
mal ipirits, hurried back in two precipitate a 
motbn, drive the blood upon the heart, >vith 
fuch oppreffive redundance; as, retarding circu- 
lation, almoft ftagnates the vitel progreffioai 
and arrefting the breath, eyes; gefture, and e- 
very power and foculty of the body, occa£pns 
an interruption of their feveral ufes, that wou'd 
bring on Aa a^hjbl ee^ation — but, that the rea- 
fofl, ftruggUng flowly to relieve the apprehen- 
iion, Ogives a kind of hefitative articulation to 
the utterance, and gradual motion and recove- 
ry to the Look, the Limbs, ahd :the Counte- 
nance. 1 ' 

In the following lines from Hamlet ^ we fhall 
-fee ah inftance .of the firft ddgffee of wcnider; 
Awhile it" reaches Only to Amazeihent i and 
fufpends, not ftagnates, the free motion of the 
blood and fpirits : 

" O, day, and night! -r- but this is wond'rous 
ftrangc !" . 

- Vol; IV. ■ Cc ' And 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

3lift. Aw ;ESSAY orrHS 

And, again : 
** Angels \ and'Miiiifters of grace ! defend rae.' 
" Be thoiia Spirit df light — or Gobliridamn'd, 
" Bring with thee airs from Heaven, or blafts 

from H6H, 
•• Be diy intents -wicked or charitable, — 
" Thou com'ft in fuch a qircftionable Shape, 
** That I mfl fpeak to diee t — 

TjiERE is maniftft, in the beginmng of this 
Speech, the ftardng fpring u^ft the nerves, that 
ibUows the firft (hock of api^eheniion — 

iN the middle, is difcern'd, as plainly, thb 
flow, ftruggling, reafoning, recollcdion- of the 
ihaken underftanding. 

. And, in the two c<Micladin^ lines, the refo- 
lution of recover'd firmnefs, .to examine, and 
. determine ftedfaftly. 

But, in examples, where the Paffion rifes to 

■ Aftonifhmen<,-as in this, below, from 5f/«oar j 

fee an almoft total deprivation, for the time, of 

: aU the powers of fenfe and motion— except 



Art Cf ACTING. 387 

only, that exerted reafon, labouring againft op- 
preffive congelation, barely feems to hold 
treath in, by force ; and make life feniible. ' 

- 1 feel my blood 

" Cool and grow thi(^ j as melted lead flows 

" And hardens, in its motion. — A little longer, 
** And I, who Kave a heart already marble — 
" Shall petrifythroughout— and be— aftatuc. 

I T wou'd be impoflible, aft4r an a<ftor had 
conceived an idea cwrefpondwit to the pidure, 
-in the words in this, not to imfwefs every linea- 
ment of the Pailion upon his Look, and every 
Attitude of it upon his Gefture j and, then, 
-die Tone of hi^ voice, concurring^ cannot fail 
,to found the flow, confliaing flrruggle of Afto- 

-Ccz APPLI- 

r.=^-, by Google 

j88 .An-ESS A-y ON THE 


Sow the Pajion of Love, ii to be expreji'd^ by 
an Atior. 


LovE, ii Dejire kept temperate by Reverence. 

It is expanded foftnefs, in the heart j iridi%'d 
attachmehtin the fancy J and -an aWe (froffi 
fear to be diftaftcfol; where we wiifti to pleafe) 
upon the fpirits : It can never, therefore, right- 
ly be exprefs'dr -without a Look of appreh'en- 
five tendernefsi that foftens-a high-brac'd" arvd 
■ animated air, and cafts a modeflt cloud of dif- 
fidence, over too quick a fenfe of trairipiWI. 
And thus we are come, at laft, to 2. Paffioh, 
the- true name whereof might be Legion ; -for 
it includes all the other, in all their degrees 
and varieties. It has therefore been poftpon'd, 
and kept to bring up the rear ; tho', from the 
weight and extent of its influence, it ought to 
haVe taken place in the front of the number. 

. There is, however, indqjendent on its au- 
xiliary and occafional pafiions, a diftinia air, 

Art of' A-CT I T^Gr'- 3^9 

gefturc, look, and manner of fpeaking, pecu- 
liar to Love, in its ferehe and unruffled impref- 
fivenefe. And becailfethere are not many Ac-' 
tors, in whom, nature has done all that appears 
neceflary, for expreffing the genteelnefs, and 
the foftnefs, together witli the freedom, arid 
the fire, which unite their contranes, of fetting 
off the fpirit of this Paflio'n, it is neceflary tO 
reflcft a little on the" reafon, why it is com- 
mon to fee Love, unfeelingly, afFe£tedly, and 
even ridiculoufly aded, inour Theatres. 

.The. lazy cau|e, w, want of Tenderncfs, of 
at leaft oi Application, to conceiv^the true idea. 
— For this paffion, more than any other, lends 
a tongue, to every Look, and iheds an elo- 
quence -on every Motion^ — It cannot bear, 
then, a cold, formal, Emptinefs. ^ a big, .broad., 
.mellow. Troll, of fmooth unanlmated wordi- 
nefs. — ■ It afks for Soul, — in thought, air, 
movement. — It exadls fuch ftritS confede- 
racy between the heart, the mienr the eye, and 
tongue, that it difdains to pardcn a bold, volu- 
ble, and Jedure-like, (however mufical.-and 
founding) infignificancy. 

Cc 3 Thk 

, Google 

390 An essay on tsb . 

The idea, then, to be conceived by (W,who 
Vou'd exprefs Z.OW, elegantly, is that.of jfigr, 
combin'd with Fear. 

It is a confcioue and triumphant fwell of 
Hope, intimidated by refpcfldful apjM-ehenfion of 
oiFending, where we long to feem agreeable* 
It is the exhalation of a foft, defirc, which,- tp 
the warmth infpir'd by wi(l)es, joins the rao- 
defly of a fubmiffive doubtfulinefs. — 

I T i« Complaint, made amiable, Uy Grape- 
fuUnefs ; Reproach, endear'il by Tcndcrncfs ; 
and Rapture aw'd by Reverence. 

Without a previous fix'd idea of the P«A 
fion, in this native light, the fincft of all hu- 
man voices wou'd, in vain, attempt to toiich it 
tenderly. And this might be immediately 
■found evident to the attentive Adot's car, in 
making trial on fome fpeech^ like this of Ed- 
gar, in the Tragedy of Athel-mU. * " 

- "Why have thofe piercing eyes, fo HI diftin- 
' guiih'd 


Art of A CTIN G- 391 

" The rev'rcnce of my ardour ? —Licence and 

Freedom, 1 

*' Wou'd, in your prefencey be diHoWd to ffwe^ 
" And flow in lighs, to foften you. — This 

hand !" 
" Oh ! give it nw ;— aod I will fwear, upon it, 
" That my charm'd ij>irits never rofe, till now, 
*' In fuch a tide of cxtafy ! — that heaven 
" Has left yoQT iScx in fliade, to light up Tmty 
*• With every .^race, that fwells defire in mor- 
■^*: .talsj 
" Or gives your guardian angA^ Pride, to view 


' Here, if the nerva are braced, with proper 
warmth, to the high pitch of j'oy, and the in- 
jclining Look divided, gracefully, betwixt a^en- 
ijcr Fear^ and a triumphant P/et^re, _ every 
ftccent will confefe the Paflion, m a foft, im- 
.preffive, touchingnefs. — Whereas, without 
fuch previous diij>ofitiDn for attaining the f4ea, 
the vague, undireifled, tone, wou'd fometim^ 
found too faint, fometlmes too harfli : and ai- 
rways, infincere, declamatoiy, ^d unftrikihg. 

Cc 4 I HAVE 

35P?: ^ :EISIS AY -ONI TftE 

I HAVE done with the Application of the ge- 
neral principle io.particul(^ 'examples of the 
Pa^QTis. ,\ '., : 

I PROCEED to a juftification of the Mecha- 
nifm, m the Rales fdre^irigj'-tJy dembnftradhg 
its foundation on clear natural Caufes. 

I w ILL only interpofc a {hort digreflion 
for difcovering the reafon, wiyj it is fo^very 
rare to fee an Aftor, elegantly qualify'd to re- 
prcfent a Love part, on the Theatre. 

I SAID, before, and fhall produce the proof 
immediately, - that Love includes, cccafionally, 
all o:her paffions. 

' " He, then, who is not mafter of a power to 
iepr<iicnt 'em all, in the diftinft propriety of 
each,Tau.(t (of neceffity) — fo far as his dcfeft 
iii any one of them, extends — be found aii ia^ 
cbmpleat, and difapprov'd fuftairicr, of a Lo- 
ver's chara-fter. * i . . . 

And that every other, of .the Paffions hi- 
therto defcrib'd, occurs, occafionally, in that 


Aw or. A C T 1 1SJ G. 3<^^ 

prehenfiww^ bfitovc, fcepfo^fe iii theft^^ftpC 
jnfaiices: ■!■ 1:; 'j- -- "■■..,.,■.".■■ '. ^::^r.:l' 

■ jSn.-E'iUimpfeof ]QY.i i^ Lwe.-.\...,.t^ 

Tflotr art a cold defcriber ! — oTi ! the d&yV - 
The dear remember'd day ! wEen, at the altar, 
Where, in thankfgiving, I -had bow'd toHeatv'hv 
Heaven feem'ddefcending on me — my rals'^ 

eye ■' ' -■ - 

Met her flafh'd charinSj amidft a gazing crowd. 
Who, from the fcafFolded cathedral's fides, 
Poiir'd their -bold loofcs upon me. '— Greatnefs 

and languor , 
Flow'd, in a fofteii'd radiance, from her mien, 
Atid kindled every rfhrine, with' new .divinity ! 
Sweetnefs fat fmiling, on her humid eye-balls. 
And- light-wlng'd fancy danc'd, and 'flam'd,'a^ 

bout her? 

r.i ,3.-^ ^xcmpU «/" Grief, i» L<roe. 

Oh ! what a dreadful change, in my poor 
' |_ '■ • heart ! _ 
Jias one weak moment made ! -^ fcorn'd, like 

'_ the vile, 

-'■■■-■■.. : ; Diflionour'd, 


^ Ait ESSAY. a» tuc 

IKflionour'd, in&ffious, expeU'd for ctot, 
I muft become a \rand'rcr, round the world j 
Meet cold, and hunger j poverty, and ihame : 
Anguifli and infiilt— Better ail, than nhm f 
The £uthlefs mwd'rer, Ma|( \ -^.^hat am I 

doom'dtol ■ - 

l^pm have I tnifted 1 —oh! rerenging heav^l diftrcfs, and punifli me with more. 
I. cannot be too wretched. — Begone, deceiver. 
I,^S*^uld not curfe thee^I will not wiih thee 

pain : 
-But, never, never, let me ieciheej more! 

^ Example of Fear, in Love. 
I Sh^'s gone — and I am If^ to walk the 
, ; ..; world,- ■ - , ■ 

I4kc a pale (hade, that fliuns the paths of men. 
Light fearches me too deep : my confcious foul 
Starts inward — and elcapes the eye of day. 
- Oh ! boibm peace, now loft ! — were there, in 

No weight more painful, than this lourof brow. 
Vet, fliun it all — you, who have hearts, like 

men — 
Thitt you may raiie the ii'ont, and look, like 
virtue. ^ 

Art op ACTINO. 39J 

An Example of Anger, in Love. 

Patience ! — curie patience — why do'ft 
. dip." talk of patience. 
With the fame breath, the fame colc(, taftelefs 

calmoefs, - - 
That {poke di^ra^im to mci Haft thou ;i(4 

told me, 
That flic coixfeffes it ? that this proud beauty. 
This haughty, fierce, difdainful, marbly virtue. 
That fcorn'd my honeft paffion — this auftere 

frowner ! . 

Has been — perdition on the name ! 'twou'd 

. choak me. 
Haft thou not fir'd me, with the bafeft truth. 
That ever ftung the heart of a fool lover ? 
And doft thou talk of patience ! — give it to 

ftatefinen : 
I fpurn the fervile leflbn. — Patience, faid'ft 

thou ?. 
Rage, and defpair, have broke upon my foul. 
And wafli'd away all patience. 

■ ivGtio^le 

39J5^. An E:S S AY on the 

jIn Example of Pity, in Love. 
Waen the blood boils, and beauty fires the 

■ '~ -'foul, '';■;■, "'.^ V 

What will the tongue not fwear ? . difcretion, 

Docs, with a peacock's feather, fan the fun. 
- Yet,'in"U)e mldifoT all my'wild defires. 
Thou wert the warmefl wifh, my heart purfu'd- 
My love, to thee, was permanent, and ftrong. 
Thy beauties werp my waking theme — . and 

Grew charming, by foft dreams of thy pcrfecr 

"tion. ' ' . 

Still, I regard thee, with the fame' defires ; ,. 
Gaze, with tKe fame tianfporting pity, oh thee, 
, As dying' fathers blefs a weeping child with. 

jin Example of Scorn, in Love. 

Yas 1 virtue /— thou haft every, well-known 
virtue; ■ ;, 
That thy whole feic is.fam'd for,: r.— kind*f<^ 

virtues ! 
Spleen, afieftation, pride, ill-nature, noiie, 


Art ofACTINQ. 397 

Lightnefe in reafort, infolepce in Nvill j ' ' 
Oiddy ambition's ever-varied whirl : - , 
Wiflies, that change, 'till even tjiftafte grows 
^;,,- ; i-pleafihg-: " ^ ■ ■•',.-■ 
And tenderncfs, all tir'd, makes room for fiiry. 
f^irtu^s? r--- itamortaj GiOda ! -r-i- your beft- 
r , ■ weigh'd virtues' . ' 

Scryii but :ta feiile deceit^ from h^cart to heart, 
'Till, for your idol, dear variety ! 
Loathing aA angel's forfti, you grafp a devil's ! 

jin Example of Hatred, in Love. 

Bane of my. peace, life, fame i — my fifck- 

ning foul 

Shrinks^ with- indignant ihapie from her idea ! 

All that file ;Once betray'd me to believe, 

,Turns poifon on my fancy," Each laith'd 

beauty, ; 

Serves but tp feed the fire, with whifh I hate 


I know her to the heart j I fee her, now. 

Not through her fmiles — I reach her, thro' 

... , her falfehood, 

'. View. her, all black with guilt ; all bafe, with 

i infamy. 


, Google 

398 An essay on the 

Ligb^ and elidive, as the wand'ring fires. 
Which gleam, deftrudtive, on the edge of 

. night, 
And tempt, to way-laid fens, die fhftter'd tra- 
veller. • 
Gh\ Icoa'd curfe her all-bewitching channSj 
That (ihun'd and bateJJ ftill pergft to hold me, 
Andhangtheirdrowninggrafp about my &ncy. 

A* l^ampk if Jealousy, in Lovt. 

BvT why, and whence, her tears ?. thole 
looks ? her ilight? 
That grief, & ftrongly ftamp'd, on every fea- 
If it has been that "Frenchman— ^hst a thought I 
How low,- how horrid, a fuipicion, tb^a f 
The dreadful flafli, at once, gives light, and 

kills me. 
An infidd \ i Have 1 — a heart, like mine, 
Reduc'd to fufFcr, from fo wVf a rival ! 
But, tdl mc, didft thou mark them, at their 

parting ? 
Did'ft thou obferve the language of their eyes ? 
Hide nothing from me.— Is my love betray'd ? 


Arit OF ACTING. 39^ 

J**!! me lAy Whole difgrace. — * Nay J if thoa 

Ilicar thy ^ty fpeak> tho' tbm ait filent. 

• - - 1 sTANl) mmvoeable — like fenfelefs marik t 
Horror had frozen my fufpcnded tongue : - 
And an ailonlih'd filence robb'd my will 
<>r power, to tell her — that 1^ Oiock'd my 

Spoke (he tame/ — fwty 1 mifund«ftood her ! 
CiHi'd it be «w, Ihe left 1 — what have I feen ! 
OrafininJ what ja ch&nge is here! flic's gone! 
And I permitted it — I know not bmo. 

jibt Bxmnpk ^Lovfi, unmix d and folitary. 
Oh ! let them never love, who never try'd. 
Thf^ brought a paper to me, to be iGgn'd : 
Thinking on hint, I quite forgot my name ; - 
And writ, for Leonora, Torrifmond. 
1 went ttj bed, and, to myfctf, I thought, 
'That I wou'd think on Torrijmmd no more. 
Itios'd my eyes, but could not ihut out,j&/w; 
Tumbling, I try'd each dovmy corner's aid^ 
To find if ileep was there; but fleep was w/. 

400 An: :B3^ A y ,ow ■t»i^ 

Fcy/rifh* for wantjpf -reft, I jdfo> ftpd- walk;d. 
And by the moonfliine, to niy wiijiiow, went ! 
Thei:?s.hopefuli; tOi.j^jc^lude-hiii^ 

thoughts — 
But, looking outj'Upoh the rieighKring pliuns, 
Soft fighs, unfumnapD-dj whi(p5r'd> to my feul, 
Tfiercfoughtmy^/T'j^W.^-T'^ ,,:j 

J BELIEVE)' that it reinains evident, by^lis 
time, that the Lover's comprehetids<z//ferious 
dramatic .chara^ers,,thlt an a^r can e:2ped 
tp .fljifie by, -T- let-US ceafe, then, to vrondeir, 
th^ we can fo feldom fee it touch-'d, upon the 
Theatres. . ;..:.'. 

And, now, we will confider the naturaJ 
foundation of that mechanilm, in the artdc- 
fcribed, whereby the fprings aremov'd, tpre- 
prefentthe paflions, outwardly. ■ . ; . ." 

It will have been ohferved, that their fpc- 
cific differences are far from being fo reoripte, 
as the repugnance of the paffions wpu'd ap- 
pear to place them., ■,■■■ 

■"■**' " See 

n,:r — i,,GoOglc 

ARt OF AOtlNO. 46! 

See fbiSi in all the ten Examples : 
Jay is expreffed by mufcles intenfe --- and t 

firiilcin the eye. 
Anger, by mufcles intenfe — and a frown 

in the eye. 
PiTY^. by mufcles Intenfe.-^ and a iadnefs 

in the eye. 
Hatred, by mulfcles intenfe — And averfibii^ 

in the' eye. ' ' 

Wonder, by mufcles intenfe -^rand an awful 

atirm in the eye. 
LoVEy by mufcles Ihtcnft, •^- ftrtd a tcfpcfliul -, 

attachment in the eye. 
Grief, by neither mufcles, nor eye intenfe-— 

but botli langiiid. 
Fear, by mufcles and look both languid — 

*ith an alarm, in eye, ilnd motion. 
Scorn, by mufcles languid and ncgleflcd — 

with a fmilc in the eye, to exprefs 

the light, or a frown in the eye, for 

the Jerious fpecies. 
Jealousy, by mufcles intenfe, and the look 

penfivc ; or the look intenfe, and 

mufcles languid, interchangeably. 
: Vol. IV. Dd And 

L,;, - l,,Gl.K)^lc 

402. Alt B^^AY aN Tjt^ ^ 

And, if the natural caufes of fuch near rC'^ 
femblancek in the mechanUhi <?f opppfite paf- 
fipns, be enquir'd into, thej Tvill, all, be 
EVIDENTLY deduc'd FROM ihe reflofUons 
following: : . .'_ 

■ Qu It s i' t b N s a»J An s w e r s. ■ 

Demonjirafirtg the natifral cattfes of the Mecha^ 
mfm, in the Rules fore^ing. 


Ti^H ris Jty expre&'dy by mufcles intenfe,; 
and, a fmile.ia the eye i 

' A N $ W E R. 
■ ([From th Definitim) 
Jay is -pride poffefs'd of triumph.— Pride 
and triumph give inflated ideas, and high 
' t^'d and bold conception. - 

feut die mufcles muft be intenfc, when they 
exprefs elevation. 

Becaufe, telax'd nerves are peculiar to dc- 
prefs'd conception. 



Art Of Acting. 403 

And the eye muft be finiling, before it cap 
paint fatis&dion. 

Becaufe> a frown would imply difcontent ; 
and to conceive jpy, with difpleafua,' is a 
felfc, bccaufc unnatural, imprej/ton. 


Why is anger exprefs'd, by mufcles ip- 
tenfe, and a frown in the eye ? 


Anger i« pride provok'd, beyond regard 
of caution— Uncautious pride exults ia me- 
naces and arrogance. 

But, nether arrogance nor menace can 
confift with relaxation of the nerves. 

Becaufe, llack mufcles, are a confequeoce 
■of weak and faint, not boaftful and avow'd, 

The eye, too, in this pafljon, is over- 
clouded by a frown. 

Becaufe, it catches fenfe of indignation- 

from vindictive and diftaftcful images j and 

D d 2 no 

• i,,Gi.u')*^lc 

404 An- ESSAY on thb 

not iajhow that outward mark of the miad, 
agitation, inwardly, wou'd be aflumJng a 
DISGUISE, to cover fenlibility ;— a prudence, 
never natural, in anger ; becaufc its great cha- 
raacrii^c property, is rafii and open infult. 


Why is pity exprefs'd, by mufclcs intenie, 
and a fadnefs '\n the eye ? ' 


Pity is atilive grief, for ano'ther's afflic- 
tions. But we never can iincerely' mourn 
diftrefles, when we do hot feel them, touch- 

• Whatever we fo feel, we look—hy natural 
inclination, and ncceffity. 

No vifagc but a fod one, thcrtfore, can 
conjiji with the diftrefs of pity. 

But the mufclcs, to exprefs this paflion, 
muft be hrac'df • 

Becaufd, .whatever, we pity, we intenfply 

wilh to give relief to ; and, lince.the will, 


,... K Google 

Art OP "ACTING. '' 405 
wJieri adive, compclls adtive fibres; it re- 
mains a natural confequcnce, that this fcem- 
'Oig contrariety, between the gcfturc and the 
look, is the true medium to exprefs com- 

For, being nature's own cffeft, when flie 
imprefles marks of pity, in her ufual man- 
ned—art, alTuming the fame outward fprings% 
to work by, cannot fail to re^'refcnt ber, with 

<XJ3 E S T I O N rv. 

Why is hatred exprefs'd, by the mufcles 
intenfe and averjion in the eye? 


Hatred is reftrain'd, yet lafling anger^ 
— rAnger inflames the will, and as the 
will, becoming adive, aduates^ the mufcles j 
they muft neceffarily be ftrain'd hard ; and 
prompt to violent exertion, when they would 
exprefs this paffion properly. 

But, then, — as it is anger not thrown out — 

but patient, cover'd, and reftraiil-d j the e^e 

D d 3 with- 

, Google 

4o6 An essay on the 

withdraws idclf from ft diftaftcful obje^ to 
imply averjion^ in reftraint of fury. 

And herein confifts the natural dji^indion 
that paints hatred^ on the outward lineamebts. 

Q U E S T I O N V. 

Why is imnder exprefs'd, by mufclcs in- 
tcnfe, and an awful alarm in the eye ? 


Wonder is inquifitive fear. — As it is inquiii- 
tive it is ftedfaft, and demands firm mufclcs. 

But as it is fear, it cannot jufUy be'ex- 
prefs'd, without the marks of apprchenfion, 
and alarm. 

Were this alarm a too difturb'd one — fiiU 
of motion and anxiety, it would paint fear^- 
inftead of -wonder j and could carry tto con- 
. fiftcnce with braced mufcles. 

It is therefore firmly ncrv'd, becaufc inqui- 
fitive with purpofe of defence. 

And fo^.'thisiappUcatiofir: of cijr«^«~"-with 

refolutbn tifcf.cxsMbiQe ftedfiiftly — muft confti- 

■ . : tute 


Art of ACTIt^<JV 407 

tute a nervous, awful, fix'd attentivencfs j 
and give the piflurp of the fa^ jic^aUy. 


Why is Ime cxprefs'd, by mufcles intenfe, 
and a refpedful attachment in the eye? . 

A N S W E Jl. 

JL,ove is defire- kept temperate, by rete- 
rence. — Defire muft be attach'd ; and as, 
in. love, its objedt is a viiiblf . op^j. dofir? of 
objects vifible muil; (h^yf it{^}f,,.^jpft pl^^^ 
in the eye. 

But thei); our fear to give diftaftcj ?ttg;nr 
pering defire with reverence, creates refp^ct- 
fiil foftnefs in the look, and attitude. 

And diis external foftncist)e1ng firengthen'd, 
by an inward brace upon the nerves, [the 
natural confequence of hope and ](y^) enliven- 
ing revereace hy c&fioi\ of a fparkling pjca- 
fure, there is tr^lhiitted Co 1^ ^ye, . i;h? ,e^, 
, and heart, of an attentive audie^e, the faiwce 
impreffion, whlQh the aftor's fpirits are im- 
pel I'd by. 

Dd4 QJJ E- 

4o8. An-ESSAY. on tHE' 


Why is^r/^exprefe'd,. by neither mulcles, 
nor look inlenie, but both languid f 


Grief is difappointment, void of hope. 
But mufcle;, brac*4 iotenfc, imply hope, 

■ And a fplrited vivacity in the eye is the 
effi^ft of pleafure, and of elevation. 

Thefc arp nati^ally confiftent with a paf- 
"fage that de^rejesi which grief manifeftly 

Becaule deprefHon flackens all the nerves ; 
and nerves unbrac'd deject the look, and air, 
in necel^ry confec^uenc?. 

- And therefore, a relaxed mein, and lan- 
guid eye, muft form the trueft piSfure of a 
natural forrow, 



Art of ACTING. 409 


Why is fear exprcfs'd, by languid look 
and aiufcles, with alarm in eye and mo- 
lion ? 


Fear is grief, difccining, and avoiding 
danger. — As it is grief, it muft deprefs the 
fpirits, and unbrace the mufcles ; ' whence 
the languid air becomes adapted, and cha- 

But, as it is a grief, not carelefs and re- 

' fign'd, but apprehenfive, fugitive, and flart- 

ing, it demands a lightnefs in the motion ; 

vi^ith a watchful, though unanimated, iharp- 

nefs in the eye. 

Becaufe, the fancy has conceiv'd idea of 
a threat'ning mifchicf ; but, the object over- 
charging the imagination, has relax'd the 
\inconcurring fibres into a debility, unable to 
2 obey 

Lij,-- i,,Gi.u)*^lc 

419 An ESSAY ON the 

obey the will ; which, therefore, but evades^ 

tmd not re^Sy the danger. 


Why is [com expreis'd, by languid mufcLes, 
with a finilcj upon the eye, in the light 
{pedes ; or a frown, to bit the ferious ? 


Scorn is negligent anger- r— It infinu* 
atcB therefore, by a vvoluntary flacknefe, or 
difarming, of the nerves, a knomi, <» % 
concluded, abfence of all power in the in- 
fahed ot^ect, even to make defence feem 

And the unbrac'd mufcles gro affifted, in 
this fliow of a contemptuous difregard, by 
an affected fmile upon the eye. 

Becaufe, flack nerves, if at the fame time 
the took were alfo languid, would too muc^ 
refemble Jbrr«Wy or even fear j wh^'eas the 
purpde is dilidaia, and infuk. 


n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

Art of ACTING.. 411 

. And tiiibugh in more provoking ferioia 
cafeS} where the fcorn admits difturbance» it 
aiTumes fome fenfe of anger ; it mufl, dill, 
retain the flack -unguarded languor on the 
nerves — left it ihould Teem to have conceiv'd 
impreilions of fome eftimable; or important, 
weightinefs — w^^^ its de/ign is utter dif- 
regard, and negligence. 


Why is jeakujy exprefs'd, by molcles in- 
tcnfc, and the look peniive — or by the look' 
intenfe, and mufcUs languid^ interchange- 
ably ? 


Jealoufy is doubtful anger, ftruggling a- 
gainft fiiith, and pity, — It is a tendernefs, 
refifted by refentment of fufpected injury j 
and, thence, the nerves, brac'd ftrong, im- 
ply determination of revenge and punifh- 
ikenit.— While at the £tme time a Ibft, poi- 


4ij2 Am essay oft the 

five hefitation in the eye, confcffcs a reluc- 
tance at the heart to part with, or cf^c, a 
gentle and indulg'd idea. 

Sometimes again, 'tis rage at a concluded 
infidelity ; — and, then, the eye receives, and 
fiaihes out, the fparklings of inflam'd ideas ; 
while the mufcles, counteratfting the will's 
violence, fi-om a repreflive difpofition of the 
heart, grow flack, and lofe their fpripg j and, 
fo, difarm, or mollify, enrag'd imagination. 

And from this unfettled wavering in the 
balance of the purpofc — where the heart and 
judgment weigh each other, and both fcales, 
by turns, preponderate^ is deduced, a GLOWiNa 
PICTURE of this paflion. 

I HAVE travell'd, now, through ten pathetic 
ftagcs i where an atSor muft not ftop for rejl^ 
as in his other journies, but for labour y ,and fuch 
a labour will he truly find it (if he enters natu- 
rally into the demand of thofe ftrong paffions) 
that neither mmd nor body can be capable of 

I Gi.u)^Ic 

Art jdf acting. 413 

chii0ng a. more healthfully fatiguing «cer- 
cifc. . ■ . ■ ,■ . : ' ■ ' 

And this remark brings into my remem,- 
brancc, a grc^t and general miftake among 
the players, at rebearfal ; where it is their 
common praftice, to mutter over their parts 
inwardly ; and keep in their voices ; with 
a mif-imagin'd purpofe of perferving them, 
agdinft their evening ,ii^/ff£, — :Whercas the 
fureft natural ICneails o^ ftfengtiiening their 
delivery would be, to warm, dcphlegm, and 
clarify the thorax, and the wind-pipe, by 
exerting (the more frequently the better) 
their fulleft power of utterance ; — thereby to 
open and remove all hefitation, roughncfs, 
or obftruiftion — and to tune their voices, by 
effedt of fuch continual exercife, into habi- 
tual mellownefs ; and eafe of compafs, and 
inflexion ; — juft from the fame rcfafon why 
an active body is more ftrong and healthy, 
than a fedentary one. 

I will 

n,<jr.=^-, by Google 

414 Am essay, ©f. 

I will go on, to the remdning eight di- 
vifions i wherein I hope, may be included 
the whole art ; in all its duties, and its 


Cat era defum. 

Pin I s. 



ii,Gi:H)(^Ie -^